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A Night at the Khandelwals: A Night with ShaNak

Part A

Khanak looked in the mirror after splashing her face with water and smiled at her reflection. One could say she looked like Sia did a couple of hours ago. The only exceptions being that her hair was a straight mess rather than a curly one and that her eyes were wide open voluntarily rather than because of someone else ' even though someone else would beg to differ. Over the last year her sleeping pattern had changed for the worst. She couldn't remember the last time she had slept through a whole night without waking up atleast once. Sometimes it would be her kids asking for her attention, sometimes it would be her course and sometimes it would be him. Well'most of the time it would be him and when he knew she had no coursework to do and that the kids were safe and soundly asleep he would make sure he got what he wanted. Smiling, she shook her head and walked out of the bathroom.

He stopped at the doorway as he saw her standing at the end of their bed, busy folding a sari. It was the one that was sprawled on the bed earlier on in the night. She arranged it onto a hanger and walked to the closet to place it in its rightful place. He smiled as she walked back to the bed and placed her hands onto her hips, looking down at something on it with sheer concentration. He wondered what it was. Her hair shielded her face from his view and he walked in.

She scrunched her nose at the papers infront of her. They were of no use. The printer just had to run low on ink halfway through printing them. Her hands dropped from her hips and wrapped her new cardigan around her body. Biting her lip, she began swaying on the spot, contemplating about what to do. After a few seconds she sighed, resorting to looking at the designs on the computer instead.

She stopped as she turned around and saw her husband standing a few steps away from her, his hands in his pockets and a smile playing on his lips as he checked out her attire, his eyes scanning her body. He nodded his head, impressed at what he saw. Smiling, she looked down. Her hands tightened around herself as he took the few steps towards her.

"Nice" Grinning, he stood infront of her.

She looked up.

He inched closer.

Her hands dropped to her side.

"Not your choice, I presume" he smiled, his hands holding onto her cardigan.

"Kyun?" She raised her eyebrow "Main aisay kapray pasaand nahiin kar sakthee?" He tugged onto her cardigan, pulling her closer.

He laughed.

Slowly, his hands worked their way up her cardigan, his thumbs trailing her front. They paused at her neck where his fingers teased her with their soft caresses. Slipping under her cardigan they moved along her shoulders and slowly down her bare arms as he worked on removing the barrier. Smiling, she tugged at her sleeves behind her back to help him with his mission. His hands ran over her wrists and the cardigan fell onto the floor.

"Hmm'" His hands intertwined with hers at her sides.

"'very nice" He kissed her shoulder.

She closed her eyes and smiled as he kissed her forehead.

"Guests chalay gay?" She looked at his closed eyes as he rested his forehead against hers.

His lips moved to kiss her right cheek.

"Haan" Came his reply against it.

He moved to kiss her left cheek also.

"Finally" He added.

She giggled. She found it funny how her husband was all game for people coming over to the house after a concert but then had problems when it came to keeping them company.

He moved back and gave his wife a look that told her not to bother to say her thoughts out aloud before he covered her lips with her own.

"Did you take a nap?" He asked her as he withdrew, his eyes closed and his forehead back to rest against hers.

She opened her mouth to reply but then stopped as she thought of something.

"Nahiin tho" She bit back a smile "Main tho course ka kaam karahee thee"

She made an innocent face as he opened his eyes. She nodded her head cutely and looked back to the bed showing him the so called proof.

"Aab jah kay sonay wali thee main" She turned back to face him.

He looked over her head to where she had pointed and saw the papers strewn on the bed. He looked back down at her suspiciously, his eyes narrowed, looking for signs of fibbing. She didn't change her expression.

"Stop lying"

"Sach main" She nodded her head.

His eyes went up to look at her hair. It didn't look like she had been awake all that time. He brought his eyes back to meet her eyes which did not have the tiredness he had seen a couple of hours ago. He caught her bite back a smile.

"Really now?" Smiling, he tightened his fingers against the back of her hand, pulling her closer.

She gasped and smiled, looking up at him as she bumped against his chest.

She nodded.

"Is that so?" He brought his face down to hers.

She took in a breath.

"Uh-huh" She smiled, dodging his lips as they came for hers.

"Well then'" He took a step forward causing her to take a step backwards.

"'lets take a nap together" He winked, causing her to take another step.

She stopped in her tracks and scoffed.

"Do you even know the meaning of the word sleep?"

"Haiii!" he hissed.

"I love it when you talk English" He whispered near her lips.

He kissed her.

She withdrew.

They took another step back.

"Agar aap par hotha'" She looked at his lips before meeting his eyes "'I wouldn't have known this much"

He grinned down at her.

"I'm a busy man" He said huskily.

She stopped teasing his lips with her own and met his eyes.

Another step was taken.

"Too busy for your wife"

He turned his face to the side and let out a throaty laugh.

"You mean'" He turned back to meet her eyes, a twinkle playing in his own.

Her legs hit the bed as she took another step back. Her hands tightened against his, pulling herself closer.

"'too busy WITH my wife" He said in a deep voice, grinning as he leant into his wifes body and his lips made their way to meet hers.

"Nahiin!" She protested as she felt her body lower. Her hands let go of his and clutched at his shirt at the shoulders, pulling herself back up.

He looked down at her confused.

"Abhi nahiin" She pouted, her big eyes, pleading innocently.

They took a step away from the bed.


His hands pushed at her waist.


She tiptoed and wrapped one arm completely around his neck whilst the other hand smoothed his shirt.

He gave her a look.

"Pleaseee?" She whispered over his lips, her eyes stealing a glance at them before returning to his eyes. Her hand around his neck scrunched his tee at the shoulder.

He tightened his jaw.

"Please! Please! Please! Please! Please!" She shook her head, pouting, pushing him back as he took a step forward.

He looked into her eyes. She made a cute face.

"Eurgh! Fine!"

His arms wrapped around her waist, bringing her closer as she lightly withdrew herself.

She grinned up at him, happy at her accomplishment and pecked his lips.

He watched her as she moved back.

She smiled at him.

"Chaliye" She slipped both her hands into his.

A smile escaped from his lips as she turned around and rested her feet gently on top of his.

Grinning, she stretched both of their arms out in front of her and moved her own outwards to cover his, her fingers sliding in between his fingers as her hands rested on top of his hands. She smiled as she led his arms to wrap around her and rested her head onto his shoulder.

He bent down and kissed her neck.

"You better not make me do all the work" He whispered into her ear.

She giggled. He hated it when she refused to cooperate in carrying her own weight by not lifting her own feet whilst walking.

His grip tightened around her.

She shook her head, smiling.

"Good" He kissed her head "Where to?"

Lifting her head, she pointed towards the bathroom.


He lifted his eyebrows, pleasantly surprised. He sighed before walking in the told direction.

"Are we taking a shower?" He grinned hopefully against her head.

"Nahiin!" She elbowed him, blushing.

He laughed.

"Don't act like we've never done it, Khanak" He whispered huskily into her ear, hugging her slender form.

She looked at the floor with an embarrassed smile, hiding her face with her hair.


He grinned.

"Dhat!" He repeated into her ear.

He gave her belly a slight squeeze as they reached the bathroom door.

"Watch where were going, Khanak"

She looked up and gave the door a push.

He started walking towards the shower.

"Shaantanu!" She pressed onto his feet with her own.

He didn't stop.

"Shaantanu!" Her hands worked to free herself from his embrace.

"Kya?" He bit back a smile as he removed one arm to reach out for something whilst the other still held onto her "My towel" He grinned as he bought it in front of her.

She closed her eyes and sighed a sigh of relief.

"What did you think?" He asked innocently, lifting his eyebrows and biting his bottom lip.

She turned her head and glared at him.

He held back a chuckle.

Turning back around, she dug her heels into his feet, freeing herself from his hold.

"Khanaaak!" He winced at the slight pain she caused him but couldn't help but smile at her antics. He flung his towel around his neck.

She walked towards the sink and plugged the hole. Opening the tap, she filled a quarter of it with water and picked up two bibs that were resting on top of the wash basin and dunked them in. He walked towards her as she bent down and opened the cupboard under the sink, reaching into it to take abit of washing powder into her hand from its packet to sprinkle into the water.

Her back hit his chest as she got back up.

He grinned as she ignored the contact and carried on with her work.

Her hands stopped rubbing the bibs as he wrapped his towel around her waist and pulled her closer, a small smile playing on his lips. He bent down and slowly rubbed his nose along her shoulder and towards her neck. She closed her eyes.

"I thought you already washed them?" He whispered.

She took a deep breath before opening her eyes. Her hands resumed their task.

"Maine bhi yaheen socha tha'" She said, still rubbing "'kay maine saab bibs dho deeyaay hain LEKIN kisee burthal nay'" She hit her shoulder against his chest "'yaay dono bibs Khushboo bhabhi kay kamray main chor aiyee"


She glanced into the mirror and caught him squeeze his eyes shut against her neck.

"Yah!" He straightened himself up and rested his chin on top of her head.

She met his eyes through the mirror, a disapproving look on her face.

Smiling, he pulled onto his towel, bringing her closer again before he knotted it behind his back.

Her eyes widened when her back hit his chest.

Holding her gaze in the mirror, he slowly brought his hands up to his ears and held them. He nodded at her with a cute apologetic look on his face.

She bit back a smile. Instead, she twitched her nose at him and carried on with her work, pulling the plug out of the hole and opening the tap to rinse the soap out of the bibs.

"Khanaaak!" He wrapped his arms tightly around her and bent his head down to hers.

"Kya hain?" Turning of the tap, she rinsed the bibs before hauling each one over each tap to dry.

"I said I'm sorry!" He whined against her cheek "Maaf kardo nah!" He kissed her cheek as she dried her hands on the towel wrapped around her.

She shook her head and looking into the mirror, meeting his gaze.

He grinned as she stepped back onto his feet again, her hands resting on top if his arms.

She lifted her eyebrows as he leaned forward and cupped his face, examining it, one arm still around her.

"Do you think I need a shave?"

She giggled as he rubbed his cheek against hers.

