Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain


Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain
Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain

||VirMan Shadi OS||doJismEkJaan#page10

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Posted: 25 November 2011 at 2:40pm | IP Logged
ROFL so after 'Success of my last Sad OS on them ROFL 
i wrote this :) happy 1 :) its actually continue of the last 1 :) 

anyways here :) 


The last few month bought happiness, love but loads pain too! But now everything is over! All the pain is gone and now its all happiness not in just viren and jeevika's life.
That day not only viren and jeevika tied the knot! But destiny yet again played its game! Game of fate! Which bought manvi and jeevika even closer! That day virat and manvi became one too but who knew they will almost loose manvi! Manvi, their sunshine! 
As manvi and virat's shadi was not proper shadi! Swamini and dadaji announce their shadi again with all the riti riwaz! 
Manvi ke haatho phir se mehndi lage ki! Virat ke naam! 
Manvi phir se dulhan bane gi! Virat ki dulhan! 
Virat was the happiest after jeevika untill swamini announced tht untill their shadi, they cant meet!
Everyone looked @ virat! Teasing him as they know he wont like staying away from his bandariya! Who for the first time stood their blushing! Untill she looked @ virat and to annouye him more she winked @ him and pretended like she did nothing! Virat standing their thought to him self: acha bandariya! Ab dekta hoon kon mujhe rokta hai tumse milne se! Kyunki virat ko jo mana karo, woh wahi kare;)

Evening 5: when jeevika walked in virats room and saw him lost in his phone! She went closer to see wat made him so lost! She goes closer to his bed! Bends down and sees virat lost in manvi's photo tht he captured and she laughs to her self and snatchs the fone from virat's hand which brings him back to sense and runs after jeevika to get his fone: bhabi! Babhi ek minute ( and contimuea chasing her, jeevika laughin and running)
Jeevika: hahahaha dewar ji! Humse seena jori! Tabhi dekhon janab aj kal kahan koya rehta hai( and confuses him around so he doesnt catch her, untill viren lands home sees babhi devar chasing each othet and laughs and walks to them)
Viren goes to jeevika who hides behind him: arre arre yahan kya ho raha hai hum bhi jane
Virat still tryin to get his fone says: bhai babhi ko dekhiye mera fone nahin de rahe
Jeevika laughing: hahaha nahin dhoongi! Bataon tumhare bhai ko;) dikaon? 
Curious viren asks wat? And than jeevika shows him the photo of manvi in what virat was lost in and both viren jeevika continues teasing him and virat snatches the fone from jeevika and then all 3 laugh!
Jeevika walks to virat: aye mein apni devar ko aise nahin deksakti! 
Viren who walks to jeevika n puts his arms around her saying: lekin hum kar kya sakte hain
Virat: babhi kuch toh karo na app warna mere bhai toh ehsaan faramosh nikle! Mana meine apko drunk kiya lekin sirf babhi se milwane ke liye! Aur aaj apne iss masoom bhai ke madat nahin karenge ( and throws a pillow on him, jeevika laughs and walks to him and pulls his cheek saying) awww mere devar ko uski bandariya se mein milwaongi( hearing this there is a big smile on his face and shouts) sachi babhi? 
Jeevika winks and says: muchi;)
And all 3 leave on their way to guest house! 
Manvi laying on her bed is blushing and says : meri shadi hone wali hai! Aur woh bhi chep ke saath ( untill she hears music outside the window and she runs to her window and is shocked seeing jeevika with virat and viren down singin and dancing.
Jeevika holds 1 virat hand and 1 viren and starts singing: lo chali mein apne devar ki barat leke! Lo chali mein ( and points @ manvi standing there and blushing! Hearing the music BG, chacha, chachi and dabbu too come out and just laughing @ jeevika's this fun side.
 While singing jeevika lands to manvi's room and brings her out! And continues dancing with her untill pushes her towards virat, jo mauke ka fayda utta ke holds her tight where they dont know BG and all r too standing there looking @ them untill jeevika turns around and sees BG and is shocked and says : BG? ( hearing this virat lets manvi go and all r scared untill BG starts walking towards them. Viren standing there tries to defend them but BG scars them even more by showing him her hand to stop n not talk and continues to virman, who r looking down, untill BG starts laughing with them and walks to jeevika holds her hears and says shaitan and tells thm to leave before swamini and all get to know and walk away! Jeevika tells virat to come with them but he shows them sign of giving them some time and they laugh and starts walking away untill manvi wants to go with them untill a strong forced pulled her towards him: kahan ja rahe ho bandariya! Itna mehnat ki mehne! 
Manvi: acha ( and pinches him so that he can let go and again wants to walk away untill he holds her hand and pulls her towards him saying) ab tum tab tak nahin jaoge! Jab tak tum mujhe ek kiss nahin doge! 
Manvi: KISS :o ? Pagal hogaye ho? Kisi ne dekh liya toh? Tum hamesha chep hi rahoge!
Virat: ofc bandariya! Ab yeh chep tumhe tab tak nahin jaane dega untill u kiss ;) 
Manvi after makin so much xcuses starts getting closer to him! His lips were waiting to collide with hers, untill naughty manvi laughs, slaps him and runs away pushing him away! He stood their laughin : aaj toh chor diya! Lekin aana toh isse chep ke paas hai ;) and walks away smiling!

