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MAANEET FF- WE WANT DIVORCE #2 | note on page 110 (Page 16)

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waiting for you

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come soon...

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update soon

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Hi buddies,

Thank you so much for the beautiful and lovely comments. i loved them to the core.

Sorry for not updating earlier. Stuck up with some urgent work.Thanks for waiting.



Part 27

I have one final question that keeps stabbing my heart to bleed like anything. i know that i am being so mean to ask. but i couldn't resist myself from asking you.

Here is the question...

Why do you have a fiancee?

Maan reads the diary entry once again. He caresses the words, "My dear Maan" and smiles. He could feel her love just by these three words.  he continues to read the rest of the letter.

From her words, he could clearly understand her inner turmoil, her feelings for him and everything. Especially her last question makes him realise how much Geet was hurt by the fiancee matter.

Maan puts down the diary and looks at Geet's face. She is still in deep sleep.  he is dying to tell her that he doesn't have a fiancee. he pats her cheek and tries to wake her up.

Maan:  hosh mein aajo Geet.

Geet is still under the spell of sleeping pill. She didn't wake up. Maan again tries to wake her up

Maan: Geet...uto..Geet

In her sleep, Geet simply pushes his hand off her cheek and continues her sleep.

Maan wonders what if Pammi comes back, before Geet wakes up. so he takes the diary and writes below Geet's last question

"I don't have any fiancee. i have only one legal and stupid wife. Ab woh bhi divorce maang rahi hai.

Waise...The stupid who called you last night is dying to hear your voice. Show him some mercy and call him once you wake up from your sleep.

Take care Geet

Your dear Maan...forever "

Maan smiles and closes the diary.

He again tries his luck and wakes up Geet

Maan: Geet...utna...Geet

The door bell rings. Maan feels bad that he has to leave now. he gently lifts Geet's head from his lap and rests her on the pillow and caresses her head and kisses her forehead.

Maan: Geet! wake up soon and call me.

He gets up from the bed and walks toward the door. he didn't feel like leaving her. he again turns around and looks at Geet's face for few seconds. Then he walks out of the room and shuts the door behind.

The door bell is still ringing. Maan comes to the door and opens it. Pammi walks inside.

Pammi: sorry for making you wait for a long time... my mother-in-law didn't come... After waiting for all these time, i called her only to find out that she is not coming today... She is coming tomorrow. My husband has given me wrong information...he always does this... Sorry for troubling you. in my mother-in-law's tension, i even forgot to give you a tea. Main abhi chai lekar aathi hu...aap baitiye

While Maan is wondering if Pammi has ever heard of the punctuation mark called full stop, she walks toward the kitchen. Maan stops her

Maan: ek minute

Pammi looks at him questioningly

Maan: i got to go now

Pammi: par...

Maan turns toward Geet's room and looks at the door.

Maan: (st) will she read the diary?

Pammi notices where Maan is staring at

Pammi: why are you looking at Geet's room? didn't you see her yet?

Maan : woh..haan...she is sleeping. when she wakes up inform her that Maan was here

Pammi: ji

Maan leaves immediately


After half an hour, Geet wakes up from her sleep. she gets up from her bed and sits. her head is still aching. she holds her head with her hands and instantly a thought about Maan comes to her mind. she recalls whatever happened between her and Maan in Delhi. suddenly a thought about her letter to Maan comes to her mind. she searches for her diary and finds it on the bed. she takes the diary and starts to read her letter.  she caresses the words," My dear Maan" and continues to read. When she comes to the last page of the letter, she notices Maan's words...

"I don't have any fiancee. i have only one legal and stupid wife. Ab woh bhi divorce maang rahi hai.

In reflex she says his name, "Maan".

Geet couldn't believe herself that after whatever happened last night, Maan has come all the way from Delhi to see her. Tears gather in her eyes.

Geet: Was Maan here?  how did he come? has he read everything? Where is he now?

She is so happy that he doesn't have a fiancee. at the same time another doubt pops in her mind

Geet: doesn't he really have a fiancee? then why yesterday when dadima was talking about his fiancee, he didn't object to it.

She continues to read the diary...

Waise...The stupid who called you last night is dying to hear your voice. Show him some mercy and call him once you wake up from your sleep.

Take care Geet

Your dear Maan...forever "

She caresses the words, "your dear Maan...forever". Tears roll down her cheeks.

