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FF Going Forward KMH-PartVI-Page24 (Page 3)

myviewprem IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 30 April 2012 at 12:51am | IP Logged
Originally posted by idunno

sounds like story goes round and round around gunjan only it doesn't move forward what happen to rudra ,rashi,and arjun;s another brother?Arjun and Arohi became like an guest appearance and gunjan and karan become in lead role common move forward story line don't go in circle almost one year has finish kmh2 gone off the air but this story is not moving forward only, creative of kmh has deceived the viewers by changing the story line by keeping us in limbo and didn't open suspense and hang the story line without giving any logic explanation,i think you will move forward with the story line with viewers expectation but i am disappointed, many times don't bother to read full episode but still press like button in the appreciation of your effort to write.
As mentioned before
In my FF there are 3 heroes PRS, Arjun and Karan and 3 heroines Yashu, Gunjan and Arohi. All will have equal parts to play in story as the story i am writing is not arjun-arohi love story but arjun's background story. Yes love story will be there between prs-rukmini, prs-yashu, arjun-arohi but they will only come at appropriate time in story as per story requirement only love storys is only part of the entire story not the entire story itself
regarding karan and gunjan becoming main leads overtaking arjun-arohi i have already mentioned in my first part this story is not based on arjuhi love story but more of finding out how arjun becaome orphan and how he then gets his real family back and what all trouble he faces on the way. yes arjun-arohi story will be there but not currently their story will only be brought later. and karan has hardly been around till 350 eipsodes so just because past 4-5 scenes if karan saved gunjan and became hero i think its ok. you should not assume that does not make arjun look like 2nd lead
i want to establish the characters of sisodia family and their relation with arjun and each other before exposing truth to all of them otherwise the story will become different.

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myviewprem IF-Sizzlerz

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Scene405 Karan unwell

Karan comes down to the stadium walking slowly with Rashmi: Chutkiii

PRS and Gunjan are laughing and playing unmindful of Karan's or Arjun's presence. Karan stands smiling looking at chutki and papa playing. They remind him of his childhood when he would sleep on papa's legs and he would rock him back and forth.

Karan sees Arjun watching his papa-sister play: Arjun, you hereee?

PRS stops playing abruptly realizing someone has come and Gunjan climbs down his legs

PRS gets up and turns back: Arjunnn? When did you come?

Arjun walks over and bends his eyes sheepish : I came just now, to to meet Karan Sirrr


Karan scolding: Chutkiii have milk and breakfast fast. Why you are troubling everyone? Go and have breakfast. Rashmi take her to mom and tell mom to feed her breakfast

Rashmi: Ok bhaiyaa and takes Gunjan along

PRS: Karan, you must not walk and rest. Why did you come here?

Karan: Its OK papa, I am bored sitting in that room

Arjun: Baby seems to have forgotten her last night ordeal

PRS: She is like that only, gets scared at that moment and then forgets.

Arjun smiles: Kids are like that innocent, will forget ordeal in seconds, how are you Karan?

Karan: I am fine buddy

PRS: Come Arjun, lets go inside

Arjun, PRS and Karan start walking back towards palace

Blood starts coming out of Karan's nose. Karan turns back and wipes it so that PRS and Arjun do not get scared.

PRS: Karan what happened?

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myviewprem IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 30 April 2012 at 7:03pm | IP Logged

Scene406 Doctor's diagnosis


Karan: Nothing papa, lets gooo

Arjun sees blood on Karan's palm: Karan, blooddd

PRS panicks: Blood, Karan what happened?

Karan: Nothing papa, just a little blood

Blood starts coming out from his nose

PRS tensed holds Karan: Karan, blood from nose? What happened? Tell me no

Karan holds his head: My head is aching a lot papa

Arjun and PRS holds his hand and make him sit near lake. Arjun gives his handkerchief to stop the blood flow from his nose. 

PRS: Look on top Karan, do not look down

PRS dials Manoj(PRS driver): Manoj, get the car to lake, we have to go to hospital

Arjun wets another handkerchief and tells Karan to place wet cloth on his nose

PRS: Karan, blood in nose? From when are you getting it

Karan: When I slept and woke up I felt my head heavy and found a bit of blood on my pillow

PRS scolding: Why you never told Yashu or me?