It was the day! The day virat waited for. Finally the day him and manvi will become 1.
Viren who was ready long back waiting for jeevika to come out.
Viren: jeevika shadi hamari sali sahiba ki hai , aur waise bhi hum ne toh apko kab ka pasand karli ab apko humein impress karne ki zaroorat nahin( in a mischiecious tone, untill jeevika opened the door and stepped out of changing room dressed in a white and blue saree, looking like an angel that viren just couldnt take his eyes off)
Jeevika: uff akir hamari bhen ki shadi hai, upar se doubke treat hamare devar ke saath! Mujhe toh acha dikna hi hai!
Viren: aye pata nahin kitne gayal honge aaj( holding his heart)
Jeevika hittin him slowly: ap bhi! Ab chalein ? Virat intezaar kar raha hoga! ( and they left)
Virat who was damn nervous and kept checking himself in the mirror and jeevika and viren entred)
Virat: babhi aplog ab arahe ho! 
( jeevika and viren smile and walk to him sayin)
Viren: uff itna toh manvi bhi na gabrahe! Mere bhai aaj shadi hai! Chill
Jeevika: uff hamare devar toh kya lag rahe hain, ab jaldi chalo neeche( they take him to the mandap)
Virat after greeting all the adults, sits on his place waiting for his lady love to come down! Untill jeevika places her hand on his shoulder and points @ the stairs, where manvi dressed in red and golden bridal dress, looking like an angel, walking down the stairs, looking down. Jeevika standing next to virat, looking @ her sister as a bride, tears coming down her eyes *flashback* how when they were kids and always use to play wedding games and how manvi never wanted to be a bride as she always use to say she will never marry and will always stay with her jiji, untill viren brings her back to sense by holding her shoulder, jeevika in tears walks to the corner and viren runs after her. Jeevika hugs him tight crying: viren ji ! Meri mannu bari hogaye! Aaj uski shadi hai! ( untill some1 says) : nahin di! Apki mannu ab bhi wahi hai( jeevika turns around and runs and hugs her tight, both share an emotional moment , untill viren tries to make them laugh)
Viren: sali sahiba! Todha ansoo bacha ke rako! Abhi bidai mein time hai aur make up karab hojayr ga!( and all 3 laugh and viren and jeevika together follow manvi to mandap, where virat was waiting for manvi, she sits down, still her eyes down, untill virat tells her)
Virat: aye bandariya kya lag rahe ho( manvi blushes untill he finishes his sentence saying) aise jaise kisi bandariya ka face ko make up mein dobaya( manvi gives him the annouyed look and gives him a pinch)
Virat: oucj! Sorry sorry! Mazak kar raha ta! Waise baut sundar lag rahe ho!
Manvi woh toh hai! Aur waise tum bhi ache lag rahe ho! 
Untill the marriage ritual starts and chacha comes to do the kanyadan! Pandit asks them to stand for thr phere's. Jeevika comes and ties the knot and helps mannu to get up as her bridal lehenga was very heavy! The phere's starts by virat behind mannu, untill pandit asks them to switch! This is when manvi felt a buzz and dizzy. She holds virat tight who realize she aint well and carries her in hia arms and finishes the phere's . Seeing manvi's health, they didnt drag the shadi rasam's and started the bidai rasam! Manvi during bidai shares an emotional moment with BG, chacha, chachi and dabbu. 

