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Viha ff- Jiya Jale-Oneshot

LovelyDil Senior Member

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Posted: 26 November 2011 at 9:02am | IP Logged
Hey guys------>
This is my first D3 FF.Hope you like it!!
First read the summary...on this link :
Here it goes------->PLZ DO COMMENT!!
Neha quickly marched through the college corridors as fast as she could,ignoring the wolf whistles all the way.She inwardly scolded herself at her absent-mindedness.How could she have left her bag in the locker room,now she had walk in front of the entire college in her rehearsel outfit.Sure she has walked on the college corridors in her rehearsel outfit before,but today was different.She had left her jacket in her bag and the outfit was a bit revealing with her entire waist was bare,making her very self-concious.
She,Kriya and Vishaka were busy practicing for the Dance festival,they were supposed to perform BharatNatyam on the song,'Jiya Jale'.This song was one of favorites and she was performing this dance form for the first time;she was overwhelmed by this.They had begun their practice today from 7.00 in the morning;there were nobody around in college at that time except the three of them.At that moment,it didnt strike her that her jacket is missing.When she finaly reached the locker room,she rested her head against her locker dwelling in her thoughts.
In the back of her mind,she knew the actual reason for her foul mood;who may be a tall,well-built guy with a child like face and behaviour.But the ziddi kind of girl that she is,she woul'nt expect it.Lately he had become so aloof and distracted that he completely lost his 'dewaana' mode.
He would always look at her dreamingly,saying sweet compliments and always find a reason to be with her.It made her feel so special,just like those typical heroines in Hindi films floating on cloud nine.Obviously he had been rude to her a number of times calling her 'Miss Reverse english' or 'Miss verbal diahorea';but then happened the 'RDX Party' which changed everthing overnight and then after series of events coming in with Prof.Karan Malik which changed the entire picture of St.Louis.Both the teams now hang out together,Swayam is no more a majnu now and all misunderstangings between Rey-Kria are solved though there seems to be much more between them now.
Most importantly,the guy who has overcome all her senses and who adorably calls her 'Deewani',none other than her 'Dewaana'- Vicky.She had admitted to herself long ago that she had fallen in love with him and after Karan Sir's exercises,her feelings were confirmed.
He would always look at her so lovingly,treated her like a princess and his innocent  and child-like demeanour was so alluring.It was hard to look past that loving glances,those sweet and genuine smiles and innocent goofy expressions.
But the past few days there was none of that and Sharon,Simmi and Rinni also told her that they saw him flirting away with some girl yesterday.This hit her so hard;slightly tears welled up in her eyes.She must be acting irrational but there was no denying the fact that he never said those three words out loud yet.His gestures show that he cares for her but this may have been some sort of infactuation also.There were so many girls in the college that liked him;he had the looks,money and amazing dancing talent.He could get any girl he wanted so why would he go only for her.
These thoughts just made her heart heavy and eyes burn with tears a little more.Just to distract her self,she opened her locker and took out her bag.Grabbing hold of her towel,she patted off the sweat on her face and neck.She removed the band from her hair freeing it from its ponytail letting her hair fall freely on her shoulders and adjusting it appropriately.Little did she show that she was being watched by someone,until she heard that person call out her name.
"Neha!",she spun around instantly a bit startled,but relaxed when she saw it was Vicky.He was the last person she wanted to see right now and that too in the girl's locker room.
"Vicky,you it is!Tum girls locker room mein kya kar rahe ho??",but before she could get an answer from him some girls entered the room.
Neha reacted instantly and pushed Vicky into the corner of the room where no one could see them.
"Neha!",Vicky tried to retort but she hushed him with a finger on her lips telling him to keep silent.Neha failed to notice the closeness between them,but it did not go un-noticed by him and got into a trance just by looking at her.
When Neha was sure that the girls left the room,she finally glanced at Vicky but found him staring at her instead and realized how close they were.She instanly backed off and regained her composure while Vicky was still lost in a trance.
He snapped of the trance and looked at her and eyed her from top to bottom,she looked completely hot today in the outfit reminding him of her look in the RDX party when he actually fell for her.How that attraction developed into love,he did'nt know but he was completely sure of his feelings and did'nt regret it.Only regret he felt was why he did'nt see past this innocent and cute girl before.Finally he noticed that she was feeling uncomfortable under his gaze and broke the silence.

