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Tumhari Disha
Tumhari Disha

TD Update for 17.03.05

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Posted: 17 March 2005 at 10:05pm | IP Logged

Tumhari Disha Update for 17th March'2005


This was another ok episode.


The episode begins with Disha who looked stunning in a black saree making a call to Aai. She tells ah Aai tell me what you wanted to know. Aai is sitting in their garden reading some letter. She asks Disha if everything is alright between Rano and Inder and if their problem has been solved. Disha tells yes Aai everything is ok. She then tells ah Aai I had sent one shawl to Azoba but it was returned back. Where is Azoba, is he not in Kolhapur? Aai tells her yes beta he is in Kolhapur, there must have been some sort of mistake, since just now I am reading one letter that he sent and he is perfectly fine. You don't worry about him, but please beta I want to request from you one thing, please don't let Rano know about yours and Inder's relationship. Disha tells Aai you don't worry and that will not happen.


Disha is standing near the pool when Vedant comes there. He tells yes Dish what's the matter is everything alright in your house why did you go there? Disha looks a bit irritated with him and snubs him and says yes all are fine. Tell me why did you come here. Vedant wonders and asks her what is this Dish, what happens to you sometimes, why are you so cold towards me. He tells her that he came to take some papers of DK, as advised by his mom. Disha looks at him coldly and tells him that you call yourself as my friend, and a friend is supposed to know everything, then why did you stop choti mom from telling me about Porineeta, why did u not let her speak? Vedant tries to justify. Disha tells him that unless you think I am not capable of being your friend, if that is so then its alright, you bear all the pains alone. You have heard of it isn't it that by sharing your sorrows with a friend the sorrow decreases and by sharing happiness, happiness increases. But what's the use you don't think I am you friend, saying she walks away and turns and tells him that she will give him the papers as he requires. Vedant keeps looking at her.


Here Gargi is going to Sumitra's room latak matak ke. She has a bunch of red flowers in her hand. When she is about to enter the room Disha puts her hands in front and stops her near the door. Gargi tells her what is all this nonsense. Disha tells this is not nonsense choti ma , you will not take these red flowers to Mummyji's room. Gargi tells that do not forget that DK told you not to enter Didi's room and what right do you have to stop me. Disha tells I have every right as Mrs. D.K. Sehgal to do so. Gargi thinks that is the whole problem you are still Mrs. D.K. Sehgal. She then pretends to be sugary and asks her why what happened Disha? Didi loves red flowers, I suppose you did not know that. Gargi then thinks hope Disha has not come to know about the secret of red colour. Disha too thinks that if I disclose about the red colour thing to Gargi then Gargi will not trust Vedant anymore and it will create all sorts of problems. She politely tells Gargi choti mom I too love red flowers, I will take them to my room,saying this she snatches them from Gargi. She smiles and tells Gargi that ah Mummyji is sleeping at the moment, do not disturb her and she walks off. Gargi thinks that good that Disha does not know about red colour secret, I was really scared for a moment.


Vedant is still standing at the same place and thinking to himself, Dish how can I tell you what you wanted to know? Afterall you are the only friend I have. If I tell about Porineeta , the distance b/w brother and you will increase further, and however much I hate brother, I do not want this to happen to you. Saying this he goes and sits on the chair in the lawn and in front some files are lying. Again he thinks that this pain and sorrow is only mine and I have to go through this alone , I cannot share this with you. He then looks at the file papers and tells himself, oh my GOD , I had not known about these at all. My My My……..



Disha is trying to speak to her azoba in Kolhapur. Someone else picks up the phone. She enquires about her azoba. They tell her that he is no more staying there and sold his house to them. She is shocked and asks them about his whereabouts. They tells her that they do not know about it. Disha gets upset and thinks to herself that where did azoba go? Why did he not inform them and if he is not in kolhapur how come aai has been receiving his letters?


They show Azoba along with another old man. He has come near disha's house. Disha walks past the garden. The old man and his friend hide behind the trees and when she has gone they come in the front. Azoba shows with great pride in his eyes the house to the other man and tells him that this is my granddaughter Disha's house and the girl whom you saw just now is my Disha. My love, the apple of my eyes, a part of me, my everything. He tells the old man that I have got another house in Bandra as well. The old man tells him then why are you staying in old age home ( I was shocked hearing this). Azoba tells that I had no choice, you know old age is our greatest enemy. When we become old we are unwanted, I have two sons, my elder one is no more and for my younger son and his wife I am nothing but a burden. That's why I decided to go away from all of them and went and sold off my land in Kolhapur and came to old age home to stay with you'll. Now I have got all the love from you'll and feel I belong there. The old man asks Azoba for how long will you have to wait? Someone at the back tells that 'not even a moment'. Its Disha who is in tears. Her Azoba spreads his hands to hug her and both of them hug each other and cry ( I too could not stop my tears, and just imagine what would they would do without Disha, wish all have daughters like Disha).


