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There was peculiar silence being maintained by the duo in the car. The earlier happenings and their own reactions were no less than a shock to both of them. The passion they had gone through in the last hour was horrifying.


Her lips were aching and trembling like anything. Her heart was hammering hard against her ribs. All she wished was to swallowed by or get evaporated in the air that very moment.


Charu just wanted to evaporate in the air than to face him ever again. Every thing was too sudden for her to make complete sense. She had never been this close to guy ever before. She simply wanted to run to her room and lock herself from the world.


Though everything was impulsive for Aditya too but it wasn't any shock to him. In fact this was something he was dreading me might end up doing which had made him keep distance from her.




She quietly went to her room and stretched on the couch bundled in a blanket. In no possibility she could have put up a fight with him for the bed tonight. Her heart was thudding at slightest noise in the anticipation of his arrival. But after an hour she felt too tired and drowsy and was off to sleep.


Adi did not return to his room after dinner. He was in his study till late night and then slept on the couch in his study; it was another thing that he couldn't sleep actually.


Whole night her scared features haunted him. But why should he care so much? Why couldn't his heart rest for a second?


It was almost dawn when he irritatingly got up after trying real hard to sleep at least for a while. He was never like this. Nothing ever bothered him so much. He was more annoyed at himself than anyone else. The girl wouldn't allow him a moment of peace and still he felt an indispensable urge for seeing her again. What was wrong with him? She wasn't any goddess that his day won't start without seeing her. And he could easily see her in the morning. Surely he won't go to see her. Never…




He was unusually nervous when he opened the door to his room. Come on, it was his room only after all. But then suddenly all he smiled as he saw sleeping on the floor with the blanket around her. She must have fallen down. He felt a pang of guilt as he remembered how he had forced her to sleep on the couch when she had said that she wasn't comfortable there.


He slowly went to her and sat on his knees beside her. She was sleeping serenely quite in contrast to his rough sleepless night. He quietly lifted her with the blanket and made her lie on the bed. She shifted at the movement but then was at peace on the comfortable bed. He sat down beside her. It was quiet surprising as he felt unknown warmth being close to her. The storm he had faced whole night suddenly bombed into oblivion. He no longer wanted to judge what was happening to him. He needed to soothe his aching heart. After a long time of staring her sleeping peacefully, he bent his head slowly and kissed her forehead making her smile in her sleep.




It was a Sunday but Adi had left early morning. Charu came out of her room in long blue top and grey jeans up to her knees. She went to Sarojini's room and found her packing her clothes.


"You are going somewhere grandma?"


Sarojini looked up to her and then said looking away "Yes Charu, I was about to tell you."


Charu's face fell at the conformity of her doubt. She sat on the bed holding her hands "You can't go like this again"


Sarojini lovingly put one hand on her head "I'll return soon child"


"Take me with you then"


Sarojini was tensed now. She said freeing her hand from hers "You can't come with me Charu."


"You always do this. Always leave me alone. You don't love me grandma" she complained crossing her hands like a little kid.


"Who doesn't love my princess?" Sanjay asked dramatically while entering the room.


Charu ran to him hand hugged him sideways "Papa now a days you two frequently leave me alone"


"You are not alone Charu. Adi will be there" Sarojini said smiling.


Charu's heart made a loud thud at the mention of his name and she worriedly wondered if they had heard the noise of her heart. After composing herself she mentioned ironically "He has changed."


Sanjay and Sarojini had no idea in which reference she was talking about. They had noticed Adi's aloof behavior since months but he was always buried in his studies.


"Charu he was busy with his studies" Sanjay assured her.


Charu smiled at him weakly and then helped them in their packing. 




It was late evening when Aditya returned back home. Charu was sitting on the huge sofa in the living room talking over the phone when she saw him.


"Anki I'll talk to you later" she said softly and hanged up the phone.


She was waiting for him for long. Grandma had said that he hadn't even taken his breakfast. But he must have eaten something outside. Still she was worried.


