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aroojm Senior Member

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Posted: 27 May 2012 at 10:55pm | IP Logged
what a nice FF i just finished reading the whole story and i gotta say i love the whole concept of this story its really good... nd yayyy adi saved charu... all the updates are very nice... and it is written soo nicely please do continue and update soon.. nd if u can PM me when u update
that'd be awesome and thankk soo much Smile

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shruja IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 28 May 2012 at 1:24am | IP Logged
awesome update!!!Clap
so adi is satisfied tht he din't thought abt her actually thinking of her!!LOL
and wanted to feel her face!!Embarrassed
ohh god bitches around our mrs ghost!! tear tank full to float!!LOL areh last time it was boy but now u should handle girls! i know these r bitches!!
and wht she worried abt? their marriage truth will come out!!
she taken sleeping meaning word to word!! oh god charu is very innocent!! D'ohand she is worried tht her legs not waxed god!!ROFL
here comes our hero at right time!! Mr. Devil!!Approve

He had himself been part of the teasing groups. But what offended him this time was their target. How could they dare humiliate his Charu so openly? Even the thought of someone else watching the scene made his blood boil uncontrollably.

ohh so ur blooding is boiling to see her female rapist too!!Embarrassed
but wht did u said "his Charu" ohhoWink
our charu is relaxed n thinking tht its good tht she din't started it with her jeans!! tht was so funny!!ROFLROFLROFL
he is threatening tht bitch sensing his hotness!!Angry
hehehe so adi saved charu from those female rapist wanted to celebrate lasbian party!!ClapClapClap
and charu is such dumbo girl tht she din't even realised tht!!D'oh
D'ohloved his act of buttoning her shirt!! Embarrassed poor boy expecting something very special words from charu!! Approvewhen u couldn't realised ur own feelings how come she can so early? where u just now started believing tht she could think!!LOL
she knew he shouldn't like anyone who wanted to humiliate her so horribly. She didn't know why, but he shouldn't. After all he was her -...
yes she started thinking!!Approve
and he is started accept them in relationship n liked her restriction n said yes to it!!Day Dreaming

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aysha1989 Goldie

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Posted: 03 June 2012 at 8:03am | IP Logged
I loved it Big smile Thank god Adi was there...
Thank you so much... update the next part soon Smile

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Amor. IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 13 June 2012 at 6:35am | IP Logged
ye kya tha kya ho raha tha

thank got aditya time pe aaya


nice part

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rasp_berry IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 15 June 2012 at 8:46am | IP Logged
Hey dear, is there any chance of getting an ud?? Plz update soon i m eagerer to know d further story.

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rasp_berry IF-Rockerz

Joined: 10 November 2010
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Posted: 12 July 2012 at 7:52am | IP Logged
Hi Samiksha,

its been a month since you hav given us d update :(. We all are waiting in d hope to meet our Adi nd Charu.

Can u give us d tentative date of the next update, till den once again i'll read this story from start...

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samikshachauhan Senior Member

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Posted: 27 July 2012 at 2:11am | IP Logged
sorry frnds :(
i am not able to give any time to this ff.
lot's of studies and stuff!!!!!!!!!
i hope u all understand... this time is really crucial for my career...

So here i m updating whatever i have written. hope u'll understand tat i wasn't able to completely write scenes i had intended toCry

But here's the next update.. for u all...



His own words of acceptance resounded in ears. He was never like this before' like he didn't know the reason of his own actions but he simply did what he felt like... it was the feeling... so unbelievingly serene... so unearthly pure...


 He rested his forehead on hers with his hand maintaining her close with that troubling restlessness in his chest subsided completely.


Like he had always been waiting for this' like it always meant to be like that' together'


"You've got dimples!" her sudden loud exclamation made him recoil back as the words sank in and the only reaction he could manage in his pitiable situation was his highly uncomfortable look of furrowed brows. And only then he realised that he had been smiling. Feeling both embarrassed by his Romeo like attitude and her sudden comment, he turned his face sideways.


"My goodness! Are you blushing?" she giggled make him go red. Well, maybe he was actually blushing. Then to analyze it all, the girl really had some miraculous hold over him. He had just buttoned her shirt without her being bothered at all and then her simple obvious remark makes him blush like newly wedded groom.


