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The Art of Telling the Truth with Lies (AR) (Page 9)

maryamdiggi Senior Member

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Posted: 15 February 2012 at 6:33pm | IP Logged
OMG! Am totaly in love with ur ff and u are quite an expact on writting, i have'nt been excited about an ff since i read "Mister Greek God Miss Angry eye" looking forward to ur next update!

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Chocolate... IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 15 February 2012 at 9:33pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by mak3mesmile

Originally posted by Dark_Desire

Originally posted by mak3mesmile

Originally posted by Dark_Desire

omg ur a clockworks fan!!!
ekkks m reading the book now and it flipping awesome

but my favorite is the mortal instrument series

god damn amazing!!!

Yes!! Someone finally recognized my Will Wink But next is Jace huh cuz he is amazing. I love both series actually but Will remains my fav cuz is a hot smoking sarcastic bas***d Big smile
But what about my ff... Cry
omg ur ff is awesome too!!!
r u serious tats not even something to ask abt cuz i love it!!
idk jace is my fav b/c the way he is... its like he's the male version of me
and all my friends tell me tat besides the fact that m not a shadowhunter
but still the way he is so similar to me its whacky... plus him and clary are amazing together
tat reminds me i was so pissed abt them being related during the series tat i wud have killed someone
but it's all good now
can't wait till the next book!

Tell me about it, I was pissed at them being related. Jace and Clary are amazing together and I can even handle Simon now cuz he isnt after Clary anymore. I just finished the third book and everything is perfect and i know something will go wrong in the fourth book...I hope its not Sebastian 
the fourth book is really good too
it's like completely different from the series
and yes unfortunately it is sebastian
but omg the ending is just the biggest cliffhanger in the world
like m getting desperate for May to come or else i might just lose my sanityLOL

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mak3mesmile Senior Member

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Posted: 15 February 2012 at 9:38pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by blessed4

beautiful update thats how they landed together ..but how come Armaan doesn't remember continue soon and thanks for the pm !!

I see there are some confusions... I will clear it up in the next update and next time I'll make sure I'm clearer in what im saying.
Altaira Goldie

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Posted: 16 February 2012 at 7:35am | IP Logged
that was hot...great part 
thanx for the pm 

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nihamrm Goldie

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Posted: 16 February 2012 at 8:17am | IP Logged
heyyy!!!!!! nice  ff , came across it 2day and fell in loveSmile
i actually loved d title the art of telling the truth with liesEmbarrassed,
i hope u update soon Smile

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mak3mesmile Senior Member

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Posted: 18 March 2012 at 10:58pm | IP Logged
Part 5: The Art of Telling the Truth with Lies

