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The Art of Telling the Truth with Lies (AR) (Page 7)

sweetnandu IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 01 February 2012 at 8:31am | IP Logged
awesome update!!

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KaJen_addiction IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 02 February 2012 at 4:40am | IP Logged
i just loved it! gr8 updt!
thnx 4 pm nd cont soon
take care

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blessed4 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 03 February 2012 at 4:39am | IP Logged
amazing update 
pl continue soon and 
thanks for the pm !!!

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-Jhalli- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 11 February 2012 at 5:39am | IP Logged
hey dear gr8 update
love it
continue soon
thankx for pm

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Cytherea IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 11 February 2012 at 4:45pm | IP Logged
Hey!! I love your work..Its such a fun read..Can't wait for you to continue

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Chocolate... IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 11 February 2012 at 7:40pm | IP Logged
omg ur a clockworks fan!!!
ekkks m reading the book now and it flipping awesome
but my favorite is the mortal instrument series
god damn amazing!!!

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mak3mesmile Senior Member

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Posted: 12 February 2012 at 1:56pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by Dark_Desire

omg ur a clockworks fan!!!
ekkks m reading the book now and it flipping awesome

but my favorite is the mortal instrument series

god damn amazing!!!

Yes!! Someone finally recognized my Will Wink But next is Jace huh cuz he is amazing. I love both series actually but Will remains my fav cuz is a hot smoking sarcastic bas***d Big smile
But what about my ff... Cry
mak3mesmile Senior Member

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Posted: 12 February 2012 at 10:57pm | IP Logged
All readers please read: Alright guys I need feedback. Guessing by the number of comments compared to the number of readers, I hope its because you guys are busy. I am a writer just like all of you and to be able to improve I need to know what i need to work on. I am planning on staying on this forum for a really long time and i need you guys to tell me how i can do that. For those who commented I love y'all and thank you so much. And those who didnt please tell me what it is that is keeping you guys from doing so...Thanks Cry 

BTW this part is like PG-13 i guess so yeah...
The Art of Telling the Truth with Lies--Part 4

