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OS - Lekin Mujhe Fark Padta Hai *Finished* (Page 5)

Ishrafan11 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 28 November 2011 at 6:00pm | IP Logged

Great OS arnav so possessive for his kushi soo sweet. Smile

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dbr_kmichi IF-Dazzler

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very nice osSmile

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_mahi_ IF-Dazzler

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Do check my post at the top of this Page ^^ Look Up guyzLOL... and continue reading the second and last partEmbarrassed.. One thing please.. Do, at least, Hit the Like Button if you think I deserve itLOL.. it tells me how many of my buddies are following along..Smile

Uff.. Not Again. He won't react the same way this time. Not Again. Never ASR. You are The ASR and The ASR doesn't get affected at the silly things like this. What were his eyes perceiving this time? Khushi, accompanied by La and his Di, on the wheat grain colored couch, faced by two jewelers who were hell bent trying to convince the ladies with their useless jewelry. He remembered that La and others had already bought the jewels for their engagement, then what is this all about, he wondered. He approached them and questioned his Di about this new drama. Anjali frowned a little at her Chote calling their work - drama. She preferred to answer his question and keep herself engaged with what she had been doing for last 20 minutes or so. So, they were buying jewelry for Khushi this time, and that is why she was at the center of all the discussions between the jewelers and the ladies. She didn't look interested in anything but Di and La kept asking her about her likes and dislikes. He preferred not to say anything this time and rested on the side couch, waiting for OP to bring his tea. Khushi sitting a few meters away from him and he won't look at her, how can that be possible? By now, La had taken out the dress she bought for Khushi at the boutique and was trying to match the jewelry with it. She chose a heavy set with matching colors of Khushi's outfit and diverted Khushi's attention to it. She likes simple designs Lavanya, he spoke out, only followed by cursing himself and 5 pairs of eyes with shocking expressions in them, staring at him. Huh? his Di said. Arnav, in an attempt to hide his feelings, replied, "I mean people from middle class don't like heavy jewelry and that is obvious with what Khushi generally wears." He tried to defend himself. The ladies, somewhat satisfied with his reasoning, turned back to look at the jewelry but both the men kept staring at him. Arnav shot them a look which automatically made them turn their necks towards the ladies again. Arnav focused his gaze at the magazine in his hands, only to be interrupted by his Di's voice. You were watching us Chhote?, she asked innocently. Everyone present in the hall turned, once again, expecting a convincing answer from him. No no.. No. Not at all. I mean Yes. I was watching You guyz as I don't want you to waste money on useless things, he tried to sound reasonable. Yes indeed, he did but not to Khushi. She kept stealing glances at him, making him uncomfortable.

