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geetap Senior Member

Joined: 02 May 2011
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Posted: 13 May 2012 at 6:31am | IP Logged
please continue soon

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shruja IF-Dazzler

Joined: 06 February 2008
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Posted: 17 May 2012 at 4:19am | IP Logged
first let me dance!!

my buddy is back!!!
i m so happy!! party!!!DancingPartyDancingPartyDancingPartyDancingPartyDancingParty
now for update!!
my charu is too back!! so she is excited on goa trip!!
poor child missing her mother!! and also wanted get tensionless n relaxed time for her mother!! loves her mom very much evenif she is far from her!!Smile
now y this karan have to come in between!! but then also thots of adi has occupying her mindEmbarrassed!!
and which made her nervous!! LOLLOLn also cause to leave that karanEvil Smile
What demon had just possessed her? It was like she was just offered an ice cream and it melted in her hands before she could taste it even once.LOLLOLLOLLOL Darn her and her tube-light nature! God!What must Karan be thinking of her? She must have then cleared all his doubts about her poor psychotic mind. ROFLROFLROFLthanks to her psychotic mindBig smile

hmmm so Mr. Devil is fighting with his desire to glance his angel ohhh sorry Mrs. Ghost!!
he had to give up at last and he stole a glance at her sitting quietly near the window with her eyes apparently lost in the scenery outside the window of the bus. With her black long untamed hairs enjoying themselves flying as far as they could, she kept changing her expressions with her course of thought... sometimes smiling and sometimes furrowing her brows... The thing that actually amused him was that she could even 'think'! LOLLOLLOLLOL
loved description of charu in view of adi!! n yes she started trying to think after tht rainy night due to you behaviourTongue
he is feeling jealous to see karan beside her and feeling happy tht he left in few minutes!!wow!!
charu felt goa exciting n so adi!! so when r u coming again with herWink (not with her special female frndsAngry)
Seriously, either he was turning utterly non sense or some unknown useless poet's soul who had nothing better to write on than a stupid and a childlike girl, had possessed him.  In either case, something was seriously wrong!
u r right adi its seriously wrong happening with u but its not useless poet's soul but love!!
It wasn't very early in the morning but he could never sleep properly in hotel rooms.
hmm so whts it adi? is it tht reason or u r missing ur regular company or partner at your homeWink
and thts y u r remembering her sleeping pose!! but y these girls (these r too biches) have to come to divert adi's mind n thoughts
so charu dared to called karan n clearing his mu abt her psychotic mindLOLLOLlol her imagination after he left was hillarious!ROFL and song selection of her was best!! her memories of singing was damn funny!1 and her teachers advice!! poor girl!1Ouch is tht bad in signing she is?Confused
y these goa beach seems me with lots of biches arrived around adi n now charu tooAngry
poor charu she is such a kiddo n innocent to forget abt their intension to insult her n mixed up with them!!Stern Smile and they got their motive completed!! how ridiculous!!Deadu named them perfect(as u r perfect writerWink) biches!!Angry
now in adi's word tear tank much be full n now about to float at goa beach!!Tongue

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tmsg Newbie

Joined: 29 April 2012
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Posted: 21 May 2012 at 9:57am | IP Logged
di update dedooo
Cry Cry Cry Cry Cry Big smile Embarrassed

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samikshachauhan Senior Member

Joined: 10 August 2011
Posts: 181

Posted: 24 May 2012 at 4:11am | IP Logged

Thanks friends! Your every word makes me feel elated. Thank you for your wonderful comments! although I am not able to reply to your comments but I love them all and would surely try and reply when I get enough time. Till then, here's another update for you guys. Hope you all will like it.Smile

                                                                     CHAPTER - 15


"STRIP" was the only word that resounded in her mind repeatedly. Her breath rose high and seemed to have stuck there. Really...? Strip...?


"No. Never" she shouted out more to her frightened self.


Trying to control her trembling frame, each part of which told her that she had made a terrible mistake by trusting them, she glared at all those bitches. Yes bitches, now guaranteed.


