Jassi Jaissi Koi Nahin - Daily Update


Jassi Jaissi Koi Nahin - Daily Update
Jassi Jaissi Koi Nahin - Daily Update

Jassi Jaissi Koi Nahin 16/03/05 Update

Daisy Senior Member

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Posted: 16 March 2005 at 11:49am | IP Logged

Today's episode starts with Mallika helping an injured and half-dead Armaan to her apartment. She helps him onto the couch. Armaan is still almost unconscious. He mumbles that he cannot bear it anymore. He incoherently asks Mallika where he is and where she has brought him. Mallika tells him that he is hurt and says that she will get medicine for him. Armaan keeps repeating Jassi's name in pain.

Back in Mauritius, a cheerful Jassi in a nice maroon dress runs to the seashore. She takes in the fresh ocean air and shouts with a smile," Chak de phate!!"

Mallika has gone inside to get medicine. Armaan's eyes catch sight of a photo frame of him and Mallika together (perhaps of their engagement). He looks at the photo with surprise and doubt.

Jassi continues to shout " Chak de phate!!" and looks really positive and happy.

Mallika is nursing Armaan's wounds. "Ouch!" he groans in pain. Ouch

Nandini comes and smiles to hear Jassi shouting. Jassi is slightly embarrassed and apologizes to her. Nandini tells her that there is no need for her to be sorry. She says that it is in fact good that she is enjoying herself and it will surely add new strength to her personality.

Armaan asks Mallika why she has still kept the photo; he says he thought she had thrown it in the trash. Mallika smiles sadly. She says that once upon a time, this photo was priceless. She says that times change, but the golden memories do not. She tells him that she has always loved him truly but he failed to understand her love. Armaan looks exhausted, guilty and helpless. His face is a collage of wounds, and his mind a collage of emotions. Mallika desperately asks him what he is doing to himself; why is he giving up his life for a woman who has betrayed him. She tells him that although he does not value his life, it is very precious for some people. She prays to him to learn to live.

Nandini is telling Jassi that laughter is always more precious than tears. She says that everybody's life is a mixture of joys and sorrows; it all depends on your outlook. A person who changes his view, changes his life. Jassi says that she will incorporate positive thinking in her life. She says she is grateful to Nandini for all that she has told her. Nandini says that the credit goes to Jassi herself.

Mallika tells Armaan that he has eluded himself from the path of life. She says that he really needs someone who will guide him to the right path.

Nandini tells Jassi that this has all been possible because she has learnt to love herself. She tells Jassi that she is now ready to face anything in her life. ," Chak de phate kudi!!" she smiles.


Ila, Aryan, Mallika & Raj are waiting in the boardroom. Armaan arrives, wearing shades to conceal his swollen eyes. Shocked faces greet him. Shocked He removes his shades to show his colored face. Ila cannot believe it's her son. Ila asks him why he is in this state, or rather due to whom she adds sharply. Armaan says that all that he is, is due to his own self. He says that he regards himself responsible for his life. Mallika closes her eyes in disbelief and Ila looks ashamed of what she is seeing and hearing. Raj looks like he has given up. Ila tells Armaan that his father is sick and at home, if he were here he would have got wild to see him like this. She asks him desperately what he is doing to his life.
"Mom! No....Mrs. Suri, it will be better if we talk to each other as two directors!" he tells a shocked Ila. Aryan sneers that is he at least in a sane condition to work and talk. He adds bitterly that earlier Armaan would present himself drunk; now he also comes here beaten. He says that it is not in decorum that a company's director or chairman present himself in a such a sad way. Ila chides him that he cannot talk to Armaan like that.

"Why?? Because he is your son?" A furious Aryan challenges Ila. 'If he were not your son, I would have.....!"

"What? What would have done?" Armaan cuts him. "You would have sent me to jail, right? I am here today to take complete responsibility for all that I have done. I am here to answer all your questions. You all can ask me what you want." he tells the board.

Aryan challenges him, "To answer questions or defend Jassi? All right, tell us then why did you hand over Gulmohur to that cheat?"

Armaan shouts that he is not going to answer his questions. Ila says that he then better answer the Chairman. She calls Puru home. Puru asks if all are present.
He then says (speaker phone so all can hear):
"I want all of you to listen to me carefully. I think we now need to take some really serious steps to get back our company from that thief." Angry

Armaan shouts, "Jassi is not a thief Dad!!" (He looks utterly shocked at his father's words)

"Shut up Armaan!!" Puru scolds. (Armaan's eyes fill up with tears) " You got that thief till here, gave her more power than she deserved. Now we need to show her and her family their position." (Mallika has a satisfied look on her face Evil Smile ). "Armaan, you go to her parents and tell them that if they don't get their daughter to sign those papers, we will destroy their honor and pride, and make it difficult for them to walk on the road with their heads held up."

Armaan is furious. He walks out of the boardroom angrily, slamming the door.
H comes out and stops against the door, finding it difficult to believe what he has just heard.


Armaan arrives at Walia house. Bebe opens the door and is shocked to see him. He joins his hands weakly and wishes her Namaste.

"Can I speak to Mr. Walia?"

"No! You cannot!" Bebe answers curtly, her eyes flashing with anger.

"Please...Bebe...can I have two minutes with you?" he begs.

He comes inside, wiping his face.

"I have tried my best Bebe, but now things are out of my hands. I have to speak to Mr. Walia now."

Bebe's temper rises. "Are you threatening us? Are you?? What do you want to ask my son now?"

"Please Bebe...I am with you all...! Believe me please..." sincerity flashes in his deep browns.