"I am not" he defended still facing sideways. He hated the embarrassing situation she had put him in but the worst part was he still couldn't just stand and walk away.


"Yes you are" she said adamantly while getting on her knees in childish excitement and poking his cheek right cheek which made him grin shaking his head.



"So what were you up to back then?" he asked as they started walking and added placing his hands in his pockets, "Am I really stuck with a lesbian for rest of my life?"


"Hey!" she pointed her finger as she chased the roughish guy who never failed to have fun at her expense.



"Stop! I give up" she spoke panting with her hands on her waist.


"You really need to build up your stamina. You are gasping only after half a mile", Aditya said striding back to her with not so impressed expression on his face.


Feeling bit insulted with his statement, Charu tried hard to control her heavy breaths.


"It's nothing ' I am just ' actually I didn't have my breakfast ' so" she finally managed to find a proper defense.




(back home... i wanted to write alot abt Goa trip but couldn'tCry any ways, the story continues like this after they return..)

It was Sunday afternoon. Sanjay had gone abroad for some business meeting. Sarojini, Charu and Adi had just started their lunch when they heard a female voice.




Adi looked up and chocked as he saw Roshni standing at the entrance of the dining hall with flowers in her hand.


Sarojini looked at her and smiled to acknowledge her. Though she was amused by Charu's reaction. She did not turn and was trying hard to hide her face with a glass.


Adi and Roshni came towards the dining table and Sarojini asked her to join them.


"I always wanted to meet you grandma. But last time when I came you weren't at home."


"Why did you want to meet my grandma?" Charu asked frowning a little.

Sarojini smiled at her possessive nature. She shook her head thinking she's still a kid.


"In case you've forgotten, she's my grandma too" Adi reminded her.


Charu felt hurt little more than necessary and then returned her concentration to her plate, sulking.


Roshni was now sure they were siblings. Who else fights like this?


They started eating but Charu just couldn't stop thinking. She hated Roshni, that was for sure. But the way she joined her family luncheon wasn't acceptable at all.


Adi was stealing glances at the sulking girl. Why was she behaving so weird? Whenever Roshni asked her anything she just ignored her question creating an awkward situation. Was she feeling jealous? Even he didn't like Roshni's sudden appearances at his home.


Sarojini too noticed Charu's awful mood. Well her behavior was too obvious and prominent to go unnoticed.


After the lunch grandma went to her room for resting. Three of them were still on the dining table.


"So Charu, when are you going back to your house?" Roshni asked suddenly. She was annoyed by the way Charu was insulting her by not responding to her questions. But she kept calm in front of grandma.


She looked at her and if looks could burn Roshni would have been roasted then.


"This is my house" she stated. Adi strangely felt contented at her statement.


"Chill, I was just asking."


She then turned to face Adi "Adi did you tell her about our relationship?" she asked.


Adi felt weird at her question. Why was she asking this all of a sudden?


He looked at Charu who was glaring him with utmost animosity.


"I am not interested in your love stories" she said getting up.


"Charu I think you are upset with the canteen incident. But what else I could do? After all it was your mistake."


"Yes you are right. I made a mistake that day." Saying so, she picked up a glass of water and emptied it on her head and ran to her room leaving Adi to deal with all the mess she had created behind her.




Adi entered his room after an hour later. She was lying on the bed facing down.


"Say whatever you have to. I won't apologize" she stubbornly declared not looking up.


"Actually I came to thank you"


She sat up quickly "What? You aren't angry with me?"


"I had got bored of her long back. She won't come to this house now, thanks to you" he said sitting on the couch.


Her face brightened up immediately feeling filled with joy. But why did she feel like her heart would burst with happiness; because she won't come to this house again'Or because he was approving her'Or because he said he was bored of her'






It was beautiful morning, with fragrance of roses filling up the whole atmosphere of the college. Yes, it was rose day. Red, yellow, white, pink, and even black roses could be seen in almost every hand of the students and some faculty members too.


Pretty girls were busy anticipating how many roses they would collect, whereas the less pretty were anxious if they would a single rose or not. This day was no less than a competition for them, a matter of prestige. 


For guys, it was a golden chance, one could say. At least they could start with friendship rose and then things become quite easy, you see. But for those who were little serious about just one girl, this was really a day of make or break.