Registering the smirk on his face, Riddhima realized her mouth was slightly parted. Averting her gaze, she focused on the surprised faces of the twins.
Waving her hand, "Guys!! I want answers. If this isn't your house then why—Whoa."
Eli and Miles had hooked their arms through hers and began dragging her to a corner. "What are you talking about?"
Shrugging out of their hold, Riddhima snapped "What am I talking about? You guys have been talking mandarin for all I know. I just asked a simple ques—"
"But why?" Eli gritted out through his teeth, "Why? Why questions?"
Miles joined in, "You're not supposed to ask question. I told Stephanie that it was his birthday and we needed a girl for the night. We asked that she should be a little you know…naughty and a blond but a brunette will do. The librarian get-up is working for you. And you did all of that except you showed up at the wrong place."
Riddhima stood in a trance as the information slowly processed through her brain. "Hey Eli, I think she hit her head or something. Let me explain it to her. Look babe, you are a stripper…And today it's that guy's birthday and he is your client for the night. This is a golden opportunity and after this you'll be like the queen of strippers. Don't look so horrified, our friend is already miserable enough for one night and you'll cheer him up on his most special day. He's a really cool guy so you won't have to worry about a single thing. You can leave in the morning and you'll probably never see each other again. He loves strippers. In fact I think he's gonna end up marrying one. Who knows maybe it'll end up being you. Come on, babe, you got this!" Miles punched her lightly on her arm while Eli offered a reassuring smile.
Stripper!!!"They think I'm a stripper," Riddhima thought to herself, "Oh god, should I be flattered? But why?" Absentmindedly, she looked down at herself. Black skirt, black jacket, white collar shirt…nothing stripper like. Heck even her underwear had peter-pan on it.
Clearing her throat nervously she asked, "Why-I mean how did you guys know that I was…that it was-that it was me?"
"Easy, by what you were wearing. I mean no one shows up at a party wearing these clothes and we understood what Stephanie had in mind. You girls are real freaks huh?" Riddhima looked at his face dropped in an all-too naughty smile.
While her mind began to glue the specifics of the misunderstanding together, her gaze wandered back to him. She had finally recognized him from the countless magazines, posters and billboard signs that she had previously dismissed. He was the embodiment of every girl's fantasy. Unlike her own homily features(or as she thought), he was a delicious boy-candy. His tanned features consisted of a strong jaw with a straight nose; under a set of thick brows nestled a pair of midnight blue eyes. A little stubble on his face gave him a chiseled look which was softened by the deep dents in his cheeks. His mouth should come with a look-at-your-own-expense sign and the whole package was topped with an utterly masculine and sculpted body for which for heart seemed to long for as it sometimes did for ice-cream on a hot sunny day.
The whole idea of being mistaken for a stripper was downright embarrassing, idiotic, and perfect. Just a couple weeks ago Riddhima had been looking for an XY candidate to donate a little something to her and now she had found the one. He was gorgeous, seemed hygienic, and probably had the IQ of a premature chimp just like every other football player. The opportunity was here and all she had to do was act on it. He was the great Armaan Malik and she was just another stripper in his eyes. He would forget this fling before he even opened his eyes the next morning leaving Riddhima with a reason to live again.
A smile formed on her lips and she suddenly felt a surge of adrenaline rush through her veins.
With a seductive flip of her hair, she began in a husky voice, "Well, you know us right. Thanks for that little recap sweetie. Ignore that little case of amnesia, I just got a lil som'n stuck in my brain. You know how it is right?" The twins seemed a little shocked at the sudden change but recovered quickly as they saw Armaan pouring himself another drink. Uh-oh.
"Good. So you know what to do right?" Eli asked with his hands clasped together. Riddhima turned what she hoped would be a hurt-blond look on him. Seeing him look apologetic she guessed it worked.
With a sugary smile she said, "Well, thanks for your help boys and I'll take it from here." She motioned towards the main door and the twins left giving her a skeptical look. Riddhima turned back to the main hall. Taking a deep breath, she began walking.
A few minutes later
"Dance for me!"
With one of his legs hanging off the couch, a drink in his other hand and a silly smile he made the perfect picture; yet, Riddhima was having trouble keeping her hands from choking him. In the last five minutes, he had tried to kiss her at least ten times, slapped her butt at least twice, and last but not least now he was asking her to dance for HIM.
"Dance baby!" He yelled out again.
Rolling her eyes, "Why?"
He set his drink down and got up. "Because you're a stripper and I wanna see you dance." He sounded very much like a five year old who didn't get his favorite flavor of ice-cream (if you haven't noticed I have a thing for ice-cream)
There was no way she was going to dance— not for him or anyone else in the world. "But…But we could do other stuff like…" Riddhima trailed off and watched his face for any recognition that he got the hint.
With a lazy stride, he slowly made his way towards her and stopped exactly a foot away. His eyes were currently the color of the Caribbean sea…deep and beautiful and inviting.
