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Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon
Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon

ArHilicious Droolers #7: Mora Saiyaan

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^^Thankew so much Khushi for wonderful bannerHug
ArHiliciousDroolers #7:  Mora Saiyaan

Minu: Today I will be hosting as I feel that  I should save everyone from this  2 crazy people.Big smile So we are here with 7th newsletter and do u guys know the importance of the  number 7.  There are 7 colors in rainbow and there are 7 rounds in
A voice from back: 7 rounds in jalebiStar
Minu: Who said that okay whatever and yeah 7 rounds in marriage my ArHi marriageDay Dreaming
A voice from back: And there will be 7 type of foods in their marriage
Minu: who is hiding come in front otherwise I will bring 7 DANDE

Fairy and Shine come in front

Minu: I told u guys to complete ur homeworkAngry
Fairy: I am done with it
Minu: Shine what abt u
Shine: When she is done I am also done Cool as now I just have to copyEmbarrassed
Minu: U will not get jalebi if u will copyBig smile
Shine: which jalebi frst go and see is there any jalebi left cz when she was doing homework I was having jalebiROFL
Fairy : Broken Heart
Minu: Angry

A BIG THANKYOU and3 BIG CLAPS to ALL membersof the IPKKND NL teamClap

Well done to you all for your hardwork and getting your assigned tasks in to Sanju (--sunshine--) and Neethi (PurpleFairy) by the assigned day.

Dialogue of the week: adits7
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Poem of the week: Cute.Sadaf
Summary of the week: Tanthya 
Funny scene of the week: the_rain

Picture of the WeekDaShIng_GiRl
Blooper of the Week: mazkachazka
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Rating of the Week: --sunshine--
Videomix of the week khushix
Joota Scene of the Weekrechup
Rakshabhandan Scene of the Week:aquablue17
Achari Scene of the Week: Mahi0809
Most Irritating Character of the WeekShinningStar18
 Funny Character of the Week: -Ammie-
Video avi of the week: Miss-Pakiie_KMH
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Best FF of the Week, Best OS of the Week:Suvi7884
Message to CVs, Siggy of the week, Video siggy of the week: minuu
Most Active Thread of the week, Most Active Member of the Week: -Fatz-
Best character of the week: --sunshine--

Winner animated avis: --sunshine--
Newsletter Banner/logos/animations: khushix
Getting everything together & working on the final posts and layout:--sunshine-- & PurpleFairy

Much love,
Newsletter Heads: Neethi (PurpleFairy) & Sanjana (--sunshine--)
and offcourse Minu (minuu) CoolROFL

Sanju(--sunshine--) Neetz(PurpleFairy) and Minu(minuu)

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This week was a preview of Don 2..while Arnav chased Khushi and tried to beat her into submission..khushi was determined to prove that Khushi ko Jhukana  mushkil hi nahi na mumkin hai..

 A shocked  Arnav walks away from Khushi .. while the members of Raizada's congratulate Khushi on her engagement.. Khushi does not look happy  and this is noticed by perceptive Anjali and Arnav .. A stressed Arnav is angrily and  indiscriminately chopping his beloved plants , when he cuts his hands accidentally ..Blod begins to gush out..Khushi instinctively moves in to help Arnav only for Arnav to summarily rejects  her help ..  accepts Lavanya's help. Lavanya calls out to a hurt Khushi to help her in dressing the wound of Arnav, Arnav tries to refuse but  goes unheeded ..on a question from laavnya, Arnav indirectly informs Khushi that sometimes  emotions cannot be shown  and just bec it is hidden does not mean that it is not there..  Arnav tries to congratulate  Khushi when Shyam calls up Khushi, Angered by the thought of her fiancee calling her up..Arnav insults khushi by bringing up Wealth issues again..

 The Gupta sisters are talking about their  respective Prince Charming and feeling sad about their lot..while in RM..Arnav is still hurting over Khushi's engagement ..he is trying to process the news but is only confident of one fact and that is Khushi  does not love  her fiancee Shyam and that she cannot stay with him... At Gupta house, Shyam seeks to get closer to an indifferent Khushi ..He holds her unresisting arm and ties a bracelet around her hand ..Shyam tries to  conduct a conversation with Khushi but Khushi's thoughts are centered around Arnav..

