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After Armaan-Raj breakup! ( part-1)

Rumi Goldie

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Posted: 15 March 2005 at 10:02pm | IP Logged

 Friend!people are showering pms on me with requests to post what happens after Armaan-Raj breakup!so i am going to post it part by part!  those who are thinking that i am killing you suspense,plz plz forgive me! i sugest those who does not want to kill suspense , please don't read these posts!

              What happens after Armaan-Raj Break-up

Jassi and Purab step inside and all are surprised to see Purab with Jassi. Billu jumps into it with Purab, "Purab!!!!!!where did you meet Jassi?" "Mauritius," says Purab softly. "Oh ho," starts Billu, but bebe cuts him off by inviting Jassi and Purab to take a seat. ( here as Purab is known to them the dialogues will be changed so I am not going to the detail, let t& d handle it)Jassi's cell phone rings and she goes to the dining room to answer it. "How's it going, Jassi, where are you?" asks Bindiya. "At my house," replies Jassi. "Why?" "Jassi, Armaan Sir is like a crazy person," Bindiya tells her nervously. "He wants me to locate you." "For what?" asks an incredulous Jassi. "He wants to speak with you! Imagine, he found out that you left with Purab and he went after you like a crazy man, then he wanted me to find you wherever!" "Bindiya, for nothing in the world should you tell him where I am," orders Jassi. "I don't want any scandals in my house!" "Oh Jassi," cries Bindiya, "Armaan Sir knows that you're going to leave Gulmohur and that you're going with Purab!" This is the scariest news for Jassi. "How can this be? How can he have learned all this?" "Jassi, you know how it is... We were here all a sea of tears and Armaan Sir came by and noticed and started interrogating us. And Ruby told him that you were leaving! (tattletale!) And Maithili got all frightened and told him you were going with Purab!" Jassi is hearing this news with trepidation. "Oh my God! And now what will he be thinking?" she wonders. Bindiya tells her about Armaan's fight with Raj and how Raj has resigned and Jassi is even more startled.bebe notes her daughters alarm and looks more than a little alarmed herself. Bindiya tells her that Armaan's locked in his office demanding that she locate Jassi. Jassi tells her that under no condition should she tell Armaan where she is. Bindiya agrees fervently and tells Jassi to turn off her cell phone. "Cause he'll ask me for the number!" Jassi agrees and thinks to ask Bindiya another question. She tells her that she's misplaced a notebook, perhaps in her office. It's like a student's notebook, with flowers on the cover. At this description (and the news that it's misplaced) bebe reacts with alarm. She knows darn well it's the diary! "When you find it, guard it well. Don't let anyone see it, and don't even look at it yourself, you see?" Bindiya promises to comply with this request. Jassi hangs up and bebe asks her what the problem is. " Armaan Sir is like a crazy person," she tells bebe. "If he calls, tell him that I'm not here, that you don't have any idea where I am." bebe wants to know why and Jassi confesses that it's because he's discovered that soon she's going to go to Mauritius to work with Purab. This is not a pleasant surprise for bebe. Jassi asks her if they can speak of it later and they agree to do so, hurrying off to attend to Billu and Purab.


THE EX-EXECUTIVE SUITE Armaan continues reading the diary. "Today I'm sure about one thing: I can't support the idea of seeing Armaan Sir resume his life with another woman at his side." He rises to his feet, amazement and hope growing in him. "That would be most painful for me and if this were to happen, I would have to leave Gulmohur." His eyes shine. "She loves me! She loves me still! My God! I'm not going to lose her! I've got to get her back!"

Bindiya tells Maithili and Naaz that she contacted Jassi at home, but that Jassi said that under no circumstances should she let Armaan know her whereabouts. And much less that she's with Purab. Bindiya jumps a mile when she hears Armaan call her, demanding to know why she's not at her desk. Bindiya thinks fast and says that Jassi left her the task of looking for a notebook, but that she can't reach Jassi because her cell phone is off. Armaan demands the truth. Bindiya manages not to blab, despite his threats. "Fine, fine" says Armaan. I suppose that Jassi is out on the town with Purab and that those tears I saw were because you are so happy to see the him whisk her off to Mauritius!" He stalks off. Maithili is upset that Armaan thinks they are happy to see Jassi go. Ruby says that Armaan knows they are lying and he, with reason, considers the gang his worst enemy.

