Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain


Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain
Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain

ll Spice&Spicy llVirMan SS Ch5-PG15|April30 (Page 7)

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love ur writing plz continue and pm me

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prachi lovely updates..i jst read two chapters..plz continue soon n add me to pm list plz :)

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Chapter III

Part 3 - Page 7 ( Very Long Update )

" Jungli Billia aur Shernia yahi rehti hai! "

Note : To those who are confused about why Manvi is living at Vadhera house ; Manvi isn't living at Vadhera house, rather their Outhouse. Jeevika is not married yet, only the sangeet has been done. Marriage is tomorrow. :) She will move in eventually. But for now, she was at vadhera terrace because the outhouse and the house are joined. Hope that makes it all clear! (:

And to everyone : In my awesome - blowsome [ ;) ] FF, there is no freaking annoying illness,


" Mr. Jain ne yeh bayan diya tha, ki goli unke saamne lagi hai. Lekin kal jab hum confirm karne..."

Virat rolled his eyes yet again, probably a bad habit from Manvi. He had been sitting since fifteen long minutes. Honestly, he tried to understand what the bald headed man was saying, but nothing went through his right mind. Suddenly his phone rang and he kept the smile from his face. With a seriois face he looked at the number and rejected the call. Dadaji gave him a stern look. The bald guy continued with the lecture.

" Jaiswal ne unhe..." The phone rang again. Virat rejected it again. After the third ring, Dadaji looked at him annoyed.

" Dadaji, Chachi ka phone hai, pata nahi kya kaam hai." Virat said as if clueless of what the call was for.

" Jao jaakar baat karlo, shayad kuch kaam hoga." Dadaji said, and Virat nodded stepping out of the hall. Viren tried not to grin. He knew his brother too well.

" Kya timing hai chachi! Agar aapne thodi bhi deri ki hoti na, toh mujhe toh psychiatrist ki appointment leni padti!" Virat grinned.

" Pata hai pata hai. Mein bhi toh teri chachi hu!" Kadambari chachi replied.

" Achha chachi, ab koi puche na ki kya kaam tha. Unhe bata dena ki Manvi ki tabiyat kharab thi, aur isiliye mein use doctor ke paas le gaya hu. Thik hai?"

"Thik hai...Par tu jaa kahan raha hai?"

" Mujhe bhaiya ke liye gifts leni hai aur surprise bhi plan karna hai. So mein aur Manvi shopping karne jaa rahe hai." He replied.

" Virat tu thik hai na? Mera matlab hai, tu aur Manvi?"

" Kya chachi aap bhi, mein rakhta hu!" He hanged up and went back inside the hall. Dadaji gave him his special annoyed look again. That made him want to roll his eyes again. But he didn't.
" Manvi ki tabiyat thodi kharab hai, aur gharpe koi hai bhi nahi. Sab invitations dene gaye hai."
Dadaji sighed. " Thik hai Virat, tum jao."


Virat was surprised. He had been out on many dates, but none of them had ever been on time. Manvi was right on time. As soon as he blew his horn, she was out there in a minute.

" Aaye haaye, bilkul bhootni lag rahi ho." He commented on her looks. Honestly, he thought she looked beautiful. Even that simple dress, she looked more than just beautiful.

" Thank you! Bandar kya jaane adrakh ka swaad?" She replied making a sarcastic face.

" Bandariya toh tum ho! Mujhe kyun bandar bana rahi ho?" He looked at her and than acelerated the car.

" Ho gaya? Ab chup rahoge? " She reached out for the music player. Usher's song started blaring through the car and she pressed her ears. Virat laughed at her. He reduced the voice and turned on the FM. Some slow bollywood junk played our. Tk hks surprise she pushed his hand away and witched back to the CD.

" I like it. Mein bas zyada aawaz nahi seh sakti." She said looking out of the window through the closed windows. He looked at her face and than let his finger press down on the window switch. He saw her eyes light up as she felt the cool wind on her face. He smiled.

" Pata hai, mein hamesha se yeh karna chahti thi." She said looking at him.