Yashu, Dadaji and Gunjan hear news and come running out

Yashu crying and Gunjan scared

Gunjan: Baaa, why blood is coming in your nose?

Karan: Nothing chutki, do not worry

PRS: Angelll, do not speak, your Baa is unwell.   

PRS, Arjun and Manoj drive Karan to hospital.

Doctor: Sir, Yuvraj has got a blow on his head may be

PRS: Blow on head???

Arjun: Yes yesterday he fell down on his head when the car hit himmm

Doctor: Car hit him????

Karan: I I was hit by car and fell on my head on concrete floor

Dr: No wonder, that's why you have headache and blood in nose. Its by head trauma caused by the hit on your head. See usually what happens is that once you are hit it takes a few days to know extent of injury. There is no medicine or way to find extent of head trauma other than CT Scan.

Karan: No doctor, I do not want CT scan, its because of yesterday's hit, its not sever.

Doctor: OK, you go and take complete bed rest for a few days. If it bleeds again call me, I will come and we will do a CT scan check.

PRS: Thank you doctorrr

Arjun gets a call from Billu and leaves to office after leaving Karan and PRS home.  


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myviewprem IF-Sizzlerz

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Scene407 Arjun's first outing with family

Arjun, Raj and Blacky join Karan, Gunjan, Yashodhara and PRS on trip on Sunday morning at 6am. Arjun leaves his car in their house and goes in their vehicle only. The entire place Gunjan and Raj are playing and fighting and making hungama even in the car. They have the breakfast which Yashodhara has got packed from home. Gunjan is least bothered about food so Yashodhara feeds her the Roti's as she is busy playing. Raj also wants to be fed so Yashodhara tells Arjun she will do it and feeds him too.


Seeing that Karan also does not want to eat out of his hand and just wants Yashodhara to feed him like Gunjan and Raj. His reason he does not want to dirty his hands. Hearing that PRS, Arjun and the driver Manoj laugh. They all know Karan wants to eat out of his mother's hand but giving all bahana he has also become a small kid and wants attention of his mother.

So now Yashodhara is feeding Gunjan, Raj and Karan in the car one piece of roti at a time. Arjun instead of eating his roti's is staring at Yashodhara feeding Karan, Gunjan and  Raj. How he wishes his mother feeds him too?
Finally Yashodhara finishes feeding Karan, Gunjan and Raj. She looks at Arjun who has just had half chapatti and feels he must also be wanting to eat from her hand too and gives him a piece of Roti. Arjun is shocked but very happy and chokes on food with happiness. PRS gives him water to drink. Imagine Arjun's luck mother fed him and father gave him water. After such luck he finishes his Roti's in seconds. Even more luck he is sitting flanked by his parents on either side in the car. 
PRS seeing all this and remembers his mother feeding him and gets emotional. Karan catches his mood first.

Karan: Papa, what happened? You look upset                                         

PRS just shakes his head as he is choking

Yashu: What happened Prithvi?

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myviewprem IF-Sizzlerz

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Scene408 Karan's dadimaa

PRS choking: Nothing when you were feeding kids I remembered my mother used to feed me the same way in car sometimes when we would travel

Arjun too gets emotional remembering his Rukmini mom. How he wished she was there with him and papa today as a family?

Karan holds papa's shoulder to comfort him.

Gunjan: Arjun bhaiya, can I take a piece of your Roti

Arjun looks at Gunjan emotional not really understanding what she was saying.

Yashodhara: You want more I will give you. Do not take from Arjun's plate

Gunjan: I just need one piece mama

Arjun forwards his plate and Gunjan takes the piece: Dad turn back

PRS turns back

Gunjan feeds him the Roti saying: You say no I am your mother reincarnated think your mother fed you

PRS has wet eyes and eats it. Yashu and Karan smile.

Karan holds PRS shoulder to console him: Ohhh we forgot my dadimaaa is here only. Papa dadimaaa is here only and you are feeling sad what is this?

Gunjan: Karan beta, keep quiet else dadi maa will give you one slap and shows her hand

Karan folds his hand: Maaf ki jiye dadimaaa pleaseee

All laugh. PRS smiles choking. His kids will start comedy in serious emotional situations also.
Yashu passes the water bottle to Arjun and he gives his father water to drink.