After these unfortunate set of events, things refused to take a turn for the better despite Riddhima's wishful thinking. Riddhima's bathroom was stocked with pregnancy tests which she employed each day to make sure that she stayed pregnant. When Nikki, her best friend, had found out about what happened, she had labeled her mental and Riddhima had a hard time presenting a case to refute it. Though Nikki knew about her craze for motherhood, she never imagined it to be serious. She thought it was more like a fantasy---like her fantasy of convincing her hubby to pay for the next round of shopping spree, or like her fantasy of making out in a hot air balloon with Jack Sparrow…oh yes, now that's a fantasy but what Riddhima had, she realized, was an obsession…and obsession tittering on the edge of desperation to be fulfilled.
When she had left his house, more or less a mansion instead, that morning, Riddhima believed she would never see him again and hoped for that despite what her body was screaming. She had reduced herself to his wh**e and that was all she meant. However, her baby was going to be worth all the trouble. The following week, Riddhima missed her period. The week after that she began gathering information on being the most perfect mom ever. Two days later she went out to Kohl's and bought new bras. The following week spurred what is named the nesting instinct during which you feel a powerful urge to prepare your house and life for a baby. Riddhima dusted, unclogged, unwebbed, and scrubbed every inch of her house and hired an architect to design the baby's room. There was a glow to Riddhima which had been diminished her whole life and, all in all, she was having the time of her life. Nikki and Olivia were the only people who knew about her pregnancy. Nikki because Riddhima had voluntarily offered that information because it was becoming difficult to contain the happiness inside her when all she wanted to do was let the whole world know. Olivia being a nurse herself had recognized the signs instantly and questioned Riddhima about it. Olivia and Riddhima had become great friends so Riddhima didn't have a problem telling her but what she didn't count on was the reaction of Olivia when she told her that it was Armaan's baby.
"Armaan!!" Her eyes wide and mouth wide open. "Armaan as in the quarterback of the Giants…as in the Armaan of every girl's dream…as in the Armaan of my dreams?" Riddhima nodded silently and clamped her hands over her ears as Olivia shrieked. She was jumping in front of her shouting, "Oh my god! Oh my god! Oh my God! Wait, How? When? Where? How?" Riddhima explained what had happened as smoothly as she could.
"When are you gonna tell him?" Riddhima averted her gaze and replied softly.
"I'm not."
"What? Why?"
"Because it doesn't concern him. And he's a superstar, rich, and all awesome, what do you think people will say? That I'm a gold digger or something worse. Plus, I want this baby for myself, all mine and no one else's." Riddhima wrapped her arms around her stomach protectively. Olivia remained silent.
Riddhima, however, had not counted on the fact that somehow this information might reach him. After that incident in the library and supermarket, which definitely came as a shock to her, she had called up Nikki and Olivia both. Nikki had arrived first at Miss Berry's house where Riddhima realized that the situation had totally blown out of scale. The first thought that came to her was that he had told the press to get back at her by humiliating her and forcing an abortion. But after her conversation with Nikki and Olivia, she realized that wasn't the case at all.
Olivia told her that during one of her conversation with Riddhima over the phone, Ashlee had overhead them. She had put two and two together and got the idea of the situation which also explained Riddhima's absence from hospital. Ashlee had met a couple guys at the club that day and often went there. That was also a common spot for many of Armaan's buddies and occasionally, Armaan himself. Hoping to get an elevated stature in society and an opportunity to meet Armaan, she had whispered the news to a few and it had spread like wildfire. Eventually, it had reached the ears of the man himself who was pissed to say the least. It wasn't hard for him to track her down. He got a hold of Ashlee who was more than willing to offer the information for a few seconds with him.
Riddhima had received a hard slap of reality when Armaan had showed up at her doorsteps. All she wanted was few minutes to think the situation over and offer the best explanation possible. For that she needed time which wouldn't be permitted with him breathing down her neck. Hitting him over the head and leaving him out to bake in the sun wasn't part of plan but she had to improvise and that was best that she could come up with.
Now sitting on the sofa with her nails between her teeth, Riddhima prayed and prayed and prayed. Her head snapped up and her eyes flew open as she heard the rasping of the screen door opening. And out came, well rather in came, a figure. The unbuttoned shirt exposed an all too familiar chest followed by low riding jeans. Riddhima gulped. Half of his chest was smooth and chiseled while the other half was a dull shade of red with few blisters here and there. His face was not that bad except some of the skin on his nose was peeling and there a pink tint to his skin. He was walking awkwardly too as if the slightest movement caused his pain—which it probably did. When he looked at her, Riddhima stood up straight and moved forward.
She didn't get much closer to him before he had put his hand out. "Stop! Stop right there. I swear to god, not even a single step closer. Just stay." Riddhima paused and watched him take a detour around her as if she were the plague come alive. He dropped down on the sofa with a groan. He lay there face down without moving. Riddhima trotted closer hesitantly when he got up suddenly. Riddhima reeled back and bumped into the wood table. She gasped as she felt the rigid edge of the table scrape the skin from back of her ankle. However, she was able to forget about that momentarily when Armaan began to take his shirt off. After he did so, he buried his face into the sofa again with a groan. She saw that his upper body wasn't exactly touching the sofa instead it hovered an inch above. Of course, he has a sun burn, it would hurt.
