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Her complete submission-#3

tellyme IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 28 November 2011 at 7:34am | IP Logged
Due to all your support, likes and comments I am starting a new Thread for this FF. So my BIG BIG thanks to all of you.
Story so Far
Maan comes to stay in Geet's house to build up his career and get a family love at the age of 16 as he is completely broken due to losing his parents.
He was Geet's good friend but due to the situation he has completely changed. His complete concentration his on his career and he don't let anything other effect him. While he is Geet's house Geet starts falling in love with him, she can feel his pain and admires him for his dedication and hard work. She wants to sooth him.
But Maan starts getting effected by Geet's presence, she effects him badly and thus he tries to keep her away from himself. And in that process he use harsh ways and words towards her. Maan's ego also doesn't like him getting effected by Geet and he starts getting angry on her whenever she approaches him and uses hurting words. Geet is so much in love with him that she takes them all.
Maan leaves home for his career and re-establish his family bussiness while Geet goes to college to pursue higher studies. They meet after along time in Geet;s sisters marraige and some ccircumstances happens then and family start looking for Geet's Match which Geet doesn't like at all. She knows Maan doesn't love her but she has given herself to Maan.
Maan gets restless that Geet will be married to someone else and he comes and proposes to Geet and they immediatly get married.But Maan ego is not liking the fact that he have to bend in front of Geet to make her marry him. And this ego of his starts giving a silent torture to Geet. his behaviour towards her keep breaking her from within slowly but his humiliation doesn't stop and Geet starts going away from Maan while he starts falling for her charm but wont accept. One day Maan says something so harsh that the already broken Geet breaks down completely and her love for Maan goes in Remorse.
Geet decides to go to London for 3 months on office appointemnt and it was then that Maan realises how much he loved Geet and also how much pain he has Given her, still not knowing how much broken she was.
He plans to fix everything once Geet is back but when Geet comes back she is all changed. She have decided to keep away from Maan so that he is not able to break her again but Maan wants to repent. He tries hard but Geet is not giving him any chance, she is confused with his new behaviour and feels it is all fake.
Both are in pain. Geet decides to Go to her parents house for 10 days, Maan does not want her to go but he feels he has no right to stop her.

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tellyme IF-Rockerz

Joined: 08 April 2011
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Posted: 28 November 2011 at 7:39am | IP Logged
Thanks to Piya- and luv_DD for helping and promoting me to open this new thread for this FF.
Thanks to all of you for your Support, like and comments for this FF.
Part 23

The Geet came inside and a servent informed her


"Madam, there is a packet for you" "Packet???"


Maan entered the house' Geet will leave today for 10 days and it was hurting him, now it was getting unimaginable for him to stay without her.. she was trying to get far away and he was trying to get her closer, but at present he could not also deny any of her descision' he had to somehow bring her belief back'


He was about to enter the room when he saw Geet approaching the packet he hand sent for her'. He just waited to see her reaction'.


Geet approached the packet "What's this??" she wondered.


She unwraped it'. There was a letter and another small box wrapped up' She opened the letter and started...




I know you that I am your culprit'.."


The moment she started she knew the letter was from Maan'. She just closed her eyes'


"No, I will not read this letter'. I can't, everything is a like I know' why Maan why, why do you want to break me more" She crushed the letter in pain'


Maan saw this, his heart was bleeding seeing Geet's condition, she was not even in position to read his letter. Now with what right would he stop her or does he even have any right on her after what he has done to her he wondered'.. but he needed to heal her broken heart' he wanted her to be happy.


Geet turned and saw him and the moment she saw him she tore the letter into several pieces and threw it in the trash' she didn't even look at the box and left the room'.


Maan just stood there saying nothing'. His heart was bleeding with the pain he felt, with the pain he have given to Geet'.


At night Brij came'. An elegant dinner was arranged for him'. He thanked Maan for letting Geet come


"Maan you should also join us for few days there' it will be fun, we all miss you there'"


But before Maan could say anything "Veerji'. He is so busy, kyun inhe force ker rahen hain" Maan just smiled, he just let her say what she wanted, he did not want to interfere with her decisions.


So after dinner Geet left with Brij with Gifts for all. Dadima had arranged for all the gifts for her family.


Maan just kept looking at her, Geet just looked at him and could not bear to see the pain in those eyes, if though she knew it was fake the pain there pinched her. She turned back.


Maan immediately left for his room'.. sitting there realising what mess he had done and his anger on himself increased'.


