Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon


Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon
Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon

OS- Red Lengha Note On Pg. 6

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Hey guys! I know I need to update but honestly, Khushi looked way too good in that lengha today, so this i my version of what akdu Arnav should have said to her. Well it has a different background to it too. So it is not the same settings but I hope you all like it anyway!! This is also for those who wanted a happy OS from me LOLLOL

lengha im talking about ppl Big smile

another pic to help you remember which lengha Big smile

Pms are being sent 2morrow since it is really late, and I am sleepyLOL

Quick note, I SEND PMS TO PPL WHO ARE MY BUDDIES ON THE ACCOUNT bluezcreationz, so be on that list if you want a pm!!

Hope you like it! I am not too fond of the way it turned out, but oh well.

Khushi walked downstairs in to the reception of her jiji's and Akash jiju's marriage. They had finally admitted to each other that they were in love and then went on ahead with marriage. At first everyone had been slightly against the idea, for their own reasons obviously. But as time went on, with help from Anjali Di, Arnav and herself, the two had finally gotten married. Today was their reception and Khushi was the happiest girl in the room.

                She was wearing a stunning red lengha, while her Arnav was wearing a black with gold sherwanni.  Khushi could feel his eyes on her the moment she started to descend down the stairs. She smiled to herself as she felt his intense gaze on her every move. Off course he is staring at me, I am wearing his favorite color today aren't I? And to top it all off, he was the one who chose this lengha for me' to say sorry for fighting with me. I know he did not write sorry on the note, how could he? He is Arnav Singh Raizada and obviously he cannot apologize. But I know that this was an attempt to get me to talk to him again. Well guess what Mr. Raizada? I am Khushi Singh Raizada, and we will see how you don't apologize to your wife.

                With that in mind, she walked into the living room, completely avoiding his heated gaze. She did not care about him staring at only her in between so many gorgeous females made her happy. She did not care that he had gone out and bought this lengha for her probably in the morning since he just left it on the bed now. She did not even care about how her heart just wanted to go hug him and tell him how bad of a person he was to torture her like this by not saying a simple sorry. But I will not crumble. The game is so on.

                Khushi mingled with the crowd, hoping any moment that he would come over and maybe even just compliment her in the lengha. Obviously will not happen since some people just don't like to dish out appreciation. She felt her temper rising as people kept talking to her, trying to hold a conversation when she was the least interested. Her Arnav was the one she wanted to talk to but since she had just promised herself that she would not crave, she refused to go and actually start the conversation. If he comes then I will talk to him since I never made a deal about that. Pakka.

                When it had been about a whole hour and her stubborn husband had still not came over to her, she walked to the kitchen to get away from the crowd and away from his eyes which, she knew, were following her every movement.

                "We have been in there for so long and he could not even come to me and talk to me ONCE. What am I?! His next door neighbor that he can just ignore me? I even took the trouble to wear what he got me but no. He still refuses to say sorry. Why do I always have to talk to him first? Say sorry first? He just gets me gifts, making me melt, and then lets me carry on with the rest. Haye Devi Maiyya, " Khushi grumbled to herself as she reached into the kitchen, happy to be away from people so she could finally let her frustrations out.

                She went to the fridge to get a glass of water when she felt two strong arms wrap around her. Khushi did not have to look to see who it was, she would know that touch anywhere. It was none other than her husband, Arnav Singh Raizada.

                Khushi could feel herself melting in his arms as they held on to her tightly, but she refused to react in anyway. He is not getting his way this time. This time it is for real.

                She tried walking over to the kitchen counter to grab a glass, surprised when he just followed her with his arms still wound around him. Usually he would not even let her move from his vice grip, guess someone is feeling guilty.

                Pouring out some water in the glass, she slowly drank all of the contents. Her mind dancing with all of the possibilities could only wait until he said something. Why does he have to be so difficult? Just say it already!

