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ll Spice&Spicy llVirMan SS Ch5-PG15|April30 (Page 4)

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Wow Prachi continue soon :).. pm me next time Wen u update:)

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Originally posted by IrUmIBrAhIm

Wow Prachi continue soon :).. pm me next time Wen u update:)

Thank You Irum :) You actually read it =P
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Nice one dear... Continue soon!

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Great starting and it sounds like a good FF. (: 
Do Cont. Soon and PM me.


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hey thats a great FF...loved it!!! plz send me a PM when you update! thanks

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* Hey Guys, am back with an update. Though I don't have many readers Unhappy, I still don't want to disappoint those who read it. :)
So I got a PM on Tuesday from one of my readers of my story Another World, which I had not updated since 11 months. Yeah...!! So the PM asked, why didn't I update it for so long, and if I would continue because they really wanted to read it. And I was all ...OMG, OMG, OMG!!! They want me to continue after ELEVEN FREAKING MONTHS. Lol.
So you see, I am kind of feeling really bad not being able to update. So I decided, that in will put my best efforts in my FF. :) For Your Comments Only ;) JK, I love you guys!
kay, so bahot ho gayi meri bak-bak, back to the story.*

The start of the story was only for introduction, and I am 100% sure, that you have seen all the episodes until Sangeet! ( I hope you did, or I am shoving YouTube in your face *-* ) The only thing different in my FF is that Manvi is going to Vadhera house with Jeevika. :) But Miss Swamini Bua still doesn't like Manvi's character, which is carefree and i-don't-give-a-damn attitude!
So here we go !!!
| PS: I have seen 'Vadhera' spelled as 'Vadera', but I spell it this way because in episode where they first showed Vadhera house, that is how it was spelled on the board. ]

ll UnBreakable ll Dedicated to Aaliya, who read my FF on Facebook, EHMMBH Page! XD

Chapter II

Part 2 - Page 4 ( Very Long Update )
" Mujhe ignore kar rahi ho? Try bhi nai kariyo! "