On her way home'. Brij was continuously talking and Geet also responded as she did not want her family to have any hint of her problems but her mind was totally full of Maan and his new behavior. It was much better in London but facing this every day and avoiding him openly when he was trying to be so approaching was getting tough for Geet'


She felt like crying for all she was doing to deny his advances.. how she tore his letter in front of him and he did not utter a word. What was with him, how could he change..' "No he was not change' how could he, I know what Maan is, this is not Maan' all he wants is to bring be back to his life so that he can play with my emotions as he wishes'. That's what he have been doing'. he himself said' he did not love me and that day"


She remembered the day he said he does not see any spark in her and how everything was shattered for her' all her hopes died that day' "and now he want to make those hopes alive to kill them back"


She did not even realized in her thought when she reached her home'..


She entered the house' ohhh it felt so peaceful, she decided she will enjoy her time here'.


Everyone welcomed her' Nandini had so many things to talk


"Geet di, you are so busy with your office and family'. This is first time you are coming home'. Rajji di came from Canada but you cannot from Delhi'. She wanted to meet you but you were in London"


"sorrry baba, it won't happen again..."


Obviously everyone asked about Maan and she had to manage those questions


Rano:"aabb shikayat ke potli band kero sabhi, usse yahan aram se rehne do'"


Mohinder:"Beta mujhe yakeen tha Maan tujhe bohut pyar se rakhega, tabhi to tera dil nahi kerta yahan aane ka' per main khush hoon tere liye"


Geet just smiled as she had nothing to say on those things'..


Geet was trying to divert the talks to other direction' after lots of talks they went to their rooms at around 12 midnight'


Suddenly Geet started feeling restless' she felt suffocated as if something wrong was happening'. She opened the windows to get fresh air but that did not help either'


Her Mind was going to Maan's pained eyes, she tried to divert herself but nothing helped' only she started getting more restless by time.. she paced in her room for about an hour but heart did not stop worrying'. She felt something was wrong and it just urged her to go to Maan , she tried to avoid it'.but


It was 2 am in night and she could take no more, she went to her Mom


Rano:"beta soyee nahi abhi tak'"


"Maa mujhe apne ghar jana hai'. abhi"


Rano:"kaisee baat ker rahee hai"


"Mujhe abhi jana hai bass" "Pagli, ek din nahi reh sakte apne Pati ke begair'. London me kaisee kate in tune"


But Geet was not listening' she called the driver and just left'. Everyone in family was shocked with her behavior but Geet was scared.. something was wrong'.


It was 3 am when she reached KM, she rushed to her room only to see Maan was sitting quiet with his right arm bleeding badly' so many glasses were crushed by his hand' full of blood they lay on the floor' Blood was continuously bleeding from his hand and soaking the sheet and bed'. He was lost in deep thought and turned to take other glass in his hand when Geet reached him'..


She was shocked to see his condition, she snapped the glass from his hand and it was then that Maan realized Geet was there'. He tried to back his hand but Geet just pulled it towards herself'. She looked at his hand, whole hand was cut with glasses, blood were flowing like anything' tears were threatening to come from her eyes anytime but she controlled it somehow'. She will in no case let him see her weakness for him'


She called for warm water and brought the first aid box'. Seeing him in this codition her heart was crying badly' Maan knew he did not deserv her attention so he again tried to pull his hand  but Geet pulled it and gave him a real angry look' she was really angry with him now'.


She quietly cleaned his hand'each cut was so visible, it was getting hard for her to control her tears but she did'. She applied the medicine and Bandage, while Maan just stayed quiet watching her do all the stuff' a kind of happiness and pain both rushing inside him'


Happiness that she cared so much for him and she was so close to him but the pain that he does not deserve her care at all' but he said nothing


He just wondered as why did she come back at this hour' he was confused he was lost in his thought


Geet was in deep deep pain to see him like this but also very angry at him for doing all this' both were lost in their thought'


Geet started cleaning the whole mess he had created with blood all over'.


"woo koi kerdega naa' tum khud kyun" but Geet gave him a real angry glare and he stayed quiet and stood at the side'. He had no power to say anything to her'.


Next to be continued

Part 24

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Nyc update...plz add me to ur PM list...
i read all d parts its just FAB!!! plz cont soon...ohh maan he cut his hands..:(

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nice update

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meena.. IF-Sizzlerz

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congrats for new thread
cont soon

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I had tears in my eyes while reading it con soon Smile

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wonderful, wonderful... update ...

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