Aai is putting some clothes in the bag when Sukanya comes there. She asks Taai are you going somewhere. Aai tells no these are Rano's clothes which she has left here. Sukanya tells her that what is the use of sending all her clothes back. Let some clothes be here, she may need them when she comes here which will be very soon, its quite possible that Inder and she will again have fights and arguments. Aai gets angry and tells Sukanya, do think some good things atleast for once. There will be no more fights b/w them. Sukanya tells so Taai does Rano know that Inder and Disha loved each other, if you have told her, I will tell her and she tries to leave. Aai shouts at her and tells her I warn you if you do this it will be very bad for you. Sukanya tells her don't raise your voice, don't forget I can throw you out of the house just like I did Baba………just then Baba comes there and tells ya just like you threw baba isn't it? Now I know what is all going on behind my back in my house. Disha comes with him and tells Azoba did you see what all insults my Aai has to face. After your going away from here she is all alone. She does not have anyone to support and help her. She is not ready to come and stay with me too, please Azoba stay here with her. Aai is in tears and comes and touches Azoba's feet. Sukanya also comes acting but Azoba goes behind. He tells her to stop this drama and tells that he had never in his dreams thought about all this. Disha tells Azoba that Kaki has made this Home and Hell and Kaka has been cheating on our business and destroying it. Just then that idiot Anil comes and tells are Baba how come you came here all of sudden, why did you not inform me , I would have come to pick you up. Azoba tells him to stop acting and that he knows what all has been going on here. He tells that Suhas's tears tell me everything. He tells that there is so much difference b/w you and Vijayendra. Now on I will think that I had only 1 son and one daughter in law that is Suhas and no other relations. I will take charge of everything and you both will only get monthly salary from me. That's all. Anil and Sukanya are shocked to hear this.


At the DK residence, DK, Gargi and doctor are in Sumitra's room. Sumitra is trying to talk and the doctor is coaxing her to tell something. She keeps telling her to try to talk. DK is getting anxious to hear his mother speaking and looks like a child with a shine in his eyes. Gargi keeps getting restless. Sumitra tries to recollect from the past and can faintly see her son, husband etc. She suddenly calls out Sunny…Sunny…..all of them are stunned to hear this.


DK's happiness knows no bounds. He like a child keeps telling happily my mummy became alright, she became alright. He looks at Gargi and she forcibly smiles and tells him congratulations Sonny. DK tells that everyone should come to know about it, Disha has to know about it…..


Gargi goes to her room and starts packing her bags, Vedant enters telling My, My, My…..Mom where are you going. She tells him to hell, can't you see I am leaving the house and going, Sumitra has regained her senses, before she recovers completely I will have to go. Vedant tells her that if Badi mom recovers what harm would it do to you. Gargi tells him that you will not understand all this. Vedant tells her that you are afterall the owner of Kanaka Empire, then what do you have to worry about and run away from. Gargi looks at him and tells that this something  to do with my past. The day DK comes to know about my past , then my present and future will be in complete darkness. Saying this she tells Vedant bye and goes off. Vedant wonders as to what past she keeps referring to and what is the secret behind it.


Here DK like a happy child keeps telling to the nurse Ma told me Sunny, I am so happy, Disha comes there and he gets up and tells her Ma has become alright, she called out my name..Disha's face lights up and she tells him we had been waiting for this moment since so long……DK comes and hugs her, Disha I am so happy I had been wanting to hear these words from Ma since so long, she thanks the doctor……..he hugs her tightly.( and friends this was not a romantic hug from Dk as I saw the mails when typing this, but Disha did feel the jitters though and so do we …. Ha ha…but sigh…. only for 2 seconds) She becomes conscious and tells Dk, Doctor…..He goes back and tells the Doctor that had it not been for Disha all this would not have taken place, I can tell that its only cause of Disha that Ma has recovered, Disha blushes a bit and thanks the doctor. The doctor tells that but Mr. DK your mom has not yet recovered fully. DK looks wide eyed and tells her that but ma called out my name, what are you saying. Doctor tells that for Sumitraji her Sunny is still a 5 year old kid and nothing more. She is still in her past. She has not recognised you'll as it. Just then Gargi is passing by with her luggage. She stops to listen to their conversation. Doctor tells Dk that your Mom will take still a lot of time to recover completely. Saying this the doctor leaves. Dk is heartbroken on hearing this and he cries. Disha puts her hand on his shoulders and tells him have patience DK, she will become completely alright very soon, don't worry.


Gargi is relieved hearing this..la.. la.. la… Gargi music in the background. She tells herself that now you don't need to go anywhere Gargi, unnecessarily you were getting worried, you stay back here and start preparing for Sumitra's funeral. Episode ends on Gargi's wicked smiling face…


Have a Nice Weekend.



memsaab IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 17 March 2005 at 10:15pm | IP Logged

thank you lataji!!  gosh I can write this line as much hahahhaa

krazee_gurl Goldie

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Posted: 17 March 2005 at 10:16pm | IP Logged
thank you Lataji, gr8 update.
sweetchick786 Goldie

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Posted: 17 March 2005 at 10:38pm | IP Logged

Thanx for the update!!! Smile

omg guess wat imma be a groupie now!! im soooooo happy!!! Big smile

mitto Groupbie

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Posted: 17 March 2005 at 10:55pm | IP Logged

thanks for the update.

i hope some magnetic attraction starts working between dk&disha

dkaddict Senior Member

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Posted: 17 March 2005 at 11:35pm | IP Logged

I'm just waiting for Disha to put her arms around DK- that's when the sparks are really gonna fly! *S*I*G*H* When will that girl get her head on straight?

Thanks, as usual, for the update!


P.S. Wonder what Vedant found in those papers..... something about the marriage contract, perhaps?

AALIYAH786 Goldie

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Posted: 18 March 2005 at 12:32am | IP Logged

Thanx for the update Lata


queen-bee Goldie

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Posted: 18 March 2005 at 12:40am | IP Logged

Hi Lata,

Thanks for the wonderful update or should I say my "night prayer's script" without reading which i can't go to sleep.I need my nightly dose of TD.HAAHAAHAAAHEEEHEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm waiting for DEE to make some physical contact. We r all tired of the eye contact.I feel like putting some sense in that girl she is toooo dry.

still crying for that  "sphinx" Indy.Girl thank your sis for whome u got DK.


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