Arjun looks at Karan and Gunjan. His siblings suddenly have turned from serious mature people to small naughty kids in the car.

Karan has become kid only in Raj and Gunjan's company. All three sit in back seat and keep playing. Blacky is not far behind he is bored in company of old people that includes Arjun. He has taken extra liking for Karan because Karan never shouts at him for biting his shoe or jumping on him like Arjun. He jumps from between PRS and Arjun in 2nd seat and lands straight on top of Karan in back seat. When 3 kids Gunjan, Raj and Karan are enjoying can 4th kid be behind is his idea.

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myviewprem IF-Sizzlerz

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Scene409 Karan gets blasted by parents

By the time they reach other palace all 4 have become thick friends and are too lost in games, jokes, fighting etc to realize they have reached.

Arjun, PRS and Yashodhara turn back and what do they see Karan is lying on seat Raj is wrestling with him on top of him and Blacky also on top of Karan licking him non stop wagging his tail and Gunjan is trying to pull Raj and Blacky from her Ba as he has injured his leg last week only. All three are on top of Karan. Karan is smiling so much Arjun had never seen such a cute smile on his baby brother's face ever since he met him.

Yashodhara: Offf ohhh this Karan becomes a kid only with kids

PRS stares at Karan. His son acts like one small kid sometimes.

PRS ordering: Karan, leave Raj and that dog and get up.

Karan immediately stops wrestling with Raj and Raj gets down. Karan lifts Blacky and places him down and sits up

Karan serious: Sorry Sorry papa

Arjun smiles: Its OK Sir, Karan is small only
PRS stares at Karan and shakes his head. What does he do with his son? He has to take care of such a huge empire but acts like a kid sometimes.

PRS: Small? At his age people take care of entire families and are so responsible. Do you know Bill Gates was owner of his company at your age? And youuu

PRS stares at Karan. Karan bends his head. He is the elder son should not have acted like a kid with Raj and Gunjan. Gunjan and Raj keep quiet and look at Karan with pity. They were enjoying so much may be too much. Because of them Karan got scolding.
Blacky barks. May be he is scolding PRS how dare you scold my Karan?

PRS irritated: Now I have to take permission of this dog to speak with my son is it?

Gunjan and Raj giggle. PRS stares at them. They keep quiet.

Karan pets Blacky to make him quiet

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myviewprem IF-Sizzlerz

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Scene410 Arjun consoles Karan

They reach the palace at 9am only. Its 90 Kms from the other palace. Its an even bigger palace than the one in which they live with lake and many trees and a golf course etc.Blacky is so excited seeing such a huge place he just disappears with Raj and Gunjan for company to explore the huge place. This place has horses too.

Arjun holds Karan shoulders to console him. His parents seem to be a bit too strict on Karan. Always reminding him of his responsibilities and that he is big.

Arjun can understand he also had to shoulder RPS business responsibilities at a young age. But he had Michael, Makrand, Billu and Rashi to help him not alone like Karan.

Poor Karan he also seems to have his elder brother's fate only too many responsibilities and expectation at a young age. And then extra expectation of a certain behavior because he is a Crown Prince and royal. And no bigger siblings to advice or share his responsibility.  
Karan holds Arjun's hand on his shoulder and smiles as if to say "Its OK Arjun. I am fine. I did not feel bad".
Arjun does not know Karan has shouldered his family's responsibilities handholding Yashodhara taking care of dadaji and Gunjan in illness from age of 7-8 years. He has always taken adult responsibilities from a young age very young age of 7-8 and helping in his father's business from 15 years old. No wonder at 22 years he can make business decisions so fast after all he has 7-8 years of experience handling the business and observing his father and other senior managers.
Very rarely he lets go off his maturity and become a child in company of his sister. But that's only in the confines of his house when no outsiders are around in the seclusion of his or her bedroom where even servants or his parents cannot see him playing with her dolls and cars, skipping with her, playing hide and seek with her, reliving a childhood he never had through his baby sister.
But though he had taken adult responsibilities at a very young age his heart was a childs. Karan thinks today may be exceeded his limits by becoming a kid with other children in front of others and feels guilty.

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nic updates!!!!!Smile missing Arohi though!!!

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