But when he came she lost all the powers to face him. Whole day she had prepared herself to behave nonchalantly in front of him as if nothing had changed between them. But as she saw him her heart hammered crazily.


Aditya saw her sitting on the sofa. He turned around and called for grandma.


She opened her mouth to inform him but her voice got stuck in her throat.


He called again and then a servant came and informed him that his grandmother and father had left in the afternoon. He quietly went to his room.


She turned her head as he was leaving. Won't he talk to her anymore again? It was crazy to feel disappointed at such an insignificant matter as she had many other topics to worry about.


He didn't come out and she was getting tensed by every passing moment. She finally gave up and went to his room with a plate of food.


"Why don't you eat something?" she said looking anywhere but him.


He was actually taken aback. He never expected her to talk to him ever after last night.

"I am not hungry" he said softly.


There he was, always self obsessed. And here she had brought food for him keeping aside all her ego and he didn't bother to even thank her at least.


"Why? You haven't eaten anything since morning." He raised his brows questioningly. How did she know that he hadn't eaten anything? But he almost smiled when she defended herself stubbornly "I wouldn't have come if grandma didn't give me the responsibility of you" and left the room immediately. Of course she lied but his amused look was killing her and he had to make and excuse.


He sat down grinning and started eating the food in the plate she had brought for him. 'How easily she forgives and forgets. Just like a child.'






It was dinner time. They were eating quietly. As usual Adi stayed at home as he always did whenever she was alone. But they didn't talk much. It were their vacations after exam so no college. Whole day he was busy in his video game and she in her novels, deliberately avoiding each other.


Sitting in the guest room, Charu couldn't actually concentrate on the story. As every alternate minute that night rewind in her mind causing her shudders down her spine every time.  


She was still in the guest room when the phone rang. She waited for a second and then realized grandma wasn't there to answer the phone and went to pick the receiver.


She was about to keep back the phone when she heard his voice when she heard sobs of her grandma.


"Grandma is everything alright?" she heard him asking worriedly.


"Adi, where's Charu?"


Charu was about to speak but stopped as he spoke "She's in the other room grandma. What happened?"


"Adi don't tell her about all this but-" she said controlling her sobs and then continued, "Renuka is no more."


Charu's heart almost stopped.


Adi was still on the call unable to think straight he asked "How is this possible grandma?" and almost chocked at his next words "and Charu- "


"She had a serious stomach tumor. But she always hid it from Charu."


Suddenly feeling blank, no more able to understand anything around her, she kept the receiver with trembling hand.


She turned around but couldn't really see anything and sat on the bed as her legs gave up suddenly.



"We had come for her check up only. Adi I don't know it is right or not but I think she should see her mother at least for the last time."


Adi's eyes were moist and his heart was thudding at the thought of telling Charu about this adversity. He knew how it felt to lose one's mother.


"I'll bring her grandma" he finally managed to speak after a long time.




He stood there numb for long and then dragged himself to the guest room.


His heart sank as he saw her sitting blankly on the bed. He vaguely discarded the thought of her knowing. But her pale face and her trembling form told him that she knew. He looked at the receiver kept inappropriately.


He ran to her immediately and shrugged her but she didn't respond. She wasn't looking at him. In fact she wasn't looking anywhere. His heart was sinking deeper.


"Charu" she cupped her face shaking it slightly. She came back to her senses and stood up. He left her as she preceded fumbling and colliding in her way.


He banged the door of his room several times that she closed behind her.


"Charu. Charu." He kept on calling her and hitting this hand on the door. But there was no response. He kept his head resignedly on the door as he heard her loud and painful cry.


"Charu, please" he whispered softly as a drop fell from his right eye.




She kept on sobbing for hours, sitting in a corner. Her mother was no more. She yelled in pain as she remembered how she always accused her for destroying her life while all she was doing was giving her a secured future.


She clutched her hands around her knees as she remembered her serene face, her smile, her anger, her love, her tensed face during her marriage that she had ignored in her anger. She hated herself for giving so much pain to her own mother. Her mother was always there whenever she needed her and when her mother needed her she left her to suffer the pain all alone.