"What? Aise khuli window waali car mekn bethna?" He asked her confused. But to his surprise she shook her head. She pushed her head out of the window, and sloely stoop up, bringing her body to the fresh, or maybe polluted, air on the road. She cheered amd did some "yoohoo", spreading her hands out. Than she slowly came back in and gave him a smile he never got from her before.

" Thank you. " She said with that breath taking smile, and he knew it was real.

" Mujhe pehle pata hota, toh mein apni sports car laata." He said smiling.

" Tumhare paas sorts car hai?" She aked surprised. He nodded." Tumhare paas sorts car hai!" She repeated, her voice louder. He laughed at her.

" Next time hum usme jaayenge." He said.

" Mujhe sports car mein ghumna hai, par tumhare saath nahi." She made a face.

" Kyun, tum mujhse itni nafrat kyun karti ho?"

" Chep ho tum!"

" Aur yeh chep chep kya laga rakha hai? Bhai naam hai mera! "

" Pata hai! Maine pehle bhi kahan tha, aur phirse keh rahi hu, naam virat hone se buddhi virat nahi ho jaati Mr. Chep." She started through the CDs rack.

" Oh my! Tumhe mera naam pata hai! Kya baat hai bandariya." he replied. She ignored him. Her eyes came across a CD that said "Chance Collection". She had never heard of this before. She took out a the disk and inserted it in the music player. Virat wasn't paying attention but when the car feeled up with the familiar music his face went rigid.

[ A/N : The songs and characters used in this FF are or might be same as those used in Bollywood / Hollywood / Tellywood Industries. ]

{ The song below is NOT stolen from anywhere, but is my own creation. PS: I AM NOT A SONG WRITER! So don't make those faces of you don't like it... Try to make some kind of tune out of it, or I would soon put up a tune after I compose it. Just imagine it to be shaan singing it. LOL! }

"Janu Na Mein Hai Pyaar Kya Yeh. Kyun Hote Hai Deewane Ismein " The songs started and Manvi raised her eyebrows at him. This sounded like him at the Mehndi. " Mein nahi jaanu kya hai yeh, na jaanu kaisa hai yeh. Mere dil par hai mera kabu. Koi aake na kar sakega pagal mujhe..." Manvi's lovely track broke to pieces as Virat switched off the music player. She looked at his face. His jaw clenched and his eyes fuming.


" Manvi! Come on yaar! Yeh kaisi zid pakkad rahi hai? Talk to me yaar! " Virat said trying to keep up with her pace. Manvi just kept walking not bearing him a glance. " Yeh toh batao ki tum gussa kyun ho! "

She turned at him sharply to glare and than went back to her fast pace walk. Virat was bewildered. Ever since she got off the car, she acted ignorant to him. He needed to do something. His bandariya, as he like to call her, is one stubborn creature. Thank god he knows how to deal with her. He looked around to find his target, and he found it.

" Thik hai! Tum jao, mein movie dekhne jaa raha hu! " He said pointing at the banner of Don 2.


[ A/N - Okay, so there are some reasons I chose this movie, but frankly, this is the latest I saw when I went to India and I loved it. Not an SRK fan, but Don fan? Hell Yeah!!! ]
[[ A/N 2 - I don't know if there are theaters in malls in India, because we have casinos, mall and theater all in one in Las Vegas. =\. So just imagine there are. ]]


He knew he had hit the right spot as soon as he saw her take sharp turn.
" Oh god, it's already released. Mujhe dekhna hai! Let's go! " She said running towards the banner. She looked around at him as soon as she reached it to find him standing right where he was. " Wahan kya kar rahe ho? Hurry up! Show start ho jayega! "

" Abhi toh mujhse baat bhi nahi kar rahi thi, aur ab achanak mera saath chahiye! Kyun? "

" Abey woh toh isliye kyun ki tumne mujhse rudely baat ki! But ab meine tumhe maaf kiya...ab chalo! " She said, almost jumping in the middle of mall hall.

