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Update for March 16th

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Posted: 16 March 2005 at 9:48am | IP Logged

Astha takes Urmila to Astha Nursing Home. Urmila is rushed in a stretcher. AStha is crying. Astha tells Urmila i am sorry Aunty. You will be fine. Urmila who is conscious, tells her that she is fine and not to worry. She has had a small bruise, that's it. A doctor come out hearing the noise. The doector recognises AStha and asks her what the problem is. AStha addresses the doctor as Dr. Thakkar and tells him that the lady had a hit with her bike and she is injured. Astha requests him to treat her immediately.The doctor asks AStha whether she informend Simran. AStha says not yet and looks worried. The doctor tells her that in any case, she has to inform her mother. Dr. Thakkar himslef calls Simran who is at home. Simran picks up the phone and is shocked to hear about the accident. She at once asks whether Astha is fine. Dr. Thakkar tells Simran that AStha is fine. Simran asks him whether anybody else was involved in the accident. He says a lady is hurt and is admitted to the hospital. Simran asks how the lady is. Dr.Thakkar says she is fine and has a small bruise only. Simran says she is coming there and asks whether Astha is there. He tells yes.

Simran then tells Saurabh and Siddhant about the accident. Saurabh gets tensed and asks what happened to AStha. Simran says she is ok but a lady is hurt bcos of her. Siddhant says he will accompany Simran to the hospital. Saurabh says yes.

Simran and Siddhant are going in the car. Simran is tensed. Siddhant asks her not to panic. Dr. THakkar is taking care of the lady, so she should be alright. He tells her not to scold AStha. Simran says he will tell her that, but he will be the first person to scold Astha. Siddhant says he has been with her for 4 years now and knows Simran very well. Simran will first scold AStha, then bcos of that, Simran's mood will be off, he says.Simran says to Siddhant that he shows so much of concern to AStha. He asks Simran when she will tell the truth to AStha? When she knows it, will she be able to bear this? Simran says AStha will bear it, but she is not able to tell her then she will take the help of Siddhant.She tells him that he has been so very mature even from a very small age.  After all, Sid and AStha are great friends, she says. Sid says yes and smiles.

In the hospital, Dr. Thakkar has put a bandage over Urmila's arm. He is asking her about her family. He is telling her to give her address and phone number so that he can contact her house and tell them about the accident. Urmila sighs and says House!!! and stops. Dr. Thakkar does not understand anything. Then he advises the nurse to give her pain killer if needed and tells the nurse that he is in his cabin. The nurse asks the doctor is he not going home? Dr. Thakkar says Dr. Simran is coming and so he is waiting. Urmila at once, asks him did u mention Simran? Why is she coming here,she asks and gets very restless. Dr. Thakkar says this is her hospital and she is coming to see her. Urmila at once says i have to go home and tries to get up. But the doctor and the nurse stop her and make her lie down. But Urmila remains restless.

Astha is standing in the lobby and is very worried. Simran just then comes there with Sid. Astha , at once hugs Simran and before Simran could ask her anything, says mama, i am sorry. Simran then pacifies her. Sid is angry and scolds Astha. Dr. Thakkar comes there. Simran asks him about the lady. He says the lady is fine but is behaving a bit strange as though she knows Simran. Simran says she wants to see her. They all go towards the room. In the room, the nurse is asking Urmila whether she has pain. Urmila when she notices that Simran is coming turns to wards the opposite side. Simran comes there. Urmila who is hiding her face by turning to the other side, is crying silently. Simran calls Urmila. Urmila then very hesitantly turns towards Simran. Simran cannot believe her eyes when she sees Urmila. She sits near her and holds her. Urmila is crying and so too is Simran. Sid is standing there and has a familiar look on his face. Simran hugs Urmila and says thank god, you came back Urmila. Sid at once realises that she is his mother and starts to cry. Simran says i searched for you so much. Where have you been? Then Simran gets up and asks Urmila to recognise Sid. Urmila looks at him with a blank look. Sid is crying. Simran then tells her that it is Sonu. Urmila is very happy and gets very emotional. Sid sits near Urmila and they both hug each other. Sid asks Urmila where she had been? He says he always thought about her. Urmila cannot control her happiness and says she also thought about him . Both mother and son share a moment of joy after so long a time. Simran then tells Sid that now that Urmila has come back, she will not leave us and go. Urmila smiles. Dr. Thakkar is also there. Simran tells him that Urmila will go to her house now and to get the discharge papers ready. Urmila is very happy and so is Sid. Dr. Thakkar says yes and leaves the room. On the way, he tells Astha who is sitting outside that the lady is none other that Dr. Sid's mother. Astha is also happy. She goes inside the room. On seeing Astha, Urmila says thanks to her  and tells her that bcos of her, she has got to see her son today. Astha is surprised at the developments and says mama and sees Simran. Urmila at once, recognises her and asks Simran whether this is AStha. Simran nods. Urmila is happy and calls Astha near her. She comes near her and they both hug. Dr. Thakkar comes in and tells that the discharge papers are ready. So Simran tells they can leave now. Dr. Thakkar brings in a wheel chair for Urmila. But Urmila says she will not need that now as she has got back her family. Simran tells the nurse to take back the wheel chair. Sid helps Urmila to get up and Urmila is slowly helped out of the room by Simran. Sid thanks AStha and tells her that just bcos of her rash driving, he got his mama back. But then tells AStha that she should not continue her rash driving. AStha then tells him to say thanks. Sid says Thanks to Astha and they both laugh. AStha asks him not to scold her and asks him to hold his ears in apology which he does.