"Maa" she cried out in pain to feel her. Why didn't she tell her?


"I hate you" she whispered with a fresh stream of tears. She took away her chance of being with her in her last days. How could she be so unfair to her?




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samikshachauhan Senior Member

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It was dark when she opened the door. Her eyes had swallowed up. She cried so much that she felt as if even her tears had dried up. But when he saw him sitting on the floor against the wall just beside the door, her eyes filled up again. His eyes were closed but she could still see he could feel her pain. She sat down beside, facing him.


He quickly opened his eyes as he felt her presence and felt a sharp thorn piercing his heart as he saw her pale face, swallowed eyes, trembling red lips and her tears.


"Charu" he cupped her face and she broke down completely. She wrapped her arms around him crying profusely.


He hugged her back tightly as if he wished to her pains to dissolve in him through that hug. He didn't want her to bear the pain all alone.


Charu sobbed uncontrollably trying to inch closer and closer but there was no more space. As if she wanted to dissolve in him.


For almost two hours she just kept on sobbing in his arms half lying on him. He just held her caressing her hairs unable to hold his own tears.


"I had to tell her something" she said so faintly that he wouldn't have heard if wasn't so close to her. But he still couldn't make much sense as in what did she want to tell her?


She slightly raised her head and said clutching his shirt's color, in between her sobs and hiccups "I need to tell her that I love her."


His heart ached as he heard her wish. All these days she had tried hard to show that she hated her. And the worst part was that no matter how much he wanted to soothe her pain right now, he was still incapable of fulfilling her wish.


He hugged her again unable to answer the wish in her eyes. He sat there for long with her head on right side of his chest and her hand place on the left side. He held her with his one hand around her waist and other behind her head in her hairs. Her sobs had subsided when he finally gathered courage to speak to her.


"Charu" he said softly and continued after a pause, "We need to leave today for Bangalore to – to- you can see her" he completed being as much cautious in using words that wouldn't hurt her in any way.


When she didn't speak and only clutched him tighter in response, he pulled her out and asked cupping her face in his hands "Don't you want to go?"


She nodded in her tears and he helped her stand upright. He didn't want to let her out of sight for a second but he left closing the door behind her.


By the time he arranged for their air tickets she changed into a light blue cotton salwar suit that her mother had gifted on her last birthday.






As she saw the lifeless body of her mother, she stood there numb, blankly gazing her, as if her mind couldn't make much sense of what her eyes were showing it. Aditya didn't really want her to go through all this. When everyone always hid everything from her then why was she made to face the reality all of a sudden? But his grandma and father thought it was her right to see her mother for the last time. He felt so helpless for the first time.


But even Sarojini and Sanjay regretted their decision of bringing Charu there as she fainted the very next moment she saw her mother dead. She had not even heard of such harsh realities of life leave alone facing them with her eyes. Her mother always protected her from the real world. She was too weak mentally to accept it like a mature. That is why she knew she won't be able to endure the truth. No one on this earth could better know their child than the mother.


Adi sat beside her on the hospital bed as his elders went for the funeral. He slowly and continuously caressed her hairs as she was lying unconscious.


She slowly opened her eyes after a long time make him sigh in relief. But as she opened her eyes, they filled up instantly and she bit her lower lip to stop those inevitable tears.


"Shhh" he calmed her and hugged her with his lips kissing her hairs and her face dipped in his shirt. She curled her arms around him feeling highly scared by almost everything.


He lifted his legs on the bed and cuddled her a long time to calm down her scared heart. She finally quietened in his arms.


"I'll bring something for you to eat" he said softly and tried to get up but she tightened her grip shaking her head all in tears again "Please don't go" she pleaded almost in whisper.


He kissed her hairs and assured her "I am not going. But you haven't eaten anything since last night. I'll call the attendant."


She didn't say anything and he made a call and ordered a pizza for her.