At home, bebe comes in to Jassi's room. She asks if he's interested again in Jassi. Jassi responds that Nandini thinks he is. With mixed emotions bebe asks if that means they've lost Jassi forever. Embarrassed, Jassi says it's not like she's going to marry him or anything. But bebe says that if Jassi has already accepted moving to Mauritius, it's only logical that she has also accepted him."And you deserve it, honey, it's like going from hell to heaven" says bebe. "I just didn't expect it to happen so soon." Jassi again tells her she's not going to marry Purab and that he has promised them an apartment in Mauritius because he knows she wouldn't leave Mumbai without them.Bebe says that it will be difficult to convince Billu. Jassi says they'll have to see how he gets along with Purab.

Out in the hall, an anguished gang thinks that Armaan considers them cruel and heartless. Armaan approaches, yelling. They scatter like a bunch of chickens. He gestures to Bindiya. She approaches him. Chin to chin, he warns her that unless she and her friends tell him where Jassi is, he'll have to go to Jassi's house and sit there until she comes home. Bindiya gulps. Armaan leaves, slamming the door. Ruby tells them that he's not crazy, he's just upset that Jassi is leaving. The gang continues to insist that they can't fail Jassi. Ruby leaves and goes into Armaan's office without the gang seeing her. In his office, Armaan separates his love letters from the ones Raj wrote. Ruby comes in. She tells him to try to calm down. Armaan says that he must find Jassi. Ruby tells him that she's at her house. Armaan asks if she's with "him". Ruby nods. Armaan slams his fist down on the desk. Ruby again insists he calm down. She advises him to keep his wits about him because he's at a disadvantage - that just one little mistake will ruin his chances. Armaan doesn't know what to do. Ruby explains that the gang thinks that Purab is the best option for Jassi, but that they don't want her to go. She tells him that she has a feeling that Armaan's anguish has more to it than just his concern for the firm and that is why she's telling him where to find Jassi so he can talk to her. Relieved and hopeful, Armaan promises that he won't disappoint her. He will bring Jassi back to this company. He exits his office clutching the black trash bag containing the cards. With renewed determination, he tells the gang that he will bring Jassi back and that under no circumstances will he allow her to go to Mauritius. Gang pipes up and says how much they love Jassi and that they can't imagine not having her around. That they want the best for Jassi but that they don't want her to leave. Armaan quietly swears that Jassi will never leave.

Sobbing between her words, Bindiya also pleads with Armaan, telling him that without him they will lose their Jassi. Armaan swears to them : "I won't allow anyone to take her away, I swear it. When she is with us, we are very happy. It is my charge to bring her back to Gulmohur." Then, starting with Maithili, each of them in turn run to Armaan and confess  their love for him, bestow their blessings for his success. Last is Bindiya who tells him that he is the only one who can help them keep Jassi. He tells her that he won't let Jassi go. Then he gets into the elevator. Bindiya asks him where he is going and he answers: "Don't worry about me; I'm going to look for my peace [Jassi]" then the doors close. The deep gloom of the gang converts into glee as they turn away from the elevator. Naaz is clapping her hands. One of them says, "He's gone to look for Jassi." They pause; Bindiya catches up to them and says, "What an idiot I am. He doesn't know where to look for her." Maithili comments, "He went home with the black bag [filled with memories] He will probably look for her in the morning." "But won't that be too late?" asks Naaz. They chorus, "Oh no!" All their faces cloud over once again………………………………….

