Kusum Character Sketch & Concept

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Thanks to Vijay -

Kusum & Kumud

Kumud's marriage

Story till time transition…
When Kkusum loses her child due to a miscarriage she is held responsible for it. She is desperate to give the family an heir and when everything else fails, Kkusum decides to find a surrogate mother to give birth to Abhay's child. She brings Mahi into the Kapoor house to be the surrogate mother who will give the family a grandchild. But her joy is short-lived when Mahi refuses to give up the child and begins manipulating the family using the child to her advantage. Kkusum decides to hold on to her integrity and self respect and leaves the Kapoor household for good as they are turning blind in the love for their grandchild. She decides to start afresh and is shocked to discover that she is pregnant! But now there is no turning back… Her joy knows no bounds when little Kumud is born…!

The transition…
Away from Abhay and his family, Kkusum's life revolves around Kumud and she strives to be a good mother, giving her child the best of everything. The year's fly by and Kumud grows up to be a spitting image of her mother...a beautiful girl with the same innocence, strong willed, idealistic values and above all the caring and loving nature. She is a picture of strength and integrity that she inherits from Kkusum. The only thing that Kkusum regretted not being able to give Kumud is the love of her father who didn't even know she existed! But soon destiny brings Kumud face to face with Abhay in the most extraordinary situations…


Would like to thank Meghavi, PJ04, Sumaira daud and Pakiprincez for their tremendous help for the Character Sketch

Kusum : Kusum Deshmukh is from a middle class background who values her traditions more than anything in life. Kusum was a middle class girl who worked in kapoor industries. Nitin and Sarla married her to their wayward son Abhay hoping it would change him. She won the hearts of her in-laws with her selflessness. As being an obedient wife, kusum was never disobedient to Abhay and always admired him, despite knowing the fact that he betrayed her by having an affair with her best friend Esha. But when she couldn't handle the pain anymore she decided to divorce Abhay but still stayed with the kapoor household. She then married Siddharth, who was originally engaged to Tania, Abhay's cousin. But Siddharth felt incompatibility with Tania, and felt compatible with Kkusum. She gradually fell in love with siddharth. The couple was madly in love much to the disappointment of siddharth's family (who expected a rich daughter in law), chachi(who was smarting from her daughter being dropped in favour of kkusum) and Abhay (who now wanted kkusum back by hook or crook). After a long story involving several deceit, misunderstandings, murder attempts...siddarth and kkusum seperated owing to abhay's countinuous presence in kkusum's life. But when Siddharth became aware of those misunderstandings he wanted to reconcile. On his way to meet Kkusum, he met with an accident with Abhay's car, and he died. Kkusum married Abhay after Siddharth's death as she had realized Abhay had changed. kkusum forgives abhay all his past transgressions and marries him....nurtures him back to health (Abhay was suffering with brain tumor) She becomes pregnant with abhay's child but later loses the child due to a miscarriage(in an attempt to solve the mystery of sakshi's rape...now wife to aryamaan and mother of kshitij and nakul). She is held responsible for the losing the baby. Being very desperate to give the Kapoor family an heir and when everything else fails, Kkusum decides to find a surrogate mother to give birth to Abhay's child. She brings Mahi into the Kapoor house to be the surrogate mother who will give the family a grandchild. Mahi refuses to give up the child and begins manipulating the family using the child to her advantage. Kkusum decides to hold on to her integrity and self respect and leaves the Kapoor household for good as they are turning blind in the love for their grandchild. She decides to start afresh and is shocked to discover that she is pregnant! Kumud is born. Away from Abhay and his family, Kkusum's life revolves around Kumud and she strives to be a good mother, giving her child the best of everything. The year's fly by and Kumud grows up to be a spitting image of her mother...a beautiful girl with the same innocence, strong willed, idealistic values and above all the caring and loving nature. Kusum is accused of mahi's murder but later is freed. She fakes a memory loss to get herself out of the murder case. She acts that she forgets who kumud is. After getting to know this kumud leaves her mother. Abhay acts in suspisioucs ways which hints that he is upto something. With Tashu destined to ruin her life, kusum is struggling w/o her husband and her daughter not supporting her. However She has the immense help of sohan, Garv, and Abhay's parents. She is resolved to save the kapoor house hold. Later on, she is accused for the murder of Abhay's cousin Sohan. She runs away from jail and ends up in an accident in Chenni(how she got from Mumbai to Chenni will always be a mystery). Her face is distorted and she goes through plastic surgery and looses her memory. At this time, Kapoor family believe she is dead.  When she returns to Mumbai and regains her memory, she decides to uncover the truth behaind the person responsible for putting her through all this (mahi). Once she has gotten to the bottem of the matter and wants to present it to the family noone is willing to believe that she is really their kkusum.    