As the pizza came he made her sit on the bed giving her support of the pillows.


"I am not hungry" she said as he offered her a piece.


"I am not asking you" he said stubbornly bringing it close to her mouth. She quietly opened her mouth and ate it. When she finished, he made her lie back on the bed and soon she drowsed off to sleep.




She didn't demand anything any more. Sarojini and Sanjay missed her endless chatters and childish complaints. All day she sat in her room looking out of the balcony. Sarojini tried hard to interact with her but to no avail. Sometimes she went her home which was deserted now. She spent hours looking at the pictures and each and every corner which had the fragrance of her mother. She was left with only her fragrance in the house.


Adi tried hard each day to cheer her up but she hardly smiled. He was yearning for those mischievous twinkling eyes when she tried to hide her smile after irritating him. In fact he even longed for her to irritate him.

 Finally he brought her friend Ankita thinking she would feel better. It actually worked. She was quite happy on seeing her best friend after a long time. They spent the whole evening together. Later went to drop Ankita home. She was about to step out of the car when he hesitantly spoke, "Ankita, thanks."


She smiled "You don't have to thank me Aditya. I am happy that you care about my friend."


He smiled weakly and cleared his throat to speak further. She perceived the hesitation on his features and asked him "Do you want to talk about something?"


"Yes" he said and hesitantly added, "Do you know that guy- whom-whom Charu was seeing before."


Ankita's heart sank at his words. She was shocked how he knew about Karan. And why did he want to know about him all of a sudden. Did he doubt Charu meeting him?  She was scared to speak anything that could harm her friend's future life. She too believed that Aditya was the one for her. But how can she betray her friend.


Adi perceived the doubt on her face and said softly "Don't worry. I won't kill him and get arrested. I love myself too much for that. I – I just want him to meet Charu."


Ankita was deeply touched by his concern for her friend. She was surely the luckiest girl on earth to have someone like him. She now knew he loved her, loved her so much that he could sacrifice his own happiness just for her smile.


"Don't get ideas" he said coolly "I am just bored of her and I hate him too. So I can take my revenge by letting him endure her."


Ankita chuckled at his excuse to hide his own emotions.


"I get you Aditya but I don't think this would work. He was just a crush of hers. I know her from school days. She lived in the world of fairies and princes."


"Ouch" he said dramatically and added, "You mean I am not a prince charming."


She chuckled again and admired the light heartedness he was capable of creating even under such grave issue.


"Fine I give up. Do whatever you feel like. His name is Karan, our classmate. I'll text you his number." He listened and smiled gratefully "Thanks"


She got out of the car and bent down before leaving "Aditya, I know it doesn't matter to you. But there was nothing much between them. He had just given him a rose and we just spent little time in canteen. So –" she stopped not getting proper words and left after bidding a goodbye.




It was Saturday evening.


"Charu come on get ready" Adi said barging into his room.


She was reading a novel and looked up questioningly "Why?"


"No questions. Just wear something good."


"But where are we going Aditya?"


"Can't you just listen to me once without your endless queries?" he asked impatiently.


"Fine" she said giving up. She knew he hadn't been anywhere out since months because of her. She wanted him to get back to his usual life. So she got up and went to change.


She came out in a dark red knee length skirt and cream top. His heart skipped a beat as he saw her coming out of the room. He smiled weakly trying to hide the storm in his heart.


"Let's go?" he asked cheerfully.


She nodded in affirmation and followed him.


"Aren't you going to tell me where are we going?"


"No. It's a surprise for you. But trust me you'll love my surprise."


She smiled thinking what could be so special.


He stopped the car in front of a restaurant. She was surprised as she knew he hated those boring slow restaurants. He often preferred to hang out at disc and clubs rather.


"Come" she said after getting out as she saw him still in the car.


"Hmm… Charu you go inside. I'll come after parking the car."


She nodded and went in. He gazed at her retreating form until she entered the gates and then drove the car away.