"I can't do that. How can you just ask me to do such a thing?" she refused standing up, feigning as much valour as she could but the shaking of her frightened legs defied her openly.


Natasha, sorry, bitch1, got up moving closer to her and spoke with malicious calm, "I told you before, dear. No backing out."




Aditya was moving away from the sea shore, somewhat satisfied with his previous one hour. Finally he could actually be his own self at least for an hour or so, successfully. Yes he was successful with little flaws, though. He once had wanted to feel 'her' face instead of one who had come too close to him. But then this one mistake was acceptable seeing the way he had been 24/7 obsessed with her lately. So in that case, the progress was yet satisfactory. He may have felt little... hmm... little hollow... little empty...  even in the company he had always cherished in worst of his moods, but he still felt satisfied with himself now.  As he went on feeling elated for not thinking of her, what he missed out was by that very thought; he was actually thinking of her...


 'No. Never' He heard a faint sound from one far corner of the beach. It was her, he knew without any doubts. But then it can again be a figment of his imagination, thanks to his ever hallucinating mind. He couldn't now trust his own self. Dismissing the topic and refusing to give in this time, he resumed his walk back.




"Either you follow our command sweetheart or we have other ways out. We can make one's life hell, you may know that" bitch1 threatened viciously.


"What will you do?" Charu challenged her, not believing her threats. Of course they wanted to have fun at her sorry state. But what else they could do? They were already into teasing her each time they found her.


Bitch1 smirked. "What can we do?" she repeated raising her brows as if she couldn't believe she didn't know. "Hmmm... let me give an example. We'll spread in the whole college that you are sleeping around with Aditya. Then let me see how you preserve your 'I am so innocent' image."



Charu for once went numb at the mention of his name and that to in such an embarrassing context. But then to again think of it, that wasn't a complete lie. With utmost mortification, she realised that she had been spending her nights with him, not to mention, only if he returned home, and then she had actually slept with him once. The memory itself made her shudder in disgust.


She even considered asking them that how did they know about it but then stopped. They were just making up things. Yes that was it. And then it clicked. They had once seen her coming out of his car in the morning...


"But I don't – " she started but was cut in by bitch2, "What you do and you don't, we are least bothered about that. Now you better hurry up we don't have the whole day."       


"And if you ask for my advice Charu, I would say that you choose the first option. No one would see you here but that news will defame you in the whole college", bitch3 advised politely.


Charu looked at her as she spoke. If once Aditya and her name would be attached together in college, the truth may eventually come out. She looked around to find no sign of living being other than those bitches. May be no one would see her. But then she how can become naked in front of them too! She might remove some of her clothes and then... God what was she thinking...?


And then it struck her. She hadn't even waxed or shaved her legs! Damn!!!



Aditya frowned as he reached the huge rock. He wasn't imagining things. There were some very low voices coming from behind the huge rock in this lone area. But the major cause of his anger was, what was she doing at such an isolated place?


His eyes widened at scene that unfolded in front of him. Charu was there removing the buttons of her shirt crying profusely in the process. He couldn't see anyone else. Within a second his whole self was fuming. The girl was actually mad!


"Are you out of your mind?" he roared as he instantly came forward.


Charu stood stilled at the last button. She was wearing a sleeveless, almost transparent, white top under her red and black shirt, that was now unbuttoned. Thank God, she didn't start with her jeans first! She felt a surge of relief pass through her.


Aditya stiffened as he saw a whole group of girls standing on the other side. He now knew what was happening there. As a final year student, he was well accustomed with the pranks and ragging that went around in college.


Those girls gulped at the sudden rage that was burning live in his eyes. He had himself been part of the teasing groups. But what offended him this time was their target. How could they dare humiliate his Charu so openly? Even the thought of someone else watching the scene made his blood boil uncontrollably.


Shocked by the sudden turn of events, the whole group stepped backward with each step that he took towards them.


"We – we were just – " Natasha tried to explain without even his asking.


"Having a lesbian party?" he mocked with his brows cocked up.


'Damn he is hot!' Natasha concluded. Never had she been so close to him ever, forget him speaking to her.