Geet:  what does he mean?

She hugs her diary, closes her eyes and feels his words and enjoys her tears.

Few minutes later, she opens her eyes and wipes her tears. she recalls how Maan wiped her tears and placed her palm on his heart last night. She could still feel his touch on her cheeks.

She couldn't control herself from talking to him anymore. Instantly she takes her mobile and calls Maan's number. in the first ring itself Maan picks the call

Maan: hello Geet

Geet's heart skips a beat. She didn't know what to talk. As Maan clearly knows what Geet is going through, he is not surprised by her silence. He waits for her to talk. Geet tries to say something but she fails miserably. Words are not coming out of her mouth.  Maan is dying to hear her voice. But he waits patiently. Both their hearts are beating fast. Almost 5 minutes would have passed. But still Geet didn't say anything. Maan tries to break the silence

Maan: Geet

She didn't reply

Maan: i am not someone else's fiancee. you can talk to me

Again she didn't reply

Maan: teek hai. let me clarify the fiancee confusion first

Geet sharpens her ears and eagerly waits for him to begin.

Maan: but before beginning it, i want to make sure that i am talking to you only.

Geet is not ready to break her mauna vrat

Maan: arey! Kuch tho bolo na Geet


Maan: (teasing) itni chup???  then you can't be Geet. let me cut the call

Geet says hurriedly

Geet: rukhiyena

Maan smirks

Geet: main hu Geet

Maan: oh really?

Geet: hmmm

Maan: teek hai. ab tum ek karo. immediately come to the district court

Geet: kyun?

Maan: kyunki main tumhara pathi hu

Geet's heart skips a beat. she is shocked as well as surprised by the authotrity with which he said those words. she didn't know how to react.

Maan: Geet...tum aaogi na?

Geet composes herself and talks hesitantly

Geet : woh kya hai na...i can't come now. ghar mein bhabhi hai

Maan: phir bhi main tumara pathi hu. samji tum?

Geet: par...

Maan: is not so difficult to deal with your bhabhi. She let me inside your room just like that, even with out asking for my name

Geet: woh...

Maan: 30 minutes

Geet: main nahi aaungi

Maan: i said 30 minutes

Maan cuts the call immediately and smiles.

Maan: main jaantha hu Geet. tum zaroor aaogi

Geet: hello...meri bath suniye... call cut diya. what is he thinking of himself? He is giving me orders as if he is my husband. chaddo


@the District Court

Maan is impatiently waiting for Geet. he keeps checking his watch frequently.

After sometime, Maan notices that Geet is coming at a distance and her eyes are searching for him. Maan smiles to himself. finally she notices him and walks toward him hesitantly. With her every step toward Maan, her heart beat keeps increasing. Maan keeps staring at her. finally she comes close to him and stands infront of him. she wants to hug him and cry her heart out. but seeing the surrounding she controls herself. she couldn't meet his eyes. she keeps looking down to the ground. Maan is enjoying her restlessness. He takes a step toward her. in reflex, she moves backward. He takes another step toward her. again she moves backward. He smiles and takes one more step closer to her. this time she didn't move back.

Maan: Geet! look at me

She refuses to meet his eyes

Maan: what is there on the ground? Now look at me Geet

She still keeps looking down to the ground

Maan rolls his eyes

Maan: can i say something?

Geet nodes her head silently and still looking at the ground

Maan: (teases) right now you are behaving as if we are in our Suhag Raat room. for your kind infomation this is district court and so many people are watching us. here you are not supposed to behave liket this

Geet is provoked by his statement. She immediately lifts her head up and looks into his eyes to shout at him. but as soon as her eyes meet his, she goes into a trance.  Maan is also lost in her eyes.

Geet could see his love in his eyes. the truth that he doesn't have a fiancee, makes her feel his love  without any guilty consciousness.

In few minutes,Maan breaks the eyelock.  Geet comes out of the trance and turns her gaze away from Maan. he smiles

Maan: Geet! gaadi mein baito

Geet looks at him questioningly

Maan: you seem to like this BMW more than me. let us go for a drive and talk. ab baito

Geet: yesa kuch nahi hai

Maan: like me more than BMW. Hai na?