Manvi sat on the terrace wall with her legs crossed and her head on her knees, gazing into the stars. The bright moon and the dark night giving a shade of blue to her beautiful flawless skin. It was a cold, windy night. Her hair flying around, assuring her of pain later when she combs it. Her eyes twinkling with tears on their lines. She blinked a few times, trying to stop the tears from breaking that barrier. But instead, it rolled down her cheeks.
"Meri kya galti thi? Meine toh bas mazaak karne ke liye kiya tha. Kyun har bar mein kuch achchha karne jaati hu, aur kuch bhura ho jata hai? Meine Di ki zindagi mein bahot gadbad kardi, ab aur nahi." She wiped off the tear from her face. " ab mein kuch nahi karugi. Bas bahot ho gaya. Apni khushi ke liye mein Di ke dukh ki wajah nahi ban sakti." A hiccup escaped her throat. " Mamma, Papa, mein promise karti hu, ke aaj ke baad aisa kabhi nahi hoga. Di ki shadi mein, aur unke iss naye ghar mein, mein ab koi gadbad nahi karungi." She rubbed her face and looked up at the stars again.
The wind felt more like ice now. Scraping through the air, she heard a little creek. She frowned and looked around at the balcony door. No one. Was she just imagining it? She shook her hair and putting her chin on her knees closed her eyes. She was tired, and her head was starting to feel heavy.
" So gayi kya? "
Manvi jumped in surprise, almost falling over the three stories building. Her heart raced at an impossible rate and she could hear every single beat in there. Even without looking up, she knew exactly who the husky voice belonged to.
" Aagaya Chep sar khane! " She muttered and turned towards him with thin eyes.
"Sorry Manvi, par mein sadi hui chize nahi khata!" He replied sitting down next to her. She didn't say anything, just kept staring at the beautiful sky. He followed her gaze and his eyes landed on two stars that shone brightly admits all the other ones. He looked at her and guessed what she was thinking. He smiled and than looked back at the stars. He got up and stood on the dangerous wall.
" Hello Uncle, hello Aunty! Mein Virat. Aapki badi beti, Jeevika ka hone wala devar."
" Virat! kya kar rahe ho? Niche utro! Tum gir jaoge! " She said with urgency in her voice. He smirked and looked back at the sky.
" Mera bhai, Viren! Do you know him? He is going to marry Jeevika, aapki beti! Aap unki chinta bilkul mat karna, hum unhe bahot bahot bahot khush rakhenge! I promise! Agar kabhi, Jeevika bhabhi ko, meri zarur padi, toh mein unke liye apna sar bhi katwa lunga! " Manvi stared at him. She wasn't sure if what she saw was real! The tears she had dried minutes ago broke the through the coldness and rolled down her cheeks. Virat was about to sit down but looking at her tear streaked face, he decided something else. " Aur ha! Yeh aapki chhoti beti hai na, Manvi, isse please kahiye ki Di ki shaadi mein rone ka matlab hai unki khushiyon ko aadhi karna! "
Manvi looked up shocked. She quickly rubbed off the tears and swallowed hard. Virat laughed at her face. She was so adorable.
" Aur di ke devar ko maaf kardene se di ke ghar mein khushiya aati hai! " He said staring at her. She looked up ay him and glared at her. He leaned down, sitting on the toes of his feet, his knees bent.
" Virat, tum jao yahan se! Mujhe akela rehna hai! "
" Mujhe koi problem nahi hai! Par phir tum yahan par so jaogi, gir jaogi, probably mar jaogi! Phir tumhari di mujhse kahengi ki ' Virag, tumne meri behen ka khayal kyun nahi rakha? Ab mein tumhare bhai se shaadi nahi karungi! ' Aur yeh mein hkne nahi de sakta! " He settled down next to her. Manvi rolled her eyes but stayed quiet. He could see the tears shining in her eyes. " Kya hua Manvi? "
And that was it. Manvi broke down next to Virat. " Mein hamesha aisa hi karti hu! Hamesha meri wajeh se di ko sab kuch sehna padta hai. Mein, meine kabhi aisa nahi chaha tha. Aaj sangeet mein, mein toh bas unhe hush dekhna chahti thi! Meri di ki shaadi hai, aur meine hamesha socha tha ki mein aisa karungi, waisa karungi, par...mujhe nahi pata tha ki yeh sab ho jayega. " a sob escaped her throat. she tried to stop the tears, but they wouldn't, so she gave up.
" Manvi kabhi kabhi jo hamein lagta hai sahi hai, woh dusro ke liye galat hota hai. Aksar jamari life mein aise pal aayenge jahan hamein apni families ke cultures or values ko face karna padega, kyunki hum inki duniya mein nahi, apni ek alag duniya mein rehte hai! Tumhari duniya mujhse alag hai, par inlogo se bhi alag hi hai. Jaanti ho kaise? " He asked her, Not facing her. She didn't reply, but he could feel her gaze on her, so he continued. " Kyunki tumhari soch independent hai. Tum sabkuchh apne man se karna chahti ho, par hamesha inke bich phas jaati ho." He smiled, recalling the times she had messed up.
" Tum inse kaise alag ho Virat? " She asked softly. He chuckled.
" Itne bade lecture mein itna hi suna? We are talking about you."
" Achchha chhodo yeh sad batein, tum batao, America ke baare mein batao na kuch! " Manvi cleared her face and tied her hair into knot. A chill went through her as she felt wind on her neck. She turned to look at him in deep thought. " Virat! "
" Mujhe chalna chahiye, bahot thandi hai yaha! " He said looking at anything but her face.
" Oh god, not again! thik hai thik hai, mein tumse videsh ke baare mein kuch nahi puchhungi! " She said rubbing her arms in cold.
