Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon


Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon
Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon

-:||Happy Birthday, Anu<3(Momma1128)||:-

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Turn your speakers on!Wink


In an insane Banana republic
Lived a sane Subzi family.
Some wise and smart ; witty and creative
Some sedate and somber yet chirpy and innovative.
The Barunian Queen Bee's  lively
Hive was full of  buzzing activity.
Aaloos afraid to be as paranthas
Turnips yet to get their grips.

Potols scared of being Dahi or Aloo potols
Beetroots and Radishes never broke out of soil.
Karela's bitterness enjoyed by ASR
Jalebhi's sweetness hated by Arnav.
Other subzis grew and developed  in farm
Only to be brought in wholesale by Shravan.
Fruits couldnt escape from juices and shakes
Nuts  went  bonkers from all those spices.
Loved or hated, but never ignored
Subzis are a daily necessacity never stored(in room).

But Wait!! Whats all this about??
No meaning, no sense  and no connection made.
Language of the meanings with meanings
Understood to be relished and cherished by  few.
The Barunian Queen Bee's birthday today
The hive's excitement and delight buzzing hurray.
Wishes and gifts oozing with honey
Hugs and Shakes(hand) never phoney.

Prayers and blessings showered by Almighty
Happiness and joy shared in bounty.
Hail Barun! King of Banana Republic!
Hail Anu! Queen and Momma of subzi family!
Peeled and revealed; appealed yet yielded
Nut laced shakes(milk) and salads feasted.
Burrp!!! Subzis satiated & satisfied today 
Its Barunian Queen Bee's birthday.


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Happy birthday Anu!! Have a great day!PartyParty

Think of Barun ahaha and I hope we get a good episode today!ROFLParty

Many Many happy returns of the day, Anu !!!! Have a fun filled birthday...Wish you all the happiness and success in life SmileSmileSmile

Hi Anu

A very* infinity Happy* infinity B'dayClap

Thanks for being my friendWink


Happy Birthday Anu !!! Hug...May u have a wonderful life ahead. Your posts are so much fun to read and shows how sensible you are..Have a blast on this day and have a barunilicious birthday...Party

Anu I wish you the happiest of all birthdays, enjoy your day to the fullest & hope that one day you can get to meet BarunEmbarrassed



Queen of analogies and adjectives (for Barun!)...

You were one of the few members whom I used to stalk(!) when I was a silent reader...

I admire you, for ur honest opinions and the way u put across them!

I wish u a life full of happiness and all ur wishes and dreams to be fulfilled!

Happy Birthday! Have a gr8 year ahead...and of course Arnav Singh Raizada wil b a part of it!


Dear Anu..

My special ode for you..Anu yo ! MommaMochachinoYour snark
your wit
yo'r Mommy Bombastic!
you wham
Barun is a lucky chap,damn!
A fan like you is hard to find
So play it again.. Iss Pyaar Rewind.LOLLOL
OK a very beat..Birthday wish ..but wish you loads of Barunlicious thoughts and wishes for a Barunlicious Saath on every birthday..every year..
ending it with a PIC..No surpises there team blue..

Hey Anu

Hope you have wonderful birthday filled with fun, excitement and joy. Happy Birthday.

i hope your birthday cake is as yummy and delicious as Barun
Enjoy!!Big smile

 Birthday Siggy

Dear Anu,

Birthdays are nature's way of telling us to eat more cake.

Have a super day. Hug

Lots of love and best wishes.

Keep smiling.


Happy birthday, Anu! :D God bless you, and I hope that you enjoy your special day and have lots of fun! Here is your gift :D

For siggy sized:

Anuuu Hug Wish you a very happy birthday. I am glad to your sabzi beti and all the moments I have spent talking to you will forever be itched in my memory. You are an idol to many and I am certainly one of them. Really wish this year brings you the best of life, happiness, health, and prosperity. Looking forward to many more years of masti in gutterland with you. I hope your day is as rocking as you are.