" Oh! Meherbaani ke liye shukhriya Chaudrayan! " He said bowing in front of her as soon as he reached her.

" No problem! Aage se dhyan rakhna! " She said flipping her hair.

" Bandariya, hum movie phir kabhi dekhenge, abhi humein jaana honga! " He said.

" Kya? Kyun? Mujhe abhi dekhna hai! " Manvi whined. Virat sighed.

" Leking shaam ko shaadi hai, aur abhi bhai ke liye gift bhi leni hai! " He explained. Her face fell. " Are yaar! Ab yeh karele waali shakal mat banao, jungli billi kahan gayi? "

" Usko dekhne thodi doge! " She said reffering to the movie. He looked at her pouting face and sighed again.

" Okay, I promise hum movie dekhenge! Par shaadi ke baad! Waise bhi tum kahan mera pichha chhodongi! "

" Promise? " She asked with a heart-melting face. " Shaadi ke baad! Aaj raat hi? "

" What? You mean raat ko 12 baje? Marwaogi kya? " He asked surprised, er, shocked.

" Haan! Pata hai, mein aur Dabba hamesha jaate the! Beeji ke sone ke baad! " She said, her eyes full of mischief.

" Fine! Hum right after shaadi show dekhenge. Happy? " He asked bending a little in front of her as if she were a child. He gave her a soft punch on her cheek. He wasn't sure if he was sane to give in to her wish, but seeing her face turn into her beautiful bright smile, he forgot to think about his sanity.

They went back to the mall and looked for a present for Viren. After Virat finally settled with a Movado sports watch, Virat decided he wanted to buy a gift for his hone-waali Bhabhi too. So he dragged Manvi around and after an hour they were out of mall with a pendent of lord Shiv, that could easily fit in the rudraksh mala that Manvi had given to Jeevika. A

The preparations were going in full swing as they entered the house. Virat was on his way to his room when he heard someone talking in a room. The door was closed and he figured it was a guest room.

" Usne tumhara dil toda hai! Mein usse nahi chhodunga. Aaj ke baad woh chein ki neend kabhi nahi soyegi. " Virat heard a an unfamiliar male voice say. He was about to knock when he heard something that made him stop. " Manvi ko mein jine ke layak nahi chhodunga. "

Virat waited to hear more but all he heard was footsteps and than a distant thump. He tried to open the door but it was locked. So after looking around to make sure no one was looking, he bumped into the door with his right arm and broke open the door. He looked around in the room but he was too late. His target had escaped.


The wedding went just like she wanted it to be. Manvi had always wanted her sister to be happy and she knew she had succeeded when she saw the smile on her sister's face after she was married. Everyone were leaving now. The bidaai was over and Manvi went to the Vadhera's house as she was going to live there even after the wedding. Viren and Jeevika sat in the back while Virat and Manvi were in front.

" So finally, Jeevika bhabhi, ab aap hone waali nahi, par official bhabhi ban gayi ho! " Virat said while smiling at Jeevika through the rear view mirror.

" Haan, aur Jiju app bhi! " Manvi said.

" Waise bandariya, cheating karne mein toh tum maahir ho na? " Virat asked after they received shy smile from the newly weds.

" Kya matlab hai tumhara? Kab ki meine cheating? "

" Are bhai jhoote churane mein! "

" Meine cheating ki? Cheating toh tumne ki thi! Aise koi pairo mein se joote nikaal ke le jaata hai kya? "

" Usse cheating thodi na kehte hai? Cheating toh tumne ki thi! Tumne pehle toh mera pichha kiya, aur fir meri car ka lock toda! I mean that is literally illegal! Bhai ko puchlo! " Virat replied.

" Kya? Mujhe kyun? Mu-mujhe ismein mat ghiso! I am saying nothing! " Viren zipped up.

" Dekha! Aur waise bhi, haar ne ke baad sirf bahane hi yaad aate hai! Chep! " She said

" Bandariya! " He replied. She stuck out her tongue at him and he shook his head laughing.