Armaan hadn't had a sunburn since the age of seven or eight when he had learned that sunscreen was his best friend. Every single fiber of his chest burned and stung. Well, half of it since she had been gracious enough to leave the other half in the shade. Why she would do something like that was beyond him? Watching her face when he had come inside told him that she was scared. Why was she scared? Armaan had begun to fear for his life when he was near her. She had a tendency to turn out everything for the worst especially for him. Except…except that time which had become one of the most memorable events of his life. He hissed as nose brushed against the fabric which aggravated his skin further. He broke off from his thoughts when something soft landed on his shoulder.
Riddhima felt him stiffen when she touched his shoulder.
"Armaan, Armaan, can you turn around please?" When he made no move to comply, Riddhima continued softly.
"Armaan please, you have to do something before the burns get worse." He turned around swiftly making Riddhima stumble back yet again. She hissed in pain as the table scraped her torn skin yet again.
He glared at her and spat out. "Why? Why do you care? I'm in pain because you wanted it. Shouldn't you be happy?"
Riddhima shook her head. "No, no I didn't mean for this to happen."
"Oh, so you just left me out there in the sun to see if I could pop like corn too huh?"His sarcastic tone was making Riddhima angry but she answered softly.
"Look, I'm sorry. I really am but I can't argue with you right now because if you don't do something the burns will get worse. Come on, please." Armaan looked into her eyes and saw genuine concern surprisingly.
"Fine, get me some salve for this." Riddhima patted herself mentally.
"Yeah, but first take this ibuprofen to relieve the pain a little." She handed the pills over with a glass of water which he took without gratitude. "And now we have to cool you down because you must be burning, right?"
When Riddhima looked up him, he was smiling. "Yeah, cuz I'm hot."
Riddhima rolled her eyes but smiled nonetheless. "Yeah whatever—" But he cut her off before she could explain the next step.
"You think I'm hot right?" There it was again. His eyes had turned that Caribbean blue again and Riddhima was having difficulty breathing with his intense gaze. She averted her gaze and moved towards out of the living room quietly without answering. Armaan grinned and followed after her, slowly and painfully. Each step sent a fresh bout of pain through his body. Finally he reached the room but there was no Riddhima there.
"Hey, where'd you go? Hello!" Armaan called out and looking here and there.
Armaan saw her standing by another door inside the room which he realized was the bathroom.
"Riddhima, my name is Riddhima." He nodded silently.
While he made his way to the bathroom, she explained. "I've filled the bathtub with cold water which should help with the burns and lessen the agitation. Just sit in there and relax until you want to get out. Alright?" Armaan assessed the bathroom and saw the tub filled with water.
"Cool, um could you get me some food?" Riddhima's brow shot up. "Well, I haven't eaten anything since breakfast and I'm starving."
Riddhima nodded and moved out of the bathroom closing the door behind her. Before Armaan's arrival she had started on her dinner and thought to take a shower. So now, she just added more to make up for additional member. She filled a glass with red wine and gathered up the dinner to the guest room. She laid out the food on the table and moved towards the bathroom door. She paused before it and called out, "Armaan, I have dinner."
"Bring it inside." Riddhima mulled over that answer and thought she must have heard wrong.
His answer came a level louder, "I said bring the food inside." Armaan grinned. He knew she had heard him the first time.
The door creaked open and he glimpsed a silver tray topped with food. His stomach growled and his mouth watered at the sight of Indian food. His attention was diverted from the food when he saw Riddhima take hesitant steps inside the bathroom.
Her face was turned away from him when she said, "Um, I had already started on dinner and I made Indian. I hope you don't mind."
This is fun, let's make it more to my taste, Armaan thought to himself. He said aloud, "Yeah, that's perfect. I love Indian." She set the food on the counter and began to move out.
"Woah, woah, where you going?" Riddhima turned around surprised at his words. She had tried to keep her eyes off him. When she had come inside, she had glimpsed his jeans on the floor. Riddhima groaned mentally. Why did he take his jeans off? Now, she saw him sitting luxuriously with his arms spread on the tub. She was so glad for the height of the tub which blocked almost everything unless you got closer.
"What do you mean? I'm going outside."
"I know that but how can you just leave?" Armaan continued, ignoring her narrowed eyes, "How am I supposed to eat when the food is alll the way oveeer there."
Riddhima looked at him dumbly, "You want to eat in the tub?"
He answered with sarcasm dripping from his tone, "Uh, no. I asked you to bring food so I could stare at it from two feet away while rats scurried wildly in my stomach. Of course, I want to eat here."
Riddhima rolled her eyes at his sarcasm and put forth another objection that backfired, "But the food's gonna get wet if you eat in the tub. Then you'll be eating your bathwater."
Armaan pretended to ponder on that for a while and then answered with a cheerful tone, "You've got a point. So smart, you're just so smart. That's why I have an idea. Why don't you feed me?"
"What?" Feed him, come closer to him, see him naked—not her cup of tea at the moment despite how much she wanted to. "No, Armaan, you can bathe first and then eat."