Khushi comes to RM the next day to encounter more taunts on her and Shyam's  financial status ..Khushi quietly defends herself  replying that despite having so much wealth , Why does Arnav look so unhappy..she suggests that Arnav shud look into this and remedy it..A furious Arnav singh marches into the room where his family was assembled , tells them that he wants to get engaged the next day itself ..The stunned womenfolk try to reason with him, but ASR puts his foot down and says it's tomorrow or never ..he walks out pausing to give a sharp glance at a shocked Khushi..

Lavanya breaks down, saying that she wants her whole family during such a big event ..Moved by her tears..khushi goes behind  Arnav, catches him by poolside.. demands to know the reason for preponing the engagement when it was already decided for next month..A angry Arnav buzzes her to get lost, but Khushi refuses to oblige him and stands her ground  wanting an explanation .. Arnav quietly gets closer to Khushi, looks her in the eye , asks her what difference it makes to her whether his engagement takes place tomorrow or a year later .. a discomfited Khushi breaks her gaze..looks away from arnav.. composes herself , lies beautifully that it does not bother  her nor does it make any difference to her ..

 irked by her lie, A irate Arnav grabs Khushi's hand, walks into the main room announces to the family that he has decided to postpone the engagement ceremony by a week..  he also stipulates that Khushi should be the one arranging the event.. A anguished Khushi has to accept this condition on the  plea of Lavanya ..Khushi hides her pain, begins planning for the event... Akash  lends his helping hand ..

Khushi is distraught and is busily  preparing jalebies while  talking normally with Anjali.. Shyam  comes from RM house and wishes to know why Khushi is depressed..Khushi denies being stressed.. Shyam clucks out that she might be tired out bec of all the engagement preprartions going on at RM.. A surprised  Khushi seeks to know how did Shyam came to know about this detail.. Shyam bluffs his way through but Khushi is not fully convinced  but does not pursue it further ..

Garima has  a motherly chat with Khushi and Payal .. but is not able to assuage Khushi's sadness.. Khushi puts on her mask and smiles for Garima's sake..Garima turns towards Payal and tries to comfort Payal too but  Payal is overcome with emotions and she rushes away ..Khushi follows her, tries to find the reason for her sadness but Payal  manages to hoodwink Khushi  and fools her into thinking that all is well with her ..

Anjali encourages Akash to pursue Payal and not to let go ..

Next day Khushi comes to RM, is told that Arnav has gone for a meeting  ..The ladies of the house are busy selecting ornaments for  Engagement when Arnav walks in , giving goosebumps to Khushi who blurts out that she was told that he would not be coming today.. Arnav pithily retorts what  DIFFERENCE does his presence make and strides away from her ..

Arnav sits by the ladies, approves a ring and on coming to know that it was chosen by Khushi, rejects it ...Arnav notices Khushi admiring a necklace set..  when Khushi is called by lavanya to help her in trying out various ornaments..Arnav  picks up the set that Khushi liked, buys it .. he turns and comes towards Khushi, calls out her name, hands the necklace box , flips it open..Khushi erroneously assumes that Arnav is gifting to her ..but Arnav picks up the necklace and ties it around Lavanya's neck, all the while watching Khushi's reaction .. Khushi is unable to see Arnav so close to Lavanya and she averts her eyes ... The RM ladies have made their choices and the jewelers depart ..

The ladies next decide to shop for the wedding trousseau .. Lavanya invites Khushi along.. A reluctant Khushi goes with Lavanya , Anjali and Arnav..while shopping in the boutique Anjali meets  the owner of Motilal jewelers who asks whether Anjali liked the ring  bought from them by Shyam..a puzzled  Anjali seeks more information and is provided with it ...Anjali gets disturbed  by Motilal's news .. Just then Naniji calls up from home and informs Anjali about the catering arrangements that has to be made.. Anjali rushes back home leaving Khushi, Lavanya behind with Arnav ..Anjali also calls up Shyam's office and comes to know that Shyam did not come to the office.