Abhay Kapoor :Abhay Kapoor is the son of Nitin and sarla. He was a character of a spoiled millionaire who only cared for himself. He married Kkusum to save his life, because in his Kundli, it stated that he had to marry a woman with a certain Kundli, or else he would die. That Kundli was Kkusum's. He was never sincere to her and cheated on her by having an affair with Esha, Kkusum's best friend. After Kkusum divorced Abhay, he married Taashu. But he only used her to be close to Kkusum, as Kkusum was married to Siddharth, Taashu's nephew. He fails miserably however and much to his surprise he finds out that tashu had married him to cheat him out of his money and she and her ex-husband are in league. He is disgusted and kkusum helps him. He also finds out that he is suffering with brain tumour.Abhay relies on kkusum for more and more support. siddharth is unable to digest the growing closeness between kkusum and abhay . after a series of misunderstanding sid and kkusum seperate. however when sid realises his mistake , he tries for a reconciallation but is hit on the way by abhay's car (abhay was on his way as a moderator but loses control of the car) and dies. later he marries kkusum back since his mother sarla believes that only kkusum can nurture him back to life(apparently kkusum is said to stay married all her life).esha and tashu keep creating problem in his marital life .He had kumud, kali and tirshul as children w/ Kusum, Mahi and Tashu respectively. Before the leap in the show he was married to kusum. Met mahi through kusum when she brought mahi into the house to be a surrogate mother. Kali was born later. After the leap, kali forced abhay to marry mahi but he still had feelings for kusum. Abhay was once a suspect in the murder of mahi. Relationship w/ his family and kusum were on rocks because of Tashu's reentry(after the leap) and mahi's murder. News of KKusum's death(she really didnt die) devastated him. Although reluctant at first, he believed that the new kkusum was his real kkusum and just as the two long lost lovers began to rejoice, more problems headed their way. 

Kumud : Kumud Deshmukh is the daughter of Kkusum and Abhay. Kumud is a mirror-image of her mother Kkusum. She values her traditions and virtues.   But when she found her first love her traditions all of a sudden didn't matter to her anymore. She lost her viginity to Kshitij, who was her first love. A little while later she found out she was pregnant with Kshitij's child, and soon everyone came to know. Kumud and Kshitij's family got them engaged, but not everyone was happy with this decision. Nakul and Neelam(Nakul and Kshitij's grandmother)  didn't want Kumud to marry Kshitij. So they paid a doctor and he made a fake report that Kshitij had cancer. Kshitij didn't want to ruin Kumud's life, so he decided to leave her and wanted her to marry Garv. With much pain, he caught them sharing a friendly hug and decided to make most of the moment. He blamed Kumud for cheating on him. He broke his engagement and he left for America for treatment. But on the day of her wedding he found out that his cancer report was fake. He rushed back to India, but before he could reach there, it was too late. Kumud and Garv were already married. Kumud wasn't able to forget Kshitij, but as time went by she fell in love with Garv. When she went to go tell him, he was passionately hugging her step-sister, Kali. After this incident she miscarried. She divorced Garv, but still felt love for him. Now she is married to Kshitij, all due to a misunderstanding. She still loves Garv, but doesn't want to hurt Kshitij or her family.

Kali : Kali Kapoor is the daughter of Mahi and Abhay. Kali is a character of an uncertain girl who is never sure of her decisions. She is stubborn and wants to live life her own way. After succeeding in breaking Kumud and Garv's wedding, she faked a pregnancy, stating she was carrying Garv's child. Garv was forced to marry Kali. But after marrying her, he found out she wasn't pregnant after all. Kali gave divorce to Garv. Now that Kshitij and Kumud are married, Kali is trying her best to win back Garv's love.