Jassi's home: Purab and Jassi want to go out to dinner. Purab invites her parents to join them, but bebe politely refuses saying that Jassi and Purab need some time alone. So the couple leaves. After the couple leaves,bebe, with a serious look on her face says, "Billu, we have to talk."bebe then drops a small bomb on him: "Jassi is resigning Gulohur to go work for Purab in Mauritius." Billu collapses backward to sit on the sofa and , with his right arm punctuating his words, says, "I've said it a thousand and one times,bebe,"bebe lifts her eyes to the ceiling, makes a helpless gesture with her hands ... Billu declares that Jassi can't go leaving behind such a mess in Gulmohur.Bebe tells her son that she is perfectly aware of their problems, but if she says she is leaving then she will leave, whether to Mauritius or anywhere else. Billu continues his protest about the difficulties of moving, and so forth ... until the doorbell rings ... Billu thinks that it is Nandu (at this late hour) and orders bebe fix him a snack, then he leaves the room. Bebe, remarking about Nandu not having come to eat there for days, goes to open the door.

In steps Armaan Suri with the black bag in his hands.

ARMAAN: Namaste bebe!

Bebe: Armaan, what are you doing here [ her turn to be irritated ]

ARMAAN: I've got to talk to Jassi, bebe.

Bebe: Jassi is not here. She left. I don't know when she will return. ARMAAN: Did she go with him, with Purab?

Bebe: Yes. You know that if you have something to talk to her about that you can do so tomorrow in Gulmohur.

ARMAAN: Bebe, I don't know if you are aware of the fact that Jassi is thinking about resigning from Gulmohur to go to work for Purab in Mauritius. I cannot allow that to happen. I cannot let them compromise [Gulmohur] and much more this very night. Bebe, tomorrow may be too late, please ...

Bebe: (looking around to see if her son is in earshot replies defiantly): It maybe that you are intending to manipulate the life of Jassi. You must think that you own her. Let her make her own decision. Leave her in peace, please ...

ARMAAN: No, I won't leave her in peace because I love your granddaughter and I'm not going to lose her.

About that time, Billu calls out to his mother to find out what is going on. ARMAAN: It's me, uncle.

BILLU, approaching: Oh, Mr.Suri, how can I help you.

ARMAAN: Well actually, I came to speak to your daughter. But since she is not here, maybe I can talk with you two.

Bebe: What do you want to speak to us about.

ARMAAN: About her and me.

Bebe: What do you want to say to him.

ARMAAN: You already know.

BILLU: What's going on ???

Bebe: Billu, leave us to talk alone.

BILLU, with his hands on his hips: Alone? Why?

Bebe, with newfound courage: Because she is my granddaughter, please.

BILLU, raising his index finger to the ceiling: You're not hiding something from me ...

Bebe: No, Billu.

Billu, walking in front of Armaan: Armaan Sir! Come in, sit down and make yourself at home. [Exits to the living room]

ARMAAN, closing the door behind him: Thank you Sir. [still clutching the black bag enters]

Bebe: Have a seat [pointing to a rust colored sofa]

ARMAAN, taking a seat on the far left end, holds the black bag on his lap : Thank you !

Bebe, taking a seat on the other end : Look, Armaan, I will never ever permit you to tell my son about the terrible things you did to Jassi to avoid killing him. You can imagine how he feels about his daughter, hear?

ARMAAN: Look, at some moment in time, uncle will find out that I am in love with his daughter ... I love her.

bebe: Hmmph! You aren't deceiving me, Armaan, I know very well the suffering of my granddaughter, and the pain that you inflicted on her. I know everything, from tear to tear  [literally bit by bit] ... hmmmph [she straightens her back and stares forward out of the room.

ARMAAN: Bebe, you know very well everything that happened from the side of Beatriz. But you don't know it from mine. Let me tell you my version, I beg of you………………………….


jprasad IF-Rockerz

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thanks Rumi! Tongue
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wow! LOL LOL
ruchu Newbie

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Wow i am impressed.Smile
*Anjali* IF-Dazzler

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wow!! Thanks so so  much again, Rumi!!!! Clap
queenbee Goldie

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It makes my heart go all weak and wobbly when a ravaged Armaan goes after Jassi like this... and gets flamingly jealous of Purab making the moves on HIS girl... damn, Jassi, can't you see Purab has more than just business on his mind!???!?!??? Angry

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