"Wait'no. That's not how you check" He attempted to turn her around.


"Whaaat?" Grinning, he looked back into the mirror "I don't want you to complain afterwards"

"Baad main kuch mat kehna" He warned her, looking at the mirror as he styled his hair with both hands. She slipped her hands into his pockets. He grinned at himself happy with his handy work.

She made a face.

She slowly turned around on his feet and looked up at him.

"No?" He looked down at her and shook his head.

"Nahiin" She shook hers.

He smiled and wrapped his arms around her as her hands went up to his hair.

"Mujhe aisay achay lagthay hain" She said slowly, gently smoothing his hair "Who kya kehthay hain?" She asked herself, smoothing his hair over his forehead "Haan!" Her hands slid to the back of his neck "Natural!" She announced, grinning.

He smiled and raked one hand through his hair, messing it up again.

She made a face and glared at him before running her interlinked hands up and over his hair again.

Chuckling, he drew her closer.

"The record company prefer it the other way" He grinned, looking at her lips.

"Aap kee pathni kon hain?" She raised her eyebrows, her eyes looking straight into his "Main'" She looked at his lips "'yah woh?" She returned her gaze.

He grinned as he felt her push his neck.

"You of course" He whispered huskily against her lips.

They kissed.

"Exactly!" She whispered, smiling against his lips as they withdrew.

He lifted his eyebrows as she moved her head back and looked up at him.

"Yaheen baath aap yaad rakhna, Mr Shaantanu Khandelwal'" Her eyes followed her hands as they slowly trailed down his chest before they wrapped around his waist "'is main hee aap kee balahyee hain"

She smiled as he nodded his head in amusement. She could read his thought from his expression: 'Oh really, now?'

Her hands unknotted the towel. Grinning, she rearranged it so that now the loose ends were on her side, in her hands. She pulled on the ends.

"Is that clear?"

"Crystal" Smiling he moved in for another kiss.

She giggled as they withdrew.

"Tho muriye!"

He tightened his hold around her.

"Where to now?" He wiggled his eyebrows "The bed?"

Smiling, she shook her head.


"I can manage with that" He rubbed his nose against hers.

She giggled as he turned around.


He looked at her.

"Towel yahaan chor daythay hain" She threw it on top of the wash basin "Chalo!" She linked her hands around his neck.

Smiling, he kissed her forehead before making their way out.

"Madam, we have reached your stop" Shaantanu grinned down at his wife as they reached the sofa "I hope kay'" Taking a deep breath, he drew his wife closer, shifting his gaze from her eyes to her lips "'the next stop is mine"

Khanak smiled cheekily, her arms folded against his chest and rubbed her nose against his.

"I'm not joking" He warned her as he let her free. Giggling softly, she turned around not allowing him to see the slight blush that had crept upon her cheeks.

He climbed onto the sofa and sat on the back rest, bringing his hands together as he rested his elbows on his knees. She shook her head at his choice of seating. He smiled.

"Sook gaye?" He asked her as she bent down to gather the twins clothing. She had placed them there earlier to dry when the weather was not in her favour.

"Dek leejeeyaay" She rested their sons shirt onto his knee.

He ran his hand over it and smiled.

"Its dry" He took it into his hand. He turned it around and looked at it as something caught his attention. "Lekin the text on it is fading away" He fingered the front of the shirt "Aur lahnaay paraay gay"

Smiling, she took it back of him.

"Yaay khud kay umar kay liye bohoth chotay hain, hain nah?" She turned around the shirt in her hand.

"Nahiin, Khanak, they are fine" He smiled, watching her examining the clothing.

"Dhulwadi kay bachay tho aab thak bohoth bade hothay hain" She looked up at him.

He chuckled at the reference to Dhulwadi. She never failed to bring it into a conversation every two or three days.

"Khanak, they are fine" He reassured her, looking at her slightly worried expression. "Yaay Mumbai kay bachay hain, Dhulwadi kay nahiin"

She looked up at him and met his gaze. She pouted.

"Dhulwadi kay hothay agar aap mujhe aapne bai kay jane daithay tho" She looked down and rested the shirt on top of all the other tiny clothing gathered in her arms.

He laughed as she made her way towards the cupboard to put the clothes away.

Turning around, she bit her tongue, looking at something on the coffee table.

"Kya huwa?"

She made her way over to him and pulled him by the ears, taking him by surprise as he landed on the sofa.

He looked at her, confused.

She picked up the laptop and seated herself in between his legs.

"Who, merah kaal parsao mock exam hain" She opened the laptop and switched on the device.

"Oh!" He smiled and wrapped his arms around her. She shuffled slightly, making herself comfy against his form "So were revising?" He asked happily, his eyes closed and his head resting against hers.

"Haan" She shook her head, typing in her password so that she could enter her account.

"My way?" He grinned, pushing his cheeked against hers.


"Yes, my way" He smiled and kissed her.

"Aap kah tareeka bohoth stupid hain" She hit her head against his, annoyed.

"How is it stupid?" He grinned. "If you get the answer right'" He bent his head down "'I kiss you'" He slowly kissed her shoulder "'and if you get the answer wrong'" He lifted his head "'you kiss me" He slowly kissed her cheek.

"Is main fark he kya hain?" She slouched against his chest.

"Fark hain nah" He smiled as the welcome sound played on the laptop "You don't respond when I kiss you and I don't respond when you kiss me"

"Lekin main tho saab sawaal kah jawaab saheen dethi hoon!" She pointed at the laptop.

"Ai hai, Khanak!" He grinned, tightening his hold around her "You want to kiss me?"

"Nahiin" She denied, shaking her hair back as she opened up both her question and answer papers.

He buried her face into her neck and inhaled her scent.

Once she had the documents up, she turned her head on his shoulder and looked at him, her lips touching his. She moved her gaze from his lips to his eyes and whispered "I don't want you to respond"

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Part B1


Khanak smiled and tilted her head back onto Shaantanu's shoulder for the nth time to receive her reward.

He kissed her lips.

"Aab gaal say kaam chalayaay nah" She lifted her head back up and hugged her knees to her chest.

"Ha!" Shaantanu scoffed, wrapping his arms around her "No!"

Giggling, she pushed his face away as he tried to kiss her again.

"You want to carry on?"

She repositioned herself against his form, swinging her legs over his folded one and turned sideways, leaning her arm against his chest. His other leg was resting on the coffee table. She sighed.

"Aur kithnay baaki hain?" She looked at the laptop that was now resting on the sofa. It had gone into energy saving mode. She moved one of her foot to bring back the screen to life.

"Oh!" He pushed her foot away "Don't do that!"

"Aap bhi maat keejeeyaay nah!" She hit his leg causing it to fall off the coffee table.

"It's mine!" He put it back "I can do what I want!"

"Tho yaay bhi merah hain!" Her foot moved towards the laptop again.

"Khanaaak!" He pulled her foot back.

Giggling, she cupped his neck and kissed it.

"You have 5 left of each" He ran his finger over the mouse pad.

"Acha?" She rested her head against his shoulder.

"Yaah…but the battery is dying" He mentioned as the warning message flashed at the bottom right hand corner of the screen "I think I left the charger downstairs" His eyes skimmed the room "Do you want me to run down and get it for you?" He looked down at her.

Khanak smiled at the thought, rubbing her head against his shoulder. No matter how much Shaantanu would trouble her he never interrupted her when she would study. He always left it up to her to decide when to stop - unless she studied too much.

"Page number kya hain?" she asked, sitting up straight.

"Erm…" He turned his attention towards the laptop again "…pages 3 and 5"

She nodded slightly, registering the numbers and looked over to the papers on the bed. Heaving a sigh, she removed his arm from around her and got up to make her way to the bed. Gathering the papers in her hands she turned around and flicked through them, hoping to find what she was looking for in the state that she wanted them to be in.

Closing the laptop, he smiled curiously as a small smile appeared on her face at separating 2 sheets from the pile in her hand. He lifted his eyebrows as she met his gaze.

"Mil gaye!" She grinned, making her way back. Resting the remaining papers on the coffee table, she pulled at his folded leg causing it to land onto the floor and climbed onto the sofa, seating herself facing him, her legs folded on top of his. Pulling on to his shirt, she scootched herself forward making sure she wasn't sagging over the edge.

Smiling, he wrapped his arms around her, his hands resting on her hips.

"Mil gaye" She waved the papers in front of his face "Pages 3 and 5" She showed each sheet separately.

He took the answer sheet into his hand.

"Sirf 10 sawaal baaqi hain" She looked at the question paper in her hand. Absentmindedly, she tucked her hair behind her ear "Abhi try karthee hoon inka jawaab dena pir kaal sab kuch review karsakthi hoon" She bit at a nail "Yaheen acha rahega, nah?" She looked up and met his gaze.

He smiled.

"Haan" He untucked her hair from behind her ear. His hand ran over her head before coming to rest against her cheek "We'll do it as a rapid fire round, huh?" His thumb caressed her face.

"Haan!" She shook her head, grinning and handed him the question paper.

"Okay!" Shaantanu started, straightening the papers "One – When looking at finishes and the budget what are some of the key things to keep in mind?"

"Theen khaas baath yaad rakhna partha hain" Khanak began answering, holding up 3 fingers. "Aur woh theen baath hain…" She looked at her fingers.


She looked at him.

He lifted his eyebrows.

She bit her tongue.

"I mean…"

He smiled as she continued.

"The three key things you have to remember are: Does the budget allow for this? Are there any ongoing costs or maintenance? Can I get the same thing cheaper somewhere else?" She stated each point on each finger.


"Shaantanu, please!" She pushed at his chin as he moved forward to kiss her. He laughed as his head hit the back rest. "Sirf no sawaal baaqi hain!"

"Teek hain" he tightened his arms around her, bringing her closer. Eyes closed, he slowly rubbed his nose along hers "Phir baad main koi bahana nahiin chalaygah okay?" She was officially trapped in his hold as his legs folded around her.

She shook her head, smiling.

"What is a finishes schedule?"

