Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain


Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain
Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain

VirMan OS: Confessions of Chep and Bandariya

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Posted: 28 November 2011 at 1:28pm | IP Logged
Hiya guys, few of you may know me as the writer of the currently on goign SS Make Some Noise for the Vadhera Boyz Smile
Ok, so this OS was very difficult to write. It was very hard to picture VirMan confessing their love to eachtoher. Their words is a way for them to insult and tease eachother, because they dont know how to speak lovingly! So I thought maybe...possibly...in VirMan's confession, there should be less words and more action? LOL
My Vadhera Boyz SS is easy to write, because it flows easy, all I have to do is be funny LOL, but with this OS, it took literally the entire weekend. I've tired abit of romance, and I'm not 100% happy with it. There's always room for perfection. But after the 3rd attempt of perfecting it I gave up, so I'm leaving it up to you guys to decide whether its good or not, and what parts need improving.
Ok, so ive blabbered on for long enough, the link to my SS is below, have a read, its quite entertaining I'm told Wink
Confessions of Chep and Bandariya

"Bhai...I think I love her." Virat confessed to his brother. He knew he had feelings for Maanvi, but he couldn't bring himself up to admit it to himself, forget about telling Maanvi.

She was different. Very different. Different to any other girl he knew; she was loud, aggressive yet gentle, beautiful, argumentative, funny, sarcastic, I could go on forever. Virat thought, smiling to himself. He had never thought that all the characteristics he loved in a number of women would be contained into this one little Sherni.

"Virat, stop smiling, and go and tell her! There's no use in telling me when I already know."

"Kya? You knew? But...how? I mean, I jus' told you now Bhai." Asked Virat, confused. How did his Bhai know about his feelings before him?!

"Arre...Virat, I'm your elder brother. Mujhe sab kuch pata hai ok. Now go!" Viren got up and pushed Virat out of the bedroom.

"But Bhai, it's 1am! How will I go now? Everyone's asleep, I can't jus' go and knock on the door!" A frustrated Virat asked, pushing his fingers through his hair.

"Dude. You've probably forgotten, but I'm the expert at ladder climbing...remember?" Viren replied, winking at his brother, who looked shocked and happy. Smiling, Virat nodded his head and both brothers quietly walked out of the house.

What if she rejects me? What if she doesn't love me? What if she ends up slapping me?! Why didn't I think this through?! Virat closed his eyes. "Deep breathe dude, deep breathe." Virat knew his brother's technique that he used whenever he was nervous. But 'nervous' didn't even begin to explain how Virat was feeling now. He opened his eyes, feeling his brother's hand on his left shoulder.

"Virat, no need to be nervous yaar. Trust me, I know she loves you back." Viren said comfortingly.

"Bhai...why is it that you know everything? I'm the one that loves her, I watch her every move, so why is it that I can't tell whether she feels the same? Why you?" Virat asked. He knew his brother was amazing, but he couldn't be that amazing to be able to figure out what's going on in a person's mind. And that too Maanvi's.

"You're also forgetting that I'm a lawyer, and we are experts at body language. Now shut up, and climb the bloody ladder. I've texted your Bhabhi and she said that she's locked the bedroom door from the outside so no-one can get in or out. I'll wait for you here, miss-call me when you're...done?" Viren chuckled. He couldn't believe that his baby brother was finally in love. And with Maanvi of all people!

Sighing in defeat, Virat knew he didn't have a choice but to go. It's now or never dude. He gave one last smile to his brother before climbing up.

Whilst climbing up the ladder, which Virat thought is taking longer than usual, he felt like Shrek. Virat felt as if he was rescuing Maanvi, probably from Beeji and her taunts. But whoever he was rescuing her from, he indeed felt like Shrek. He paused for a second, thinking of Princess Fiona's reaction when she found out her rescuer isn't who she expected. What if Maanvi doesn't love me? But then he recalled the ending, Shrek and Fiona did finally get together. Hoping that the confession wouldn't take a drastic and dramatic turn, he jumped through the window, landing in Maanvi's bedroom. Secretly thanking his Bhabi for locking the door from outside. I definitely cannot deal with this confession thing if Beeji barges in like she did when Bhai came to see Bhabi.

He looked round, but he couldn't see Maanvi anywhere. Hmmm...that's strange. The door's locked, where could she go? He tip-toed towards the bed, making sure he wasn't making any sounds. Thinking she might be hiding under the covers, but she wasn't there. He tip toed to the other side of the bed, bloody hell man, it's so dark! Can't see anything in here. Virat thought angrily.