Adi usually got a bunch of flowers on this day, not to mention, all red roses. Well he really didn't need a souvenir of friendship to proceed further. Moreover, according to him, he didn't want to break the delicate hearts of the girls who only wanted a red rose from him.


Charu stepped in the college in light pink top and white knee length skirt. She waved her hand as she saw both her friends approaching her with distinguished grin plus tension on Niru's face.


"What's up friends?" she asked cheerfully.


"You don't know, it's rose day today" Niru informed and then rubbed her hands.


"I know that. But why are you nervous? Is everything alright?"


Instead of Niru, Ankita answered, "She's worried if she'll get a rose from anyone or not."


"It's not anyone. It's Aditya. But I know he would never give a rose to mu kind of girl" Niru said and her face fell with her own words.


Charu's heart sank at the mention of his name and the change of her expressions didn't go unnoticed by Anktita.


"Umm' Let's go. We are getting late for our classes" she said hurriedly and they walked to their class with a smirk on Ankita's lips.


As they entered the class, Charu's eyes searched for Karan who was standing with some of his friends, if had any rose. But there was no rose with him not even a yellow rose. She half-heartedly moved towards her seat.




It was a tough day for Adi though. When he entered the college gates he realized with a jolt that he had forgotten about this day. It was the first time he had forgotten this auspicious day in years.


From that instant itself, his life that day was no less than hell. Every girl who had expected a rose from him gave him a hurt look, leaving him to make a guilty face. And some of his 'close' female friends were offended at his betrayal. And to the top of all this, he had to bear those highly un-prestigious comments of his two devilish friends who were more than confirmed by his forgetfulness than he was in ****, he can't even speak out that insulting word.


It was afternoon when the trio was sitting in the canteen. It had always been a hectic day for Adi but those engaging beauties were not in friendly terms with him today. Sid had been unsuccessfully trying since morning and was kind of tired by now. Rohan was busy smiling at their friends' predicament.



 The three of them looked up to find Charu right in front of them.


"Hey. Come on sit." Sid offered her a seat.


Thanking him she sat down on the chair.


"So how many roses did you get?" Rohan asked purposefully.


Adi didn't react a bit but was impatiently waiting for her answer.


But she just smiled and avoided to answer. She was offered almost a fifty roses till then but she had graciously rejected each one. But the one from whom she wanted wasn't interested at all. Then she looked anxiously at him and asked "I want a favor Aditya."


He raised his brows questioningly.


She tentatively asked, "Umm' will you give- give a rose to- to my friend?"


"What?" he asked and then added, "No ways."


"Can I help you?" Sid interrupted.


"No she likes him only."


"Why are you so bothered?" he asked.


"Because she's my friend. Just flower Aditya. Aditya please, she's nice."


He smirked "if you are any hint, then I can't take the risk."


"I am still available" Sid offered humbly.


Ignoring his offer, Charu left offended by the insult made by the ever snobbish boy.




Charu came out of the canteen with a long face.


"Hey did he agree?" Ankita asked as she saw her coming out.




"I had told you this is stupid. You are such an idiot Charu. How can you ask your husband to gift a rose to another girl?"


"She's my friend and you know how much she likes him and I don't like him at all. So this was fair only. But that arrogant person would never help me."


Ankita smiled and shook her head. How could she explain her friend that this was anything but fair?




Charu was waiting for the driver outside the college gates. Aditya was slowly driving out of the parking lot when he saw her waiting with a friend of hers. After thinking for a while, he was about to turn the handle to her side but then he stopped suddenly.


Karan came to Charu with a red rose I her hand. He stopped beside him and then offered her the rose. Charu looked at him dumbfounded. Somebody really need pinch her. Was this a dream? She slowly moved her hand and as her hands touched the soft stem of the flower she was confirmed that it was in real. Her dream was finally fulfilled. She was praying for this moment since morning.


"You are looking pretty today", he complimented her softly.


She just couldn't blink. She fumbled for the right words making him smile at her innocence.


"Bye" he said and then turned before leaving, "see you tomorrow."


Charu's feet were on the ninth cloud by now. He likes her.


Aditya turned the handle to leave.


On the way, his car almost bumped into another car, a vegetable seller had to lose his whole day's income, a bus driver accused him to be a blind and then finally he reached home'




Charu was sitting in the car with Ankita as she had asked for a lift till the main road.


Ankita looked at her who was quite lost in the red rose.