"Hiee Neha",she looked up at him dumfounded at him,and asked him,"Deewane,tum tikh to ho na?Tum girls locker room mein kyu aaye ho?Kya khena hai tume is baar?".
"Dewaani Tum bohot hot dekh rahi ho",she immediately blushed at his complement and averted her gaze away from him.
Vicky realized what he said and looked away too and apologized.
"Im sorry."
"Sorry kis baat ke liye?Compliment ke liye ya locker room mein akaar  muje darane ke liye?? "
"Huh?"she sounded dissapointed.
"No,I mean about the compliment,sirf tume akward feel nahi karana chata tha.Tum sach mein acchi lag rahi ho"
Then there were moments of silence between them when Vicky finally took a step closer to her,but she did'nt move way this time.He tucked a few strands of her hair behind her ears,just like he had done at the party,the difference being that neither of them were drunk.She closed her eyes at his touch and he was happy that she did'nt flinch away when he lightly cupped her cheek with his palm. He coul'nt help but admire her;she looked so vulnerable now that he wanted to hold her in his arm but he could not get carried away.She let him get this close to her was a huge thing for him and he did'nt want to ruin it.
"Ek ladki thi dewani si,Ek ladke pe woh marti thi,nazren jhuka ke,sharma ke,galion se guzrti thi,chori chori chupke chupke chitthiyan likha karti thi, kuch kehna tha shayad us ko,jane kis se darti thi,jab bhi milti thi mujh se,mujh se poocha karti thi,yeh pyar kaise hota hai ,yeh pyar kyu hota hai?"
Neha snapped open her eyes as he said these lines and felt as if those lines were for her as she looked into his eyes.
"Vicky.",his name slipped from her lips so smoothly and in return he gave her one of his rare genuine smiles but their romantic moment was broken when Neha pulled away from him and hesitantly Vicky dropped his arm to his side.
"You still not telling me why you here?",she asked him softly as she looked down not meeting his eyes.
"Wo mein tumse mohabetien...I mean SRK tumara favorite hain na.So I collected all his movies and prepared this for you."
He handed her the box containing the CD cases,she open the box and realized that there were many of them inside.It must have taken a lot of efforts to get all of them especially for a person who did'nt watch much Hindi movies before.
Neha was spell bound and had no words to say to him except a simple thankyou and flashed him a beautiful smile.
"Wo Karan sir ne tume purane movies ke CDs diye the na,toh mein kaise peeche reh jata.Toh 2 din se mein tumari favorite movies ko collect kar raha tha.Sirf Mohabatien nahi mil rahi thi,toh mujhe Snehal se magna pada.Chudhail,bahut bhaav kha rahi thi.Swayam ke saat date pe jana chathi thi,tho Swayam ko bhi manana pada."
Snehal is none other than the girl Sharon,Simmi and Rinni was mentioning that he appeared to be flirting with.She was filled with so much happiness that she kind of jumped in joy.He was'nt  flirting with another girl nor was he ignoring her  infact he was taking so much pains just for her.Her heart just melted away with his gesture and thanked him again ,her happiness evident in her voice.
"Thank you so much,Deewane!!",listening to his Vicky fell into his imaginary pool again but before he could fall Neha caught hold of his hand and pulled him back.
"So,you wanting to say more?",she asked him.
"Er...No...I have nothing to say more."
"Oh.Okay.",she said dissapointed.
"Ok then,Muje aab jana chaiye.",he said before turning to leave.
She smiled softly and walked to her locker but turned back again when she felt him come back.
"What happned?"
"Actually,I wanted to say something more..."
"Kya ? Bolo na Vicky."
"Neha,wo muje pata hai ki tum abhi busy ho.Par dance festival sab hone
ke baad mere saath dinner par chalogi?",he asked her nervously.
Neha could'nt believe her ears,he asked her out on a date...meaning dinner...dono ek hi baat tho hai.
"You ...mean...dateee parr..?"
"No...I mean..Haan... date par",he said scratching the back of his head.
"Toooh chalogi...??"
"Haan,chalungi na!",she replied sharmofying in a filmy heroine kind of way.
"Yes!!",Vicky exclaimed loudly but was hushed by Neha not wanting them both getting caught by anyoneand assuming things about them.
" Vicky,dont make noise.Otherwise everyone knowing that you here."
"Ok.Ok.Im going,but don't forget haan.Promise"
"Haan,haan promise.Now you go."
Vicky leaped with joy before leaving but stopped back for the second time when Neha called him.
"Kya hua...?Maana karogi... abhi? Im sorry"
"Nahi,Mein maana nahi kar rahi hun.Wo mein..."
Neha went back into Sharmana mode and he looked at her confused by her behaviour,but got even more confused when she kissed him on the cheek.
"Ye kis ke liye tha?",he asked placing his hand over his cheek on the spot where she kissed him.
"Gift ke liye aur..."
"Deewane...muje lagta hai ki...abhi tume yahan se jana chaiye...!",saying this she pushed him away signaling him to leave.
When he finally left the room,she smiled to herself blushing and whispering to herself
"I love you,Dewaane.I hope aab tume meri dil ki baat pata hai."
Extra shots:
Vicky entered the rehearsel hall with his palm resting on his cheek and a dazzed look on his face.All the boys gathered around him bombarding him with questions.
"What happened dude? Usne kya kaha?",Rey asked him eagerly.
When they recieved no reply from Vicky,Bharat asked him irritated,"Neha ne bhi tuje tapad mara kya??Yeh ladkiyaan bhi naa.."

