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TD update for Episode dated 15

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Posted: 15 March 2005 at 11:23pm | IP Logged
 Tumhari Disha update for Episode dated 15th March'2005

 This was a good episode with excellent dialogues and some good performances and the entry of Porineeta. Though they did not show her face I could guess by seeing her back and listening to her voice. The lady is Kavita Kaushik I guess. She was last seen in Sony serial Yeh Meri Life Hain and has also acted in some of ekta kapoor's serials like Kutumb ( Monica), KKSBKBT, Kahani Teri meri etc. She has also acted in a brief cameo role in the movie Ek Hasina Thi as Saif Ali Khan's girlfriend Sonia. That is my guess.

And coming back to our TD yes yest. Too DK looked absolutely smashing in the black shirt and black pants. So read on.

 The episode begins with a confused looking Disha, who is asking DK and Vedant as to who is this Porineeta. She questions them that if this Porineeta is reason these two are always at loggerheads with each other. DK just stares at her and walks off. Gargi is amused watching all this going on. Disha again asks Vedant about it and he too just leaves. Disha stops him and tells him again that he has shared all his secrets with her and why is he not telling her about Porineeta. Vedant tells her Dish please don't ask me about Porineeta, saying this he goes away.

 DK is restless. Vedant goes to him and tells him

Vedant : Brother you are getting angry isn't it? Look what have you done now, you have messed up the whole thing. Now Disha came to know about Porineeta. DK blasts at Vedant :  Disha came to know about Porineeta cause of you. I told you so many times to keep away from us and to go to US but you have never listened to me.

Vedant : Brother but you told Dish about Porineeta, not me, now what will you reply to her , do you have any answers to her questions?

DK : That is why I did not want to take up this matter. I know Disha will be disturbed by the whole thing and I don't want her to get disturbed. ( wow)

And she will not come to know about Porineeta ever.

 Gargi is watching all this from a distance and thinks to herself that DK you are mistaken. In this house whatever I want will happen and I will see to it that Disha comes to know about Porineeta.

Vedant is in his room playing the guitar and thinks about Porineeta and gets emotional. They show a girl running through the bushes, going towards the beach and getting drenched in the rains ( they do not show her face).

 Here Rano is busy seeing a diary and reading it. Aai asks her whose diary it is. Rano tells her that she got Inder's diary and wants to know the truth about the girl in his life. Aai tells her that its bad manners to read someone else's diary. She tells her that Inder has told you so many times why don't you trust him. Rano tells Aai that I have got one proof now and that is this letter. Aai is disturbed hearing this.

 Disha is in her room wondering as to who this Porineeta is.  She feels that there is surely some mystery behind it and she has to find out. She is sure that this Porineeta is the cause of the distance between the two brothers. Gargi comes there. She tells Disha you look very disturbed what is the matter? Disha tells her that she wants to be left alone. Gargi tells her that alone you will never be able to find out the truth about Porineeta. She pretends to leave. Disha stops her hearing this and tells Choti mom please tell me about Porineeta. Did you know her and what was her connection with DK and Vedant ? Gargi tells her that Porineeta is a very pretty , smart and nice girl. Disha's face lights up thinking that now she can get to know about this Porineeta. Vedant enters her room with her mobile. He tells Disha I will tell you about Porineeta, but before that answer this phone call.

Disha answers the phone. Its Aai on the other end who tells Disha to come there quickly. Disha asks her as to what happened. Aai tells her that she cannot disclose all this on the phone and that she needs her now.

Disha comes to Vedant and Gargi and tells them that she is leaving to meet Aai and she will catch up later with them. Vedant tells that he will join her. Disha refuses and tells that she will manage alone.

Vedant looks at his mom and tells her you will not tell anything to Dish. Gargi tells him that beta she too has the right to know. Vedant tells her that it is upto her she will either tell everything to Dish or she would like her son to be with her in the house. He tells her the ball is in your court now and you have to choose whether you want me to stay here or not. He goes off. Gargi tells oh oh now how will I tell this Disha about Porineeta. I have to find out a way to do that.

DK is in his study and thinks about Porineeta. He is sitting on a chair and this

Porineeta is sitting on his lap ( oh gosh). The show only her back. She is wearing an off shoulder black dress. DK is dressed in black…..hmmm. His shirt buttons are just casually open and shirt is not tucked in the pants just casually dressed.  She tells him DK please marry me, I love you and I need you. DK tells her to get dressed and gets up. He is about to leave, when the lady holds his hands and tells him that I need you DK and I can't leave without you. When will we get married. DK tells her that I have told you so many times I don't believe in this marriage thing and you are mistaken I don't love you.

Suddenly someone calls out DK, DK. Its Disha who is calling him. DK suddenly comes back to the present. Disha tells him that I suppose I have come at the wrong time and gets up to leave. DK tells her its ok and please sit. Disha tells him that now that Nurse Meera is also not there, you need to spend more time with Mummyji and be with her always. I am leaving for Aai's house and it will take me sometime there. DK asks her as to why she is going to her mom's house all of a sudden. Disha tells him that Inder and Rano are back from their honeymoon and there is some problem and I have to sort it out. DK looks at Disha and bursts our laughing…….lagta hain Inder apni Zindagi ka Disha Kho chukka hain ( I suppose Inder has lost his way in life) ……….ha ha………again bursts out laughing….. ( looked like Ashish Nayyar- the person laughing with the gleam in his eyes as seen in Khana Khazana a few days back) . The laughter sound vibrates and Disha looks at him disgusted and walks off in a huff.

