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FF Going Forward KMH-PartVI-Page24 (Page 6)

myviewprem IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 07 May 2012 at 12:03am | IP Logged
Scene417 Raj-Gunjan's who is best?

Arjun keeps observing his father during lunch. His father is very silent and speaks only when someone ask him something or he wants to tell something. Gunjan is very close to him and Karan hero worships his father. Karan and Gunjan both seem to love PRS more and are very close to him. Karan understands everything that his father feels and will never tell outside world. He keeps giving these glancing looks at PRS on his comments. They are more like best buddies very close. Yashodhara although acts mature in front of others starts acting like a kid when PRS is around. PRS also treats her very protectively and like a child. Dadaji never came on trip but PRS keeps calling palace every hour to know how he is?


Raj and Gunjan have started their arguments- who is best

Raj: I am best

Gunjan: I am best

Raj: I have playstation

Gunjan: I have 2 playstations

Raj: I stay in huge building and can see half city from top terrace

Gunjan: I can see stars in night from terrace

Raj: I have balcony

Gunjan: I have garden

Raj: I have Blacky

Gunjan: I have horses in stable

Raj: I get first rank in class

Gunjan: I get first medal in sports

Raj: My dad loves me most

Gunjan: My dad loves me most and my mom also loves me most

Raj: My mom loves(stops)

Raj: No you win this time. Your mom loves you most and starts crying

Arjun gets up and goes to his chair

Arjun: raj, stop crying baby please what happened and hugs him

Raj: dad, mom does not love me or you

Arjun: No baby, nothing like that. She will come back


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myviewprem IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 08 May 2012 at 12:07am | IP Logged

Scene418 Raj's fears


Raj: No no no first my real mom left me now my other mom also left you because I came in your life. One day you will also leave me in hostel and cries

Arjun: No baby, who told you all this Raj?

Raj: One boy in class. His parents used to fight and after divorce both remarried and left him in hostel. You will also remarry after divorce and leave me back in hostel I know

Arjun looks at PRS and Karan

Arjun: Never Raj, no matter what I will never leave you in hostel baby. really baby

Raj: Promise

Arjun: Promise stop crying (wipes his tears).  And who told you I will remarry again. Your mom is my wife for life

Raj: then why she and her family want divorce and do not like you and me? I just hate them.

Arjun in tears: Nothing like that baby. Its just a misunderstanding. Your mom will come back to us one day.

Raj wipes Arjun tears.

Raj: Do not cry daddy. I am there for you no and Blacky is there, Gunjan is there. We will always be with you. Stop crying.

Gunjan also starts crying and Blacky howling

Gunjan goes to Arjun: Yes Arjun bhaiya, raj, I and Blacky will always be with you. Do not cry and wipes his tears. And aunty will come back.

Arjun hugs Gunjan and Raj

Yashodhara also is crying. PRS and Karan feel sorry for Arjun.

Karan: Okkk Okkk so lets declare result of who is best contest?


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myviewprem IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 08 May 2012 at 12:11am | IP Logged
Scene419 PRS questions Arjun

Raj, Gunjan and Arjun look at him

Karan: The winner is neither Raj nor Gunjan.

Gunjan and Raj: Then?

Karan: Its Arjun who is the best

All smile.

PRS: Good judgment Karan

Raj, Gunjan and Blacky run off to play

Karan and Yashodhara also go inside palace.

PRS: Arjun, why your wife and her family want divorce from you? Because of Raj

Arjun: No Sir, some old family feud


Arjun: And I was not in good work neither am I a good human being so they want a better person as her husband

PRS: Nonsense, you are one of the best human I have met, no masks, saying as it is openly. I can vouch without knowing your background but a few interaction that you are a great human being. Some one who can adopt a child and not reveal to world even his wife that the kid is not his despite knowing who the kids real parents are is a great human being. And I am sure many people in the world must be abusing you because they think you have had illicit relationship with Raj's mom especially your family and wife. And someone who loves my Gunjan like his own child can never be bad.
Arjun thinking: Papa Gunjan and Karan are my siblings they are like my own children only. They are my own family. Why will I not love them like my own children indeed I am not at all a good brother or son. I do not take care of you, mom and dadaji or help you to reduce your work load. neither do I take care of my small siblings like any elder brother does. I feel very bad and guilty about that papa.
PRS: What are you thinking Arjun?

Arjun: Nothing Sir, all humans do fault as they do good things. I have also done faults in life.

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myviewprem IF-Sizzlerz

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Scene420 Karan's expert advice


Karan comes and sits

Karan: Arjun, Raj loves you very much. I am scared that if he comes to know you are not his real father his heart will break

 Arjun: I will never tell him that I am not his real father.

PRS: you may not tell but truth can never be hidden. It comes out one day or other

PRS gets a call and gets tensed after call

Karan: What happened daddy?

PRS: That land issue. How to resolve it?

Arjun: What land issue Sir?

PRS: Farmers do not want to give land but state government has already signed MOU with corporate. Now what to do? I am new to this politics, never wanted to join but the PM forced me said your 5 generations were there so you also join now that you are India.

Arjun gives an idea. Do like that and see sir?

PRS: Good idea. I will try that. Thanks Arjun. You are great. From now on I have any problems in politics I will bug you can I? if you do not mind?

Arjun: Sir, you can bug me for anything in world

Karan: Except girlfriends and wife problems. For that you both can come to me for advice OK. And no free service. Chocolates mandatory for my expert advice.