Manvi's 1st step in vadhera house as the bahu of the house! Swamini and vanshika tells jeevika to go get the talli! Its time for girpravesh! And naughty virat refuses to step in and when asked the reason, he carries mannu in hia arms, and says now he is ready! Everyone laughs and the girpravesh rasam is done!
Swamini tells jeevika to take manvi to her room as she looked really tired and needs rest untill kadambari says: arre jiji! Abbhi raat baki hai( and winks @ virat who just wants to go to his room with hia bandariya) ab bhi toh ring wali game hai!
Virat: ring? 
Kadambari: yes mere thop! Ring is mein pata chalega ke kis ki chale gi!
Virat: oh! Yea to meri left hand ka kham hai! Iss bandariya ko aise hara doonga!
Manvi: acha ji! We will see!
Kadambari laughs: hajhaha mere SRK/ Kajol phirse shuru! Jeevika lets start the game before this turns into a war zone!
( they make them sit opposite each other, and places a huge bowl filled with milk and rose petals, and jeevika throws the ring in it and asks them to find it! Jeevika and vanshika supporting manvi where kadambari, viren and swamini supporting virat)
Viren: chal mere bhai izzat ka sawal hai!
Kadambari: tussi to thop ho humsab ki hope ho! Ab izzat bacha lena!
Swamini: haaan virat! Ab vadhera kandan ki izzat tumhare haath mein hai( virat and manvi not even listening to them and r looking @ each other, while both looking for thr ring, naughty virat holds her hand inside and winks @ her and manvi tries to escape, but virat smiling to her slowly hands the ring in her palm and she just smiles @ him and shows everyone the ring untill kadambari says: aye kya pyaar hai!
( all the masti is over and manvi was taken to her room, where jeevika places her on the bed filled with flowers and sits in the room with her and asks everyone to give them some time alone)
Jeevika looking @ manvi : meri bhen bari hogaye ( and hugs her) ab tum iss ghar ki izzat ho! Ab hum dono ke liye iss ghar ki izzat hi sub kuch hai! Jo bhi ho manvi! Hum apne beech kabhi dooriya nahin aane denge! Ab bale hum dono ke beech devrani aur jethani ka rishta agaya lekin hum hamesha behnein rahenge! (and places her hand on hers and share a great moment, untill viren and virat enters the room)
Viren to virat: bhai ab toh hamein bilkuul ehmiyat nahin ! Behn jo agaye!
Jeevika: acha ji( and walks to her and holds his ears and drags him out leaving the love birds alone)

Virat turns around and locks the room and walks towards manvi!

Part 2 - page 10

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Posted: 25 November 2011 at 2:47pm | IP Logged
haha loved it..
when is the next part coming??

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@naazma : thnks <3
hhehheeheh when i feel like writtin or FB/IF let me ROFL 
tho Soon <3 

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Aww Naima <3 Thnks Alot <3

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Awesome! Loved it!! Big smileBig smile

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thnks Sanju <3

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LOL manal y did u stop ... Cliffhanger continue soon plzzz:)


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Posted: 25 November 2011 at 3:14pm | IP Logged
i love ur OS 
plz PM me as soon as u update!!

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