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MG SS-Best Friends upd Part 8&9-Pg 62 END Note 72

iMadz IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 24 November 2011 at 10:12pm | IP Logged

hey ! I am BACK as I promised ! Smile

Exams are over, don't ask how it was ! It was not good not bad, kinda average ! Ouch

Well, this one is only SS I can write as of now ! And, I can't promise regular updates as I have so many works, shoppings and movies to watch ! Wink But, I will finish this ! 

So, How many missed me ? Wink Those who did not, I am Angry with you ALL ! LOL

It's good to be back ! Embarrassed


Some love stories continue just being great friends...!

Best Friends


He was in deep sleep when his phone rang, he did not move. Phone rang again, he remained still and after third ring, he got up and took his cell, looked at the display picture in the cell, and smiled even in sleep, in his groggy yet husky voice he said,
On the other side, a sweet, tired but exciting voice responded,
'Come now.'
'No...Geet! I am sleeping damn it! It's 2 am in the night. Let me sleep...'
'Fifteen minutes. I will see you' and she cut the call.
Even after he knew that line was dead, he said angrily,
'I am not coming.'
After Fifteen Minutes

When he entered the house, it took no longer for him to realize that it was mess, and as always, he was again right that she was painting and something was wrong. Geet and Maan were friends from last year of college, it was quite strange that even after three years of same college, they did not knew each other, and when they met, it was farewell party for Maan, and she was volunteering for her seniors, they met and they knew, they were friends, one meeting and another, few more coffees, few more parties, few more movies, few street shopping, some college admissions issues, further study tensions, one day picnic's, exams and they knew, they had each other. It was not at all strange for any of them to feel awkward because of their age difference, as she was junior and Maan was her senior. Even after his college, and further study in Delhi and London for Architecture, they knew they were together, calls, messages, chats, mails, social networking played important role in their difference, and when he would come back home, he would meet her and they would discuss same problems about life and movie flaws, Delhi traffics, latest iphones, fights about parties and almost everything. Geet was interested in arts, she was a talented and gifted painter and from her very first official painting to last, she would always show it first to Maan and Maan, as usual, would complete the paintings by suggesting her something just something, which she would never realized. It was just a connection which neither of them knew.
He saw her sitting in the middle of the floor with incomplete painting, her hairs were undone, and there was red color from the paint on her cheeks and forehead. He stood there and took the sip of the coffee from her mug by the side of the table.
'Hmmm...good. This is perfect. Why did you call?'
'I know it's good. I called for something else.'
Maan was taken aback little because he was used to this by then, for perfect finishing to her painting, she would call anytime, but it was not the reason. And, it was fairly a surprise for him. The reason to worry for him was justified because she came back this evening only after one month from Mumbai for her workshop and exhibition. When he called her, she did not even ask to meet him. And, after that, at midnight, there she was, Clueless.
'What is it?' he directly said and took a sit on the couch.
'Maan...I have to tell you something.'
'I know. Now, spit it out!'
Geet was equally nervous, uneasy and thrilled too. She knew it was impossible for her to hide anything from Maan. She got up and sat beside him, and ever so slowly, she said,
'I am getting married.'
There was a silence for few seconds, and then, he could found voice in his throat.
She nodded with an electrifying smile.
'If that was not a joke then you better start explaining me.' He said in shock. He was obviously upset.
And, she started how she met Aditya in Mumbai, in her exhibition and workshop. Though there was not even remote connection between their professions, she was a painter and he was a pilot, but they met and they fell in love.
'It's stupid. This is not movie, Geet. What is this? One month and you are sure? Have you recently watched too many movies? This is crazy. Do you hear me?' he shouted.
'Shhh...shut up! Listen to me, Maan.' She yelled out in loud voice and held his hands tight and looked into his eyes,
'Maan I know its little crazy...' but she was cut off by him.
'...little?' he again shouted.
'Let me complete first.'
'Okay...Whatever.' He was undoubtedly displeased but most importantly angry.
'Look. I know its all of a sudden for you and trust me, for me too it's the same. When I went Mumbai, I was not even thinking about anything like this but this happened. Aditya happened to me. I love him and the interesting thing is that he loves me too. I am being loved. I know this is just crap for you, but I do believe in this. I love him and I know he is the one.'
'But you just spend a month and...god knows...what's gotten into you?' he tried to get up, total disappointed.
'Maan...' she held him again and continued,
'Maan...I know its just a month but you know sometimes one look that takes it all and sometimes you spend all your life and you know he is not the one. I know Aditya is the one, because when I met him, I felt it never before, I was secure. I know he is there. Love at first sight happens.' She smiled.
But he just looked at her as he did not believe any single word she said. For few seconds, they did not say anything, he just looked at her with his big, anger stricken eyes and she knew he needed time to absorb this fact. After all, she did shock him. And, when she felt he was calm a bit, she again broke the silence.
'Say something. I know you are angry but Maan, you are my best buddy, and if you can not accept this, I can not do it. I want you to accept this, you matter to me. I want your approval. I can't do it without you.'
She knew Maan was her only friend on the earth with whom she shared everything, for her, Maan was next to everything.
'I reject the guy. Now what?' he said angrily.
'Then I will fight and fight and fight until you accept him.' she smiled.
With that Maan smiled a little, he could not hide his smile anymore, on her innocent, pure and honest reply.
'Does your brother knows?' he asked.
'Hmmm...No. You are the first. I will tell Vikramlater.'