"A detailed list of all the areas you are working in and what each finish they will receive with time line and contractors information attached. All signed by the client" Smiling, she scrawled an imaginary signature in the air.

"Why is it important to have the contractors quotes, costs and time frames in writing attached to the finishing schedules?"

"So it can be used as a legal document to make sure work is done on time to a professional standard"

"Fitting and fixtures should be different and individual to each room"

She paused for a minute, thinking.

"Erm…" She cupped her face, her pinkies residing at the corners of her mouth. "False?"

He just shrugged, smiling.


"Could be…"

Annoyed, she twitched her nose.

"Clue tho deejeeyaay nah!"

He laughed and looked at the paper. Slowly, he drew her close - close enough to let her feel his warm breath caress her face.

"Hmm…" He sighed, looking at her lips "…think…" He looked at her hair "…why do you say what you did?" He met her eyes.

"It took her a moment to compose herself before she could think again.

"Erm…" He lifted his eyebrows, encouraging her to continue. "Woh…" Breaking their gaze she looked at her finger which had made its way onto his neck "I would say false because each room needs items that runs with the feel and flow of the house like door handles and light fittings…" She watched her finger trail his neck slowly "Lekin…" Her finger stopped as she met his eyes again "It can be true also?" she asked, unsure, her full hand now cupping his neck "Because some of the individual touches to each room can add depth and individuality to each room" she explained, her thumb caressing his neck. "So it's both?"

"Hmm" he breathed. He shifted his gaze from her lips to her eyes "Correct"

She grinned, satisfied, unaware at the impact she had had on her husband.

"Agla sawaal!" She pulled at his shirt.

"Erm…yaah…" He broke from his trance. "Last short question…"

She shook her head.

"How do you pick the fixtures for your space or house?"

"Oh!" Her face lit up as she familiarised herself with the question "Yaay main jaanthi hoon!" She grinned at him before looking down to count on her fingers again "You have to take it step by step referring to your brief and brainstorming for ideas…" She counted on one finger "…and then you trial out ideas before making a set decision…" She counted on another "…BUT…" Smiling she bit her lip as she looked up and met his eyes "…you should always keep one thing in mind…" She carried on, showing one finger. She smiled cheekily as she watched her husband look at her curiously, his eyebrows furrowed "…and that is…" She tapped his nose softly. With a naughty smile, she slowly wrapped her arms around his neck, bringing her face in close proximity to his before she continued "…to…" She teased his lips with her own "…KISS" She finished and pecked his lips slowly.

Moving back, she giggled as she saw his confused expression.

"Nahi samjaay?" She asked, biting back a smile.

She could tell by his eyes he didn't.

"KISS…" She repeated, removing one of her arm to bring a finger to his neck "…K-I-S-S…" She spelled it out, slowly writing on his neck with her finger, her eyes following her movement. She met his eyes as her finger went back to carry out the same action for a second time. Grinning, she continued "…Keep. It. Simple. Stupid!" She flicked his nose at the last word.

She laughed as he began to tickle her in his hold.

"Shaantanu!" She squealed.

"You thought that was funny?!"

"Aaah! Shaantanu!" She squirmed in his arms. "Is main funny honay kee baath kaha say ahyee? Main tho sawaal kah jawaab day rahiin thee!"

She pushed her forehead against his in an attempt to stop him tickling.

"Aap ko darah deeyah thah, kya maine?" She grinned.

Smiling, he bit his bottom lip.

"Let's just say if you didn't clarify your 'answer' what we have been doing for the past hour would have been a complete waste" His hands pinched her hips.

Giggling, she moved back.

"Aap ko muj par vashwas nahiin?" She gasped dramatically, her hand on her chest.

He chuckled, lifting his head.

"I trust you…" he replied, earning a smile from his wife "…it's others I worry about" He looked at her lips and pushed at the small of her back.

"You don't need to worry…" She smiled, hovering her lips over his "…I only KISS you"

She ran a finger over his lips before demonstrating.

"Good…" He whispered as she withdrew, her lips still resting on top of his "Let's keep it that way, shall we?"

She grinned as they kissed again.

"Kaha jah rahi ho?" He pulled her onto his lap as she stood up and straightened her top.

Her head landed onto his shoulder as she hit his chest. His arms wrapped around her.

"We still got 5 more left?" He looked down at her and held up the sheet to show.

"Main janti hoon…" She freed herself from his hold.

He let her go.

"Aap kahiye nah…" She turned around and smiled. "…aur main jawaab deti hoon" She shook her head and made her way to the bathroom, leaving the door open.

"Okaay…" He watched her go and slouched himself on the couch, crossing his feet on the coffee table. "…true or false, haan, Khanak?"

"Haan!" Came her voice from the bathroom.

He could hear the tap running.

"Mirrors make rooms look smaller" He began reading from the sheet.


"Electrical equipment is best kept in one area"

"True!" Her voice was now muffled.

"Rooms don't need a focal point"

There was a short silence.


"It is best to group sofas"

Looking down, she walked out of the bathroom.


He smiled as he caught her running her tongue over her teeth under her lips as she walked over to the full length mirror on the wall. He grinned as she smiled at her reflection.

He tore his eyes away from his wife to put an end to her revision session.

"Cushions are not in fashion anymore so it is best to keep them to a minimum with dull colours and bland textures" He slammed the sheet on the sofa at finishing.

"False!" She grinned at him before returning her gaze to the mirror.

He folded his arms and watched her curiously.

Khanak studied her reflection in the mirror. It had definitely changed ever since she had the twins. Looking at her face, she grimaced slightly at the eye bags that were threatening to make themselves visible if she didn't sort her sleeping pattern out soon. Her lips pursed, she moved her face forward and rubbed over them gently with her index finger, glad to know they weren't that bad. Moving back she allowed her eyes to travel down. The rest of her body looked fine according to her as she examined herself front and back without facing away from the mirror, her hair frying freely. The only damages that could be seen were the ones given by her husband in a few selective places. Looking down, she slowly lifted her top with both of her hands, revealing her belly. She pouted as she ran a finger over the now faint lines on her belly. She looked at them through the mirror and made a face as they still could be seen. They had appeared after she gave birth and had faded over time but she was hoping they would have disappeared by now.

"Really, Khanak?" Came a whisper in her ear, bringing her back to reality.

She had forgotten he was in the room.

She pulled down her top before looking up at the mirror to see him standing close behind her.

He held her gaze.

She watched him as he broke eye contact to follow his actions. Slowly, he slid his hand down her arm and covered her hand with his. His fingers brushed her fingers as he directed his hand into her front pyjama pocket, pushing her back against his form. His other hand slowly moved her hair over her shoulder. His finger ran along her neck. He looked at her.

"You have these…" He gently touched the few places he had left his marks during memorable nights before his hand occupied her remaining front pocket. His thumbs slowly lifted up her top to the way it was lifted before "…and all you can see is this?" He whispered in her ear, his thumbs rubbing her belly.

He smiled at her refection as she pouted at his.

"Lekin yaay tho permanent nahiin hain" She ran her hand over the back of her neck.

"I can make them permanent if you want me to" He kissed her neck.

He laughed as she elbowed him and twitched her nose.

He smiled as he saw her eyes go down to her belly again.

"Khanaaak…" He whispered in her ear "…neither are these" He said softly, rubbing his thumbs over the faint lines slowly.

"Kaha?" She turned her head to the side "Yaay tho janaay ka naam bhi nahiin layrahay hain!" She huffed, pulling her top down.

His thumbs remained underneath.

"They will" He kissed her cheek before she turned around and leaned onto him, her eyes closed.

"Aur agar nahiin gaye tho?"

"Well then…I suppose I will have to keep getting you pregnant" He laughed huskily into her ear.

She grabbed his thumbs and pulled at them, bringing his hands out. Still holding on to them she turned around.

"If you get me pregnant any time soon I swear I will kill you" She warned, letting them go.

He laughed at her serious expression.

His hands went to span her belly again, his thumbs lifting her top. They met at her belly button.

"You won't be able to survive" He grinned down at her as his thumbs ran to opposite directions.

"Main manage kar loon gee" She looked up at him.

"Acha?" He raised his eyebrows.

"Hmm" She nodded.

"Really now?" He took a step forward.

"In bacho say thum inka baap cheen loon gee?" His thumbs pushed gently at her belly.

"Maa hain nah" She replied " Baap kee yaad bhi nahiin anaay doongi' She bit her bottom lip to stop a smile from escaping.

His hands went to hold her at her sides. Smiling, he gently lifted her up and rested her on his feet.

"Mujh ko upar bej kar thum khush reh paogee?"

He rested her hand in his palm.

"Aap upar jao gay?" She teased.

She rested her other hand on his shoulder.

He grinned.


She giggled.

He began swaying, slowly.

"Aur jab upar jah kay mujhe Suraj milaygah nah who mujhse puche gah kay 'Shaan babu! Aap yahaan kaisay? Itni jaldi?"

She smiled, not realising as he turned them around slowly.

"Main kahoon gah 'Yaar ! Maine thumko upar jaldi bej diya aur humaree biwi nay mujhko'"

Her smile faded slightly.

"Shaantanu…" She whispered.

Smiling, he squeezed her hand.

"Poochay gah, 'Kyun? Aap nay aisah kya kardeeyah?"

His hand squeezed her waist.

"Main bolo gah 'Araay yaar! Kuch bhi tho nahiin! Baas ek aur bacha paida kar diya us kay koak main aur kya?'"

He bit his lip as she giggled.

"Phir who kahay gah 'kya?! Khanak ko yay sab atha hain?!'" He finished, grinning down at his wife.

She opened her mouth in slight shock.

"Mujhe sab kuch atha hain!" She looked at him angrily.

"Haan!" He agreed with her. "Aab!" He nodded "Yahaan Mumbai may ah kar aur mairay saath reh kar thum thorah bohoth seekh gayee" He shook his head, biting back a smile.

"Pehle bhi atha tha mujhko!" She protested.

"Jhoot!" He spoke near her lips.

"Atha tha!" She moved her face close to his in annoyance.