After they reached home, everyone sat down for the ring finding rasam. Everyone except for manvi went and stood behind Jeevika.

" Arey! Aise kaise aap mere jiju ko ditch kar sakte ho? " Manvi exclaimed.

" Kyunki meri official bhabhi ki behna! Ab tak toh hamare paas bhabhi nahi thi, par ab bhabhi ke aane ke baad, humein bhaiyya ki koi zarurat nahi hai! " Virat replied and Manvi made a face at him.

" Come on Manvi, humein inki koi zarurat nahi hai! Meri saali meri side par hai, toh in logo ki mujhe kya zarurat? " Viren interrupted the tiff. Manvi smiled happily and Virat just smirked.

The rasam started and it got intense as no one was able to find the ring even after 10 minutes. After a while Viren pulled out a golden diamond ring. Manvi hauled with happiness.

" Bhaiyya, mein aapke liye ek gift laaya hu! " Virat said and took out the little Movado box out of his pocket.

" Mein bhi! " Manvi said excitedly and took out a little pendant that said " VJ " on it. " I am sorry Jiju! Mein aapke liye zyada expensive gift nahi laayi! Par mein isse zyada afford nahi kar sakti thi toh..."

" Manvi, tumne mujhe itni kimti chiz di hai, jitni kimti chiz mujhe kabhi koi nahi de sakta." Viren replied looking at Jeevika. Manvi smiled and nodded.


" Manvi! " Manvi was sitting in her new given room, much to Swamini bua's disappointment, thinking about her sister and Rishikesh when she heard someone whisper. She didn't ditect what it said but she was sure she heard something. She jerked up and looked around. " Oye, hello! " Manvi turned to look at some figure behind the window. She slowly walked towards the window picking up an empty vase - Just in case. She cautioustly headed towards the window and slowly opened the window with her eyes closed, planning to hit the person as soon as she opens the door. But before she could even move her hand, some other hand gripped down on her vase and pushed her against the wall next to the window, her mouth covered.

She slowly opened her eyes to see his eyes in the dim light of the moon. His usually dark-brown eyes had the bluish glint of the light in it. And as soon as she looked into them, she was lost in the beauty of them. No one had ever attracted her like Virat did.
Virat had seen into girl's eyes before. But none of them had managed to make him forget the world. Manvi looked so beautiful. No one could be compared to her beauty. Not even...Maya. Virat suddenly blinked at the thought of her. They looked at each other awkwardly and Virat slowly removed his hand from her lips.

" Tum yahan kya kar rahe ho? Raat ke teen baj rahe hai! " Manvi asked, trying to get the situation normal.

" Woh mein..." What the hell? What did he come here for?

" Kya? " She asked again. And then he remembered.

" Woh meine tumse promise kiya tha na? Don 2 ke liye? Toh meine 3:28 ka show book kiya hai. "

" Abhi? Itni raat ko? Paagal ho kya? " She said shocked.

" Achha? Mein paagal hu? Mall mein chadakar aayi thi kya? Tab nahi socha ki itni raat ko kaise jaayege? "

" Woh toh..."

" Woh toh woh toh kuch nahi. Ab chalo! " He pulled her towards the door.

" Virat, mera mood nahi hai! Tum akele jaao na! " Manvi said sadly sitting down on the bed. Virat sighed. He sat on his knees before her.

" Manvi mein jaanta hu ki, bhabhi ki shaadi ki wajah se tum sad ho."

" Mein sad nahi hu! "

" Par kabhi na kabhi toh woh tumse dur hone hi waali thi na? "

" Virat..."

" Tum abhi ke liye yahan rahogi, par kal ko tumhari bhi shaadi ho jayegi. "

" Mein..."

" Tab toh tumhe unhe chhodkar jaana hi padega na? " As soon as he completed his sentence Manvi hugged him. She slid down from the bed and broke down on his chest. Virat took a moment before he hugged her back and tried to calm her down. He was surprised at this sudden break down. " Its okay Manvi! I am sorry, mein yeh sab nahi kehna chahta tha. Sorry? " He apologized only to recieve a slap on his chest. She slowly withdrew herself and cleaned her face with her hands. New tears though rolled down her cheeks again. Virat reluctantly rubbed them away with his thumb and stared into her beautifully shining eyes. " Ab chale? Show start hone mein sirf 10 minutes baaki hai! "

She shook her head indicating a no.