                Arnav had watched his wife the entire evening, trying to find a time when she was alone. Apparently, the guests in the house did not really care about their happy married life, stress on happy, and kept crowding her around. It was like she was a model or superhero or something! One after another, they just kept lining up! And look, she is so mad at me that she is not even talking to me or even looking at me. I guess I will have to start this one. How is one supposed to say sorry when there were so many people around!?!?! The things I do for this girl.

                "Khushi, you are looking amazing in this lengha," Arnav started not sure if that was the right way to start a conversation, hoping for the best.

                "Thanks, I am glad you like it on me Arnav," Khushi replied curtly, thinking, Wow! He speaks to me after w hole 18 hourse, 32 minutes and 2 seconds and praises HIS gift?!

                "Do you like it Khushi?" he asked her moving his head closer to her neck now. She looked amazing in the lengha and honestly Arnav could not control himself when she was this close and looking as she did at the moment.

                "Ya' I mean no, I do not like it," Khushi answered, her back arching as she felt his hot breath on her shoulder. She tried to maintain her cool, but him being so close to her was making her loose any sense she had and melt. Did I mention how amazing he looks in that sherwanni?

                "What?" he asked, his face turning into a frown now as it finally made contact with her skin. He left trails of hot kisses on the exposed skin as he waited for an answer.

                "Woh, hum, matlab'" Khushi stuttered out, moving her neck to the left to allow him more access to the skin on the right shoulder he was assaulting. It was hard to sound comprehensive when he was going havoc with her senses.

                "What is it Khushi? Do you not like the lengha I got for you?" Arnav pushed her more, wanting to hear her tell him that she liked it. He already knew that she had liked the gift he had given her. It had been clearly written on her face when she had walked down to the living room, but someone is playing hard to get today.

                "No Arnav. I don't like the lengha," Khushi told him off, not allowing him to overpower her by any sensual way.

                "Oh, so you really don't like it huh?" he whispered softly in her ear, pulling on it slowly as he moved his head to the right.

                "You'. You heard me'!" Khushi managed to get out through heavy breathes. I really hate the effect he has on me but what I hate more than that is the fact that he KNOWS the effect he has on me. And then he misuses it.

                "Fine then', " Arnav muttered decisively. You don't like the lengha? Well two can play at that game jaan. By the time I am done you will never ever say you did not like my gifts. He grinned beside her skin as he thought about what he was going to do.

                She felt his grin on her skin and tried mentally preparing herself for the mess she had gotten herself into now. Her breath stopped when she heard what he said next.

                "Well, if you do not like it, then give it back," Arnav breathed into her ear commandingly.

                "What do you mean give it back?" Khushi questioned, completely lost on her husband's trend of thoughts.

                "I want to return it Khushi, so give it back," he explained to her her, as he lifted his head from her shoulder.

                Khushi felt disappoint sear through her when she heard his words. He wants to return it? But I love it! No Khushi. You have to be strong. Let him do what he wants. See if I care Arnav.

                "Fine, I will give it to you after the party is done, " Khushi mumbled back, trying not to sound sad.

                "No Khushi, I want it now. Go take it off NOW," Arnav told her, loving the way she was falling for his every word.

                "Now? I can't... What? FINE! I will, " she told him in defeat and started to walk away when she felt his grip on her waist tighten, not allowing her to move from where she was standing.

                "Arnav, if you don't let go, how will I go and change?" Khushi asked exasperated with him by now.

                "Take it off here Khushi. I want it now. Just take it off," Arnav told her wickedly, feeling her stiffen in his arms as he finished his sentence.

                "Are you okay Arnav? I can't take this off here! I don't have anything to wear!" Khushi told him, panic rising in her voice.

                "So? You don't like it right? Just take it off. We can look at the rest later," Arnav replied, trying to show her the logic.

                "No! What the?! No," Khushi replied horrified at even the thought.