As she entered the hall, there was dim light with absolute romantic setup. She smiled looking around as she never expected him to do all this. But her smile faded as she saw Karan coming her smiling.


"Hi Charu, I missed you so much" he said coming closer. Charu smiled weakly and asked "How come you are here? And what is all this?"


He sighed and said "All these days when I was away from you I realized that I – I -" he paused and continued looking in her eyes and holding her hand, "I love you Charu."


He was proposing her. She would have been on the ninth cloud but now she was more concentrating on the confusion in her mind.


"Then why did Aditya bring me here" she asked.


Karan was perplexed by her reaction. He thought she loved him too. But it seemed she didn't even listen to his last words. 


 He answered her "Umm Charu didn't he tell you about me being here. Actually only called me yesterday. I too desperately wanted to meet you. He told me that you also wanted to meet me."


"He said that?" she asked unbelievingly. He knows everything. That she liked someone else. But he never told her anything about it. And now, why did he wanted her to meet him.


"Karan, can I borrow your phone for a moment?" she asked him.


He was feeling too awkward now. He had just spoken out his heart to her and she seemed to be in another world.


"Yes of course" he gave her his cell phone.


She dialed Aditya's number and went to one corner. The bell rang for long time but no one picked. She was now getting angrier with every passing moment. She dialed his number again and this time someone answered the call. But it wasn't Aditya's voice.


"Who's this?" she enquired.


"This is Aditya's phone. Who are you?"


By now he knew it was Sid's voice.


"Sid" she said with her eyes filled up "Where's Aditya?"


"Charu. Adi is umm-"


"Sid, give the phone to him" she demanded.


"Actually Charu, actually he had little accident while driving to Rohan's house."

Charu's heart sank at his words and she asked "Where are you all now?"


"Charu it's just a small injury, nothing serious. You don't need to- "


"Are you telling me or not?" she demanded roughly.


"We are in Sanjeevini hospital"


"I am coming" she said shortly and cut the call.


She turned back and returned his phone and hurriedly went out without even bidding a goodbye.




In the taxi she kept on crying with an unending stream of tears. She remembered the day she had lost her mother. She cannot afford to lose anyone anymore. Though he had told her that it was a minor accident but she felt abruptly scared.


She came out of the taxi and was about to run inside when the taxi driver called her out. She realized that she didn't have any money to pay him. She requested him to wait for sometime and strode inside.


She stopped outside the hospital room. He was sitting there on the bed facing opposite side. There was a white bandage on his head. Rohan and Sid were sitting on the other bed and on the nearby couch respectively.


He turned as he saw her standing all in tears. Her blood boiled up instantly as she remembered his betrayal.


He was shocked to find her here. He didn't expect her as Sid didn't tell him about her call.


"What do you think you are?" she asked furiously as she came in.


He was taken aback at the anger in her teary eyes. He could hardly get anything when she came forward "How could you do this to me Aditya?" she asked with fresh stream of tears in her eyes.


His heart ached as she accused him.


But before he could answer her she came forward and hugged him tightly. He raised his hand to caress her hairs to calm her but as she felt his touch she pulled out with a jerk.


Rohan and Sid were watching them quietly inwardly smiling at their friend's predicament.


"You left me alone. You lied to me" she said sobbing and standing in front of him.


"I am sorry" he apologized softly holding her hand and then added, "You shouldn't have come here."


She had calmed a little but his words added fuel to fire. She jerked her hand out of his. Rohan and Sid silently left the room to allow them some privacy for their ongoing battle.


"Yes you are right. I shouldn't have come. After what you did to me, I shouldn't be talking to you at all" she said and was about to leave when he stopped her holding her elbow.


"I said I am sorry Charu" and hugged her with his hands around her waist and here head lying on her breast. She instantly melted at his touch against her wish. The touch of his head on her stomach in spite of the shield of her top was causing no less than havoc in her whole body. She slowly raised her hands and stroked her fingers through his hairs.