Hi anu, Wish you  a very happy birthday!!TongueEnjoy your day ,Have fun!! Wish you all happiness in life.Its a pleasure to have u as our sabzi mausi .Keep rocking momma Wink.Having a good time Living in gutterland with you Big smile.Have a wonderful day anu!! Here is my small gift to you,
Its your favourite killer stare of your fav character SHRAVANWink

Anu, an ideal Barunian

Applauds unconventional characterization(s)

Makes "snarky" seem cool

Refutes comments uncool

Interjects anu-jectives unique

Describes drool worthy caps quick

Thinks out of the box

Inspires us to pull up our socks

The AT is no p(h)un without you

A day filled with barunillicious moments is wished for you!!!

Happy Birthday, Anu!!

Hi Anu Di!

Wishing you a very Happy Birthday!

Hope you have an amazing one.


a storehouse of wit
She loves ASR to Bits
summer, winter or any other season
dont mess with her for no reason
words come to her as easy as pie
her posts and poems sometimes make you cry
a walking dictionary of new words
sextacular yummdangtastic 
there are more that are fantastic
a livewire on the forum who everyone loves
happy birthday to you, now take a bow

Happy Birthday Anuuu!!!!!!!  I hope you get to catch a glimpse of, if not meet, Barun on your trip to Mumbai. That would just be an out of this world gift! But until then, wishing you a fantabulous day full of smiles and laughter!


Dear Anu,

Happy birthday to the hottest momma!! May all your wishes come true and may there be lots more bdays to come. Have a nice time with your family, enjoy to the fullest and if there is a cake...take a bite for me Embarrassed

God bless your Hug


Anu Hug

Knowing you is one of the amazing things that has happened to me. 
Always, stay like this.
A very HaPpY BiRthDay to you Hug 
May you have many more and wish we be friends like this forever Embarrassed

Happy Birthdayy Anu!
Have an awesome dayy and a great year aheadd!
Hope all youre wishes and dreams come trueee!!Wink
Though I just got to know you a few days back, but even though, Ive found a great friend in you. And yes, youre Barunology PhD makess it even better!Wink
Again, Have a greatt birthdayy!! Hug
So whens the party happeninggPartyDancing
- Dee

"Happy Birthday Anu!! Have a great one!! -Love, Ariel (Aish)"

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1. If Anu was to see Barun walking around on the streets of Mumbai, what would be the first thing she would do?
2. If Anu was to get a job on the sets of IPKKND, what do you think she'd like to be and why?
3. After finding about his biggest fan, if Barun was to record a video message for Anu and send it to her, what would he say?
4. Describe Anu as a friend in a sentence.
5. What are 3 qualities that you love about Anu?
6. One thing you'd like to say to Anu today that you have never told her before.
7. Where and how did you first interact with Anu? Share one or two memorable moments you've spent with her.

1. If Anu sees Barun walking along on streets of Mumbai she'll LOLLOLLOLkidnapLOL him and take him to the Embarrassedstore room Embarrassedfor some lessonsWinkWinkWink!! ahem ahemTongue
2. She would be the Starantiturnip administratorStar, all turnips would be taught a lesson and story line would have a better scope for romance .
3. Barun as Shravan
" Oye teri ki  meri fan !!!!!!choddo tara choddo sanchi ,now Anu is my target LOL(Anu swoonsLOLLOLLOL)
Barun as Arnav
After hearing this - he'll give a killer look (all sabji family in gutterified zoneLOLLOLLOL)
4. loyal, supportive and witty , you never can be silent and dull when she is around. She is one of those people who light up the room when she enters it.
5. a) witty
     b) smart
      c) a fighter - she'll do anything for a cause she believes in
6. Hi Anu , i absolutely love it that your username is momma!!!!!!!!!
7. we started talking in BHPH forum and of course our chats on Lucky's site about milk and hard disk are unforgettable and one or two chats which i had with her on fb

1. She would run to him & jump on him & prolly kiss him too LOL
2. Barun's co-star or his assistant - coz obviously the whole point of being on the sets of IPKKND is coz of BarunWink
3.  Hmmm...well, I think he would say, Anu thank you for being my fan, it means a lot to me, and keep watching my showsEmbarrassed
4.  Anu is a great friend and a great person to be around, I always have so much fun talking to her on the forums & chats.
5. She is down to earth, speaks her mind, and also I love reading her point of views on the episodes & life in generalEmbarrassed  Ohh and one more thing, she's a die hard Barun fan like meWink
6. Anu I am so happy that I've met you & that we are great friends, I wish you a very very happy birthday...!!
7. I met Anu on IF - we were discussing topics on the BHPH forum when it was still open - and then we started chatting in the chat box  then fb...I think she is a great person, a beautiful mom, and a great friend. I love all the jokes we've laughed at - especially the sabzi jokesLOL I also love her poems which she writes, she is very talented when it comes to writing.