Next thing he knew, he landed on the floor. "Who's that?" He heard Maanvi's voice. Shit, I tripped over Maanvi! Ab mein toh geya.

"Mere bedroom mein guhs geya, idiot!" Maanvi shouted! She quickly took of her slipper and started hitting the man that had tripped over her and now was laying down on the floor, facing the ceiling. "I'll...show...you! Barging into my bedroom as if you paid for it!" Maanvi carried on hitting the man.

"Maanvi, it's me!" Virat said, he didnt want to shout as Maanvi was already doing that. But Maanvi hadn't heard the man's voice since her voice was louder than his.

"You're a goner today!"

Ok, so she's not going to listen like this is she. Virat thought angrily. Maanvi was leaning over him, whacking the slipper on his head. Virat quickly slapped the slipper out of her hand and grabber both of her wrists.

"What the hell do you think you're doing?!" Maanvi shouted, struggling to release her wrists from this man's hands.

Virat swiftly flipped her body onto the ground, moving himself onto her. Maanvi had her eyes closed and was struggling underneath Virat. "Let go of me!" Virat had pinned her down, he was holding on tight to both of her hands, at either side of her head. Virat smiled upon seeing Maanvi underneath him.

Virat leaned down towards her face, still holding onto her hands and sitting on her. Maanvi had stilled her movements. Is it...no, it couldn't be, not at this hour. Maanvi thought. But she was secretly hoping it was him, and not anyone else sitting on her.

"Sssh. Sherni, it's me, Virat." Virat whispered huskily into her ear, his breathe sending shivers down Maanvi's spine. He moved his head slightly so that he was facing Maanvi. Maanvi was breathing heavily, causing her chest to heave. That...that is definitely not helping. Virat closed his eyes involuntarily, focus dude, jus' say what you came here to say.

Maanvi wasn't used to having anyone this close before. And the first person being this close had to be Virat. She liked Virat...in that way. So having him sitting on her, in this position, pinning her down and holding her hands had started to make her heart race at an unbelievable speed. She noticed her breathing becoming irregular. She knew the effect he had on her, and in other situations she could control it, but tonight however, was a completely different matter...if Di or Beeji walk in right now. Then I am dead.

"Wha...what are you doing here?" Virat opened his eyes, hearing Maanvi ask softly. He noticed that she wasn't looking at his face, instead her eyes were lowered.

"How come you've suddenly quietened down eh?" Virat asked, in the same low, husky tone. He was trying hard to maintain his senses. But he could feel her body, her warmth radiating through her, and her face just inches away from his. No, no Virat! Focus. If she says yes, then you can definitely think of those later.

As expected, Maanvi's eyes shot up, looking directly into Virat's. "Well there's no point shouting anymore is there! You're already so clo-" Maanvi stopped in mid sentence, realizing what she was about to say. She saw a small devilish smile forming on the corners of his lips. He was definitely affecting her thinking process; she had to get out before she said anything else. 

"You know...it's such a nice change, you talking in a quiet manner, maybe we should do this more often..." Did I jus' say that?! Crap. What happened to confessing my love for her?! He saw Maanvi's eyes widen, he didn't think that her eyes could get any bigger, but then again, he was always surprised whenever it concerned Maanvi. He saw a blush creeping up on her cheeks. Well I'm certain that I have an effect on her!

Maanvi couldn't believe Virat! He had said that so shamelessly! And she...what had happened to her? Normally she would retaliate, but tonight, his nearness was affecting her thinking process. She couldn't think clearly with him sitting on her, let alone think of a good remark. She looked up into his eyes, and for the first time in her life, she was at loss for words. All she could do was helplessly look into his brown eyes, feeling his breath caress her cheeks as he leaned even closer and whispered "I don't mind sitting like this, actually, I'm quite comfortable..."

He's sitting on me, I'm pinned to the ground, and here we are having a conversation!

"Look...jus...just get of me please." Maanvi whispered. She needed to think straight, which she couldn't do if they carried on conversing with him on top of her.

Virat grinned and moved of her, but instead of standing up, he decided to sit next to her on the floor. He turned to his left and saw Maanvi straightening her kameez and breathing deeply. He mentally chuckled. Maybe this was a great idea after all.