" well, than too bad! " He stood up and pulled her with him.

" Virat.."

" Shut up! " he said pulling her towards the window.

" Hum jaayenge kasi chep? " He stopped and turned to face her with an evil smirk.

" Khidki se! " He stated.

" Kya? Screw dheela hai kya? "

" Shut up and climb on my back! "

" No! "

" Manvi! " He looked at her. She looked back. She cocked her head, he cocked his too.

" Fine! " She said and slowly climbed on his back.

" Hey bhagwan! Ab meri zindagi aapke haath mein hai! " She prayed as he stepped on the window seal.

" No Bandariya! Tumhari zindagi ab, iss Chep ke haath mein hai. Get ready for the Don 2 adventure! " And with that he climbed down the pipe below her room.


They both entered the theater, Manvi was wearing her green dress, and Virat wore white shirt with a black leather jacket over it. Manvi's eyes shone with excitement as she saw the huge theater. He didn't take them to the mall, but the actual theater. They went to ge their tickets, and later ordered the popcorns to be delivered inside.

The sits were in the highest row with VIP written across the wall behind it. Manvi followed Virat, bumping into him now and than. The blue radium reflected the sit numbers and Virat scanned them to find their sits. When Manvi sat on the luxurious sit, her mind forgot all the worries. She gave one breath taking smile to Virat in the dim light of the theater room, and he literally felt himself short of breath. He shook his head and bend down on her to help her with the sit. The sit could stretch into long sleeping arm chair, and so that is exactly what he did. He bent until his left hand reached the end of her sit. His lips brushed her cheeks and she shuddered. As soon as he heard her take a sharp breath, he moved back and looked right into her eyes. Even in this almost dark place, her pretty face melted him.

" Virat Vadhera? Aapki delivery." The voice of a guy made them jump and bang their heads.

" Oww! Chep kahika! Kitni zor se lagayi! " Manvi hissed at him pressing on her forhead.

" Shut up bandariya, mujhe bhi toh lagi hai! " Virat replied rubbing his forehead. He turned towards the other guy, who stood their gaping at the two, and took the popcorns and told him to put the cokes n its holders. " Thank you! "

" Aur kuch ho toh batayega sir. " He said and walked away, looking back again and again, until he was out of the door.

" Mere dushman samaj rahe the ki mein kabhi laut ke na aaunga..." The movie started and both of them tuned in the movie.

NOTE : A little after this, until you see another NOTE, there are Don2 scenes, So if you havent seen it, SPOILER ALERT!! =P

" Toh tumhare aur uss Arjun ki kya kahani hai? " Don asked Roma as they enetered the underground tunnel. The theater filled up with laughs. Most of all the dialogues of Don managed to crack them up. He was full of humour.
" Isska tumse koi matlab nahi! " Roma replied sharply.
" Mein bas itna jaana chahta hu ki tumhari zindagi mein kya chal raha hai, is that wrong? "
" Tum, apne aap ke alawa kisi aur ke baare mein soch hi nahi sakte! "
" Sivaaye Tumhare. " Don replied instantly. Manvi hooted.

" Awww...He is jealous! " Manvi commented. Chopping away on her popcorns that were delivered in 10 minutes after the movie started.

" Tumhe kaise pata? "

" Andhe ho kya? Koi aivayi kisiko aise sawal karta hai? "

" Tum... "

" Shh...dekho! "

Virat sighed and they continued watching.


" Hayye, he is so in love! " Manvi interrupted again when Roma and Don talked. [ A/N - Won't mention the important parts of the movie! ]

" Idiot! " Manvi said and sunk into her chair when a guard came and interrupted Don and Roma.

" Stop it with your comments! " Virat whispered to her.