                He immersed himself with a magazine article, only to lift his eyes to boil in anger. The young salesman, probably the son of the older one, was helping Khushi to fit the gold bangles on. It was the second time, second time in the same day that some stranger was touching His Khushi. He couldn't do anything that moment. That young man kept smiling like a fool at Khushi, while fitting the 4 gold bangles on her soft skinned arm. I mean Di is here, Lavanya is here, they can help Khushi as well, then why this annoying person is getting to touch her when I, Her Arnav can't even sit beside her, he thought angrily. After all, how hard is it for Khushi to wear those stupid bangles and is it really important to try those on if they don't fit her easily?, he questioned himself with an annoying look on his face. By that time, OP had diverted his attention to himself to hand him the tea cup and when he shifted his gaze back at her, that man had brought his hands back from her Khushi and Anjali and La were now trying to convince Khushi to say 'Yes' to these at least. He calmed himself down a bit and started sipping the tea. It was sugar free but it could be the sweetest and the most delicious tea in the world if it was Khushi who had prepared it for him, just for him, he thought and smirked at his random thought. Anjali's phone started ringing and she excused herself with it. Khushi and La started looking at the gold jewels. Arnav was about to finish his share of tea when he saw La trying to clasp the simple but stunning gold necklace around Khushi's neck but not succeeding. I will do it as it is a new design in the market and it will give you a hard time, spoke out the same young salesman. Okay, I will go and call Nani here as well and bring Di back, okay Chamkeeli?, La said getting up from the couch. Khushi didn't want to be alone with him but the presence of two other friendly men gave her assurance so she nodded in a yes.  The man went around the couch and Khushi moved her hair to the front, giving a better view of the necklace around her neck to the man. Just when the young boy was done clasping the necklace, his hands were grabbed by Arnav and was pushed to the side with a force to shake the mountains. Khushi got up in shock and looked at Arnav who was shooting daggers at the young man. GET OUT was the only set of words that Arnav could come up with at the moment. Both of the men packed their stuff within 30 seconds and left almost running. Arnav looked at Khushi, went across the couch, grabbed her wrist tightly and dragged her to his room. He locked the door, making sure of no interference and dragged Khushi to the poolside. He stopped abruptly with his hands on her wrist and closed his eyes to compose himself and his thoughts. He could feel Khushi breathing heavily at his back, trying to let go of her wrist from his hold. He held onto it more tightly and shoved her near the grey colored wall. He started approaching her. Anger was visible in his eyes and his grip on her wrist was giving her a glimpse of how enraged he was at the moment. Of what, she wondered. What has made him go wild to the extent where he threw the poor people out of his home this rudely? She clutched onto her top's bottom with the free hand and looked down, expecting him to burst out his anger on her. Arnav noticed it and grabbed her another wrist and pinned both against the wall. Khushi, shocked by his unwelcomed act, stared right back into his eyes, tears brimming her eyes. Arnav shifted his hold to her palms, locking her fingers with his. He closed the distance between their faces by moving forward, leaving only a distance worth few centimeters between them. His warm breath, full of rage, was arousing feelings in her and her thoughts went back to the Diwali night when he was about to take in her lips. She hadn't protested that time but if anything like that is going to happen today, she won't let him have the upper hand. She is engaged to someone, even though it wasn't what she had dreamed about, but it will be ethically wrong to let any other man touch you after you get engaged, she reasoned her own thoughts. Her chain of thoughts was disrupted when Khushi felt Arnav tucking her few hair strands at the back of her earlobe with his lips and breathing against the soft skin of the nape of her neck. She closed her eyes at their proximity. He positioned himself comfortably on top of her, making his every body part even with hers. His grip on her tender wrists has now become a little softer and he fanned few strands with his hot breath who refused to reveal her light-toned skin near her ear. She hitched her breath at this, and seemed to have forgotten about her own thoughts which had occupied her mind few seconds ago, about not allowing him to do anything tonight.

"Tumhein koi fark nahi padta?," he questioned her in a whisper near her ear.

"Huh?" Khushi was confused and shocked, as if she was expecting something else.

"Tumhein koi fark nahi padta agar meri engagement Lavanya se hoti hai? Tumhein koi fark nahi padta agar uske baad Lavanya se meri shaadi ho jaati hai aur main jindagi bhar ke liye uske saath ek atoot bandhan mein bandh jaata hoon?" he whispered, yet again, with anger inflicting upon his every word.

This brought Khushi back to her senses. She felt Arnav on top of her, his hold on her wrists started to pain suddenly, his hot breath near her earlobe started to irritate her to the core all of a sudden, and she pushed him apart from her with all her might. Arnav trembled backwards a little, not expecting Khushi to react this way. He looked at Khushi  in a "what the" way and started to hold her again but Khushi raised her hand in the air, between them, indicating him to stop moving forward.

"Bass," she said, fuming with anger. "Aap hote kaun hain is tarah se humein yahaan lekar aane wale? Aap lagte kya hain humaare?  Kis haq se aapne humein chhoone ki himmat ki hai Mr. Arnav Singh Raizada? Shayad aap bhool chuke hain k Hamari sagaai ho chuki hai aur aapki hone wali hai," she shouted at him, emphasizing on the last four words.

Arnav started to say something but she interrupted," Kitni baar hum bol chuke hain k hamein koi fark nahi padta. Humein kuch fark nahi padta k aap kis'se sagaai karte hain, kab karte hain, kyun karte hain, kab shaadi karte hain, is'se humein koi lena dena nahi hai. humne aapke aur lavanya ji ke rishte ko ek nya roop diya aur humari wajah se aaj Lavanya ji, Anjaliji, Naniji sabb kitne khush hain."