"As if!" Shaantanu scoffed.

"Atha tha!" Her hand tightened against his.

"Really?" He lifted his eyebrows.

"Haan!" She shouted.

"Then show me" He whispered.

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Part B2

Khanak's eyes widened as she realised what her husband had so cleverly done. He had deceivingly led her towards the bed using dancing as a form of disguise. Looking over his shoulder, she viewed the spot they were standing at not so long ago, the spot from where she didn't even realise they had moved from.

"Dikhao nah, Khanak" Came Shaantanu's voice, now deep and husky.

Her eyes shot back to his.

His were focusing on her lips.

She felt his hand slowly trail along her lower back as he completely engulfed her waist, pulling her close. His other repositioned itself to intertwine with hers, his fingers pressing against her knuckles. Taking a deep breath, he inched forward to cover the short distance between their lips.

"Nahiin!" She cried out for the second time that night, freeing her hand from his hold and swinging her arm underneath his, her hand clutching his shoulder from the back whilst her other clutched the other from the front. She plastered her cheek to his chest.

He squeezed his eyes shut, grimacing.

"Khanaaak" He whined, his fingers digging into her waist as he attempted to pull her back.

She wrapped her arms around his neck and hugged him tightly.

"Nahiin" She whispered just below his ear.

Sighing, he looked at the ceiling and wondered how he even thought this was going to be easy.

Shaking his head, he unwrapped his arm from around her and cupped her waist with both his hands.

"Khanak!" He pushed her back with slight force causing her hands to slide down to his chest as he freed himself from her grip.

She looked up at him and met his gaze.

"No, Khanak!" Shaantanu warned her as he saw the expression she had chosen to don "Don't give me that look!"

She was pouting at him and her eyes had taken on their big and innocent form.

She held her breath as he lowered his face, his eyes still holding hers captive.

"We are going to bed" He told her slowly, his thumbs pressing at her belly.

She gasped at the step taken forward.

"Haan! Jayaay gay nah!" She quickly said, sneaking a glance back to see the short distance that was left to cover for them to reach the bed. "Par abhi nahiin" She shook her head slowly, her fisted hands pushing at the place just below his shoulders.

"Lekin kyun?!" He pushed her back, slamming her body against his.

"Mujhe neend nahiin arahee hain" She pouted, her now open hands sliding down his form.

Shaantanu looked at his wife unbelievingly.

"We are NOT going to sleep, Khanak!" He almost shouted, his fingers pressing into her lower back.

"Shaantanu!" She yelped, fisting up his shirt in her hands as he attempted to lead her down again.

"Will you quit clutching my shirt?!"

He pulled her back and looked at her bowed head, her hands still holding onto the material.

"Actually…" He smiled, letting go of his wife as an idea struck him "…lets see how you clutch it when it's not on me"

Her eyes widened as he took off his shirt and threw it to the other end of the room.

"Whats going to save you now?" He grinned, wrapping his arms around her waist, bringing her closer.


She pushed at his chest, freeing herself from his hold and ran to the direction in which the shirt had been thrown.

"No Khanak!" He warned her with a pointed finger as she quickly picked up the shirt and threw it over her head.

Giggling, she pulled at the end of the shirt with both hands as he ran towards her.


She laughed, turning around on the spot as she tried to avoid his hands.


He grabbed hold of her from the back and lifted her off of her feet as she tried to run away. He tried to free his shirt from her tight grip whilst she squirmed in his arms, hunching over, kicking and laughing.

"Khanak, let GO!"

"Nahiin!" She managed in between her laughter.


Still laughing, her head hit his shoulder as he shifted her into one arm and grabbed both of her hands with the other.

"Take it off! NOW!" He dropped her back on to the floor and gripped the bottom of his shirt.

"Nahiin!" Giggling, she tried to free her hands.

"Oh YES you ARE!"

He let go of her hands and proceeded to pull his shirt off of her.

She squirmed and pushed herself into his chest making his task hard for him. Pushing his hands away, she quickly ran behind him and laughing, jumped onto his back, wrapping her arms around his neck and her legs around his waist.

She tightened her hold on him as he stood up straight.


She threw her head back laughing.

"Mujhe pakariye!" She kicked his bare torso.

"Main thumarah Champak nahiin hoon!" He said annoyed before he reluctantly weaved his arms through her legs, securing her.

Giggling, she pushed herself up.

"Main jaanti hoon!" She grinned, tightening her hold around his neck "Aap mairay baa thoray hain?" She pushed her cheek against his head.

For the millionth time he wondered how the hell his wife made a camel her brother.

"You are impossible, Khanak!" He squeezed her legs. "You know that?!" He tilted his head back.

She giggled into his ear.

Irritated, he shook his head. Turning around he found himself standing in front of the mirror. Back to square one, he thought, his eyes looking towards his destination through it. He frowned as he began to think the only way he would reach it is once SHE fell asleep.

She met his gaze as he glanced up at her through the mirror, an annoyed expression on his face. Pouting, he looked away as he saw her look. Giggling, she dug her face into his neck. His arms tightened around her as he felt a kiss. She smiled cheekily as he looked back up at her.


He had loosened his hold on her.

"Haan!" He bit his lip as he secured her again "Yahiin hain tumarah ilaaj!"

"Nahiin!" She giggled as she held onto him.

She pouted at him through the mirror.

"Shaantanu! Kya kar rahay ho?" She kicked her legs as he slowly pushed up her pyjama.

"Kya?" He smiled. "This is only fair" He pushed her jammies up again "Boy did I miss these last night!" He ran his hands over her legs.

"Shaantanu!" She kicked him again.

He laughed as she tried to push them down.

"Actually they come off from here, don't they?" He teased, reaching for her back.

"Nahiin!" She smacked his hand away.

He laughed, letting his hand go back again.

"Shaantanu pleaseee!" She giggled into his ear, pushing his head with hers.

He continued with his teasing. She continued with her protesting. Until…


He felt her breath into his neck.

He watched as she outstretched one hand towards the mirror and slowly waved over its surface. Her eye had caught the family picture of them and the twins that hung on the wall above their bed.

"Mairay bachay!" She whispered.

He smiled as she curled her hand, trying to take their children into her hold. Her hand slapped against his chest as her attempt obviously failed.

She pouted.

"Mujhay wahaan jahnaa hain!" She pointed at the picture through the mirror "Mujhay wahaan lay chalo!" She tightened her hold around his neck and pulled him back "Mujhay wahaan lay chalo! Aapne bachay kay paas!" She kicked her legs against his stomach. "Jaldi!"

"Okay! Okay!" He shook his head at his wife's antics and smiled. Turning around, he made his way towards the end of the bed. He was getting to his destination but not the way he had planned.

"Shaantanu! Aap aapne joothay pehan kar bistar par kyun char rahay ho?!" She shouted disapprovingly as he climbed onto the bed with his shoes still on.

"Khanak, main thumko utaoo yaah juthay utharoo?!"

"Joothay utharnah koi mushkil kaam nahiin! Chaliye!" She pulled him back "Aap jhoothay uthareeyaay! Aap hamesha aisay karthay ho!"

"Khanak! I swear I'll fall onto my back and squash you!"

"Karkay dikhayaay mujhko! Main bhi aap ko push kar sakthee hoon!" She hit his back.

Groaning, he turned back around towards the end of the bed.

"Aur waisay bhi aap mujhe bohoth squash karthay ho. Is main koi nayee baath kahaan say ayee?"

He kicked his shoes off.

"I don't squash you with my back!"

"Eugh ! Agay tho chaliye !" She hit his back again.

He stopped as his bare feet hit the pillows.

They both smiled as their eyes wandered over their children, the warmth of whose smiles were emanating from the picture. The twins were sat in between their proud parents who were lying on their stomachs and resting on their elbows as their eyes met the camera, the remaining of their bodies hidden. They were all matching, a combination of pink and white. Him and Anaay in a white shirt and blue jeans and she and Sia in a white dress with pink embroidery. Her, her brat, his angel and him. They both loved the picture. It clearly showed the happiness that they feel when all together. Shaantanu seemed to love it more than Khanak though as it seemed to make her think twice before inviting someone up to their room. It was as if she thought people would be able to tell that their toes were flirting whilst the picture was being taken.

One at a time, she slowly brushed her hand over their faces.

"Mairay bachay" She whispered again.

She curled her fingers over their faces and bought them up to her lips to kiss. Smiling, she wrapped her arms around her husband's neck again, her chin resting on his shoulder.

"I'm pretty sure you didn't conceive them on your own, Khanak" He smiled, still looking at the twins.

She smiled.

"HAMARAY bachay" She corrected herself, grinning into his ear.

"Now you're making sense" He let go of her legs.

She balanced herself on the bed before removing her arms, her hands sliding down his bare back. Slowly she moved to stand in front of him, trailing a finger along his body on the way. He smiled down at her. She turned around and leaned against his chest, looking at the picture again.

"I always make sense" She led his arms around her.

"Really now?" He whispered huskily into her ear.

She shook her head.

"Then why don't you…" Breathing into her neck he slowly turned them around to face the window "…make sense of the night?..." He softly kissed her neck "…and…"  He made another slow turn, facing his back towards the picture "…your bed?..." He softly kissed her earlobe "…and…" He slowly turned her around to face him, his lips brushing her cheeks. He softly kissed her red parting "…your husband?"

She blushed.

"I can make sense of the night and my bed…" She smiled, indicating towards both things with her eyes as he wrapped her arms around his neck "…but not of my husband…" She carried on as his hands went to hold his shirt. He lifted his eyebrows amusedly "…hes nonsense" She teased, looking at his lips.

"He'll show you nonsense…" Grinning, he bent down to kiss her as his hands gathered the shirt and slowly worked on sliding it up along her form.

Do do do doo do do do doo do do do do dooo. A Nokia ringtone goes off.

They pause as they hear it. Their lips just centimetres away from one another, their eyes closed. Her arms raised slightly above his shoulders whilst his hands were getting ready to pull the shirt over her head.

Her eyes shot open.

His squeezed shut.