1. I m sure Anu will at least jump with joy rest I m clueless
May be Barun's Costume Designer ?! She can get rid of chamkeeli green sweat shirts (though he luked gud!)
It feels great,Thanks for ur love Embarrassed Big smile
I have not conversed much with Anu but as far as I know very friendly person
Honest opinions, Humour, Her craziness for Barun
Ok I may sound stupid...I try 2 reply to her posts but most of the time her post itself is complete , so I end up with deleting wat I typed and hitting like button
I spammed her thread once along with  Zainab

1. Jhappi
Er Barun's Make up that she could things to his lips she just dreamed offROFL
Anu..Sabzis are GOOD..Some are even better..
THE forum is incomplete without her
Snark.Wit. The ablity to take it too
Haw..Anu you have more current than I haveROFL
We just pooped(not a typoLOLLOL) on one another in our respective posts..

1. If we ever saw Barun, we would faint but Anu's not the one to waste time. She'll go up to him and ask him if she can be his assistant and accompany him anywhere and everywhere he goes. Wink
She'd like to do Barun's make up !!  Anu please please do something about Barun's  lips.
Hey Anu'..I hope you're doing well. I am really glad to know  you appreciate my work'.and me of course. Thank you so much. Keep watching'..and please don't ever hate Arnav !!
Anu is a great friend !! Hug
The fact that she's Barun's fan. Embarrassed
She speaks her mind. In the  forum it's really hard to judge people at times but trust me, Anu really speaks her mind.
    She isn't judgmental.
Hmm'tough one. I understand your attachment towards your profile pic but maybe it's time to replace it with a new pic of Barun. How about one where he's giving his famous ASR smirk ?? Wink
I think I first interacted with Anu at Barun's AT . Anu had posted the caps and added really funny captions to them. I made witty comments'then she replied'.then I replied and then we went on and on for two-three pages.

1. * THUD* Fall (here she is hoping for a catch and a prolonged eyelock while her dupatta is flying in the gusht of windWink) I feel this maybe the only time that momma1128 will be at a  loss of words. LOL
2. She would like to take care of his stubble, chin, jawline and ...
I dont think I need to answer 'why' Wink
3. Oh teri, unbelievable. Vaise toh I dont believe in fans but thanks for the love and support. Just for you Anu, (he sings)  Pee lon (FB to Savan first honeymoon trackWink)Did i hear another thud and fall.
4. Witty, good natured (for the most partLOL), loyal and supportive friend.Big smile
5. Sense of humor, sense of humor and sense of humor.
6. I am one of your biggest phansWink but would like to remind you that after more than a year, you must be tired and he needs a change. So come out of the storeroom and give the rest of the sabjis a chance too, No, wait, I think I have mentioned this several times...
WTH - I just said it one more timeLOL

7. I first interacted with her on the BHPH forum over a year back. What I really appreciate about Anu is her prompt response to a PM or a reply to any of her posts on the forum, her pressing 'like' on every post on her thread whether or not she agrees with their POV, how she takes time to respond to everyone. If you are her friend, she has your back as I found recently twice. For me, several of these little things add up to make memorable moments.So glad to have you as a friend, dear.