There was an edge to his voice when he answered, "No, and as far as I remember we have some things to talk about." His eyes bore into hers. She gulped understanding the "things" he wanted to talk about.
She made one last feeble attempt. "Well, we could—"
"No." His voice came as the crack of a whip.
Tucking her hair behind her ear, she took the tray of food.  She sat atop the toilet seat (closed guys) with the tray on her lap. His skin was still pink but he seemed relaxed while Riddhima's nerves were buzzing. Despite the burns, he looked every part of the risqu image conjured up by the media. Riddhima sighed clumsily and fixed her…robe??
"Shit!" Riddhima cursed under her breath. In all the panic, she had forgotten to change. "Uh, actually, I'll be right back." Getting up, she put the tray down on the counter and moved towards the door.
"Why?" She could hear the soft swishing of the water behind her.
"Uh, I think the phone's ringing. I'll be right back." She slipped out before he could object. He watched her rush out and grinned. She was an open book despite how hard she worked on keeping the binding closed. He had seen the different emotions flicker across her face like a motion picture. Closing his eyes, he rested his head back with a smile lingering on his lips.
She opened the bathroom door hesitantly and peered inside. Immediately, she yelped and covered her eyes with her hands.
Armaan tucked the towel at his waist and turned towards the noise. He saw Riddhima standing at the door with her back facing him. Her hands covered her eyes while her lips were pressed together. Armaan padded close to her until he was standing right behind her.
Riddhima wet her lips and called out nervously, "Armaan are you…uh…done?"
"Yeah." His answer came from close behind. So close that she could feel his hot breath caress her neck. So close that she could feel the heat coming off his body. So close that if she turned around…. Riddhima felt her heart skid to a stop and start up faster than a race horse.
"What happened, Riddhima?" Was whispering in her ear necessary?
His presence surrounded her and clogged her brain. Riddhima forced her brain to form a coherent sentence. "Nothing, just meditating."
"Uh huh." Riddhima understood the underlying meaning in his "uh huh". Really, Riddhima, really that's the best you can do? Meditating? Where did that come from? He's probably thinking you're a tool.
"Not the brightest crayon in the pack, are we Riddhima?"
Riddhima turned around abruptly and came face to…chest. She stumbled back but his hand curved around her waist before she could fall. Instinctively, Riddhima wrapped her arms around his neck. She relaxed in his hold and looked up at him. His eyes, a mere two inches away, were already on her. She gasped as his hold tightened around her waist.
"Armaan, let go." Her hands moved from his neck to his chest. She tried to push him away but he only pressed closer. Riddhima was very well aware of his fingers slowly crawling under the fabric of her flimsy shirt.
"Why'd you change? I liked the other outfit better." Riddhima pried at his fingers on the waistband of her shorts.
Riddhima answered through her teeth, "That wasn't an outfit. It was a robe!"
"Whatever. It had…how do you say it?...more potential." He moved her hair to one side and burrowed his face in her neck. Riddhima was using elbows now but he wasn't even bothered while she was huffing. Should've taken tae-kwon-do instead of microbiology…kuch kaam to aata.
Despite the obvious implication Riddhima asked anyways, "How so?"
He was nibbling now and Riddhima was counting backwards, "Well, it had more openings…if you catch my meaning and an amazing view especially when you bent down. It also required less work…I mean, it's a knot…" With each word, Riddhima's eyes widened and her mouth hung open. "It's a real turn-on seeing a girl walking around in a robe and her not even knowing she's in a robe. So, she forgets to take those certain precautions…"
Riddhima had to stop this before it went any further, "Armaan, look I'm warning you, let go of me."
"Is that a threat?" Armaan placed feathery kisses along her jaw line drawing closer to the targeted area.
"Yes, yes it is. You stop that right now!!" Armaan grinned. He kissed her again on the corner of her mouth.
Then, suddenly and surprisingly, he let go of her and stepped back. Riddhima raised her brows at him and he shrugged in response. Exasperated, Riddhima smoothed a hand over her white cotton skirt and pointed out the dinner to him.
"Please eat and leave," Riddhima said with strain.
Armaan grabbed the tray of food and began eating. "I'm not going anywhere."
Riddhima's eyes widened, "What? Why not?"
He said simply. "We have to talk." Then he added, "Can I get some clothes please?"
Riddhima could feel her head throbbing and just wanted to sleep. "What? Yes, yes of course. Let me, uh, let me go check." She shut the door and sighed. He was setting her nerves on edge and she hated it. She knew exactly what he was going to talk about and Riddhima had hoped to avoid it for a bit longer. Brushing her hair back, she walked into her bedroom and opened the closet. She browsed around for a bit until she found what she was looking for. Quietly, she walked back to the room.
Armaan saw her walk inside with that same hesitance but there was something new. Her face looked withdrawn and slightly pale with dark circles under her eyes. She looked tired and sick. Irritated at the surprising surge of concern for her, he focused on what she held in her hands.
"Here." She handed him a pair of track pants and his yellow shirt. Armaan raised his brows at her since the track pants were men's and almost his size.
"Previous relationship." Riddhima answered his unasked question and Amraan's confusion cleared. A naughty smile spread on his lips.
"Aha, so busy nights, huh?" Riddhima's face turned down in disgust at his comment.
"Ugh keep your dirty mind to yourself." He grinned. Taking the pants, he moved towards the bathroom but stopped midway.
"Hey Riddhima." Riddhima had been making the bed because by that point she realized that he would probably stay over. She looked over when he called out his name. He was standing there with a hand on his towel.