He hit his forehead against hers.

"Merah phone!" She pouted, looking at his closed eyes.

Oh Khanak, don't! he thought, pleading with his eyes shut as he shook his head against hers. But as usual she had to do the complete opposite of what he wanted. His head jerked as she turned around and jumped off the bed. His hands fell to his side and he looked at her defeatingly.

She picked her phone up from the coffee table and looked at it, tucking her hair behind her ear. The number didn't look familiar. She turned and looked at her husband with a clueless expression on her face and shrugged when he lifted his eyebrows questioningly, his hands tied at the back of his head. He signed to her to leave it and get back into bed. Rolling her eyes, she turned back around and attended the call.


He shook his head and jumped off the bed to join his wife.

"Hey, Khanak!" Came a cheery voice from the other end "How are you?!"

Khanak's eyes widened in surprise and an excited gasp escaped from her mouth as she realised who it was.

"Sareen?!" She practically screamed into the phone.

"Haan!" Came an equally excited answer.

Shaantanu fisted his hand and punched the air. It was his enemy…meaning her best friend. Turning around he raked his hand through his hair, one hand on his waist and cursed silently.

"Main teek hoon!" Khanak replied, overwhelmed at the call "Thum kaisee ho?!" She had hit it off with Sareen instantly when she started her course and they became close friends in a short amount of time. She had left for the UK a couple of weeks ago for a relatives wedding and this was the first time she had called since then "Sab kuch teek tho hain nah ?" She added, slightly concerned at the time she had chosen to ring.

"Haan, I'm fine!" Khanak smiled at the response, relieved nothing was wrong "Kyun? Thum aisay kyun pooch rahiin ho?" Her friend asked confused.

"Woh kuch nahiin" Looking down she started taking small steps as she talked, twirling a lock of her hair between her fingers "Thum nay ithnah late phone kiya tho maine socha…"

"Oh! Oops! So sorry! I haven't gotten used to the time change yet, I was thinking it's the same time!"

"Do hafte ho chukay hain aur abhi bhi thumay aadat nahiin huin?" She smiled, teasing her friend.

A laugh was heard on the other end.

"Woh pehli baar phone kiya tho isleeyaay"

She giggled. She turned around to change her direction of walking and stopped at her sentence as she saw her husband look at her disapprovingly, his hands folded across his chest. She turned back around.

"Waisay I am sure we have talked a few times around this time in India when I was there so I don't see the prob…"

"Do you mind, Sareen?"

Khanak gasped as he wrapped his arms around her waist and slowly lowered his face into her neck.

"Ohhh!" Khanak could clearly picture the grin behind that exclamation. Her hands tightened on the phone and she shut her eyes as she imagined the teasing that will take place in the near future "I seee!" She was glad she really couldn't "Romeo is home!" She felt her shoulder go bare as he pulled at his shirts neck "Why didn't you just say, Khanak?" Her belly fluttered at the kiss he printed on it.

"Well you know now…" Came his response as he trailed his lips across her shoulder "…so please do the honours of leaving" He kissed her neck.

"Excuse me, Romeo!"

"Sexuse me, Khanak" He whispered huskily into her ear, smiling.

Khanak gasped.


"Kuch nahiin!" She quickly answered.

He laughed into her ear.

She elbowed him.

He bit her.

"I would prefer it if you didn't make moves on my friend whilst I am talking to her, Romeo"

"And I would prefer it if you got the hint" He tightened his hold around his wife.

"I'll have you know, I'm the one who kept your wife company whilst you were away on your so called tours" her friend declared proudly.

"Really? Is that what the smell was?"

Khanak smiled as she heard her friend gasp.

"How RUDE!"

"You mean bitter…" His hands made their way under his shirt "…which the truth always is" He smiled as they made their way under hers.

"Khanak, I'll speak to you later" She huffed "I can clearly tell when I'm not wanted"

Khanak moved the phone away from her ear slightly as she more or less shouted the last part.

"Finally" Shaantanu grinned, his hands spanning her bare belly.

"Bye Khanak! I love you!"

"Bye! I love you too!" Khanak jumped slightly, hitting his shoulder.

"Bye Romeo" Sareen bid to him reluctantly.

"Be gone already, Sareen" Came his reply against his wife's neck.

Having hung up, Khanak quickly turned around to face her husband, taking him by surprise as his hands dropped to his side and he jerked his head up as he stood up straight.

"Aap mairay saheli kay saath aisay baath kyun karthay ho?" She asked, slightly annoyed.

He took her phone from her, switched it off and threw it onto the couch.

"You can say 'I love you' to her so easily and I have to force you to say it to me?!" He took a step towards her causing her to turn around so that her back was now towards the bed.

"Woh meri saheli hain" She took another step back.

"Aur main thumarah pati hoon!" He pointed his finger at her.

"Jaanti hoon!" She pointed a finger back "Tho?!"


She nodded her head vigourously.

"THO I am going to do with YOU what a husband DOES with his wife at this time of the night!"

Her eyes widened as she gasped.

"Sleep?" She smiled, hopefully, her shoulders rising.

Smirking, he moved forward and slowly lowered her finger down with his, his eyes focusing on his action.

He met her gaze.

"If that's what you like to call it"

She gasped as she fell back onto the bed with him hovering over her.


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Part C1


Khanak groaned as she lay on top of her husband, her eyes tight shut. The blue sheet was covering the both of them. Her arms were resting on his chest, her hands clutching at his hair and her forehead touching his.

His hands were drawing circles on her back. His legs trapped hers.

"Kya huwa?" Her husband asked her softly.

He kissed her throat as she lifted her head slightly, his hands pausing.

"Mairay sar main dard hain!" She whined, rubbing her forehead vigorously against his, tightening her hold on to his hair.

Shaantanu let out a throaty laugh.

She stopped rubbing and exhaled.

"Hasiye maat!" She pouted against his lips, her eyebrows furrowed.

He smiled and pecked her lips slowly.

He raised his eyebrows as she suddenly lifted her head. She rested her elbows on his shoulder and pulled herself up, her belly sliding past his. With one hand playing with his hair, she looked around - looking at either side of his head to above his head to the pillow on her side of the bed.

"Kya doond rahee ho?" His thumbs resumed drawing circles on her back.

Giving up her search she looked down at him, her hair falling over his face. He lifted his hand and tucked her hair behind her ear. She rested her cheek against his hand and closed her eyes, a pout playing on her lips making him smile. He lifted his eyebrows questioningly as she opened her eyes. She placed a hand over his and pouting, slowly moved both their hands to her head. She curled her fingers pressing down on his causing his to curl too and slowly moved both their hands back down.

He grinned as he realised what she was looking for, his belly rising. He placed his hand on top of hers now and reached behind him, not once taking his eyes off of her. Grinning, he watched her eyes follow his movement, her mouth slightly open. He curled her hand at the edge of the pillow.

"Yahaan hain, Khanak" He smiled.

She got distracted as she watched him trail his fingers along her arm slowly as he returned his hand to wrap around her waist. He knew what he was doing to her.

Spell broken, she gently worked on lifting the pillow. It was hard. She looked down at her husband and stared. Smiling, he lifted his head up. Looking away, her hand went to feel the bed under the pillow. He smiled into her shoulder when he heard her make a noise at finding what she was looking for. Kissing her shoulder, he rested his head back onto the pillow.

She had found her headache remedy. His hat. It was good at pressing her forehead to help it from hurting. She remembered when she used to tie her odhani across her forehead to ease the pain. When Shaantanu would see he would give her a weird look and tell her to take it off as 'It looks stupid, Khanak'. One day, when he got fed up with her not listening, he angrily took it off her head and replaced it with his hat. Getting ready to argue with her finger pointing, she stopped as she felt the hat perfectly fit.

Her husband bit his lips as she slipped it on, setting her hair underneath it with both her hands, pushing them away from her eyes. He noticed she made sure to cover most of her eyes as she adjusted the cotton material.

Content, she hid her face above his shoulder and onto the pillow, facing away from him, her one arm cradling his head, her hand running through his hair whilst her other arm went down to her side, her fingers gently scraping his skin. She groaned again.

He chuckled.

She felt it.

She turned around to face him.

"Hasiye mat" She groaned against his cheek.

She felt his chest shake again.

Her hand hit him on his head.

His hand pinched her.

Her other pinched him.

"Yaay sab aap hee kee wajah say horahah hain" She whined against his cheek, both her hands squeezing his hair and his skin to express her annoyance.

He enjoyed every touch.

He moved to meet his lips with hers but she moved her face into the pillow, not willing to give him the satisfaction.

"Aap hee kee wajaah say main…"

She paused.

Her hand freed his hair and fell to his neck.

"Woh kya kehthay hain?" She wondered, turning her face as she absentmindedly trailed a finger along his neck.

He used the opportunity to kiss her parted lips.

Lifting her head, she looked down at him through her hat, a serious thinking expression on her face. He could tell she was scrunching her eyebrows underneath it. He tightened his arms around her waist, engulfing her in his arms as he curiously waited to find out what was on his wife's mind. He smiled amusedly as he watched her try to crack the word she was looking for - looking around the room then at her hands that were playing together on his chest then down at him, still searching.

"Kya hain?" She whispered as she rested her covered forehead against his. Her hands cupped his neck, her fingers stroking it.

"Haan!" She suddenly lifted her head up "Yaad ayaah" She rested her elbow on his shoulder again.

He raised his eyebrows.

She brought her head down to his.

"Woh aap hee kee wajaah say main insomniac ban gayee!"

Pouting, she slid her face back onto the pillow and faced away from him.

Shaantanu couldn't help but laugh at her accusation.


She had bit his ear.

"Khanaaak…" He smiled as she turned away again.

She moved on top of him.

"Humaree shaadi ko kitnaay saal ho chukay hain?"

She responded after a few seconds. Moving her hand out of his hair, she brought 3 fingers down to rest against his cheek.

"Theen" Her muffled voice came.

He moved his face and kissed her fingers.

She curled her fingers on his lips.

"Haan, aur…" He drawled.