1. I remember where she told us of that incident where she went running after a man who looked like him while she was on vacation LOL But I think if she saw the real Barun, she'd walk right up to him and dazzle him with her bright grin until he was ready to give her a thousand autographs and...more xP
2. Easy, she's already said she wants to be his stubble trimmer! xD She'd get to touch his face all the time, of course Embarrassed
3. "I am tremendously flattered by your devotion and adoration. Thank you so much" -- that'd be the public version. He'd make a secret version only for her that...I can't describe here *ahem*
4. Tremendously funny and warm, who always has good advice and is a perfect role model.
5. Her wit, her charm, her strength.
6. I want to be like you when I grow up :D *runs away*
7. On SaaVan chat, I believe! And only one or two is unfair Shocked There have been sooo many Sabzi convos that got started because of her! LOL But if I have to choose, the entire thing where the mythical aloos and storeroom came up :P

1. She doesn't like to waste time, especially wouldn't do it if Barun was in front of her. She'd drag him to the nearest enclosed space (storeroom?) and get started on business. For Christ's sake, it's about time, no? We've been waiting outside patiently for more than a year and a half now.
2. Anything that has got to do with touch up, trimming stubble, and/or hair styling. She'd make sure she is standing right in front of him so that while fixing him up, she has a full access to her sh-pot.
3. Aati kya khandala?ROFL LOL! I SO wish he'd say that... hahaha.
4. I'll use a few lines Barun had said to Ankita Sharma during INBDJ Awards (tweaked them a little):
          "Muskurahat tumse milti hai, chain-o-rahat tumse milti hai
           Chhod kar na jaana humko kabhi, sabzis ki jaan tum mein basti hai"
5. Her wit, her outspoken nature, and how she listens to you then guide you properly.
6. During the flight, I actually had the whole scene worked out in my head about our meeting but it failed because I didn't see you coming as I was so busy with my game on the phoneROFLLOL
7. Met her in BHPH forum. She had begun replying on posts and I remember Su saying she had found her I-F soulmate. Then we talked for the first time in weekend chat club, moving on to SaVan site, and now the gutterland. Each memory is very special but if I had to choose one, it would undoubtedly be the day we met in NYBig smile

1. Uh oh, All i would say is " God Bless Barun"LOL Wink
2. With out a doubt TOUCH UP LADY for barunLOL
3. Barun would say "Anu,how you doing?Winknice to know you,Ghar chale??(shravan style)"
4.A best friend, one would always wish forTongue
5.Love her sarcasm,Witty,level headed  natureSmile
6.Anu, i am really fortunate to knew uSmile .You always bring smile to sabzis face.never told u , but whenever i was in sad mood your wit made me  forget my worriesBig smileAlways cherish the chats i had with you and looking forward for more WinkTongue
7.Met her at Saavan site for the first time,Cant pick one or two moments, All chats memorable especially  Sabzi chats which takes  us to gutterlandLOL no details about it  in a public forumLOL

1. Just buckle down on her knees  and go melting into a pool, right in front of him..Wink
Obviously she would be the touch up woman for Barun.. At every given opportunity after every shot she can have the privilege of sprucing and touching him know what I mean???LOLLOL
Oh Teri ki!! Dammit! How did I miss you?? Mujhe bahut farak padtha hai ab..
Very bindass, fun loving and steadfast..
Humurous nature, Stress buster(at least a few minutes with her does that, to me) and very practical &down to Earth..
A lots.Some personal and some public.. Will PM her regarding that.. But right now, A  VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANU!!!
Got to know her last Dec during weekend chats and at Lucky's site.. One thing fell into another and we just hit it off..Ofcouse subzilicious convos brought us closer...

1. *THUD*
Hold Barun's "pankha" and blow the gusht of wind during the scenes or on herself to keep her senses alert!!
Iss phankhe ko kya naam soon???
Her spontenity, her tenacity and above all her snarky-ness  LOL
you make snarky seem cool!!!
My interaction has been fairly recent but all i can say is every exchange has been memorable!!!

1. Scream out loud, get his autograph and take loads of pics + chitchatsEmbarrassed
2. Script-writer or a producer - I feel she's good in this fieldEmbarrassed
3. I love you, AnuEmbarrassed
4. Thoughtful and witty.
5. Anu Di's understanding. She fights for what she feels is right and lovable person.Embarrassed
6. I'm glad I got to know her!Smile
7. Around IPK forums. At Barun's AT - discussing similar stuffs.Embarrassed