Geet had only one elder brother in her family. When she was seven her parents died in an accident and from then, their uncle raised them in a village and her brother raised her and took care of her and when he thought he was able to take care of himself and his sister independently, he moved to Delhi and they created their whole new little world, his brother was ambitious, honest and hard working guy, in no time he established himself in business. They were happy in their small world. He was possessive and protective for his sister like Maan but surprisingly he bonded well with Maan and they became friends, too. It was strange but they had their little world in each other.
'Geet, I hope you know what you are doing.' He added.
'Don't worry. I know. I have you, too. And I know you will love him, too.'
'No chance, I am not the one who you think. You keep your pilot with you; I am good on earth with my hot chicks.' He smiled again.
She was relieved at least Maan was involving in the talk, but she knew that next morning, in few hours, from Aditya's birth certificate to his last residence and entire history would be on his table. She knew he was Maan. She knew he would leave no probability; he would do everything to make sure that he was the right guy.
'What's the name again?' Maan asked suspiciously.
'He is not a criminal. I love Aditya, and you better start respecting my future husband.' She said trying to clear the air.
Maan rolled his eyes and said, 'After I approve him.'
'You will' she said, confidently.
'Can I have coffee? You just blew my mind in the middle of the night and I have to go early for my new hotel launch. You are messing with my professional life, Miss Geet!' he smiled.
'I don't care, Mr. Maan Singh Khurana. I don't care what you do, you and your thousand hotels and franchises, I just know my friend Maan. That's it.  And, I can call him anytime.'
Maan was established businessman by then, after his education, he inherited his father's same business but extended to the whole world, Khurana's were worldwide famous for their five star hotel chains and then, Maan extended his wings by opening the same brand and franchises in other countries, too. Maan doubled what his father created and it was just a start. He was powerful, rich, dynamic and a smart businessman. He made his way from no one could ever think. Maan's professional achievements were increasing day by day, but none of them affected Maan and Geet's friendship. They did not changed even after four years, they were still the same, fighting with each other for silly reasons, and she was still his same friend of college who was authorized to call him anytime or to enter the Khurana's any time, any day. And, Maan was the same for Geet, he was still the same guy for her who was her friend in college, who made her food on Sundays, who helped her in paintings, who fight with her for not picking up his call and then again, fighting with her for apologizing. They were best friends, forever friends as they said.
'Okay. But you have to approve him, Maan. I love him.'
'Will you just shut up and bring coffee?' And, she smiled. She knew he was calm but still he needed time to absorb this shock she had given to his system.
And as she thought, in next few days, Maan approved him, after million questions and inquiries. Aditya was a nice, charming, smart and caring guy unlike Maan who was angry, egoistic, rude and aloof, except for Geet and his little sister, Aditi. Maan was their hero, Aditi and Maan was probably the best brother-sister in the world, Aditi was younger than Maan but still she was mature, kind, responsible and sweet again, unlike Maan. She was peaceful and steady, Aditi was Maan's family, never it did happen that he ever spend time with his father, after his mother's death, Maan became aloof, he only cared for his sister and for most of the time, he was at Geet's home as he disliked the idea of living his father chose. Maan had a strange relationship with his father. He loved him so much that only he could leave him. Geet always believed that Maan loved his father more than anything else, but he avoided the topic successfully all these years.
Maan was the elder brother and son of the Khurana's and he knew well, he knew what his responsibilities were. He took over the business from his father but never in those years, had he even a breakfast with his dad. Aditi, on the other hand, was aware of the fact that her father needed someone, she was nice about it, but she knew Maan loved him as well but after one fight before years, she stopped talking discussing about this issue to either of them as she knew well that it would give pain to Maan only. After Aditi got married before two years, there was nothing more to say between father and son. They hardly spent time, the last time he even saw his dad was probably before weeks, when by chance he came early from office and he was there with some women. The only thing he did not like about his father was that, after his mother's death, he started dating another woman who was just two years elder than him and then another and another and it continued which Maan hated. The only pain relief for Maan was to be with his closest, dear, near, sweet, cute and best friend, Geet.



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awesome as alwayzz!!!Thumbs Up glad to c u bak!!! Smile

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nice to see you bck

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great to see you back...i really missed your works...

now this is different and nice...i loved it...the fact that geet is with someone else is quite loving it...

and the maan and geet share an awesome friendship and he came to her at 2 a.m through a simple call only...loved it...

continue soon n thnxxx...

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u r backkk... its sooo good to hv u here againSmileSmile
missed u truly...

congrates for the new ss...

u devil... Angry again u r giving us maan- the'dukhi atma'... aditya-geet pair...Ouch
u better update sooonnn... otherwise u r so gonna DeadDead by me... Evil SmileEvil Smile

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welcome back maddy...awesome plot dear me loving it 

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Geet is getting married?????? Nahiii... Aur koi writter hota toh main manti ki in d end maan nd geet will be together... But tere sey mujhe darr lagta

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Great to see u back
Awasome update

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