"Aur tum? Main? Kya Tum khush ho Khushi? Kya Main khush hoon?" he asked her, yet again, with a look of hope in his eyes.

"Haan hum khush hain Mr.Raizada. Hum kyun nahi khush honge? Hum Khush hai k aapki sagaai Lavanya ji jaisi achhi ladki ke saath ho rahi hai. Hum Khush hain k aapke parivaar wale unhein psand karte hain. aur rahi baat aapki, toh aapko bhi toh khush hi hona chahiye. Aakhir aapne hi toh apni shaadi ki baat khud ki thi, diwali wali raat, toh aap khush kyun nahi honge? Bass hum sirf itna jaante hain k humein aapse koi baat nahi karni. Abb aapka koi haq nahi banta k aap humein is tarah yahaan lekar aayein aur us raat ki tarah..," she ran out of the words. She didn't want to word their moment from the Diwali night. Arnav knew what was coming next. She lowered her gaze and started to leave, only to be pulled back by Arnav, into his arms, holding her in a protective way . He fixed his arms around her waist tightly and looked into her eyes. She struggled to free herself but as if he will ever let her.

"Tumhein koi fark nahi padta Khushi Kumari Gupta?", he asked in a husky manner.

"Nahi Nahi Nahi.." she yelled at him.

"LEKIN MUJHE FARK PADTA HAI," he yelled back, causing Khushi to jerk and look at him in a sudden shock.

"Haan Ms.Khushi Kumari Gupta, mujhe fark padta hai, aur BOHT FARK PADTA HAI. Jabb koi gair tumhare dupatte ko haath lagata hai toh mujhe fark padta hai, jabb tumhare haathon mein koi gair mard chooriyan pehnaata hai *he said lifting her right hand with his* toh mujhe fark padta hai khushi, jabbb tumhein mere siva koi dekhta hai toh mujhe boht fark padta hai, jabb koi tumhein haath lagaata hai tabb bhi mujhe boht fark padta hai, he said leaving her hand and touching the bare skin at the back of her neck, his eyes coupling with his each and every word.

Khushi kept staring at him, shocked by his heart melting words.

Arnav brought his hand back down and lifted her left hand with his," itna hi nahi khushi, mujhe tumhari sagaai se bhi boht fark padta hai, jab tumhari ungali mein yeh angoothi dekhta hoon aur yeh ehsaas karta hoon k tum kisi aur ki hone wali ho, tab mera dil jalta hai, mere andar kuch toot jaata hai.. aisa lagta hai maano.. maano kuch boht apna .. KOI boht apna door ja raha hai.. wahi ehsaas hota hai jo bachpan mein maa ke bichadne par huya tha.. mujhe fark padta hai khushi.. boht fark padta hai..". Tears were now brimming in his eyes with so much pain, so much need, so much sorrow that it made Khushi shiver.

He stopped for a second to see her reaction, to see her eyes full of tears and to feel her relaxing in his hug.

He continued," Jab tumhare phone pe US insaan ki call aati hai toh pta hai khushi.. mera mann karta hai k main tumhein apni baahon mein loon and saari duniya ko bata doon  k khushi SIRF MERI HAI.. SIRF MERI. Uspar SIRF AUR SIRF MERA HAQ HAI.. uski hansi par.. uski masoomiyat par.. uski palkon par.. uske bachpane par.. uski HAR ADA par sirf MERA haq hai.. KHUSHI SIRF MERI HAI.. sirf meri.." with that.. he buried his face in her hair. His tears started running down her neck, melting her soft skin like a flame melts down the candle. He let go of his emotions all together, not wanting to hide anything from His Khushi, not wanting to leave any kind of barrier between their souls, not wanting to keep her a stranger in any way.