" Kya yaar! Tum kitne boring ho! " She said and shaking her head.


Don's gaze fell on the guy's gun that was pointed at Roma. Roma was faced the other way fighting someone else. He jumped into the air shooting at the guy, as he crashed to the floor, taking Roma with him. Roma held to his waist and looked at the other guy. Don looked at the guy, anger and humor both at once in his eyes. He pointed at a silver lock above the guy's head that held a building glass, and shot it. The glass crashed through the guy and probably finished him. The guard gave some punches to guy to make sure he wouldn't get up.. Manvi whistled and so did many others.

" What the hell? Tum yeh kya kar rahi ho? " Virat almost jumped out of the sit.

" Yaar, kitna Hot hai yeh! "

" Bandariya hum VIP sits pe hai! Aise whistle and everything is so embarrassing. "

" Yaar mujhe dekhne do na! Disturb mat karo! Roma aur Don ka scene hai! "

" You're welcome! " Don said to Roma as he slowly sat against the pillar. The theater filled up with laugh again. Roma looked at the shot in his arm.

" Tumhe toh goli lagi hai! " She said.

" Aha...chhukar nikli hai. " Don replied. " Sorry! "

" Is everything okay? " Roma turned to see the guard.

" Umm...We are good. " She replied and the guard went off to check on others.

" Ek baat puch sakta hu tumhein? " Don asked Roma as he shifted a little.

" What? "

" Tumhare aur uss Arjun ki kya kahani hai? " He asked again and everyone burst into laughter. Roma gave a surprised sigh and looked down. " Waise yeh samajhna mushkil nahi hai ki woh tumhe chahta hai. Do you like him? "

" Mujhe tumhe kuch batane ki zarurat nahi hai. " Roma replied.

" You know what I think? " Don asked as a sweet romantic music played in the background. Roma just looked at him. " Tum usse nahi chahti. Kyunki tumhe abtak mujhse pyar hai. " He said with a sly smile. Everyone in the theater hooted, but Virat was surprised when he heard nothing from Manvi. He turned to look at her, but she was slowly eating her popcorns staring at the scene intensely. He Frowned and smiled.

" Main tumse pyar nahi karti. " Roma stated. It came as a shock to Manvi, when of all the people, Virat whistled.

" Just checking! " He replied, right when Don replied with the same words to Roma.


NOTE : The Movie Is Over (:

The rest of the movie, Manvi watched it with such intense that Virat was surprised by her actions. At one of the most intense scene, he expected her to comment, but she didn't. She watched the movie as if her life depended on it.

" So? Kaisa laga movie? " Virat asked as they slowly walked out of the theater.

" Achha tha! " She simply replied.

" Arey waah! Aaj sherni badi shaant hai! Kya hua dedh futiya? " He asked but she kept quite. " Kya hua? "

" Kuch nahi! Mujhe neend aa rahi hai! " She replied. He saw her swaying a little. He grabbed her arms and put the back of his palm on her forehead. " Manvi! Tumhe toh bhukhaar hai! "

" Haan, woh kal raat se soyi nahi na, isi liye! Koi baat nahi, chala jayega. " She said moving away from his hold. Its not like it was uncomfortable. The problem was that it felt way too comfortable.

" Ghar jaate hi dawai le lena! Thik hai? " He said, and she just nodded in reply.


" Kal kyun nahi soyi thi tum? " He asked trying to keep her awake. If she sleeps in the car, than he will have to carry her to her room - which, didn't sound like a good idea.
" Pure ke pure Chep ho tum! Yaad nahi hai kya? " She asked squinting her eyebrows. And than it hit him.

" Oh right! We slept together! " He said and she gave him a shocked look. " Me...Mein...Mera matlab hai ki we slept in my room. Not together. " he looked straight down the road. Manvi was about to say something when there was a sudden gun shot at the car. Virat lost his control and the car lost its balance a little. He turned his steering wheel and got back on the road. The gun shots started. They kept bending down. The front glass had shattered after two bullets hit it.