Kshitij : Kshitij Oberoi is a character of a young, handsome business man who never cared for anything more than follow the schedule of his business meetings and business related concerns, until he met the love of his life, Kumud. But when he had to leave her because of his fake cancer report, it really hurt him. When he found out it was fake, he tried to stop Kumud from marrying Garv, but it was too late. He always loved her, and whenever she needed him he was there for her. Now Kshitij and Kumud are  married, because he thinks Kumud loves him. But Kumud loves Garv, and he doesn't know that. These days are very good for Kshtij, but let's see what happens when he finds out Kumud doesn't love him, but Garv.

Sohan : Another heartthrob of kusum. The son of Lalit and Nikita, he is Kumud's chachu. He is a lawyer. Entered the show when kusum was in a difficult period when she was accused of mahi's muder. Since then has been helping kusum in everyway. He helps her with every trouble/problem that she has. He treats her more like a good friend. Also there is a love interest for him, Kumud's friend Vidhi. He made an exit from the show recently. Was killed in a car accident by trishul, after sohan found out that trishul is a bad guy. His death is believed to create a major twist in the story.

Garv : Garv Sachdev is the Godson of Esha, but he is not evil and doesn't want anything bad to happen to the Kapoor Khandan. He is the man who stood by Kumud at the time when everyone left her alone to cry. Garv married her when Kshtij left Kumud unwillingly, although he still felt something for Kali. Kali and Garv were engaged because Garv fell in love with her. Kali didn't like Garv, but Nakul, Kshitij's younger brother. Kali decided to get engaged with Garv so she could play around with his heart a bit. But when Garv found out she was just playing, he broke the engagement and married Kumud, as she needed him. When Nakul left Kali, Kali realized that Garv was the only one who could love her. But it was too late. Garv and Kumud were already married. Due to Kali's continuous presence in Garv's life, Kumud divorced Garv. Due to Kali's act of fake pregnancy Garv had to marry kali but when he discovered it was not true Garv Divroced Kali. Garv is still in love with kumud!   

Mahi: The surrogate mother for Abhay and Kkusum. When Kkusum had her miscarriage trying to find out who raped Saakshi, the doctor said she would never be able to conceive. But this was a lie, as Esha paid the doctor to say that. Kkusum's egg and Abhay's sperm would be inserted in Mahi and Mahi would only carry the baby. But the doctor was also paid to say that Kkusum's eggs are useless. So, in desperation, Mahi's egg and Abhay's sperm was fertilized. Mahi felt closer and closer to Abhay as days went by. She had his baby in her womb, and she started to develop feelings for him. One day, Abhay felt very upset and had no sense. He was so upset he thought he was talking to Kkusum, but really he was talking to Mahi. She was kissing his forhead, and Kkusum saw this. From previous experiences, Kkusum felt Abhay had changed back to who he was before. Kkusum decided to leave. She travelled to Ludhiana with her mother; father, brother, sister, and sister-in-law. But on the way the train met up with an accident. Her father, brother, sister and sister-in-law died. Kkusum was left with her mother and another girl named Simran, whose family dies in the train accident. When she wanted to start her life afresh, she realized she was pregnant, and that was when Kumud was born. The Kapoor Khandan thought that Kkusum was dead, as they heared about the train accident and found some of Kkusum's clothes there. Mahi found out eighteen some years later that Kkusum was alive, but didn't tell anyone, as she didn't want to lose Abhay. Kali, who was their daughter, forced Abhay and Mahi to get married. They got married. Later on Mahi died, but this death was planned by her and she returned to create more mischeif and misunderstanding between Abhay and KKusum. Although she is married to Abhay he has never had any feelings for her; the only woman he cares about is kkusum. As hard as mahi tries she is unable to change that.