 A ecstatic Lavanya is busy  trying out various suits, lehengas.. She forces Khushi to try out a bridal wear..Khushi comes out wearing the bridal wear .. Arnav who was busily talking on the phone is entranced by Khushi's looks..He comes near her in a daze ony for Khushi to take a step back .. Arnav quickly checks his impulse and pretends to  check the price tag , mockingly tells Khushi that she may take it as her tip or Gift ,, Khushi , with immense dignity refuses his offer.. A angry Arnav walks away trying to control his anger  and to attend his phone ..while Khushi sits outside crying silently ..Arnav who comes  after finishing his call , sees her in tears and hears her saying sadly that it is better to live in a dream world than in a real world with broken heart ..Arnav reacts as if he has been scalded..his eyes tear up and he is overcome with emotions ..Unable to control his emotions, not wishing to intrude on khushi's sadness..Arnav walks away ..

Not a week for too much fun, eh?

It's not surprising since, Khushi, the girl who spreads laughter throughout the show, was in such a dampening mood herself. Coming back to the point, this week's Funny Scene is the small, cute 'nok-jhok' between Aakash Bitwa and Payalia with Buaji adding accurate spices here and there.

After being refused by Payalji given the excuse of status-difference, Aakash gets all boosted up by Anjali who encourages him to fight for his love. On a mission to woo a certain Payal Gupta's heart, Aakash comes to the Gupta household on the pretense of delivering engagement invitation. Everytime he opened his mouth to invite Buaji, he intentionally kept saying 'rishta', 'saagai' etc to confuse poor Payal who kept thinking that he's come to talk about them!

So she interrupted everytime he wanted to say something and earned some chosen scoldings from Buaji (who was tolerable after what seems years and years!). It was fun to see how Aakash teased her with his eyes and facial expression when Payal kept interrupting him even after getting scolded by Buaji. Finallly, when Aakash managed to say his real intention, it was also worth to watch Payal's mixed expression of relief and slight disappointment and Aakash's knowing smirk.

All in all, quite nice and funny scene to watch and enjoy. Have a nice weekend (and don't think too much about Thursday's precap! )

Joota scene is the scene after watching which we all are about to break our TV screens.

This week contained some Shyamu scenes which was worthy of hitting with joota, but this time i would like to throw Joota on some other person and he is none other than Mr. Arnav Singh Raizada.
As we had seen last week that he was in mission to make Khushi confess her feelings for him, in that process he is doing certain stunts which are annoying most of the viewers. We all know that everything is fair in war n love but still this scene deserves joota.
" Arnav took the necklace liked by Khushi from the jeweler and infront of her he made Lavanya to wear that. He had done that to check whether Khushi is affected or not but poor Khushi was visibly hurt" We were also hurt along with her.

Hi to my sizzling ArHilicious DroolersHug
This week was full of agony for ArHi lovers where Arnav constantly tormented Khushi by making her jealous and by hurting herCry . There wasn't a very hot achari scene this week but today there was a slight ArHi moment when Arnav saw Khushi in the bridal dress in the dressing room and Arnav got lost in the moment and advanced towards her uncontrollably Blushing. Me lost in naughty thoughts in this pal. Khushi was looking like an apsara/ heavenly beauty in the bridal dress Cool. Her hair was lose, and on top of her simplicity was astonishing Day Dreaming. Khushi was such a ravishing sight... so I really don't blame Arnav's babu's advancements towards our happiness ki Pari Day Dreaming...