" Manvi slide down. Slide down! " He shouted. Manvi slid down her seat and kept her hands on her ears.

" Virat! Yeh kya ho raha hai? "

" Abhi puchh kar aata hu! " Was his sarcastic reply.

Before he knew he was on some unknown road. The cars were still following, so he accelerated and after another 10 minutes, he couldn't see their car. He walked out of the car and went to open Manvi's door. She was curled up on the car floor, shocked as hell.

" Manvi? Tum thik ho? " He asked, slowly pulling her out. His breathing were heavy and he noticed that she was barely breathing. " Manvi..."

Before he could complete, he saw the car of those guys again, and he pulled Manvi with him as he ran into the trees. They were following them, and he knew it because he could hear their footsteps. He stopped to look around and in the dark made out a figure of huge tree. He walked under the tree, sat down between the huge roots of it, and held Manvi against himself. He heard the footsteps, but couldn't see them.

" Uss taraf lagta hai! Wahan par thodi roshni hai! " Virat heard one of them say. The Noise of dry leaves crushed by those guys faded away and Virat relaxed a little. He slowly made Manvi get up and walked out of the tree roots.

" Tum thik ho? " He asked looking at her pale face. She just nodded. He was about to walk back towards the place they came from when he heard rustling of leaves. He grabbed Manvi's hand, and both of them ran into other direction, away from the light and the road. After a lot of running, when he was sure no one was following, he stopped.

He made her sit by on a rock and he sat next to her. Both of them breathing hard.
" Virat? " He heard her voice. Quiet and distant.
" Ha? " He replied, waiting for her to speak more.
" Woh log kaun the? " Her voice was shaky. He could feel her heartbeats even at this distance. He didn't reply for a while.
" Pata nahi. " He lied. He knew who it was. He had guessed it right after the first shot. It was that guy in guest room. Should he ask her about it? But what if its a bad past, like...like I have? What if she won't be able to take it? He was brought out of his thoughts when he heard a sniff. There was no human being around to be sniffing except for Manvi.

" Manvi? Tum ro rahi ho? " He said, looking at the shining pearls on her cheek under the brilliantly dim light of the moon. After his question she broke down and wrapped her arms around him. " Shh! Its okay! Kuch nahi hoga! " He tried to calm her down, but she sobbed harder. " Aur waise bhi, tum toh aone ghar aa gayi ho, tumhe kaisi chinta? " He said trying to lighten the mood. His success was evident in the scene when Manvi pulled back and looked at him confused, wiping her tears.

" Matlab? " She said, her voice deep after sobbing.

" Jungli Billia aur Shernia yahi rehti hai! " He said, just to get a punch on his chest.

 " Pichhle Janam Mein Kya Tumne Apple Se Shaadi Ki Thi? "

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pinklilliesrockinggirl555nya_sMahnoor5671ViRaLi13MaRiZnuzhi94sankey7sankeyamee1unnatianinaatwalsonika_virmanpiyushijs1234arhifandebitejuangelnishi12345Jessica.Patelaysha1989luvzindagiprerna31spinkstarsprincess14~~BaBy~AnGel~~laynaJULIELsapphhirerev4evahooriaamisaki-Aswathy-kulsum_virman-Antu-_-Aslan-LuvManan13KSG_luvFallen Starashred12preethisParthKiBabeWriter_At_Heartrainydays.VarunKiBiwisnehaluvmaaneetlove_never_diesharshdbNikki_Titli

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will comment after reading da ff lool

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RKDramebaaz IF-Sizzlerz

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Originally posted by -harneet.gill-

will comment after reading da ff lool

 Jaldi Padh kamini...
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Originally posted by Prachi_Patel

Originally posted by -harneet.gill-

will comment after reading da ff lool

Jaldi Padh kamini...
ghar jakar padu gi ...mere ipod ki battery almost dead hai LOL

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KSGforever08 Senior Member

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my first ff apart from AR.reading it cause i like their fun jodi.ur ff is too gud!!!!lovin it.thanks 4 the ff nd pmBig smile

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plz continue soon...

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