As he sensed her melting, he raised his head looked at her. Her eyes were closed tightly. He smiled at the effect of his touch on her and slowly turned her sideways and made her sit on his lap. She opened her eyes and touched his head lightly caressing his injury behind the bandage.


Slowly she moved her head and very gently kissed his forehead from above the bandage taking him by surprise. He may had missed a couple of beats as she slowly and gently planted her rosy lips on his cheek. And then she finally looked into his eyes and damn that twinkle in her eyes for which he had been waiting for so long almost stopped his heart.           


He dipped his head in the curve of her neck with his arms holding her tightly around her petite waist. He had died a hundred deaths since he had dropped her outside the restaurant. The fear of losing her was killing him. But now he felt as if he was holding his life in his arms. He couldn't think much now or say didn't want to think.


She shivered at the touch of his lips on neck. She breathed heavily and irregularly. She didn't know what was happening to her. Why was she melting like wax under his touch? Couldn't he show his affection in the same way as hers instead of making her whole system topple around?


He was lost in her completely not realizing the disastrous effect he was causing in her.

He licked, kissed and nibbled her skin lovingly making her moan quietly. She was angry with him. And he, instead of explaining her anything, was making her more confused.


While he was lost completely in her, she slowly raised her hands to touch his banaged part and a tear fell from her eyes on his cheeks. He looked up at her and asked raising his brows, "Is there a tear producing factory behind your cornea." She chuckled in her tears as he wiped of her cheeks with his thumb.


"Charu" Sid and Rohan barged in suddenly with the taxi driver. The two of them immediately turned around on seeing them so close and Sid turned the taxi driver two forcefully.


Charu jumped out of his lap immediately and Adi got and turned around annoyingly at the disturbance.


Charu immediately moved away from him all confused and embarrassed.


"You can stop your overacting now and turn" Adi said irritatingly.


They turned around grinning including the taxi driver.


"Sorry Adi, but we found this pitiable man searching for an untrustworthy girl in the hospital"


Charu bit her tongue regretfully "Sorry I forgot I had asked you to wait"


"We understand Charu as in how and why you forgot" Rohan said nodding his head dramatically and then they all burst in laughter making Charu hell embarrassed. She looked at him and glared as she found him laughing too and stormed out of the room closely followed by Aditya and the group.




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4 updates same time??bapre...well i hv to read ur whole story 1st..due to disturbed state of mind i am not able to read ff' will take time

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beautiful update..

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sparksfly Senior Member

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wow...4 superb LOST in d world u cr8td..Day Dreaming..wil b back l8 wid ...
rasp_berry IF-Rockerz

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THANK U...  THANK U...  THANK U...  THANK U... each thank u 4 each part as all d parts were just awesome, fantabulos, superb, wowww, muahhh, lovely u nd ur writing Clap  Clap Clap

u equally divide 4 parts into numerous emotions nd feelings nd for dat deserve a Hug  Hug  i mean first two parts were full of romance nd ahem ahem scenes Blushing   Blushing nd last two parts were emotional which almost made me cry... but i really love d way these two idiots realized each others value in their life Big smile I really liked d way Adi took care of HIS nd only HIS charu nd tried hard to make her feel normal nd happy, he is just too PERFECT as a HUSBAND, really...

And u gave us a bumper offer of 4 updates ek saath nd i m still in d world of CHADI (Charu-Adi) LOL LOL thanx dear 4 taking out some time from ur busy schedule nd write these master pieces Hug

nd today i'll not say UPDATE SOON bcoz u have given me a lot to keep dreaming nd visualising d scenes u hav written so until then no request for new update...Tongue

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Really amazing, super, mindowing, fantastic update oh sorry not update its updates...
Cant blv i hav read d chapters...
Its lyk dream cum true...
I was waiting lyk hell 4 ur updates n u just made me speechless...
Dont hav words 2 thnk u 4 such wndrful updates...
Luv u alot 4 dis... Muuahhh...
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awwweeesssooommmeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thanx a lot for 4 updates!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! aye stll lost in dream worldWink

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