She felt herself slide slowly down her husband's form as he pulled her down gently from her hips, taking her out of her hiding place. He moved her back up in the same gently manner so that her face was now over his.

He could make out her eyes looking down at him curiously through the hat.

"Humaree shaadi ko theen saal ho chukay hain, Khanak aur…" His thumbs rubbed her hips.

Grinning, he slid her down again, making her forehead come down to rest against his.

She sighed and closed her eyes…listening and waiting.

"…I still have the ability to give you insomnia" He grinned against her lips.

"I think that's a fairly good accomplishment" His voice dropped to a dangerously husky tone.

"Don't you, Khanak?"


Khanak looked up at her husband as he lifted his head from her neck, leaving a soft kiss behind.

She couldn't help but feel proud of him. Proud of what he had made of his life, proud at how he proved everyone wrong who thought of him as useless, proud at how he cared and supported for his family in every way possible. She also in some way felt proud of herself. She was happy that he was hers, happy that he chose to have a family with her, happy that only she had the main right on his life.

Her eyes went to his hair as they fell over his forehead. Smiling, she touched his hair, smoothening his strands.

"You just love my hair don't you?" He smiled, looking down at his wife, his arms resting on either side of her body.

He lowered his head and gently pushed her hat away from her face with his forehead. He stopped it at her hair. He then met his naked forehead with hers as he ran his hair over it. His nose rubbed against hers in the process. He heard her gasp.

"You do, don't you?" He whispered, rubbing his lips against hers.

Her hands were now up by her side. He slowly went to intertwine his with hers.

He stole a kiss.

"Haan, tho?" She breathed.

He chuckled.

"Mujhe tho Anaay aur Sia kay baahl bhi bohoth pasand hain"

He felt her grin as she remembered the twins.

He lifted his head up to look at her.

She giggled.

He smiled at her questioningly.

She shook her head, still smiling.

"Bathao nah" He said curiously.

"Who Sia kay baahl mujhe bohoth sathathay hain" She giggled.

He grinned looking at the adoration in her eyes for their daughter.

Khanak removed one of her hand from his and raked it in his hair.

"Us kaay baahl bohoth curly hain" She curled her finger through his hair "Aur jab comb karthee hoo tho woh he phaas jaathee hain uskay baahlo main" She giggled, her tongue poking in between her teeth.

She removed her other hand from his and rested it on his shoulder.

He folded his arms under her, bringing her close.

"Mujhe tho roz uskay baahlo ko comb karnay say pehle uske baahlo ko thonay parthay hain" She slapped his shoulder as she talked "Warnaah tho aphaat ut jaati hain jab uskay baahlo ko comb karthee hoon"

He husband grinned as he she made an "OMG God Forbid" expression.

Her hand slid to link at the back of his neck. They played with the back of his hair.

"Jab rothi hain tho hai Bhagwan!" She exclaimed, her hand pausing "Chup honay kah naam hee nahiin lethi!"

He chuckled and shook his head, biting his bottom lip. That can be true.

She brought her eyes to meet his. She smiled as he looked back at her.

"Lekin…" She continued softly, sliding her hands forward to cup his neck, her thumbs caressing his jaw.

He smiled down at her.

She lifted her head of the pillow and kissed him.

"Jab woh aap ko dekhti hain, woh saab kuch bhool jaathi hain!" She whispered against his lips.

Chuckling, he pushed her head back onto the bed with his forehead.

"Woh boolthi nahiin" He grinned near her lips.

"Acha?" She smiled.

"Haan…" He adjusted her in his arms.

"Woh mujhe sab kuch bathathee hain…" He whispered against her smile.

"…and then…" His lips brushed her cheek as they slid to her ears.

"…I plot revenge" He whispered huskily, grinning.

She blushed at the implication and hit his shoulder.

Moving back, he kissed her, leaving a peck as he withdrew.

She blushed into his shoulder, her arms wrapped around him.

He lifted his head as he heard her gasp.

"Anaay!" She looked at him.

He raised his eyebrows, confused.

"Aap nay tho Anaay kay bhaal katwaa dee" She pouted.

He laughed at her upset expression.

"He needed a haircut, Khanak" He smiled.

"Aap nay mujhse jhoot bhola"

Shaantanu shook his head and laughed.

"I knew you wouldn't let me, Khanak"

"Lekin ithnay chotay?"

"It's warm, Khanak" He lowered his face "Mausam badal chuka hain" He rubbed his nose against hers.

She made a face and turned her face away.

He grinned and kissed her cheek.

He flipped onto his back as he smiled at her childishness with her on top of him.

She glared down at him.

Smiling, he whisked her hat off of her head with one hand and gave it into the other hand behind her back as she began to fight for it.

She stared at him.

He raked his hand through her hair, pushing all of her hair back. Smiling he fingered the small beauty spot on her forehead that was always hid under her hair.

"You should cut your hair" He teased her.

She slapped his hand away.

He laughed as she dug her elbows into his chest.

"Nahiin" She shook her head "Meray baahl aisay he achay hain" She combed her fingers through her hair.

He passed his hat back to his other hand. She watched as he brought it into her view, stretching his arm out onto her pillow, grinning.

Quickly, she moved to snatch it back off of him. Laughing, he held her in place on top of him with his free hand as she struggled to reach the hat.

"Shaantanu!" She whined, hitting his chest.

He laughed as she reached for it again.

He switched hands.


She fought as his hand went behind her back. She glared at him. Giving up, she banged her head against his chest in annoyance, resting her cheek against it and pouted.

She felt him chuckle.

Slowly, he trailed a finger up along her back, teasing her even more. Smiling, he gently slid the hat over her head with both hands. She lifted her head, eyes closed to let him adjust it. He pulled the hat in place and slipped under a finger to push her hair out of view.

"You were it like THIS, Khanak" He smiled, cupping her face, indicating that he didn't like her eyes covered.

She opened her eyes and shrugged.

He laughed.

"By the way, I'm getting my hair cut tomorrow" He told her, biting back a smile.

Her eyes widened before she pretended it made no difference.

She pushed his chest and flipped onto her back.

Grinning, he hovered over her.

"Kat wa yaay!" She declared angrily.

"Khud kay bhaal katwao" She pointed at him "Meray betay kay bhaal katwao" She pointed at the air

"Lekin...!" Her finger came back to him again "Mayree beti kay baahlo ko haath bhi maat laganah!"

He laughed, shaking his head.

She gave him an angry look and pulled the hat over her face.

He grinned.

"Khanaaak…" His hand intertwined with hers that was up against her head.

He lowered his face down slowly.

"Khanaaak…I can't kiss your lips if they are covered now, can I?" He grinned, biting his bottom lip.

She gasped as he took the hat in between his teeth.


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Part C2

"You ready?" Shaantanu whispered into his wife's ear, his hands tightening around her belly.

She was now lying on her back on top of his chest. The hat had somehow magically jumped from her head to his.

She felt a tickle as he breathed into her neck.

"Haan" She replied, taking in a breath.

He smiled.

"Attiye" She broke his hold on her, clearing her midriff.

"Clear the battlefield"

Khanak felt the touch as her left hand and his right hand rested horizontally on her belly, the tips of their middle fingers touching. She smiled as he gently moved his hand forward and slid his fingers through hers, resting them on the back of her hand. He then moved their hands up to the upper midriff area. Their remaining two hands linked at the previous place.

"Ten?" He clarified into her hair.

Their hands in the upper midriff area separated, only the tips of their middle fingers meeting again.

"Haan" She nodded.

They raised their hands to stand up so that they were facing each other in a Hi5 position, a centimetre apart, their wrists resting on her midriff.

The other two hands were still interlinked at her belly.

"Das soo kam nahiin" She cleared, turning her head to the side.

"Whatever, Khanak" Came his reply against her cheek.

"Let the game begin"

He knew he would get what he wanted, no matter what the outcome. She would end up helping him like she always did.

"One…" Their index fingers came to rest against each other "…jab maine accidently thumko ruler kay saath maarah and you didn't let me aid your hand"

"Accidently nahiin maarah aapne" She pouted. "Aap nay sach much mujhe itnee zor say maar deeyah"

He chuckled.

"It was an accident, Khanak" He pushed her finger "Woh main side main maar raha tha but thum nay aapna hand move kiya tho…"

"Tho us may mairee hee galatee thee?" She looked back at him, annoyed.

"Nahiin" He smiled at her cute expression.

He kissed her head.

"Sorry Baba"

She turned back around.

They paused for her to cool.

"Two…" Their middle fingers came together.

"Jab aapne mujhe doosree bahr ghar layaah" Khanak's soft voice came.

"Hamesha kay liye" She added, smiling.

Her index finger and thumb went to caress his thumb as she got lost in the thought. The day he declared to her in not so direct words that she was the only one that held the key to his heart.

"Hey…" He whispered into her hair.

She moved her head.

"No unnecessary caressing allowed" He said softly.

"Caressing meaning?"

He smiled against her head, his body rising. He was glad she still did not know the meaning of some words – certain words. It gave him an opportunity to teach her – in his own way.

"Jo thum aab kar rahee ho"

"Oh!" She withdrew away from his thumb, returning her index finger to rest against his.

"Theen…" She brought her ring finger onto his.

He grinned realising how she had already started helping him with the task.

He noticed her lower her eyelashes, blushing.

"Kya?" He asked, curiously.

"Jab maine pehlee bhar humaree milan kee thyaaree kee thee" She whispered, biting her bottom lip to hide a smile.

He looked confused.

"What?" He bent his head down "I don't remember picking you up during…"

Khanak's eyes widened and her mouth opened in shock as she just realised what she had revealed.

Shaantanu's face broke out into a slow grin as realisation hit him.

"Khanak…?" He spoke softly into her hair, smiling.

"Hmm?" Was all she could let out.

"Do you DREAM of me making love to you?"

"Nahiin tho!" She quickly said.

"Yes! You DO, Khanak!" Smiling into her hair, his hands let go of hers and wrapped tightly around her, clutching at either side of her body.