"Tumhein pta hai khushi.. jitni baar maine tumhein dard diya hai.. maine tumse zyaada apne aapko saza di hai.. tumhara ek ek aansoo mere seehne ko jalaakar raakh kar deta hai khushi.. main khush nahi hoon.. nahi hoon main khush.. agar aaj maa hoti toh woh mujhe dekh kar samjh jaati k lavanya meri khushi nahi hai.. balke .. balke.. khushi meri khushi hai.. main khushi ko chaahta hoon.. magar woh hai nahi aur koi aur meri aankhein nahi pad sakta khushi.. koi aur mujhe itna jaanta nahi jitna mujhe maa jaanti thi.. kyun nahi tum dekh paayi k tum mere liye kya ho.. kyun mujhe apne ehsaas ko shabadon ke saath beyaan karna padta hai.. main chaahta tha k tum mere jazbaat mere kahe bina samjho.. tum bina kuch bole.. bina kuch sune mere dil ki har baat jaanlo.. aur tumne kya kiya? kisi aur se sagaai kar li? kyun khushi? kyun tum meri aankhon se mere dil ki har baat nahi jaan sakti? kyun tumne mera haq, meri khushi kisi aur ko sonp di? kyun khushi? kyunn?????" he said breaking down with his head buried in her silky hair.

She wanted to hug him, to comfort him, to tell him that she felt the same, to assure him that she was always, and will always be there for him but she couldn't.

Arnav realized that she wasn't hugging him back. He stepped back from her. Khushi could notice the trail of tears on his cheeks. It was the first time Arnav had broken down in front of her, he had let go of his heavy heart, he had given evidence that he had a heart too, he had feelings just the way everyone else had, he wasn't stone hearted, he was a normal human being, a person who lacked love, who lacked understanding, who lacked support, who lacked assurance, who lacked comfort, who lacked Khushi, his Khushi.

He turned around and covered his face with his hands. Khushi couldn't take it any further. She had to react, she had to confess her feelings too. She turned him around by his shoulder with the softest touch ever, brought down his hands from his face, shifted his attention to herself by his chin, and took off the ring Shyam had once slipped into her finger and threw it away near the plants. Arnav was shocked to the core, started to say something but was this time interrupted by her finger on his lips. She shook her head in negative, asking him not to say anything, kissed his cheeks with her quivering lips, holding onto his waist, with her eyes closed. Arnav closed his eyes to intake the beauty of the moment and encircled his arms around her slim and tender waist. Khushi opened her eyes, followed by Arnav. Both looked at each other with love, their eyes shedding the tears of happiness, happiness of  being with each other, happiness of holding onto each other. Khushi, not wasting any second, hugged him tightly, her arms wandering at his back with his hands pulling her closer and closer to himself.

"Kya Mujhe bhi bolkar bataana padega k Arnav Singh Raizada ki meri jindagi mein kya jagah hai?" she whispered near his ear, tightening her hold on him. Arnav replied with a sweet 'Nahi'. He brought her face in front of his and stared into her soul, through her dark eyes, tears bathing her eyelashes. Khushi could now notice a hint of desire in his burning eyes. She lowered her gaze and Arnav lifted her up in his arms, brought her to his bad, laid her down and took in her serene beauty. He moved on top of her, leaving his weight on his elbows, making sure not to hurt her in any way, breathed her name burying his face into her hair, yet again, this time with different feelings and intentions.

"I can't help it Khushi..I just can't," he said and took in her soft lips into his, breaking down all the barriers between them.

Please leave comments, positive or negative, if you have time to help me improve my writing style. Thanks Bunches.. Embarrassed



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AquaBluez17 IF-Rockerz

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AWesome Mahi!! Great job!

You were missing for so long!! but look at you, coming back w a bang!!

great work! loved both parts!

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aww, that was such a cute and heart warming ending!!! thanks for the PM!

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-Ghuncha- IF-Dazzler

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I lovd d update Mahi...
What an ending...
Must say, u hd a beautiful dream...
Hope it comes true soon in d shw also...
Luv u dear...

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Wow!!! That was brilliant.  StarStarStarStarStar and a big ClapClapClapClapClap

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Mahi, this was beautiful & serene!! deserve ClapClapClap for the 2nd part!! super super super loved it!!

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