"3, 2, 1!" Riddhima had turned just as she heard the swish of the towel being removed.
She snapped, "God! What is your problem?" Riddhima heard his husky laugh and rushed out of the room while keeping a hand over her eyes.
After showering and dressing, Armaan walked into the living room. He stood frozen for a minute as he took in his surroundings but recovered quick enough. Riddhima was sitting on the couch with a mug of hot chocolate in her hand. Seeing him walk towards her, Riddhima felt her heart skitter as usual. But she sat up when she saw the set lines of his face and she acknowledged that now was the time.
As he settled on the couch across from her, fixing her under his glare, Riddhima fidgeted nervously. She decided she liked him better in his previous mood even if it was obnoxious.
"Uh, do you want something to eat…drink?" He responded with silence. It was quiet nerve wrecking yet Riddhima tried to keep her composure under his hard stare.
He leaned forward resting his elbows on his knees. His tattoos were indiscernible yet the form and color were quite captivating.  "I saw the news yesterday." Gone was the dimply smile and Caribbean eyes; instead, his eyes were narrowed with unmasked disgust and hatred. What made him change so quickly, Riddhima didn't dare ask.
She nodded silently staring deliberately into her cup.
"Why me?" Riddhima looked up. His eyes bore into hers causing Riddhima to avert her gaze. She set her cup down on the table to face whatever he was about to throw in her face.
His voice was now layered with steel, "You know exactly what I'm asking. You said you don't want money. Then, why me? Why the most renowned quarterback? Why the guy with billions of dollars? Why not a regular guy off the streets or heck just go to a freaking sperm bank. You had so many choices then why me? Huh? Then, you come along and say I have nothing to do with this. How the hell do you even think that I would have nothing to do with my own kid? How the f*** do you not realize that you have no right, no right whatsoever, to use my body to get knocked up?"
 Riddhima jumped up as his voice jumped up an octave in each sentence. She realized that he was barely holding onto his self-control. Slowly, she glided to the far end of the couch trying to put as much space between them as she could. So she was surprised when he abruptly rose from his seat and bent right over her causing Riddhima to be sandwiched between the couch and him.
"Answer me dammit!" His voice bellowed in her ear and Riddhima gulped.
She tumbled over her words, "Uh, sperm banks weren't an option for me." She continued as she saw his jaw lock. "I'm not normal, uh, what I mean is that my IQ is over 180." As if that explained everything.
"Well, kudos to you."
"What I mean is that I needed someone who was, um, hehe, a bit normal, you know, on the other side of the spectrum." The expression that crossed Armaan's face as that answer sunk in was one of such surprise that it actually took him a second to realize that she believed him to be dumb.
Riddhima grimaced as he held her upper arms in a tight grip. Speaking through his teeth, "Of course, no better candidate than a goof making money by throwing a ball back and forth right Miss. Yale summa cum laude." She cringed at the venom in his voice and made a feeble attempt to defend herself.
"I didn't plan on you okay. It was all a mistake. Eli and Miles, they—"
"Yes, you are right. It was all a "mistake". This whole f*****g charade is a f*****g mistake and you should correct it, since it is your entire fault that my coach has left me thirty career threatening voice mails. It is your fault that my family refuses to listen to me and will probably disown me pretty soon. So, now a dumb jock like myself would understand that logically it would make sense if you were to correct this "mistake." Right?"
His hands were now locked on her wrists with one of his legs hitched onto the couch while the other held her in place as if she were in any position to go anywhere. Riddhima tried to ignore his face which was two centimeters away but she knew hanky-panky was the last thing on his mind right now. But it was difficult to explain why it was the first thing on Riddhima's mind despite the sting in her wrist due to his unbreakable hold.
"No, no. I know what you mean by correcting the mistake but I can't, no, I won't do that. I had told you that I won't tell anyone or demand anything from you but it all blew out of proportion and I guess I didn't expect it would go that far. I know I've made it really difficult for you and that's why I would've preferred you never knew. But I can't do what you're asking me to. I won't give up this baby for anything in the world. You can tell the media anything—makeup any excuses, call me names, or insult me—I swear I won't say anything but just don't ask me to get an abortion." Riddhima expected him to retort back with a definite no. So she was surprised when he replied otherwise.
"Listen to me and listen to me very carefully. Despite what you may have heard about me or what you think of me, I have morals and values. I am not going to let a kid of mine go stray or be labeled a bas***d—no shut up, not a word—and I don't want any taint on my family's reputation. We are going to get married this week—a simple court marriage. You will meet my family and we will be the perfect family—for them. Here's the media story—I met you last year at a social party and we hit it off from there but kept the relationship under cover. This little show at the library was just a tiff and we were going to come clear after the wedding. After the baby is born, we divorce and until then you live your nerdy life and don't interfere in mine. After the divorce, I get to see the kid when I want and if I want. There will be no nagging, no pestering, and no clinging of any kind whatsoever. Most important of all, this "mistake" and this aftermath of that "mistake" should stay between us. You have until tomorrow morning to decide. I'm sure it'll be quite easy since there is only one choice available." Getting up, he walked out before Riddhima had time to digest his words.