 He came to her and was about to touch her when Khushi moved back from his reach thus stopping his outstretched hand from touching her, but he came forward and broke the beautiful, dream like moment by touching the price tag in place of her milky, flawless skin and then gloated over how he was so rich while Khushi and her fiancee didn't even have the status to afford such an expensive dress but he will gift it to her as an engagement present or better yet as a 'Tip' for her services for getting him and Lavanya together, and his words broke Khushi's heart and her self respect took over and she rejected his proposal and gave it back to him left, right, and center. It was a hard hitting yet a passionate moment...
.Well, thats all for this week guyz,
See ya next week with some more chat patta, masalay daar, spicy ArHi Scene to make you go... Ooh la la
...Take care, eat well, sleep tight, and don't let the bed bugs bite,
                                                          Your everloving pal, Mahi Heart

So this week we did not really see too many bro- sis bonding scenes since ASR dropped such a huge bomb on the family. I would say the best scene was definitely the between Anjali and Akash. What a scene! She is telling him to man up and get his girl. Akash is trying, he really is, but obviously Payal is not as willingly as she could be. Anyway, I liked how Anjali is really sticking up for Akash. Like said before, if Anjali is Arnav's weakness, then she is Akash'a greatest strength.

To both of you, good luck and Akash, go get that girl!! <3



This week was an eventful week...Not much of fillers...Usually Bua,Shyam,Mami scenes  will be dragged...but this week it was not so...If I have to point out, Anjali  taking Arnav's measurement and Shyam's tete- a-tete that followed, Garima's advice to her daughters (I understand it s a advice from a mother to a daughter but when the mother is not cared about her daughter's wishes or to-be-damaad's character, it looks like filler)

But all these were not of much importance...So Kudos to the CV's for a filler less week...
Hope this bumpy ride continues with lots of surprises


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Best Character of the week goes to Anjali. She is the person who understands everyone's emotions except Shayam. When Khushi was SAD she noticed that when her own family fails to note that and to make her marry Shayam by pressurising her. Its Anjali due to which Akash is motivated again to get his girl. I hope she remains the same and soon she gets to know about ArHi also and there unspoken emotions and she helps them out.

This week's most irritating character has got to be none other than our Miss Payal. Doesn't anyone feel she is a useless character who just comes everyday for the sake of her attendance?D'oh Though Payal's character was a strong one in the beginning, it has slowly deteriorated.

Anyways, one of the reasons I found her irritating this week is because of the constant rejection she made Akash face. I agree that the circumstances were not suitable but there was no need to humiliate the poor guy time and again. Also, when he came to invite them for Arnav and La's engagement, she actually kept interrupting him which really got me annoyed. Even if he put forward his proposal, it was no big deal. They could have rejected it if the girl didn't accept.

However, I would want the CVs to make her character more meaty and to increase her time span on the show. She just comes for the sake of it instead of having a proper role.  Adios!

Hiya everyone and welcome to the funniest character of the week section..!! So this has been another interesting week...with farak padta hai as the most said phrase and Arnav telling Khushi with is eyes that "Game on" We all are pretty keen on finding out when this battle will end..who will win or will they both loose at the end and confess wat's in their hearts...Opps this was meant to be the funny section not the summary of the week...LOL

so without any further delay the funniest character of the week goes to Hello hi bye bye...i know man looks like she has reserved herself for this award for like a lifetime...she always does something funny...usually KKG beats her but these days KKG is busy looking after her tota dilBroken Heart so mami took the award againOuch
Sorry peeps...i know u might be thinking i have some rishta with maami...since i talk so much..but no no..i don' next week without a doubt i will come back with someone other then maami..she's kinda getting on my nerves...LOL
Till then tata bye bye...see u later eligator...

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The stunning costume, the glamourous backdrop and effortlessly brilliant actors with bang on emotions all make it a winner hands down!

I am choosing this song coz both are not speaking but both of them knows that there is something.

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Hmm this seemed like a blooper less week until we got our Friday's episode..and im sure you all noticed the biggest blooper with ASR's office turning into a textile at first I thought they purposely came to the office to check out the sample clothing's Confused but na-ah I was wrong..haha also some people/customers around were the same ones who earlier worked as office employees..lmao..hope to have ASR back to his office soon though..Big smile

hint::notice the wallpaper pattern in the BG Wink

But since out of all this the aRHi scene sizzled hence they're(CV's) forgiven..LOL


That's all for this week folks..i thought I fried all your brains with that huge list of bloopers last this week I thought would be better if I make it lighter..