" Tumhe meri company kabse achhi lagne lagi hai madam? " Virat raised his eyebrow. She raise hers at him with a 'really?' look on her face. He cocked his head. she rolled her eyes, yet again.
" Thik hai jao! " She turned to go.
" Ruko, idhar aao. " He stopped her.
" Kya? "
" Yaha, iss wall ke against khadi raho." He said pointing to the wall.
" What? "
" Hindi nahi aati hai? Just do it yaar! Don't be a spoiled sport! " He said pushing her towards the wall.
" Ugh! Okay! " She stood with her back against the wall. He made sure the heels of her feet touched the wall too. Basically, she was sticking up against the wall. " Ab kya hai? "
" No bend down and touch your toes", he said standing three steps away in front of her. " And don't rill your eyes! "
She sighed and bent down. Well, tried to. Virat laughed. She tried again, but it was so hard. The third time she tried she lost her balance and fell forward andd Virat laughed harder. The pain in her head shot up and she fell in his arms. He felt her body giving away in his arms.
" Manvi? " He tried, hoping to hear something from her. But no reply, instead he felt her leaning into him lifeless. He leaned her face away from his chest and looked at. Her eyes were closed and her face pale. " Manvi, Tum thik Ho? Manvi! " Virat panicked as he started patting her cheeks. But there was no response it. He looked around in hope to get some water. His eyes found nothing, so he slid his hands under her and swiftly picked her up in his arms. For a moment he forgot the seriousness of the situation and wondered how can she fit so perfectly in his arms. Her pale face shone in the moon, and even in this state, she looked more beautiful than he could have ever imagined her to be.
Silence. That was all she could hear. Her mind had started to wake up, but her eyes wanted to stick shut like some strong glue after hours of drying. As she forced her eyes to open, the first thing that registered in her mind was that this wasn't her room. She blinked hard to stop her eyes from falling again. She was about to get up when she felt something alien on her hand. When she looked at it, she was horrified! Virat slept with his head on bed, while sitting on the floor, holding her hand. Everything came crashing back in her mind. She smiled at his innocent face.
" Aisa kyun hota hai Virat? Kyun aaj kal mein jab bhi kisi musibat mein fas jaati hu, tab tumhi mujhe bachane aate ho? " She smiled again and gently took his hand off hers, and slid down the bed, and fixed her odhani. She was about to leave when she saw the numbers on the alarm screen. It was 5:39 in the morning. She even saw a bowl of water and a cloth. She bit her smile. She will never admit how much she liked him. But there was a bigger issue at hand. If she went out right now, there is a possibilty of bua or Dadaji might see her! Shit!
" Virman! Utho! " She shook him speaking as low as possible.
" Kya hai yaar? " He said lifting his head from the uncomfortable position.
" Meri birthday hai! Utho na! " She retorted.
" Manvi, tum, tum thik toh ho na? " He asked her instead of wishing her.
" Ha! woh, woh ab mein bahar kaise jau? " She asked changing the topic. The truth was her head still felt ten times heavier.
" Darwaje se, kaise sawal puch rahi ho? " He frowned.
" Abey ganju, sade paanch baj gaye hai! "
" Sade paanch baajne ke baad tumhara darwaze se jaana apshagun hai kya?
" Are Sade paanch baj jaane se, mera nahi, hum dono ka apshagun hone wala hai! "
" Arey, par mera band kyun baja rahi hon? " He stood up and crawled into his bed.
" Kahan phas gayi mein! " She glared at him and than started to go towards the door when she felt a hard tug and the next thing she knows, she was staring at a pair of mesmerizing eyes. She tried to look away, but his eyes felt like magnets. Her eyes had captured a part of him. The last time he had felt this...He blinked his eyes trying to control himself. She swallowed and looked down. No, she wasn't blushing! Hell no! But she was nervous. She had never been so close to a guy before. And this particular guy was the last one she wanted to be near of. She put her hands on his side and pushed herself up but to her dismay, she fell back on him banging her head on his chest.
" Aayyy!! Jaan logi kya? Mera dil hai wahan par! " He said putting a hand on his chest. The other lied on Manvi's waist unconsciously.
" Shh! Dhire bolo! koi aagaya na toh sadi band baj jayegi! " She whispered to him. Forgetting that they are still so close.
" aaye hayye, Kudiyanu punjabi bhi aati! " He joked, surprise coating his words.
" Nahi, bas Kajol se sikhi thodi thodi! " She replied. She looked at their position and than at Virat. He pulled out the odhani that was stuck under him. That is how she had fallen. Her odhani got stuck under him when he had crawled up on his bed. She slowly got up and sat at the end of the bed.
" Hmm...Kajol! Is she hot? " He shifted up and rested his head on the headrest, his arms crossed behind his head. Manvi rolled her eyes.
" Of course she is! India ke saare ladke us par lattoo hai!" She said smiling sarcastically.
" Oh! Hogi koi actress! " He said shaking his head, surprising her.
" Matlab? " She frowned.