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mak3mesmile Senior Member

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Posted: 18 March 2012 at 11:01pm | IP Logged
Hi, guys. This is not my best work but I needed to update something so this was it. Hope you guys can ignore the mistakes and the next part will definitely be better and clearer. 
Also, could someone tell me how to put like the link thing so that when you click on it it goes straight to that part's page. I dont know that specific name for it but i hope you guys catch my meaning. 
mak3mesmile Senior Member

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Posted: 18 March 2012 at 11:27pm | IP Logged
I have been so rude, not updating regularly or replying to the comments--shame on me :( But im going to correct one of my mistakes right now :)

@ksg_ritika: Thanks for taking the time to read and replying.

@Riarai2346: I completely understand cuz I've been doing the same thing. But thanks still for commenting :D

@sweetnandu: Yeah, updates dont really come fast from my side so Im just hoping you guys will stick with me. FIngers crossed Embarrassed

@hotkajen: Thanks hon, It makes me feel so accomplished when you guys appreciate my work :D

@AMMY12: Thank you :]

@Priya42: I'm glad you liked it and keep reading 

@Dark_Desire: Hey, I'm getting the next Mortal Instruments soon and so excited. Anyways, thanks for the comment :D

@blessed4: Hey, glad to clear up some confusion...but i guess i created some more. So, he wakes up but she has already left so he thinks its a dream. But when he sees her note he realizes that it wasnt. I hope that helped. I'll be clearer the next time Big smile 

@maryamdiggi: You so awesome. Not only did your comment send me to cloud nine but you also introduced me to a wonderful ff. Thanks LOL

@Harry93: Thank you

@nihamrm: Yay, love. Thanks the title just came to me. 

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