She is too shy to reply.  She silently walks to the back door and goes to sit in the back seat. Maan rolls his eyes

Maan: i am not your dirver. Sit in the front seat

To Maan's suprise, Geet goes and sits in the driver seat itself. Maan asks her unbelievably

Maan: do you know driving?

Geet: no

Maan: then why are you sitting in the driver's seat?

Geet: you didn't want to be my driver. So i thought that i can become your driver

Maan: Geet..

Geet points to the the passenger seat in the front and asks him to sit in it

Geet:  Aayiye baitiye! Lets go for a drive...

Geet pretends to be rotating the stearing wheel. Maan is still staring at her and wondering what to do with her

Geet: arey! Aap yesa kyun dekh rahe hain? Baitiyena! Waise... where is the kick start lever?

Maan: (shocked) what? kick start lever?

Geet: ji haan. Ab aayiye

Maan looks straight into her eyes and says

Maan:  Geet!  i will be happy to die with you. par abhi nahi. Kyunki...i want to live with you forever. Samji tum?

Geet's heart skips a beat again and she looks into his eyes and tries to read them. Maan opens the door and gestures her to shift to the passenger seat. Geet silently shifts to the passenger seat. Maan sits in the driver's seat and accelerates the car.

Geet is still looking at him. Maan gestures her to fasten her seat belt. She didn't respond but keeps staring at him. He bends over her and he himself fastens her seat beat. Geet is shocked by his unexpected action and closeness. She moves to the side of the seat and shouts at him

Geet: yeh aap kya kar rahe hai?

Maan: fastening your seat belt. Being the future technology consultant of BMW, you are supposed to know these simple things

Geet realises how well Maan has read her diary. Maan is still fastening the seat belt. Geet leans against the window so as to keep herself as far away from Maan's touch.

Geet: what are you still doing? are you trying to tie me to the seat or what?

Maan noices how Geet 's back is hitting against the car door

Maan: Geet! sit properly. otherwise you will end up in breaking your favorite car's door.

Geet comes to the normal position and sits straight

Maan: chalein?

Geet nodes

Maan rolls the car out of the court.

Geet is watching the road silently. Maan keeps checking her frequently. Of course our Geet is also not bad in stealing glances.

After driving for some distance, Maan stops the car in a calm place and initiates the talk

Maan: Geet! i am sorry for everything. All the misunderstandings are because of my lie to dadima

Geet turns her gaze toward him.

Maan tells her everything about the fiancee confusion. Geet asks him unbelievably

Geet: has dadima mistaken me for your fiancee?

Maan: hmmm

Geet: iska matlab...yesterday she was talking about me only. hai na?

Maan: haan

Geet is relieved like anything. Maan could see the sparkles in her eyes.

Geet: main bhi na...i have misunderstood everything

Maan: it is not your fault Geet

Tears gather in her eyes

Geet: Maan! i am sorry for whatever happened at the terrace. I should have listened to you

Maan: you need not be sorry Geet. maine kaha thana ki is mein tumari galti kuch nahi hai. any one at your position would have done the same

Geet: but i have hurt you. i am really sorry. I shouldn't have yelled at you like that

Maan: chup bilkul chup

Geet goes silent.

Maan: we are not talking about that matter anymore. Samji tum?

Geet: but i want to talk Maan

Maan looks at her questioningly

Geet: last night i told lot of bad things about you and i used so many harsh words.  but after that also, you have come all the way from Delhi to see me and now you are behaving as if nothing happened.  Please Maan, don't be so nice to me. Then i won't agree for the divorce

Maan is shocked by the word, 'divorce'. He looks into her eyes and asks

Maan: now what is the need to talk about divorce?

Geet: don't you want it?

Maan: kyun? Do you want it?

Geet: i don't know


Hi buddies,

Hope you liked the update. if possible, i will post the next update by tonight.

Take care and have a nice day



Please click here for Part 28

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nice update! thank you!

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happy to be scond at your post...let me enjoy it DancingPartyBig smileBig smileBig smileBig smileBig smile

143 tonya...
houw r u...
r u very busy now a these days...
loved the update. loved the lines written by maan in response of geets letter... and in the last forever your maan...
so they r together now...loing their beautiful , meaning full, funny conversation ...
i don't think they wants divorce...
so what next dear...
dono sath sath kaise honge...
what u have hidden in your mind for next part ...

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awesome upadte lived it

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