1.She'd walk up to him wrapped in fairy lights and walk thru a cloud of dust to say "Barun - i have something stuck in my eye"
2. khushi's body double for all the closeup scenes ! need i say why ?
3. kitne aaye kitne gaye
kitne aayenge kitne jaayenge
koi tumsaa nahiii...
koi tumsa nahiii
*im sorry i had to do a corny message*
but seriously...i think he'd thank you for all the defense you put up valiantly for ASR and make sure that the twit-lies get atleast an iota of the character !!
4. Precious
5. Wit, Snarkyness, ooodles of intelligence
6. yo sexy momma...your posts are one of the reasons i started visiting the IPKKND forum...
7. Anatomy of an Apology : i think it was a post before the fabilicious apology scene...where it was a list of things arnav needs to do when apologizing.. ! i rem co-drooling over the suit he'd wear to the event...cos those days he was pretty much doing the ode to the rainbow sweatshirts !! memorable moments : the AT is always fab...her snarkiness is addictive and makes the episodes 10 times more fun !

1. She would appear calm, cool, and collected as she approaches him, but inside, she will be hyperventilating like a fangirl.
Barun Sobti's hair and make-up woman!! She can run her hands through that beautiful head of hair and touch that gorgeous face time and again  Day Dreaming Embarrassed
3. I don't know what he'd say, but he should say it in a poem!
4. From the little bit I've gotten to know her, she is great fun.
5. Passionate, loyal, poetic
6. I admire how well you write, you have a way with words.
7. We met on Barun's AT in the IPKKND forum. And we usually end up gushing about how amazing Barun Sobti is and how people need to use their head just a little bit more lol.

1. Anu would first run towards him and do all things she said on SC she would do to him LOL Poor Barun, he won't even know what hit him. He won't even have time to say 'What the..!'. Anu will exhaust him, she will show him every corner of Mumbai...There will be no talking, as Anu said talking is a waste of time Tongue
2. You mean like one of the crew members? Then I would say she'd love to be Barun's very personal assistantLOL She will assist and assist Wink This way, she will be always close to the HD.
3. I think Barun is polite, he won't say anything like 'Hi there Hot Momma'. And, since it's a video message, he will keep it clean. He wouldn't record anything that would harm his reputation LOL

Maybe he will say something like this:

'Dear Anu,

I'm very glad to hear about you from your friends at 'SC' and I love to have you as my biggest admirer. I thank you for spending time on me, as I believe that makes my star shine even more bright.

You seem like a very honest person who speaks her mind. Please,
do always speak your mind about me. I read some of your topics your friends sent me and I must say you always see the bigger picture. Thanks for believing in my character and thanks for appreciating my acting.

Anu, I am so lucky to have you as my biggest fan. Thanks so much for the support, God bless you.

And oh yes, your friends mentioned you like storerooms? Did I miss anything?


That's something I think he would say to Anu LOL
4. A true friend who never lets anyone down, someone who's always honest and a smart, lovely, funny person to hang out with.
5. Her honesty, her humour and her intelligence.
6. Anu I love to read your topics on IF. The way you write down exactly what's on your mind, I think not everyone can do that. Your writing skills are really a treat on IF. Lately I noticed the things you write down are exactly how I feel, for instance, about characters on IPK. Then I go and read your topic and it's like I'm reading my own thoughts. You're always right on the spot!

Write away Anu, you rock as a person, but you also rock when it comes to writing Wink
7. I think we first actually spoke on Saavansite. Before, it was commenting on BHPH Forum.
The most memorable moments we had, together with the rest of the sabzi's, was the aloo conversation on Saavansite. My God, we had a ball. I was laughing hysterically LOL The things we still rofling about it.

1. Anu would first surely faint...and while thats happening, Barun would swiftly run towards her and grab her in his armss!Day Dreaming Im suree shed love that..and then after that...Oh i'll leave for them to decide!LOL
2. Anything that revolves around Barun Sobti! She'll then take care of his lips, stubble, eyes..and so
3. I LOVE YOU ANUEmbarrassed
4. From what I know, Shes very intellectual, loyal, has a great sense of humour, and a completely fida over anything about Barun SobtiSmile
5. Honest, Witty, and an awesome Sense of Humour
6. That I admire you! You have a strong ability and talent with how you put youre point across, soo keep that goingg!!
7. Met her at Barun Sobti AT thread and we hit it off completelyy! Wink I know Im younger than her, but, i get too know soo much about Barun Sobti through her...soo Im sure we'll have many more memorable moments aheadWink

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And Anu, you didn't think it was all over already, did you? Here comes the most unusual and unexpected part. ENJOY!!!