"Aisaah kuch nahiin, Shaantanu!" She protested, trying to break his hold on her.

"Aisah HEE hain, Khanak!" He tightened his grip, having the time of his life relishing in the fact.

"Mujhe aisay saapne dekhnay kee zaroorat nahiin hain!" She carried on defending herself, embarrassed. Holding onto his arms she bowed her head, trying to shield her face with her falling hair.

"Now I know what you mean, Khanak…" He pulled her up, her head now on his shoulder. She looked away. He moved his lips to her ear and grinning, whispered huskily "…when you say I make your dreams come true"

She closed her eyes as he laughed throatily into her ear.

"Shaantanu!" Her hand moved to push his face away as he began nuzzling her neck.

Laughing he brought his face back, tightening his grip on her.

"Shaantanu!" She whined as he bit her ear.

"Khanaaak…" His deep, husky, mischievous voice came.

"Shaantanu!" She turned her head back.

He rubbed his nose along her cheek.

"Attiye! Choriye!" She pried at his hands "Main jaanti hoon aap yaay sab kyun kar rahe ho!"

"Kyunki yaheen thum chahthee ho" He grinned.

"Nahiin!" She stopped herself from blushing "Aap game jeet nahiin sakthay isileeyaay!"

"Jeethoo yaah haroo, kya fark partha hain? Hoga wahi jo main chahtha hoon…or should I say jo thum chahthee ho, Khanak?"


He laughed as she in a huff flipped herself over on top of him and hid her face into his neck, her arms wrapped around it.

Slowly, her hands went to pull his hat over his eyes. Still holding onto the hat she brought her face to hover over his. She lifted the material from over his eyes with her thumbs.

She pouted.

He grinned.

He wouldn't give in so easily. He turned his head, showing her his cheek. He smiled as she just quickly rested her lips against it. He turned to the other side. She did the same. Looking up at her, he looked at her lips first and then his, grinning. He chuckled as she lowered her face with a somewhat angry expression.

"Properly, Khanak" He grinned.

She paused.

She narrowed her eyes at him. She was in no mood for 'proper' romance. He had spoilt it for her. Instead, she buried her face into his neck again, her hands now down by her side. If he was stubborn then she was his wife, so was she.

He laughed and tightened his hold on her. He would get nowhere like this.

"Come on then" He smiled into her hair.

"Let's play" He rubbed her back.

She waited for about a minute before she flipped back over.

Their hands resumed their positions.

"So three…" He grinned, bringing his ring finger to rest against hers "…when I made love to you in your dreams"

"Aisah kuch nahiin huwa" She pushed his finger away.

"What?" He bent his head, feigning disappointment.

"You mean you woke up before I could do anything to you?" Teasing, he bit back a smile "Damn!"

"Shaantanu!" She nudged her shoulder into his chest.

"Don't worry, Khanak, I'll make it up to you" He put on a serious expression.

She elbowed him, annoyed.

He laughed.


"Yaah…" He grinned against her hair.

"Yaay game bhi aur WOH game bhi"

Khanak heaved big sigh. What had she got herself into?!

"Okay…" He continued after composing himself.

"Three…" His ring finger rested against hers for the third time.

"Hmmm…" He sighed "…I know I picked you up once before this…" His index finger patted hers "…kyunki I remember jab mainay thumhe is bar utayah thum nay kaha kee 'Shaantanu, aap is tharah mujhe baar baar utanah band keejeeyaay'" He smiled.

"Aur aap nay kaha 'Aap please baath karnaah band keejeeyaay'" She giggled.

"Teek kaha maine" He said, still thinking "Bohoth bolti ho thum"

She smiled.

"Thab tho main kuch nahiin karsaktha tha lekin aab…" He rubbed his nose along her hair, smiling "…thumarah moo band karnay kah mairay paas bohoth acha thareekah hain, Khanak" He whispered.

She nudged him, blushing.

He grinned.

"Haan…" He continued "…when I brought you home for the first time and you wouldn't listen"

"Aur phir baarish huwee!" Khanak's body jumped up in excitement remembering the rain.

"Yaah…baarish" He made a face.

"Aap ko beegna kyun nahiin acha lagtha, Shaantanu?" She turned her face.

He sighed, thinking about the wetness.

"Kyunki, Khanak…"

He stopped as he got an idea.

"Kisnay kaha mujhe bheegna acha nahiin lagtha?" He bit his bottom lip, smiling.

"Acha lagtha hain nah" He nodded his head, his chin touching her shoulder.

"Kaha acha lagtha hain? Aap nay khabi mairay zabardastee kay bina bheegay?" she asked, confused "Sivai ik do baar?"

"Haan bheega na, Khanak" He rubbed his lips against her shoulder.

"Kab?" She asked, curious.

"All the time, Khanak" He closed his eyes and grinned, still rubbing.

"Jhoot math bolo"

"Kaha jhoot bhol raha hoon?" he smiled.

"Mujhe bheegna acha lagtha hain" His lips paused, open against her skin.

"All the time…" They began to trail along her shoulder towards her neck.

"…everytime…" His hand at her belly slid over hers and onto her arm.

"…when you're with me…" It went to clutch at her side.

"…in the shower" He breathed into her neck, huskily.

She gasped.

"Chaar…" She quickly rested her pinky against his.

He laughed into her neck. He moved his face back.

"Haath bhi"

He grinned and pinched her skin softly before slowly trailing it back to its place to intertwine with hers.

He began to think, sucking on his lower lip. He stopped as he thought of something. His heart skipped a beat.

"When you had the electric shock" He whispered slowly, staring at the ceiling, scared at the thought of what could have happened.

She felt him take a deep breath.

Her eyes widened as she recalled.

"I could have died" She whispered.

"I would have died" He turned, speaking softly against her hair.

She gulped, not being able to bear to think of such a thing. She kicked his foot and pushed herself up to level her face with his on his shoulder. She turned her face.

He kissed her cheek.

She closed her eyes, cherishing the touch, his breathing against her skin.

She withdrew her active hand leaving his to fall flat on her skin. She gently hit his cheek.

"No unnecessary kisses allowed" She smiled softly, gently rubbing his cheek.

Taking a deep breath, he smiled as he hit his head lightly against hers.

They both knew each of their 'unnecessary' acts were not unnecessary at all.

"Chalo" She whispered, returning her hand to his.

"Five…" Their thumbs rested against each other "…in the garage when you pretended to be hurt"

She giggled.


"Aur kya karthee?" She smiled "Aap tho mujhse baath karnay kah naam bhi nahiin lay rahay thay"

"Aur thum nay mairah naak bhi thorah" He twitched his nose, remembering the pain.

"Woh maine jaan booj kar nahiin kiya" She giggled "Aur baad main maine help karnay kee koshish kee nah"

"Only because you felt bad"

"Jaisay kee aap jab aap nay mujhe ruler kay saath marah"

"Oh! So thumaree diyee huwee chot anjaanay main aur mayree diyee huwee chot jaan booj kar?!"

She giggled.

"Aur nahiin tho kya?"

"You confused me so much then, Khanak" He said softly, resting his cheek against her head "Your eyes would say you love me but then your words and actions would contradict"

She smiled sadly, remembering the circumstances that forced her to act like so.

"I didn't know what to believe anymore" He whispered, shaking his head slowly.

"You drove me crazy, Khanak!" He breathed against her neck, eyes closed.

She closed her eyes too and took a deep breath.

Their hands now came together, their fingers intertwined.

His thumb slowly rubbed hers.

He sighed.

"5 down, 5 to go, Khanak" He whispered into her ear.

Their hands lay flat on her belly, still intertwined.

He slowly moved both his and hers intertwined hands to swap places.

"Six…" Their thumbs came together "…the day I decided I wanted to sing"

She giggled.

"Bas waha say utaya aur do kadam chaal kar yaha uthar diya" She grinned.

"Tho kya huwa? Utaya tho tha" He spoke in defense "It still counts"

"Hmm…" He rubbed his cheek on her hair "…does the way I picked you up in Dhulwadi and during Holi count?" He rested his index and middle finger against hers.

"Nahiin!" She pushed them away "Waisay nahiin!"



"Lekin kyun?" He pouted "I still picked you up! I just added a twirl. It should count"

She shook her head, grinning.

He sighed, annoyed.

"If you think about it, I was actually doing you a favour" He tried again "I'm sure you wouldn't want me to pick you up in THAT way in front of people. Maine tho thumaree izzat bachayee"

"Nahiin, Shaantanuuu!" She smiled, arching her back against him.

"Khanaaak!" His knee hit hers "Dekhna! Aglee baar jab main thumay saab kay saamne utao gah tho pir aisay utao gah. Phir mujhe kuch mat kehna!"

She laughed.

"Waisay, yaay main yahaan rak saktha hoon" He brought his index finger back onto hers "Kyunki jab ham Holi mananay gayay thay maine thumhe utayah that teek aisay hee jab thumhe paang ka nasha charah tha, which you had more than 3 glasses off!"

"Actually, I picked you up three times during that night but you won't count the other two" He sulked, digging his chin into her shoulder.

She shrugged her shoulder to get him off.

"Aapne mujhe paang kyun peenay deeyaah, Shaantanu!"

"Maine kaha peenay diya?" He rested his chin on her shoulder again "Usnay kaha kay tandai hain aur jab main peenay walah tha usnay mujhe rok liyah aur kehnay laga 'khayl khaylna chahthay thay nah? Aab dekho is ka khayl' 'Yaay tandai nahiin hain, yaay paang hain'"

She giggled as he copied the way the watchman kept on shaking his head against her shoulder.

"Main tho thumaray saath ek he khayl khaylna chahtha tha!" He pouted.

She blushed.

"Waisay, Khanaaak… He smiled against her hair "Nashay main thumhe bohoth energy ah jaathi hain" He teased her "Khabhi tho us energy ka sahiin isthamal kiya karo"

"Dhat!" She nudged him with her head.

"Kya dhat?" He looked at her "Sahiin tho kai raha hoon main. Pehlee baar jab thum nashay main thi thum nay mujhe lock up main dhal diya aur doosree baar you gave me a mission to find your hands and feet!"