"Charu, don't you think it's wrong?"




"Do you like Karan?"


She simply smiled and turned pink looking at the flower.


"This is wrong Charu. Don't forget you are married."


As she kept quite Ankita continued, "I simply don't understand what you are up to. You ask your husband to give a rose to your friend and now you are accepting a red rose from someone else. And you even stopped me from telling this to Niru. Do you realize how bad she'll feel once she comes to know about your marriage? I can't hide anything from her anymore."


"Are you my friend or not? If you tell her I won't talk to you ever. Tell me Anki you'll not tell her, will you?"


Ankita sighed and said softly, "Fine I won't" and then smiled "You have made me a dishonest friend."


She grinned at her accusation "A dishonest friend of a cheating wife. Nice match, isn't it?"



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samikshachauhan Senior Member

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Posted: 27 July 2012 at 2:17am | IP Logged

It was almost a month since that day. He didn't tell her anything. He didn't had any right too. It wasn't wrong if she liked someone. Even he had many girlfriends before. But then why did his whole body was set to fire each time he saw her? He didn't want to confront her and still he couldn't behave normally too. So he simply avoided her. After college, he either returned late or buried himself in his books in the study. By the time he came to his room she was asleep.


Charu also noticed something weird in his behavior. He just wouldn't talk to her. Though they were never like friends but still a friendly bond had developed between them in spite of their regular fights. But now he just wouldn't speak to her at all or even if he did, he was way too rude then ever.


Even Aditya didn't want to behave like this. But it was not much in his control. Hating her was the best way of keeping his growing passion under check. He hated to admit it but he just couldn't bear to see her with any other guy. He often saw her sitting with him in the canteen. Only he knows how he always controlled himself from breaking the teeth of that moron 'boy friend' of hers. But did he feel like that? Like she belonged to him and none in the world, not even her, had the right to take her away from him.


Charu often thought what wrong she had done that he always behaved so rudely with her. What was wrong with him? She had never done anything to him? Yet he hardly spoke to her.

Little did she realize that she had done something to him. She had made him fall in love with her...




It was a night of celebration in their college. The final exams had got over and this was the prom night arranged by the students. The whole college was filled with excitement.

Charu too was excited as Karan had asked her to be his date for tonight. She looked at many dresses and took out her favorite dress.


As she was getting ready, she remembered how Aditya refused to accompany her when grandma asked him. Her face fell at the memory. Why did he hate her so much? She never dared to ask the reason behind his changed behavior. May be he did not find her worthy enough. She didn't like him. But then why did she desperately want him to like her. He had always been so inconsiderate to her. But then why did she always care to see if he had returned back home or not. All these days when they were preparing for their exams he didn't even ask her once about her studies. But then why did she still send coffee mugs with servants when he studied till late night? He never bothered about her mood. But then why did she get worried when he suddenly stopped interacting with her. Why-why those strain on his forehead always made her feel miserable?




Aditya was sitting on a couch with his friends in the hall. He was not much in mood to attend the prom night but his friends had literally dragged him. He hadn't attended many parties since last two months. And he hated himself for that. Why was he behaving like those lost cases in love?


Roshni looked at the boy in black blazer sitting with a bored expression. He had arrogantly avoided her since long and even insulted her for irritating him all the time. And she had even resolved for not going to him ever. But today he looked irresistibly hot. So she had to reconsider her resolve and gave herself another chance.


He didn't notice her approaching him neither when she sat just beside him. She finally cleared her throat and spoke to attract his attention, "Hi Adi"


He turned his head slightly and acknowledged her with a fake smile. She knew it was a fake smile but at least he smiled.


Aditya's gaze suddenly fell on the girl who just entered the hall black knee length dress, making his heart skip a couple of beats. Her hairs falling to her waist with her face glowing as if it had light of its own. He was almost lost in her when he saw him suddenly holding her hand gently urging her to the dance floor. He looked other side frowning and then he noticed her voice.


"Aditya, are you listening or not?" she asked the third time.


"What?" he asked.


"Would you like to dance?" she asked hopefully.


He was about to deny but when his eyes feel on the dance floor he held her hand and took her to the floor.