They all go home. Shaguna opens the door. As soon as she opens, she does not see Urmila who is standing and instantaneously sees AStha and asks her whether she is alright. Then Shaguna sees the other side and is surprised to see Urmila there. Shaguna is overjoyed and says Urmila Madam. Simran then asks Shaguna whether they can enter. Shaguna then leaves place and is overjoyed. Just then, SAurabh comes running. He too does not notice Urmila, but as soon as he sses AStha, asks her whether she is alright. She hugs him. Saurabh beats her in a joking manner and tells her that she sohuld not touch her bike hereafter. AStha then tells him that Aunty and Sid have told her thanks and now it is his turn. SAurabh does not understand this and sees Simran's side. There he sees Urmila. His eyesight is not proper, so he goes very near her and after a few minutes of seeing, recognises her as Urmila. Urmila then seeks his  blessings. Simran tells Saurabh that Urmila got hit by AStha's bike. Saurabh then turns towards AStha and says thanks. AStha laughs. Shaguna then tells  that she could not believe and thought it was a dream when she saw Urmila. SAurabh says meeting and seperating are part of life. Simran then asks Sid and AStha to take Urmila to her room as she has to rest. They all go in. Simran tells SAurabh that he has to take rest as he would have exerted himself. Simran asks Shaguna whether SAurabh took his tablets. Shaguna at once complains that he did not take the tablet that  Simran had asked him to take. Saurabh says that tablet is very bitter. Simran pats him and says AStha has grown big and now how can she handle him. SAurabh just smiles.

In the Room, Urmila is sitting in the bed. AStha is complaining to Urmila that Sid always scolds her. Sid at once says she has beocme very bad and they start their usual quarrel. Simran comes in and asks them to stop it. Urmila then tells Simran that when AStha was so small, Sonu used to take care of AStha so well. Urmila then asks Sid when he came from US. Sid says he came 4 years back when Simran Aunty had informed him about her release. Urmila asks how is Manas? Sid says he must be fine and for the past 4 years,he has not met him. Urmila is shocked to hear this. She asks him whether he has left his father. Sid says he has not left him but ever since he finished his studies, he had made up his mind to waork under Simran Aunty, so he came here. Sid says he is in constant touch with his father thro' phone. Simran then tells Urmila that they had come to take her home when she got released. But just bcos they were a bit late, they could not get her. She had gone somewhere. Simran says she searched for Urmila very much. Urmila says she understands it. But says she did not have any whereabouts of Sonu and thought coming to Simran will be a burden . Simran gets angry and asks her whether in friendship, a person can be a burden. Urmila says no and smiles. Urmila then tells AStha that her mother always scolds her when she makes such mistakes and their relationship has become like that. She then tells Astha that when she was about 2 years old, she used to take care of her. She and Shaguna used to take care of her the whole day, but when Simran used to come in the evning, AStha would forget them and rush to Simran. Hearing this, Astha tells her that at that time, she must have been even smaller. Urmila says she was 2 years only. AStha tries to explain to Urmila that if this happened 18 years before, she should have been smaller and she knows her age.When these talks are happening between Urmila and AStha, both Simran and Sid look anxious. They both keep looking at each other. Urmila then says she will show her as she has a photo where Sonu and AStha are together. She goes near her bag and begins to search. Simran at once tells Astha that it is too late and asks her to go and sleep. But AStha says she wants to see the photo. Simran tries to send her  but in vain. Sid tries to tell Urmila that she can show the photo tomorrow but she takes the photo from her bag and shows it to AStha. Both Simran and Sid are very upset. The photo has the real AStha and Sonu togather. AStha sees this and is perplexed. She keeps seeing the photo and thenSimran. Simran is full of guilt and does not know what to do.



shining star Groupbie
shining star
shining star

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Posted: 16 March 2005 at 10:24am | IP Logged

Thanks for the update.

I am losing sleep not knowing what happened to Abhi. Big smile

Shaheen786 Senior Member

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Posted: 16 March 2005 at 10:25am | IP Logged

wot happened to Abhi? i mean they haven't even shown him since the leap happened?

also wot happened to Rashmi and Pranay?


Edited by Shaheen786 - 16 March 2005 at 2:07pm
chweetweety Goldie

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Posted: 16 March 2005 at 10:34am | IP Logged
Thanks a lot for the update some of the mysteries is solved Wink
scorpio_pk Senior Member

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Posted: 16 March 2005 at 10:39am | IP Logged
Thanks Sree_20 for the lovely update, everyday I am waiting for update desperately. Thanx for being so puntual for the viewers like us who are living in North America and are far behind.

anitha.b IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 16 March 2005 at 10:48am | IP Logged
Thanks Sree for the wonderful update.

fingirl Senior Member

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Posted: 16 March 2005 at 11:07am | IP Logged
That was a nice update Clap ..Astitva seems to remain interesting even after the leap..i just hope they don't drag it..what do u guys think Big smile
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Posted: 16 March 2005 at 11:16am | IP Logged
thanks Sree!!

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