She laughed.

"Which in case you have forgotten…"

"…yahaan hain thumaray pair…" He whispered, trapping one of her foot in between both of his. He slowly slid her down a little.

"…aur yahaan hain thumaray haath" He flexed his fingers against her hands.

"Just to let you know" He lowered his head.

"Couldn't you have asked me to find the beauty spots on your body instead?" He whispered, kissing the beauty spot on her back just below her shoulder.

She closed her eyes.

"Aht…" She managed to say after getting a hold of herself.

He smiled defeatingly as she freed her foot and pushed herself up again, not onto his shoulder this time.

He began to think.

She laughed as he blew some air out, annoyed.

He gave her head an angry look. He could only think of one.

"I don't care, Khanak!" He pressed his middle and ring finger against hers "Were counting the ones when I picked you up in Dhulwadi and during Holi as well!"

"Nahhin, Shaantanu!" She pushed his fingers away.

"Haan!" He put them back.

"Nahiin!" She pushed them away again.

"Haan!" He squeezed her fingers in between his.


"Ten…" He quickly rested his pinky against hers, ignoring her protests "…on our 300thday anniversary when I carried you downstairs to show you the surprise cake"

"Aab kithnay din hogayay?"

"Don't know. Don't care. But what I do know is that I have finished"

"Shaantanu!" She squealed as he tried to flip her over.

"Whaaat?! I gave 10 !"

"Aht!" She pushed his hands away.

"Khanak, Dhulwadi and Holi ones DO…"

"…NOT count!"

"Shaantanuuu!" He flipped her over.

Khanak, yaaar!"

"Shaantanu, bas keejeeyaay!" She struggled to get out of his tight hold.

He lifted his head to kiss her.

"Warnaah aap ko yaay bhi bathaanah paray gah kay jab aap nay mujhe utayah maine kon say kapraay pehnay huway thay!" She dodged him.

"Eurgh! FINE!" He let her go.

 "Dekhna!" She flipped over.

 "Next time when I pick you up I'm going to make sure to undress you before!" He roughly resumed their hand positions "No matter where we are!" His feet trapped hers.

She grinned victoriously as he began to think.

It took him a couple of minutes.

"Okay, got one…"

"Nine…" He rested his middle finger against hers "When we had decided we wanted to become parents and as an attempt to make love to you I carried you upstairs"

"Thab sab kai rahay thay 'Is ghar main koi bacha anah chahiye' 'Ham dada dadi banay chahthay hain' lekin jo kaam karnah chahiye bache ko is duniyah main lahnay kay liye woh kaam nahiin karnay daythay thay!" He exclaimed, remembering how all the attempts at making use of being alone with his wife were spoilt because of one person or the other.

He shook his head.

She giggled.



"Aap kay dil main kya tha jab doctor nay kahaan kay hamaray ek nahiin balki do bachay honay walay hain?"

"Hmm…" He rested his cheek on her head.

He sighed as he remembered the day. He had accompanied Khanak to her ultrasound scans like he always did. Whilst checking on the baby, the doctor had become puzzled at something else that had shown on the monitor. He had smiled reassuringly at Khanak and held her hand tight when she looked at him, worried. He remembered meeting the eyes of the doctor as she looked back at the couple. The thought 'Oh God, please don't let there be anything wrong' kept running through his head.  He then remembered the emotions that ran through him when she turned back and smiling, pointed to the monitor and said 'It seems baby number 2 doesn't want to hide anymore'.

"…jab pehlee baar sunah tho bohoth khush hogayah tha. Khushi jo dugnee ho gayee thee" He grinned against her hair "Lekin phir baad main mujhe realise huwa kay is ka matlab kay responsibility bhi dhugnee hogayee…tho thorah dhar gya tha"

"Already I was kinda worried about if I would be able to be a good Dad or not. With two babies I began to think if I'm not a good Dad then I'll be a bad Dad times two. I got scared"

Smiling, she squeezed his hand.

"Khanak, I want to give my kids everything that they want. I don't want them to feel anything is lacking in their lives. I want to give them everything that they deserve. Especially love. Which they deserve ALOT of. Every child does"

She heard the hint of sadness in his voice.

Smiling, he looked down at her.

 "Akhir humaree zindagee main ithnee sahree khushi bar dee dono nay"

She nodded, grinning.

"Sometimes I think what if I lack somewhere?" He stared at the ceiling.

"I can't imagine life without them now. Life…just wouldn't be life!" He laughed unbelievingly.

"Patha hain? What someone once asked me?"

"Kya?" She looked back at him.

"Someone asked me a while ago that if we were to have had one child now and the other later which one would I have preferred to be the first born"

"I couldn't choose. I CAN'T choose" He scoffed.

"I can't imagine life with only one of them" He shook his head "No way. Can you?"

She shook her head too.

"After they were born the thought of 'What if there was only one?' never crossed my mind"

He looked at the picture above their bed.

"I mean Sia and no Anaay or Anaay and no Sia?"

He stared at it.


The picture would be incomplete without either one of them.

 "Never" He shook his head.

 "Impossible" He whispered against her head.

"I mean, I don't even like it when one of them is in front of my eyes and when I look around the other is nowhere to be seen"

She chuckled silently, her belly rising.

"I don't like it whenever I take Anaay to get his haircut and you don't let me take Sia along even though you know I won't do anything to her hair" His lips pushed her head.

"I don't like it when one of them wakes up and cries during the night and you bring them over here but you don't let me bring the other one" His leg wrapped around one of hers.

Smiling, she rolled her eyes.

"I don't like it, Khanak" His lips trailed to her ear "Not one bit" They rubbed against it "I hate it" He bit her.

"I SO feel sorry for all those that haven't had a twin experience" He smiled "Only one kid?" He opened his mouth, shocked "How?!" He laughed, shaking his head.

"Lekin ek kaam main unka faidah hain"


"Bachay paidah karnay kah dard" She made a face remembering the pain.

He grinned.

"Really? You haven't forgotten about it yet? I was thinking maybe we could try…"

He smiled as she looked at him shocked.

"I'm joking, Khanak"

"Aglaay bache ko aap aapne koak main rakhiye" She pouted.

"I would but I don't have one"

"Kehnah aisahn hain jab patha hotha kay aisay honah namumkin hain"

"All my children grow here, Khanak…" He gently touched her belly "…before they end up here" He made a cradle out of his arm.

"And I plan to make an army" He whispered into her ear, grinning naughtily.

"Okay, ten…" He rested his ring finger against hers, laughing at her gasp. "…the morning after the very first time I made love to you when I picked you up from the stairs to make love to you all over again"

"And that's full 10!" He intertwined his hand with hers.

"Oh YES!" His hands punched the air.

She laughed.

"Now, Mrs Shaantanu Khandelwal…" Holding her hands again, he flipped her over in a swift movement.

 "Prepare to get ravished!" Grinning, he looked at her lips.

"Ravish meaning?"

"Meaning kyun bathao?" His hands slid along her waist.

She lifted her eyebrows.

"Dikha tha hoon nah"

She squealed as he changed positions, trapping her under him.


Khanak rubbed her face on her husband's arm where she had been sleeping face down and slowly opened her eyes.

She was wearing his shirt. He was wearing his tracksuit bottoms.

She felt his breathing on her head and looked up, admiring his peaceful face.

She kicked herself up and pecked his lips slowly.

She smiled as his lips followed hers as she pulled back, his forehead hitting hers.

She kissed his chin.

Looking down, her eye caught the mark she created on his shoulder. Smiling, she fingered the bump before kissing it softly. She trailed her hand down his arm and linked it with his. Slowly she moved to rest it on her hip. She held it there for a few seconds before letting go.

Shaking his head against hers, he opened his sleep drugged eyes.

She smiled at him.

Without responding, he closed his eyes again.

Groaning unhappily, he slipped his hand under the shirt and engulfed her in his arm, pulling her closer.

He wanted a 'no clothes' policy in bed but had to settle for a 'his clothes only' policy instead.

Smiling, she cuddled into him and cupped his neck, her thumb rubbing it slowly.

"Swihmmm oommm" He mumbled.

She paused.

He mumbled again.

She looked up at him.

He half opened his eyes again. Adjusting her position, he pulled her up, levelling her face with his on his arm. His eyes closed.

"Swimming pool…" He said in a deep, sleepy voice as he rubbed his forehead against hers "…I picked you up…" He pulled her closer "…jab thum giree thee…" His nose trailed along to her cheek "…swimming pool may…"

He caught her big toe in between his toes and pulled her foot in between her legs.

"…that's eleven" He drawled sleepily.

She stared at his face before bursting out into a giggle. He was still lost in last night's game and she found it totally cute!

Laughing, she wrapped her arms around his neck and hugged him tightly, shaking her head.

 "Khanak…" He spoke into her neck.

"Hmm?" Grinning, she pulled back.

 "Go to sleep" He whispered against her forehead before he kissed it.

She giggled and left a long kiss on his cheek before giving into his order, hugging him again. Her smile widened as he hugged her back.

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Eurgh ! Finally ! It is UP ! I spent about an HOUR doing this and I even wrote a nice message at the beginning but IF kept on playing up on me ! God, I'm drained ! So I'm not gonna say anything now as I want to go to sleep and IF took the mick ! But one thing I will say is please leave comments or atleast press 'Like' ! And a lamba comment will make my day ! LOL Oh and I also want you to share with me which 'pickups' were your favourite and why ! Oh and this is for all those that followed 'A Night at the Khandelwals' both silently and unsilently ! Will leave a proper message tomorrow, I am DEAD now ! Eurgh ! I.F ! 

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Posted: 25 November 2011 at 10:32pm | IP Logged
u wrote an OS?! yay!!! *dances away* 

off to read! will comment later! u rock Ani!! <3

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destinylove IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 25 November 2011 at 11:37pm | IP Logged
OMG! loved all ur parts this is after they had twins ..wow !Beautiful Smileshaan is becoming mroe and more romantic after having children.. love it.. good work Smile

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