Unfolding his tall frame, he stretched and Riddhima's throat dried up. With shoulders arched back and a six pack on display, Armaan looked perfectly at ease while Riddhima had hard time breathing while witnessing the rigid planes of his chest. Riddhima felt a moan escape her throat and prayed to God(which did not exist ofcourse) that he didn't hear it. Why was she behaving like a teenager about to get her first kiss? Maybe because she was.
After his highness displaying his gloriness, he stalked even closer until he was but a touch away from her. Then he began in a cool, husky voice.
"You know what sweetheart, I was just thinking the same thing. Why don't we do other "stuff"?" Riddhima's heart almost fluttered out of her chest as he winked at her. Understanding his meaning, she realized that he wasn't that drunk after all and it would be hard to fool him now.
Riddhima saw his mouth dip sideways as he tried to suppress a smile. Bas***d, Riddhima said to herself. She thought he was drunk and the a**wipe had been toying with her. But before she could dwell on that any longer, she felt her feet lift off the ground and found herself staring at the ceiling.
Armaan had hoisted her up into his arms and was currently making his way to the nearest bedroom. She wiggled under his hold and he smiled as he saw the familiar pout back on her lips. He didn't know who she was but whoever she was she was definitely something.
"I have feet you know!"
"Oh, I thought you would enjoy this as my past experience with strippers led me to believe. You are a stripper right?" He looked into her big and extremely expressive eyes.
Locking her arms around his neck she said, "Uh ofcouse I am. I was just worrying for you, you know…like you could pull a muscle or something."
"So you're saying that you're fat." Armaan wanted to laugh at the indignant look on her face.
"How dare you say that?"
"I didn't say it, you did."
"No, I didn't. I said it might be hard for you. I was being considerate."
He set her down but kept a hand on the small of her back as he stopped in front of a door. "So you're saying that I'm weak."
Looking him straight in the eyes, she answered, "Maybe."
Riddhima hoped her face didn't give her inner turmoil away as Armaan stared into her eyes before answering softly, "We'll see about that."
Riddhima gasped as Armaan pulled her inside the room and shut the door. Pushing her up against the door frame, he put his arms on either side of her—Bollywood style. Riddhima's breath hitched in her throat as he leaned closer, his hot breath softly caressing her cheeks. He paused by her ear, pushing her hair back, he began, "I'm going to kiss you. Stop me."
Riddhima fumbled with her words, "Huh..Wha---What?"
She could detect the smile in his voice as he said, "I'm going to kiss you and you have to stop me since I'm you know weak."
Riddhima jumped as one of his hands dropped to her waist and her hands flew instantly to his bare chest to push him back. But as her hands made contact with his skin, he pulled her frame up against his.
Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god. Riddhima couldn't seem to keep her hands from shaking and her heart from racing, as his lips trailed slowly to the corner of her lips. He placed a light kiss there and retraced his path back down to her neck. Riddhima's hands moved to his neck of their own accord as she closed her eyes.
"So…are you…going to…stop…me." He spoke in between his kisses.
"What?" Riddhima couldn't believe he was asking questions when she had to literally put her whole mind force into breathing.
Armaan chuckled softly and looked up at her face to access the damage. Yup, she was a goner.
Her lips were parted slightly and his thumb caressed her bottom lip as he waited for her to open her eyes. There were probably more striking women in the world but right now under the silver moonlight's haze…it was her only her. Armaan had no idea why he felt so but he couldn't seem to suppress the urge to stare at her. There was something about her which seemed almost ethereal…as if you were to push too hard…she would just break into pieces. He put aside those silly thoughts and decided that he should get laid more often—starting with her ofcourse.
Not feeling the pressure of his lips on her neck, Riddhima lifted her gaze and found him staring at her. She had always hid from stares especially men's yet this time she didn't feel the need to cover herself or cower behind closed doors. His eyes seemed to see right through her…knocking down every layer she had built around herself over the years. She was surprised at her own reaction to his touch. She should be scared.
His gaze dropped to her lips and back up. She saw it. This time around his stormy eyes held a stronger emotion.
"You have to stop me now." One of his hands wound around her waist and pulled her closer until her lips were a mere breath away from his. His other hand cupped her face while his thumb lingered on her quivering lips.
"Do it now." Riddhima's eyes refused to move from his. "Last chance." Her hands tightened on his neck and she brought his neck down as she moved up to meet his lips.
Riddhima gasped at the sensation that swept through her. Without wasting any time, Armaan took control. His lips moved lazily over hers as if he had all the time in the world. Taking her bottom lip between his, he sucked softly as his hand glided down her back. He captured her gasp as his hand sneaked under her shirt and discovered the soft flesh underneath. One odd thing registered in Riddhima's mind---her jacket was gone and she didn't remember taking it off.
Riddhima moaned deep in her throat as his hand slipped higher…setting her ablaze as it went. One of her hands slipped down to his chest and paused where she could feel the uneven rhythm of his heart. She knew she would never experience this feeling again. She also realized that this was a bad move. Among the dizziness as she clinged to him for support, she also knew that something had changed inside her never to be reversed. It was too soon and it was too fast…this feeling creeping up on her. She didn't know him. Even as her mind blared red signals, her heart refused to listen. She could dwell upon this feeling later but for now she was content on having him breathe life into her.