"N – No just a game" she smiled sheepishly. It appeared that suddenly she was ripped off of all her confidence and smartness, leaving her with only a puppy like grin.


"A game?" he asked raising his brows "Ok then. Let me play another game with you. Disappear right now. If I find a single one of you ever around her, I'll make sure you all remain handicapped for rest of your lives. Now if you are comfortable with the rules, hurry up" he threatened with a tinge of arrogance and anger on his handsome features.


After making sure they were left alone, Aditya turned around to find her sitting down against a rock, crying profusely.


Rolling his eyes while moving towards her, he chided her "Stop acting like you've been gang raped just now."


Charu's eyes widened as she shot up her head "Don't use such words" she said with fresh tears.


Sniggering at her stupid fears, he bent and sat on his knees in front of her.


Charu kept glaring at him as he spoke "Looks like you aren't happy that I saved you from your female rapists" he mocked and started buttoning her shirt from the bottom.


She was too angry too retort him back. She simply jerked her face away from him but then realised his words. He actually saved her.  Suddenly feeling gratitude toward him, she spoke in tears "I –I" Aditya paused for a moment in the process of buttoning her shirt, as she continued; "I hate them all."


His lips instantly curved in a smile at her declaration. Smacking himself mentally for expecting something utterly different set of words from her; he started buttoning her shirt again. He was still wondering on his stupid and weird expectation as she continued, "She likes you but you won't go out with her ever."


Hearing her little threat, his eyes narrowed as he looked at her after he was done with the last button. He had always criticised the restrictions that accompanied as an inseparable part of every relationship. But that day, even though it wasn't a complete restriction, he actually... loved it.


Wait a minute. Did he actually accept them to be in a relationship? Dude, have some control!


Charu stared at him and his cynical expression. He didn't seem very comfortable with her wish and she herself wasn't sure why she demanded such a thing. But she knew he shouldn't like anyone who wanted to humiliate her so horribly. She didn't know why, but he shouldn't. After all he was her -... She paused to rethink the correctness of her demand. No she was wrong to ask him such a thing.


Half expecting him to mock at her, she faced down in dejection but his next step took her by utmost surprise. She could feel his slightly rough hands on her wet cheeks with his thumbs wiping off her tears. She shot her head up only to find him staring at her with an expression she had never seen before and could barely understand. Then he bent down his head and placed it against hers, cupping her face in his hands, he spoke softly, "I won't".

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samantha1987200 Senior Member

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Posted: 24 May 2012 at 4:31am | IP Logged

YaySmileSmileSmileSmile... for the very first time I am the first one to comment on someones postClapClapClapClap

Awesome updateSmile... really enjoyable readSmile

Plz ud soonSmile


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pranita1202 Goldie

Joined: 15 March 2011
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Posted: 24 May 2012 at 4:55am | IP Logged
superb update

thank god aditya arrived on time

raped by gang of lesbiansLOL LOL LOL LOL

loved how he subbmitted to charu's demand of not seeing natasha

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sweetsanyo IF-Dazzler

Joined: 05 April 2010
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Posted: 24 May 2012 at 5:11am | IP Logged
reso jii

wil edt soon
dats vry cute
 i lovd it very much...

so, the hero of the ud-alwayz adi...
sooperbo timing...

joke of the ud- gang rape by lesbians...
 loved the way he bottuned her shirt and promised her dat he wil not be wid that bitch no. 1

chalak ladki, aaajnae main hi sahi
pati ko sambhaal tho liya na...

yah!...dat scene too., wen he ws happy dat he is not thinking aba her, but actually thinking of her...funny dat way...
awesome ud

ud soon...

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rasp_berry IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 24 May 2012 at 6:03am | IP Logged
Awesome update, aadi is d savior, savior of his charu. I really liked d way he buttoned her shirt.

But y he didn't ask her dat y she unbuttoned her shirt in front of those bitches?? Plz when u will update next time add dis one. I want to see adi's reaction on it.

nd wat was adi expecting from her, "I..." wat adi "I LOVE U"

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