" Jo Milne waali hai nahi, uske bare mein sock ke kya faida? " He said with a smirk. She raised her eyebrows. He raised kne of his eyebrows in reply. She cocked her had on side. He replied with the same gesture. A knock on the door brought them back to earth.
" Kushal bete, abhi tak niche kyun nahi aaye? Meine Kahan tha na aaj tumhe office jaana hai? " Dadaji said. Manvi looked at Virat surprised. But frowned when she saw the look on his face.
" Jee Dadaji, mein nikal hi raha hoon. Aap aur bhaiya jaiye, mein aata hu. " Virat replied with no emotion in his voice. They kept quiet s that they can hear Dadaji walking away.
" Arey waah! Virat Vadheraji, aap toh kam ke loge jaa rahe ho! Kya baat hai! " Manvi joked.
" Manvi, Tum please jao ab! Waise bhi koi agaya toh hungama khada kar dega! "
" Nahi Virat, mein tumhe chhodke kaise jaa sakti hu? " Manvi moved closer to him. " Tumhare bina meri zindagi adhoori hai Virat! " She placed her hand kn his face. " Tum Ho toh mein hu, Tum nahi toh kuch nahi hai Virat. " She continued looking into his eyes. She was leaning over him, one hand on his side. Virat looked at her weirdly.
" Manvi! Tu...tum yeh Ky...kya kar rahi ho? " Virat stuttered.
" Virat" She rubbed her thumb against his skin, " Mein tumse...tumse..."
" Virat? " Manvi lost her balance and fell on Virat as Swamini bua's voice reached their ears. " Abhi tak nahi uthe? "
" Bua mein...mein aa raha hu! " Virat replied trying to ignore the tingled he got as Manvi breathed quietly on his neck.
" Jaldi aao, Tumahre dadaji wait kar rahe hai! " She said again.
" Haan Bua, Mein...mein aa Jaunga." He stammered. He felt her raise her head, her hair tickling his neck. She slowly stood up and fixed her odhani. She looked anywhere but him.
' This is damn embarrassing! ' She thought as she turned away from him. She started to walk away when Virat took a hold of her hand and pulled her back on bed. This time she wasn't on him, and she mentally thanked god for that.
" Tum kuch keh rahi thi Manvi! " He said. His voice husky.
" Nahi, mein kahan..."
" Virat! Mein tumhe chhodke kaise jaa sakti hu? Mein Tumhare bina nahi reh sakti! " Virat mimicked her lines before.
" What? Virat, Tum meri nakal utaar rahe Ho? " She glared at him.
" Pucch rahi ho ya bata rahi ho? " He asked.
" Virat mein tumhe..."
"Tumhe nahi, tumse! tum tumse par atki thi! "
" tumse ke bachche...abhi dikhati hu tumse ke baad kya aata hai." She picked up the water jug from the bed side tabke and moved towardss him. In a second he was out of bed running towards the door. Manvi ran after him with the jug of water in her hand. They ran through the hallway and Virat jumped over the stool. She ran around it, and before she could move any further...uh-oh!
" Jiju, I am sorry! I am sorry! Mein toh Virat ke pichhe bhaag rahi thi! " Manvi looked at Viren wkth his shirt drenched.
" It's okay! Mein bhi nahi dekh raha tha. " Viren smiled at her. But she looked frantic.
" Jiju, sachi mein, mein toh uss chep pe girane waali thi! Par pata nahi kaise! i am so sorry Jiju! "
" Manvi? Yaha hai tu! Pata hai mein tujhe kabse dhund rahi thi! Itni subah subah kahan chali gayi thi? " They heard Jeevika's voice - worried - from behind.
" Di woh mein..." Manvi searched her mind for an excuse! She had totally forgotten about this. She looked back at Jeevika to give her some excuse but saw that starring of her Di and Jiju had already started. She quietly slid away frlm the scene.
" Thank god! Aaj toh mein gayi thi! " She whispered to herself?
" Aaye haye! Di se bhi juth! Bahit bighad gayi ho tum! ". Virat leaned on a wall, taunting her in his usual tone. She pressed her lips hard and rolled her eyes. She walked on ignoring him.
" Mujhe ignore kar rahi ho? Try bhi nai kariyo! " He said keeping up with her. She didn't stayed quiet. "Arey! Kya hua? "
Manvi ignored him as they walked down the stairs.
" Achchha baba, Sorry! Ab toh baat karo! " No reply. " Thik hai toh mein Bhabhi ko bata deta hu ki tum puri raat, mere saath thi. " Manvi stopped in her tracks. " woh bhi mere kamre mein, mere bed par. "
" Virat, tum aisa nahi karsakte! " Manvi finally said.
" Mein kuch bhi kar sakta hu Manvi, Try me! " He winked and started climbing the stairs again.
" Virat! " Manvi held his hand. Virat turned around and looked at her hand.
" Please, aisa mat karo! Mein baat toh kar rahi hu! " She pleaded. Her hand still holding his.
" Thik hai! Lekin tumhe mera ek ma'am karna padega! " He replies.
" Kya? " She frowned, and took her hand off.
" Uhh...Tum mere saath mall chalogi? " He asked rubbing the back of his head in a cute way.
" Kyun? "
" Woh, mein bhai ke liye gifts lena chahta hu! " She nodded than turned back to him.
" Par tumhe toh aaj office jaana hai na? " She asked him.
" Haan, woh mein...Tum bas das baje ready rehna, mein sade das baje tumhe lene aaunga. " Without waiting for her reply, aur probably a new question, he turned around and went up to his room. Manvi shrugged and walked outside the house to go and clean up for the morning.

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please PM  me i would love to read more when u update. 

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Kyaa Baat hai!! this is awesomme!! u write very very well Parchi!! <3 ya and pls continue :) PM me if possibleClapClapClap

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