 Disha goes to meet Aai . She asks Aai as to why is she looking so worried. Aai tells her that I am afraid that all this while what we wanted to hide from Rano, she has come to know about it. She has got one letter from Inder's diary and is upset about it. Disha tells Aai that oh GOD now I cannot face her and what will I tell her now. Aai tells Disha that its your duty as an elder sister to save her and her marriage. Disha tells Aai that I know Aai, but what can I do , whatever I try to do it backfires and now circumstances are also not in my favour. Aai tells Disha that if an outsider had hurt a loved person the pain would be less , but if our own has hurt our loved ones what would be the person going through just imagine. Background the song is played. Tanha, Tanha meri rahon mein , Toofan kyon aata hain…… ( why is the storm coming in my life when I am walking all alone). Aai tells Disha you only can help our Rano. Rano comes there and tells Di I never expected this from you and shows them the letter in her hand.

Here Inder is desperately searching his cupboards and shelf and wondering as to where his diary could have gone. He thinks that what if Rano has got hold of his diary and how long would he keep lying to her.

Rano tells Disha that I cannot imagine that my own Di would do this to me. Disha asks Rano what is it Rano I cannot understand what you are telling me. Rano tells her don't pretend Di, you very well know what I am trying to tell. Read this letter and it will be clear to you. She tells her ok if you want I will myself read it out and tell.

Rano is reading the letter " Many a times in life we face such situations which is not in our control. In such circumstances we have to make compromises. I know its not easy but you have to forget the person you love and move on. Rano is a nice girl and she will give you all the happiness in the world. Its best you get married to Rano".

In the background some nice lyrics are going on which makes Disha emotional they are as follows:

 Thinka Thinka, kyon aashiyaan meri yun bhikhar jaata hain,

Mere hathon se ummeddo ke har baar yeh daaman choota ,

Kohin apna ho ya begaana , har insaan kyon mujhse roota hain..

Mein kya jaanoo, meri bhool hain kyaa…..

 Translation for my some of my Angrez friends :

Why is the nest I build with so much love

( Thinka means feather), always slipping from my hands,

Why is it that my loved ones and strangers always angry with me

What do I know, what is my fault……..

 Ha ha…..hope this translation is ok. Makes me realize that Hindi is such a beautiful language after all.

 Disha thinks about this song and the moments she spent with Inder ( Inder was good in the first few episodes when he was with Disha , though now he has been reduced to an extra and also acts and looks like a complete buffoon).

Rano is continuously reading the letter all this while.

" You must not forget love means sacrifice and this is the time which calls for sacrifice on your part" – Disha.

 Aai tells Rano , but beta in this letter ( she meant that this letter never indicated that it was Disha whom Inder loved and its just a letter written by a friend/ sister to Inder).

Rano tells Di you knew all along that Inder loved someone else, then why did you do this to me, why did you tell me to get married to him. Disha tries to explain to her that Rano would have been heartbroken if Inder had not married her .  Rano tells her that it would have been better had I known that time itself atleast my life would not have been messed up , Its only cause of you that I am in this situation now. Aai shouts at Rano and tells that Disha has only thought about Rano's happiness when doing so. Rano tells Disha that she has to tell her who is the other women in Inder's life and what is her name. She swears that she wants to know it from Disha.

Inder comes and tells Rano I will tell you who is that girl and what is her name.

Ends on Disha looking shocked.









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Hi Lata ,

thanks a lot for the update.

good night

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Thanks for the update..

I guess ano will know about Disha and Inder once and for all..But i am not sure about this parineeta becuase this will be a cause of more rift between DK and Disha i think Dk will get the blame as usual and our Disha will suspect him more and more and it will only create distance between the two...


memsaab IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 16 March 2005 at 12:28am | IP Logged

thanks Lataji..


Ab hum chein ki neend soyenge.. 11:32 p.m. in San Francisco, CA...


AALIYAH786 Goldie

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Posted: 16 March 2005 at 1:05am | IP Logged

Thanks Lata for another update, thanx so much for the effort put in.


PS: yesterday here in South Africa Dk got arrested and landed in jail, he looked like some untamed animal from the zoo! Just wish I could have come to his recue at that moment! As for Sanya, feel like slapping her.........loved it when Dk pushed her and she almost fell............it was upstairs during the pooja that was taking place for Dev Baba downstairs!

bubbles Senior Member

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Posted: 16 March 2005 at 1:47am | IP Logged

yesterday, the episode was aired, the one where dk tells disha that he loves her. it all happened in the last few minutes of the episode, how behind do you think we are from india??

dk is a frisky guy, first parineeta, then sanya now disha! he does have the charm i must admit,lol

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thanks for the update lataji

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