It was a slow and romantic track. He was dancing with Roshni but he just couldn't get his eyes off them. Charu was dancing with Karan only a little distance from him. He saw her on his hand and his other hand on were petite waist, the way he inched closer to her slowly pulling her closer to him. That was it. Whatever it was he couldn't bear it any longer. He jerked Roshni away from him and strode away. On his way out, he took a glass from a waiter and threw it on the floor with furious anger making it break.


Charu looked at him striding out. She excused herself from Karan and followed him. She couldn't let him leave in such anger.





"Aditya. Aditya." She called him aloud as she came out of the hall but he didn't stop. Finally she ran and stood in front of him making him stop.


"What happened?" she asked panting.


"Just go away" he ordered sharply.


"I won't let you leave like this. You'll have to answer me today. What is bothering you Aditya? And don't glare at me like that I won't let you leave before telling me."


There wasn't much light outside the hall. He looked at her in the faint white light through the ventilator. He slid his one hand and around her waist and pulled her to a corner. Before she could speak in protest he covered her lips with his. Her eyes shot open at his passionate kissing. His kiss was growing harder with every passing moment. Her breath got stuck in her throat. It was her first kiss. But she hadn't expected it to be so harsh or didn't expect it at all, for that matter. His lips locked with hers were making her whole world move upside down. She just couldn't think, couldn't blink, couldn't breath, and her heart couldn't beat…


He was too lost to observer her predicament. Even the thought of her being with someone else was killing him. He had accepted that she liked someone but still she was his only his.


He kissed her harshly, passionately, making her realize what bothered him. She was shocked but strangely she felt guilty as she registered that it was her who was bothering him. There was no pity in his kiss and her lips were slightly aching by his roughness. But still somewhere deep inside, she wanted his ache to sooth more than hers. She had seen him suffer for a long time.


He paused after a long time making her breath heavily in his arms. But before she could even blink, he covered her lips again with an increased passion. This time she protested with her hands but he just pulled her even closer with his one arm around her waist and another in her hairs.


Moments passed and she felt it tough to stand upright. Feeling strangely too weak to protest any more, she dropped her hands. She didn't know why but something in her liked that he was so passionate about her, that he felt so strongly about her.


Sensing her surrender, he pulled her closer if that was even possible. He kept on kissing her for long time letting her breath shortly in between. He knew this was wrong but he just didn't want to think anymore.


Finally he removed his lips from hers with his arm still around her waist. She was breathing heavily and looked anywhere but him. He gazed her for a second then moved his lips slowly from her cheeks to her neck. She closed her eyes with a single hope that these moments would just vanish as soon as they step out of this place. She couldn't explain herself but she just couldn't deny the passion in his eyes.


As he dipped his neck in her shoulders under her hairs she felt tremors running down her spine. She breathed even heavily with her inflated breast touching his chest making her feel insane. He moved from her shoulders to her neck planting wet kisses and nibbling and biting in between. Soft moans left her making him even more erotic. There was no gentleness in his kisses, only the aggression of the long buried passion in him.


But his passion wasn't known to her until then. She knew whatever she was doing or letting him do wasn't right. But still she felt as if she owed him. As if he had all the right to touch her, to feel her, the way he wanted. As if he owned her… as if she was his only his…


He had slightly calmed down by now but the passion hadn't subsided at all. He slowly pulled her hairs back kissing the skin below her chin. A tremendous havoc arose in her when he slowly and sensuously moved his kisses and nibbling downward.



"Aditya don't" she whispered more as moan then a protest and clutched his shirt's sleeves with her eyes still closed. He stopped and looked at her. But she looked so vulnerable making it impossible for him to stop.


He removed his hand from her hairs and a crazy disappointment overpowered her mind as she thought he was freeing her. But instead his fingers moved to her shoulders pushing her sleeves down and his lips locked her lips not letting her allow another word of denial. There was an intimate understanding between them that they hadn't discovered until then. He kissed her bare shoulder and moved to her ears. His gentle bites made her moan and clutch him even tighter.


Suddenly she heard noise of students coming out of the hall. She hugged him tightly at the thought of being discovered like this. She was too scared too think straight.


It took him a while to come out of his trance state and to register the cause of her fright.

He gently pulled her out. Then he pulled her fallen sleeve to her shoulder and corrected her messed form. She didn't look at him and just held him tightly, too scared.


He took her to the car and made her sit. As he closed the car door, he ran his fingers through his hairs understanding all that transpired in last half an hour. How would he just face her?



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