Have a great weekend ahead..Tongue

25th nov 11

khushi " sapnon ke duniya mein rehna hi accha hai lavanyaji...kyunki asli duniya mein sirf dil tootte hai..."Crying 1

24th nov 11

garima " jeevan mein haaalat acche ho ya bure koi farq nahi padta...bas jeevan saathi aacha hona chahiye..."......

Pride And Glory 
Silent Hearts, Silent Pain

She made her go insane somewhere
As the thoughts of Losing her tore him apart,
He realized her love was an illusion, A far, ever distant mirage,
And he've come to the conclusion,
Running in the dark shadows to be her sight,
Darkness comes, hiding from the past
Adolescent life, falling apart so fast
He's shattered like a dry leaves, left unspoken
Pain is so real and none is here to heal it,
He has tried to cover up all her pain
Its so hard to dream for him to dream which belongs to her,
Because deep inside he's suffering
The coldness in his chest, and the pain in his head
All pains doesn't seems to exist now,
For his huge pain she will pay
From his revenge She will try to stray
An angry broken heart is trying to be healed
Though, he even surrounded with walls of silence
All she feels is much the same
For this emptiness running through her veins
Is a Soul without a Red Blood in her body
She's enduring, She's clashing inside, She's disturbed
Founding nowhere by her side, All lonely and deserted
Eyes Shattered, Spirit Broken, Lips sealed, Happiness flew away
Her past memories asks, Why we have fallen apart ?
Why would he left her like in the gales ?
  He left her  full of tears, speechless & meaningless,
Her Eyes shrieks, Why you hurt me so much ?
Her Lips speaks, my smile has gone eternally
This beautiful weather has become
Overrated,since he turned into his,own personal shelter,
Her silence reflects in her tears overwhelmingly
A some part of her body is died,
Pride has been hunt down into pieces,
Lost his all paths, delightness and smile,
The day she left him his eyes speaks a words of agony,
He became her shadow, Her pain isolated in the dark
Built the marbles of whole world around him,
Everything is blur and Blue as depressing rains
Holding these tears in his hand, 
He want her to know, He's still her man
  She still hold that special key, 
Always and forever, Pride and Glory
Intoxicating turmoils enduring as torrents,
Soulmates are Lost in the streets of darkness,
They keep on playing fixing a broken heart
As they don't know if they can restart now
Until they found each Other wholly,
Hearts never set to be free ever.

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well there's nothing new in that LOLsorry for choosing same persons at the same time always but kyaa karen some ps-users are too good thaat i can't help it :p anyways <3 the award for this week goes to (...) None other thaan our awesome aish for these stunning avis <3

Here is ur gift Aish..

here i go with the 2nd talent of the day :D i knoow there are many others but for noow , its enought
i guess the SaRun killed everyone so the winners are obviously some members who made anything on it <3 so for me and i guess everyone will agree : the lucky winners are :: oopps sorry i forgot to saay : 2 WINNERS THIS WEEK Big smile

once agaain hands up for Aish
& oour own ragiii (ragz)

Here's a small gift for you to use during the week (:

This member is on a roll with her creativity Clap This weeks SOTW DEFINATELY goes to her due to the colouring and the blending she has used to make this siggy:

Made by * Unnati * 

This week we have not 1 but 2 VSOTWs!!!! Party Yes, you heard right.. and before my bak bak gets started LOL Let me go ahead and announce this weeks Video siggy makers of the weeks names:

Made by * Unnati * 

Made by sakeenaLuvEK-KM

Here's a little gift for you two to use for the week:

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Here is ur gift

This week had many ups and downs. But overall story moved ahead. Monday to thursday episode were bit slow but the week got its flow on Frday. Friday episode was paisa vasool.So overall awesome week but I will deduct few points all thanx to story moving at slow pace and Fark padta hai ficaso taking so much time. Ratings are 3 out of 5. Smile.Smile.Smile

It was a great week CVs. We saw the ups and downs of the show, the story is progressing. Was a week of 'Farak parta hai' episodes as us viewers would say LOL But we loved it, Fridays episode has left us thinking.. Shyams truth to be exposed soon? What will ASR do next? Each week we are coming clozse towards his truth being exposed.. come on CVs, hurry up with that...

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