"Belief? Trust? In you??" Bebe asks bitterly. "These words don't suit your mouth! Didn't Jassi also trust you? And what did she get from you? Ask your heart....can anyone ever trust you?

Armaan's eyes start filling up with tears. He looks miserable.
"Bebe...I admit all my mistakes, and I am ready to face any punishment....did Jassi tell you all this?"

"Dare you take her name!"

"I want the best for her!" he pleads pitifully.

"What will you wish good for her? You: who has turned her life into hell! When will you stop this hypocrisy of yours? Bebe is in full form today.

"Please don't say like that! I didn't do all this to her...it was some people in Gulmohur who...."

"You were the one! You were the one who created a false company in her name! You were the one who showed her false love! You were the one who broke her innocent heart! Broken Heart " Bebe cries. Tears stream down her face.

Armaan closes his eyes and raises his hand.
"Please don's say all this!" he begs.

"What were you going to do to her?? You planned to kill her, didn't you?" she accuses mercilessly, crying bitterly.

"NO!!!!" he shouts painfully.

"Jassi is alive today and I am grateful to God for that! And still you don't want to leave her alone!!" she says desperately.

Armaan goes and catches her shoulders.
"I admit Bebe...i admit each of my mistakes....but each wrongdoer gets at least one chance! Give me just one chance Bebe...Only one chance to meet Jassi!" he pleads pathetically.

" No! Now, you all want to prove that she has stolen GM from you!" Bebe shouts.

"II don't think so Bebe!" Armaan tries his best to convince her. "It's just some people who think...."

Bebe cannot be convinced today. She pushes Armaan out of her door. "My Jassi is not a thief! And I will not let anybody hurt her henceforth!" she says with determination.

Armaan, thrown outside the door pleads, "Please Bebe...I want to help Jassi!!"

Bebe gives back, "You started this fire, now you extinguish it yourself, or get burnt in it!
She slams the door shut on his face. Ouch

Armaan looks like life has shut all doors of hope on his face.



Jassi and Nandini are having tea together. Jassi says that when she sees herself in the mirror, she finds it difficult to believe it's herself. She smiles happily. Nandini says that the Jassi, which she now sees, is the real Jassi. Jassi admits that this is a start of a new life for her; Gulmohur had almost killed her. Nandini advises that she should then welcome this new life, further she now also has a new companion: Purab. Jassi looks shocked. "No Madam!" she retorts. "After what I have gone through, what all I have faced, I don't think I can ever bring myself to love anyone ever!" Nandini says that life is now smiling upon her. She says that she must not overlook the chance that it is offering her and the love. Jassi looks unconvinced. Nandini then suggests they leave the topic and says that she has planned a surprise for her in the VLCC Grand finale. Jassi looks surprised and happy.

Nandini then takes Jassi to "Kaya Skin Clinic" for her next step towards the make over. There a girl Maya compliments her on her hair. She says that they will now beautify her skin. Jassi then goes through a number of beauty treatments like steam, bleaching, face packs, masks, facials, eyebrows etc. Nandini keeps encouraging her that it's working out superb.
They then proceed to the make-up: lipstick, eyebrows, eyelashes etc.
Nandini then looks at the new beauty. "WOW!" she gasps in awe." Why were you so scared Jassi to show your true self? Where were you hiding this beautiful face?"


A car arrives at the venue. Two dainty legs step out. We see her in a lovely dress, and beautiful hair. The face is not shown. Purab steps out too and they walk together inside.
The girls gush in awe. They wonder who is this new beauty and comment that they have never seen her before. Purab smiles proudly.
The models go through the photo shoot. Nandini arrives and again marvels at Jassi. Jassi laughs and says first it was Purab complimenting and now Nandini Madam. (No, we are not shown her face) Purab looks really happy and proud. A man comes and asks Jassi her name. He starts checking a list. Nandini laughs and tells him that Jassi is not one of the contestants as he thinks. The man looks surprised and tells Jassi that she is beautiful, but suggests he remove her glasses. Jassi argues that she has grown up with them and cannot do without them. The man and Nandini leave. Jassi asks Purab what this joke is. Purab smiles and says it's no joke; even he would have assumed that she is a contestant, had he not known. He tells her that she looks prettier than all the contestants.
Nandini announces that the models come up for their round.

Just then Jassi's glasses fall accidentally on the floor. She beds to pick them but Purab walks ahead and by mistake tramples them....the glasses break to pieces...Jassi's eyes widen in shock.



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jas Goldie

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Posted: 16 March 2005 at 12:02pm | IP Logged
thanks Daisy!!
prettywoman Goldie

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Posted: 16 March 2005 at 12:06pm | IP Logged
thanks daisy for the awesome update.. bechara armu.. CryCry pls jassi.. jaldi GM vaapas aa jao..Cry
Paheli Senior Member

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Posted: 16 March 2005 at 12:06pm | IP Logged

Wow!! Thanks, Daisy, for well-laid-out update, as always!!!

What a contrast the episode showed between state of all the minds!!!

sukh IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 16 March 2005 at 12:08pm | IP Logged
thanksssssssssssssss a lot daisy..
rouble Senior Member

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Posted: 16 March 2005 at 12:09pm | IP Logged
thankssss a lotttt daisy! Smile
kdokka Senior Member

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Posted: 16 March 2005 at 12:09pm | IP Logged
Thanks for the update, Daisy.
anitha.b IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 16 March 2005 at 12:12pm | IP Logged
Thanks Daisy...

Wonderful update. Clap

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