Our friendship started a year back - precisely on November 08, 2010
You promoted yourself from a silent reader to an active member and I welcomed you to the forum
Wishing you all the best of the best in life .
Here is my small gift for you


It was  very dark inside the mansion. She proceeded with short hesitant steps , bumping into this and that piece of furniture until she could see a faint ray of light . She followed the light and found herself in front of a small door ajar to let the very dim light spread over the bigger space outside . It was a wavering candle light that gave an aura of mystery around.
She could detect the smell of human presence - albeit male presence. It was not a familiar scent to her but she did not back off as her curiosity took over.  After all she was a courageous woman. As she entered the room , she found herself in midst of a mess as her feet sent all sort of pots and pans rolling and rattling from here to there .
"OMG - this is a store-room."  As the realization dawned on her , so the memories of scores of drooling nights and evenings with dear friends .
She smiled and looked side ways .
"OMFG" ...the swear words just left her lips without any warning .
She could she the shape of man's back standing in the corner. There was something very familiar about it . The blue colour of the collar and  sleeves were shimmering in the candle light . Approaching nearer - she could recognize the contours of the brownish waistcoat too. The back of the neck was too familiar , the dense head of hairs strands ended to one point . Automatically her hands went up to touch that point and ooh la la!!!!  The man turned around !!!!!
She was in for a shock ,  the most pleasant shock of her life. Her fingers brushed  over the adams apple which she so lovingly calls  "the shpot"  and the lopsided crooked grin was flashed.
Yes the same brown caramel eyes twinkled with mischief which  invites any female to drown in their inner unreachable depths . The straight line of the nose can put all greek sculptures to shame , the perfect eyebrow a man can ever dream of - neither too bushy , nor too thin and the lips which were meant to kiss and not be kissed easily , they were so elusive .
She  moved her fingers upwards from the throat towards the lips across the stubbled chin while  her eyes were locked with those  caramel pools . She wanted to know the secret of the lopsided smile , why the right never moved with the left ?!
She felt the tug at her shoulder  and being pulled towards him .
"OMFG" - is he abusing me or trying to kiss me ?"  Her whole body shook  with anticipation...
" Ma , MA  otho, dekkho - have a look "
Anu was shaken out of her dreamland and came back to the transit lounge of Dubai airport . SHe was with her sons on her journey to India .
"Ki bolchhish - what happened ?"
" See see  your laptop uncle is sitting there"
" Laptop uncle - who is he ?"
" Who is always on the screen of  your laptop "
"OMG - where is he ?"
She looked towards the direction her elder son pointed to .
"OMFG - there she saw her beloved walking away towards the gate NO 23 to catch  the Mumbai flight ."
" I must get him now" . ...and she ran. 
----------------------------------------------EmbarrassedEmbarrassed ----------------------------------------

*-*Please do not use the banners in this post for any other purposes.*-*

HugNiru273 for the banners Hug
Hugmaris08 for the introduction poem
Hug sunaina02 for the AnuRun (Anu + Barun) OS
Hugand all the rest of you for putting up with my countless PMsLOL Hug

Once again, a very happy birthday, Anu!Big smile

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Jahnvi Di really great thread!!!
A very happy birthday Anu aunty!!Hug

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wish u a very happy birthday dear! Hug

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Hav a great day hun! Honestly, I hope everything goes the way you want it today :D Maybe Arnav even magically is wearing his awesome blue shirt!! Now wouldn't that be a treat?? On my birthday Khushi had just found out bout Arnav being her boss. It was either tht or Arnav threw her down the cabin.

Whatever aired on June 17. <-- obviously nothing lovey dovey :(

Well sorry bout the rant, hav a great day and year hun!!
nice thread Jahn!

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nyxx IF-Sizzlerz

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Hope all youre wishess come truee (Especially the ones about BarunLOL)..andd may youre day and the year ahead be spectacular and beautiful just the way you are!!
Take caree!! andd wee should definitely party it out on Baruns addaPartyLOL But again, havee a great birthdayy hunHug
Lots of Love,
- Dee

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