Tashu : Tashu : She is the most diabolical creature on the entire show. She is a woman who does not like to hear the word no. She had been married and divorced twice. When her nephew Siddarth marries kkusum against family wishes, she is taken aback(probably becoz she wanted to drain sidharth's money). When she realizes that abhay is desperately looking for a way to enter kkusum and sidharth' s life. She sees an opportunity. An opportunity to gain property, and in the end share it with her ex-husband Rajeev.   She plays naive girl in love with abhay and offers to marry him. On their wedding day, Taashu held a condition with her in laws that if she didn't have some property under her name, she would not step in Kapoor House. When they didn't budge, she decided to give divorce to Abhay, along with property transfer papers listing her share. Abhay didn't agree. Then, her plan B was to finally live in Kapoor House, win everyone's trust, and have her name transferred on to some property. She faked a pregnancy to get everyones sympathy, but Abhay denied it saying he hadn't touched Taashu ever.   In the meantime kkusum foils her plan and she is forced to leave both her family and kapoor household penniless and insulted. she goes to her ex-husband Rajeev who was ready to take her back with kapoor industry in tow . However when he finds that she is penniless, he too casts her out. She was on the streets. That was Taashu's exit out of Kkusum, but she is back again to take revenge on Abhay and Kkusum, with her son from Abhay, Trishul.

Nakul: Nakul Oberoi is Aryaman and Saakshi's younger son. He is also a spoiled and stubborn person like Kali. Kali and Nakul got engaged, but due to a bad deed of Nakul, Abhay broke their engagement. Then Garv came in the picture and Nakul told Kali to get engaged with Garv. Their plan was to get rid of him by exposing their love for each other a little later on. But Nakul was only doing this for Abhay's property. He was hungry for money. Nakul's biggest mistake was when he neglected Kali, which made her fall in love with Garv. His opportunity to gain property was gone. He is still striving to gain back Kali's love, but so far is unsuccessful.   

Trishul : Trishul Kapoor is the son of Taashu and Abhay. He wants to destroy the Kapoor Khandan, mainly because Abhay left Taashu. He killed Sohan because Sohan found out about Trishul's scheme. He will not live in peace until he sees Abhay Kapoor die.

Vidhi : Vidhi was the soon-to-be wife of Sohan. She is a person with no family. When Sohan died, she showed her true colors. She was with Trishul all along and she just used Sohan to win everyones trust. After Sohan died, Vidhi and Trishul got married. They are together in destroying the Kapoor Khandan. It is unsure why Vidhi wants Abhay Kapoor dead. Some people say she's his daughter, but who's the mother? Let's wait and watch!

Esha Chopra :Esha Chopra was a good friend of Vishal, Kkusum's brother-in-law. She met Kkusum and Abhay at Vishal and Jyoti (Kkusum's sister)'s wedding reception. Kkusum and Esha became instant friends. But Esha also fell in love with Abhay. And because Abhay didn't feel love for Kkusum, he only thought he loved Esha. But that was all just lust. Later on when Kkusum got pregnant with Abhay's child, and when Abhay found out Esha was only using him for his property, he went back to Kkusum. But when Kkusum found a fake report that Abhay would never become a father again, she had a miscarriage. Abhay then secretly started meeting Esha again, blind in his lust. Kkusum found out and divorced Abhay. Esha and Abhay got engaged, but as time passed Abhay began to develop feelings for Kkusum. He told her that he loved her and didn't need Esha. Esha heard this and threw her engagement ring at Abhay and left for London. This was Esha's exit out of Kkusum. But she came back again to take revenge on Abhay and Kkusum. Kkusum got pregnant and Esha was not at all happy about this. She and Ajay Malia, stepbrother of Sarla (Abhay's mother) and the one who raped Saakshi (Aryaman's Wife), planned many ways to destroy Kkusum. When Kkusum found out Ajay Malia raped Saakshi, she tried to catch him, but before catching him fell on her stomach and had a miscarriage. This was when Esha paid the doctor to say that she can no longer conceive. After succeeding in her plan to get rid of Kkusum she again exited the show. But she came back yet again as soon as she found out that Kkusum was back. But suddenly she disappeared again without ruining her life this time. Rumors say she's going to be back again, but let's see if there's any truth in it.


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Originally posted by Tani91

wow all three of you did an excellent jobClap



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