Maanvi leaned back against the wall, sitting next to Virat. What on earth jus' happened? Was he...flirting with me? A flustered Maanvi was looking everywhere but at Virat. She was about to get herself up when she felt a slight tug on her right arm, looking to her side, she saw a rather desperate looking Virat, ushering her with his eyes to sit back down.

"Ok...Maanvi, I've been meaning to tell you something, for some time now." Virat started the conversation, looking down into his hand. He was surprised at how calm they both were. Considering Virat had literally landed on Maanvi, he had half expected her to start fighting with him. Virat opened his mouth to carry on talking when no reply was heard from Maanvi. He looked up, and for the first time tonight, he noticed how beautiful she looked. The moonlight was shining directly into her room; few strands of her hair were caressing her cheeks, her light beige lips were slightly apart, she was still blushing and her chest was heaving up and down, making Virat's heart skip a beat. She had worn this outfit before, but for some strange reason, she looked even more beautiful tonight.

He didn't know what had come over him. He moved over slightly, so their thighs were touching. He felt Maanvi still her movements, her breathing becoming heavier and even more irregular. Virat smiled to himself, he loved that he had this effect on her, he was barely touching her. It jus' reflects how she feels about me.

Maanvi didn't want to look up in danger of losing herself in Virat's eyes like she had done before, so she kept her face and eyes lowered. She couldn't control her breathing and she suddenly started to feel hot. Maanvi saw from the corner of her eyes that Virat was bringing his right hand towards her face. She couldn't move anywhere! On her left was the bed, and her right Virat. Virat's right leg was extended in front of them, as if he was intentionally blocking her way if she tried to escape. His left leg was folded, with his thigh touching Maanvi's. Her legs were not assisting her either, in fact, she couldn't feel them! She wanted to get up, before she melted in front of Virat, but her legs felt like jelly. She felt his hand caress her cheeks gently, his touch scorching her skin. He stroked the few strands of hair away from her face and tucking them behind her ear.

Virat had brought his hand back to her cheeks. He could clearly see her face now that the few strands of hair were out of the way. He started to caress her cheeks again. He was fascinated in how Maanvi was when he was this close to her. Virat turned his body sideways and leaned towards her, his broad chest almost smashing into her petite shoulders.

Maanvi felt Virat's chest against her shoulders, even though she had her kameez and he was wearing a white T-shirt, his touch burned through her clothes. She saw him leaning in further, this time moving his right arm over, laying his hand on the edge of the bed for support. She felt his breath tickle her ears. Virat leaned in closer, the tip of his nose touching her cheeks. She closed her eyes briefly, and they both just sat there, breathing each other in.

Virat was totally lost in the moment, and he didn't know how long they were both sat like this. They were both woken up from the trance when Virat felt his phone vibrate. Realizing that he was leaning on her, Virat moved off and picked up his phone.

"Virat! What the hell are you doing up there? Have you told her yet? Your Bhabi is phoning me and believe me, she is not happy with you being in there for so long!" Viren's voice shouted down the phone. Virat suddenly sat up straight, running his hands through his hair.

"Bhai, jus' give me ten more minutes, please." He pleaded down the phone, he knew Maanvi reciprocated his feelings, but he had to hear it from her. He cut of the phone before Viren had a chance to reply.

Maanvi sat there awkwardly, still not believing what just happened. It all felt surreal. Virat cut off and phone and just stared at it. She saw him close eyes and breathing deeply. Ok, so this time I'll start of the conversation.

"Virat...you were saying something? You know...before..." Maanvi said softly, her last sentence sounding like a breath.   

Virat opened his eyes, smirking. Taking the chance to lighten up the awkward situation, and giving him time to say the thing he had come to say. "Before what Maanvi?" He felt a devilish grin forming on his face, turning back to face her like before. He saw her eyes widen in shock, then after a few seconds, she arched her left eyebrow, "before nothing Virat. Jus' say what you have to, I'm feeling tired and I need to go to sleep." Maanvi replied flatly, she didnt want to mention what had just happened; he's only pretending to forget to piss me of. Chep.

"Meri Bhabhi-ki-behna, all I'm asking is for you to remind me what happened? Is that too much to ask?" He asked her softly, leaning in towards her. Unexpectedly, Maanvi shot her head round, directly facing Virat. And she did not look happy.