PRS: Yeah, I will give you bribe now for your expert advices. I have to save you from your mother and sister both keep fooling you and taking advantage of you. And I will pay you service charge to know how to handle girls. You are impossible Karan.

Arjun laughs



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sreeja_rox IF-Sizzlerz

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aww poor Raj and Arjun!!!!Bring bak Arohi pleasee..missing her like nythng!!!!
myviewprem IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 08 May 2012 at 11:58am | IP Logged
Scene421 Karan true self  

Karan seepishly: Okkk Okkk come for any expert advice on handling all girls in this world except for my mother and sister. No expert can give any advice on handling your own mothers and sisters.

PRS: That applies to you only. I had no issues handling my mother and cousin sisters very well. Why are you including all men? No Arjun

Arjun laughs

Karan caught in back foot thinks what to do? Karan gets an idea.

Karan seriously: Arjun, can you handle your sister and mother?

Arjun: Who me?

Karan: Yes, can you handle your sister and mother?

Arjun looks at mom and Gunjan sitting a bit far thinking: Handle, my mom and sister are the most innocent people in this world. They will agree to anything I say if I ask them to. Why will I want to handle them?

Karan tensed: Tell no?

Arjun looks at Karan looking at him pensively

Arjun: No ways

Karan very happy: See see papa even Arjun cannot handle his mother and sister

PRS smiles and shakes his head. PRS knows Arjun was just saying yes to please Karan.PRS looks at Arjun and smiles. Arjun too smiles knowingly.

Karan happiness and winning matters much more to Arjun than any truth in this world. And right now Karan's smile at winning over his father is the cutest smile he has seen in life. Today Arjun discovered how pure at heart Karan a King in waiting yet so innocent in thoughts was without any pretence of a very rich royal.
At this picnic Karan had shown his true self in front of Arjun and Raj two outsiders to his family circle because till now Karan had only shown his very mature and responsible side everytime they met him. First time he let go his inhibition and showed his true self in front of Arjun. May be Raj and Blacky had understood Karan's true self long back hence they had become so close to him.
Gunjan comes running and sits on his lap: what mother and sister talks were going on?

PRS and Arjun look at Karan to answer. Gunjan looks at him.

Karan: Off ohhh chutki why are you bothered about  mother and sister talks? You are our dadi maaa nooo

Gunjan satisfied and does not probe further. PRS and Arjun smile. Karan is very good with words especially with small kids. Thank God they are saved from Gunjan's probing questions.

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mysticlover IF-Dazzler

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just read last few updates... i think there was some problem in PRS's childhood... because i am adding up something dadaji said long back and the fact that PRS always wore long sleeves... i will wait for you to reveal the secret and then i will know if i am right... and i really hope that arohi comes back to arjun... 

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myviewprem IF-Sizzlerz

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Scene422 Arohi-Karan first meeting

One day Arohi has gone with Shefali to the restaurant to have dinner. The restaurant is a 7 star hotel owned by PRS group. Arohi in between goes to the restroom. While returning from the restroom she collides with Karan who has just coming in for a meeting.

Karan: I am sorry

Arohi: No nooo its fine, I am sorry. Its my fault I was on phone and dashed against you

Karan: That's fine

Arohi looks at Karan surrounded by security, PA, managers etc. She feels she has seen this young person somewhere, where? She cannot remember and keeps staring at him to recognise.

Karan meanwhile has no clue of who Arohi is at least by face. Although his mother had told him to see the photo of the girl whose proposal had come for him since Karan was not interested in marriage he had not bothered to check who Arohi was?

Karan: Excuse me

Arohi: Ohhh sorry

Karan leaves for the meeting in his hotel on top floor.

Shefali is watching all this from the table. She starts teasing Arohi once she comes back to table.

Shefali: What a handsome young man? Full flirting Arohi, I have to call Arjun and tell his marriage is in danger

Arohi angry: What nonsense? I was trying to remember where I saw him before but cannot remember.

Finally at 11pm Arohi and Shefali ask for the bill. But Shefali has not got her purse and Arohi has also thought her credit card was in the purse but its not there. She has no clue where they are. The bill is brought to the waiter and Arohi tells him the dilemma. The waiter says he will speak to manager and be back but manager is adamant for the money. Since its late they do not want their family to come so far to pay a few thousand rupees bill. Shefali and Arohi wondering what to do? Karan is leaving the place after meeting and finds Arohi and Shefali tensed speaking to manager. Karan enquires what the matter is to the Manager of hotel and when he learns that the girls have no money to pay he asks manager to forgo the money and let the go without paying and not take money from them. Karan leaves for the day back to his house.  
Manager: Ma'am you both can leave for the night, you need not pay bill

Arohi and Shefali: Thanks a lot Sir, we will come and pay tomorrow morning

Manager: No Ma'am you need not pay, the owner of this hotel has told me to not take money from you. So you need not come tomorrow and pay. Please we are sorry we made you wait so long consider today's dinner as paid.

Arohi and Shefali: Buttt

Manager: Please      

Arohi and Shefali: Thanks also, who is the owner of this place?

Manager: Mahraj Prithvi Raj Sisodia

Arohi and Shefali shocked: Maharaj PRS, he told to forgo our bill

Manager: No, Yuvarj Karan Sisodia told to forgo the bill

Arohi and Shefali: Is he here? We would like to thank Yuvrajji

Manager: No, he has left already. Its OK, you both can leave.

Arohi and Shefali: OK, thanks, tell thanks to Yuvrajji

Arohi and Shefali drive back to house wondering who this Yuvraj is?

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