"Pehle Swayam,phil Rey aul ab u bhi! ",said Amar in his totla way.
Rey and Swayam then went into flashback when they got their respective slaps.
Nilesh placed his arm around Swayam and Rey's shoulder and said,"Mere Bechaare dost!...unki ladkiyon ne unhe tapad mara...Par meri Nicole... bilkul bhi aisi nahi hai...wo toh meri angel hai!".
Nilesh again went into his NicoleLand,while Swayam irritatedely removed his arm and moved his attention to Vicky who was still standing in the same position until now.
"Vicky bata na use gift accha nahi laga kya?"
"Haan...accha laga.",Vicky replied in a dreamy way.
"Phir usne tuje tapad kyu maara??",Swayam asked confused.
"Tapad nahi re...Kiss kiya usne" ,Vicky replied stunning all the boys.
After the news seeped into them,they yeled loudly in chorus,"Kya??"
"Bata na phir kya hua?",Rey asked exited keeping his arm on Vicky's shoulder.
"Pehle toh jab maine use gift diya,toh wo sharmai aur thanks bola...phir aur sharmai...Aur jab maine usko date pe poocha tho..."
"...Wo aur sharmai Aur Haan Kaha...Phir last mein usne muje yahan...yahan...kiss kiya!!",Vicky said pointing to his cheek.
"Wow,yaar Neha ne tuje kiss toh kiya.Meri waali ne toh sirf hug kiya muje!"
"Hug?tuje!Kisne? bol na re",Nilesh charged towards Rey.
"Koi nahi!Mein toh... Vicky ki baat  kar raha hun."
"Hug?Lekin Meri Dewaani ne toh muje hug nahi kiya!",Vicky said confused and then went back into his 'Dewaana' mode.
While others continued to question Vicky further,Rey began talking to himself.
"Universe-ji!Dekha aapne...Vicky ka toh kaam ho gaya,...aab meri and aur baatcutter ki bhi love story ko aage badaye,Please!! "
Plz reply guys!! If you like this I may continue with  this and may be do a Kriyaansh FF

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i love it

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Posted: 26 November 2011 at 10:43am | IP Logged
Originally posted by crazysky

i love it

Thank you!So much!
LamheChurake IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 26 November 2011 at 11:08am | IP Logged
LOL this was sooo cute ..

And Swayam's Gift acha laga toh thapad kyun maara LOL ROFL

These boys are sooo hilarious !

And I LOVE how Neha is a cute mix of Bold and Sharmili !!! Embarrassed

Wats ur name dear ? 
_Monu_ IF-Dazzler

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wow it was a great viha os!!!
loved them ..were soo cutee!!
n neha's kiss made vicky went more in his deewana mode
n all boys were  thinking that he got a
omg!!...swayam's dialogue :gift acha laga toh tapad kyun mara
n rey's dialogue: neha ne toh tuje kiss kya. meriwali ne sirf hug kya muje
hhahahah fantastic!!!
u should continue it!!
see uuu soon =)
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this was sooo CUTE. TOTALLY LUVD IT!!!
NxtRockstar.. IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 26 November 2011 at 11:59pm | IP Logged
It's awesome dear...Big smile
you must continue writing coz it's a treat to read it...Embarrassed
What an awesome FF...And Viha...they are so well described in your story...Big smile
Loved it...Embarrassed
Please PM me whenever you update next...Embarrassed
You are awesome...Thumbs Up

And please please Write a Kriyansh FF too along with this lovely Viha FF...Embarrassed

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