"Mere Didi-ki-annoying-devar, I'm sure your memory isn't so bad. So remember yourself, stop asking me questions and jus' tell me what you came here at 1am for. Because I am too tired to argue with you and next week is the wedding, we have so much work to do! And let me tell you something Chep, you're the groom's brother, understood? So pull up your socks and help us out here! Instead of jus' following me everywhere and annoyi-" Maanvi was cut of by Virat...well, Virat's lips.

Virat loved it when she blabbered on, but tonight he wanted to tell her he loved her, and he didn't have enough time, what with Bhabi standing outside the bedroom and Bhai waiting outside the guest house. He knew she wouldn't have shut up had he asked her, so he decided that there was only one particular way to shut her up.

Maanvi was not expecting Virat to kiss her at all. So when she felt his lips crush onto hers, she was in shock. She wanted to push him away, tell him to get out, but she couldn't because she actually liked it. Her eyes were wide open in shock, and so were Virat's, who was staring straight into her eyes. His eyes looked...hungry? Looking into his eyes was starting to make Maanvi feel warm, sending shivers down her spine so she decided to close them.

She's closed her eyes! Meaning she's liking it. Virat waited few seconds in case she decided to abruptly pull away, but she hadn't, so he closed his eyes too. The kiss was soft at first, he didn't want to deepen the kiss in case Maanvi pulled away, but when he had felt Maanvi's hands on his chest, he knew what he had to do.

Maanvi didn't know why she had put her hands against his chest, but she liked it. Then she felt Virat moving forward, and next thing she knew she felt his masculine hands on her lower back, pulling her forward and crushing him against his hard chest, her hands trapped between her and his chest. Maanvi gasped in shock, and Virat had taken this chance to slip his tongue into her mouth. Maanvi felt as if she was on fire, she hadn't kissed a guy in her life before, and this was all new to her. She felt his tongue playfully moving about in her mouth causing her to moan. Her pulses were going wild and her whole body suddenly flushing with a hunger. She was melting into his arms, and his arm was snaking it's way round Maanvi's waist, pulling her closer still, till both of their upper bodies were touching.

They both suddenly pulled away when they heard a loud knocking on the door. Virat noticed Maanvi was blushing a deep red, looking all flustered and averting her gaze.

"Maanvi! Tum andar ho kya?" Bhabi, you have such bad timing. Maanvi shouted a yes in reply, still not looking into Virat's eyes. Ok, so I guess the saying actions speak louder than words is definitely correct.

She felt Virat pull her closer to him, their faces few inches away. He was leaning in, but not towards her lips, to her ears. "Bandariya...I love you." Virat's breathe tickling her neck, his voice was low and husky, and sounded genuine.

Virat moved away to look at her face, but her face was blank. Oh no, please don't...he couldn't read her face, normally her face was readable, he could always tell what's going on her mind by just looking at face. Then suddenly, he saw her smile, not her usual extravagant smiles, but a small smile, which was enough for him, because he knew that small smile was her way of saying I love you too.


This is one long OS right? I was going to break it down into 2 parts, but then its not really an OS then is it? LOL It was 4 pages on Word!! Woooah.

I hope you've enjoyed reading it! Like and defo comment, I wanna hear your views on it. I kinda rushed the ending so I'm nt happy with it, but oh well.





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booksfreak07 Goldie

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Posted: 28 November 2011 at 1:57pm | IP Logged
I hope I am the first to comment! I'm following your SS also, so I would like to say that you've really outdone yourself. ITs absolutely frickin brilliant!!
The words, the emotions, it soo authentic. LOVE IT and you've kept the humor intact Smile
Looking forward to more of such amazing stuff from you Smile

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tina_1234 IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 28 November 2011 at 1:57pm | IP Logged
its sooo freakin awesome...loved every single word of dis os...beautifully writen nd a wonderful confession 

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niya_s Senior Member

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Absolutely wonderful. It was such a pleasure to read. I loved all the descriptions and small details that further accentuated their features and the story. it seemed so magical yet stuck to their personalities. Thank you for a beautiful,heart warming and PASSIONATE read. I love it Embarrassed

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Nice plz update soon and do pm me

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that was great the fight at the beginning and his flirty comments were just perfect...

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Piya.D Goldie

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nice plz upload fast and thaks for the pm and when u upload the net one plz pm me!
btw i loved itHeart

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shaimah Goldie

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its amazing!!!
plz PM if u update the next part!!

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