Armaan's lips began moving urgently as he felt her butterfly touch trail slowly over his chest, then his stomach…and before it could proceed any lower, he caught her hand and jerked her closer if it was even possible. Her traitor hands slipped into his hair as his hands traced the outline of her body. He broke off the kiss and relocated to her exposed neck. Riddhima felt cold air hit her shoulder and realized that her shirt was hanging open. Her eyes were wide with surprise. How did he do that?
"Magic." Hearing him answer, Riddhima realized she had spoken aloud. Her hand fisted his in hair as he bit her neck. Before she recovered from that, his tongue flickered over the skin and Riddhima felt blood rush to her cheeks. "Armaan…" The words were spoken as a silent request and Armaan smiled hearing her say his name for the first time. It felt good for some reason.
"What's your name?" He caressed her flushed face and his fingertips trailed down the length of her neck…alongside her chest and brushing past her slim waist to rest against the line of her hips before continuing to her thighs. Her skirt was not is the best shape at the moment which left more than enough skin for Armaan to take advantage of. Once again in the same evening, he swung her into his arms. He walked towards the king size bed and set her right in the middle. Instead of letting go he came down upon the soft mattress with her.  
Resting his hand on either side of her head, he stared at her. The unbuttoned shirt fell open and Riddhima moved to cover herself but he grabbed hold of her hand.
"Tch tch tch, Indian." Riddhima narrowed her eyes at him as he said the word Indian with an edge. "You're in a bed with a man and you know you'll be naked soon enough but you still try to cover yourself. That is exactly why I stay away from desis…too clingy and emotional."
If there was one thing…actually scratch that…two things that could rile up Riddhima at any moment was trash talking against Indians and spitting in a public place.
With a snap in her voice, "Well I hope you won't be disappointed by this desi girl."
He burrowed his face into her neck and said in a muffled yet audible voice, "Of course not sweetheart, you're experienced. Right?" His eyes were dulled by the darkness of the room yet it was enough to get Riddhima tongue-tied.
"Uh…yeah, experienced. Of course I am."
"Good." Using his thumb to part her lips, his lips swung down on hers. He nibbled on her bottom lip and outlined the other with his tongue sending Riddhima into frenzy. Riddhima responded as well because even if she wanted she wouldn't have been able to hold herself back. When his thumb applied slight pressure on her chin, she understood and welcomed him inside her. As his tongue slipped inside her, his hands got rid of her shirt. Riddhima felt his fingers tracing the outline of her breasts.
"By the way I need to tell you something...I know you're not a stripper." Riddhima dug her fingers into his back as his hand disappeared into the valley. (Guys I'm blushing, how do you guys do this? Don't worry I'm of age though).
Riddhima's head fell back on the bed as her breathing became labored. All she could manage was a moan which she hoped would suffice as an answer.
His hand reached behind her back and removed the barrier. Riddhima closed her eyes as she felt his hands still and knew he was staring. She hid herself in the crook of his neck but that didn't seem to help. When her breasts came in contact with his chest, she heard the deep groan from him. His mouth took hold of her again as he continued the sweet torture upon her. She whimpered under his touches, caresses, and kisses. Armaan managed to remove the rest of her and his own clothing without breaking contact with her body.
He pulled one smooth leg to his waist. Her eyes were closed partially, her rosy lips were parted, and her hands were locked around his arms…binding the two bodies together. Watching her, Armaan felt a pang in his heart. He would never see her again because that's not how he played. When you have sex with a girl like her more than once, there is a connection. Where there was a connection, a spark or a relationship, Armaan was never there. F**k. Capturing her lips in between his own, he entered her.
Riddhima slipped on her skirt and buttoned her shirt while looking around the room for her shoes and jacket. She moved without making any sound. After she had gotten dressed, she looked towards the bed one last time. She kneeled down beside him and gazed at his sleeping form. He looked absolutely gorgeous and cute at the same time. Riddhima drew in a shaky breath and pressed a silent kiss on his forehead. Then before her eyes would shed the traitorous tears, she moved out of his room…his house and hopefully his life.
Armaan opened his eyes and yawned lazily. Turning to the other side he put forth his arm to draw a certain someone in. When his arms returned empty, he sat up quickly. His eyes scanned the room which gave no evidence of last night's events. Everything was in its place but something was missing.
Rubbing his eyes, he said to himself, "What the hell yaar? Did I dream the whole thing?" At that moment, his eyes caught a piece of paper next to his pillow. He picked up the paper and unfolded it. For the first time in his life, he wished had the ability to wake up before noon. He was surprised at the loneliness he felt right then.
"What the hell is wrong with you Armaan?" he lectured himself, "she was just another chick. Get over it…and I'm over it." With that last reassurance, he got off the bed to get ready for the day…leaving the paper on the floor as it read, "Thank You…"      

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