                "Well then Khushi, I guess I will have to take you upstairs and make sure you take it off, right infro-" Arnav said mischievously only to be interrupted by his wife, who had finally decided to face him so she could place a hand on his mouth, stopping him from continuing his thoughts.

                "Arnav! Don't you see we have people over?!" Khushi asked him horrified, forgetting all of anger at his words. She knew him too well to know that he would do something if he said it.

                "I don't know what you are talking about jaan. I was just trying to help you," Arnav murmured as he bent down and started to kiss the nape of her neck.

                She felt his kisses go down from her neck to right above her chest, knowing very well where he was headed. Using the hands which had found themselves into his hair by now, Khushi pulled his head back up so he was looking into her eyes now.

                "Aap bohat besharm hogai hain! ( You have become so shameless)" Khushi muttered to him, removing his arms from her waist in an attempt to walk away.

 She had just taken a step away from him when she felt his arm on her wrist pulling her right back to his hard chest. Khushi watched as he raised his other hand up which was not holding her, and removed a strand of hair that was in her eyes. She looked into his eyes to see the pool of desire and love, with which he was staring at her. Already she could tell that she was a goner tonight, but for now she just had to get out of her knowing too well that if he started she would not be able to stop him. She tried to pull her arm away, stopping only when she felt his lips graze hers.

"Only with you my jaan," he spoke softly over her lips before he took them into his control completely, stopping only when she started to pull away.

Khushi looked at him with a twinkle in her eyes as she rushed out of the kitchen, Haye devi maiyya! How am I going to work there from now on!!??

Arnav watched her go, smiling to himself, So Mrs. Raizada, I guess you forgot about your sorry. Don't worry I will give you that too, after I am done with you tonight. Smirking at his thoughts he strolled out of the kitchen to go back to a boring evening leading up to a sensual night.



 4 pages ppl! That is pretty long. LOL Actually I guess it isn't but oh well ahah.

SO you all know the rule, Like and comment!! love to read them!

Hershi I think you fell asleep hun!  Grr  

Khushi you better read this and be happy! It is happy just like I promiseed!Big smileEmbarrassed

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WOW!!!!!!! it's really an awesome OS loved every part of it Big smile

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EDIT 1: Oh yea, you do know that M not gonna read nytime soon ryt? ROFL But do keep on reminding me and I might get around to it  

EDIT 2: For your safety, I do hope that it's an happy one. Stern Smile

EDIT 3: M still mad at what we talked about Broken Heart


DO YOU WANT TO KILL ME OR WHAT!!!!!!! AngryAngry Angry Angry Angry 

- Phew! Took all my anger out now. Feeling so much better. Okay, wana know why i said that? 
well, it's cuz you're stupid! Seriously, what were you thinking huh? i would have died right now. I actually sat here in my chair staring at the screen with open mouth reading 'Mrs. Raizada' Dead Dude, control yourself and don't let me fall. I almost stopped breathing! Do you know it could have killed me!!! Angry
ROFL Yea I was that happy!!!! And you are making me read this intense peice? Jao mai tumse baat nai karti aur yeh bhi nai batai ki kaisa tha. Huh Broken Heart

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Reserved! LOL

Duddeee! This was so so sooo sexyyy! Omggg! The way arnav was teasing khushi! I was turning red in the face and I was smiling through the entire thing! goshhh! Now I'm going to be dreaming about this all day!Embarrassed

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awesomee!!! read it and loved it!! They both are seriously very stubborn! someone should have smacked them when they were young!

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Ohhh ArnavDay Dreaming Mya, youre gunna add one more part to this right...about what Arnav's planned for the night for his wifeeBlushing lol! Lovedd the OS...and especially, the bit with Arnav teasing Khushi...awwwhh i was actually blushing! Id love to see that in the show somedayy..and yes yes yes finally a Happy OS! Its surely a break of the tension in the show and forum right noww! LOL! Fab OS Big smile Lovedd it!!

- Dee

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Loved it
Thanks for a happy OS

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