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The Art of Telling the Truth with Lies (AR) (Page 5)

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Alright everyone Im really sorry for being sooo late but this part was soo hard to write and it didnt really turn out how i wanted it to so...tell me how i did anyways. 

The Art of Telling the Truth with Lies
Part 2
"Riddhima…Riddhima…Riddhima!!" A frustrated Nicki shook her friend who for the moment seemed to be in a trance. After they had made their way out of Ms. Berry's apartment, Riddhima hadn't uttered a single word and Nicki was getting bored watching her miserable state.
"Riddhima utho na…please!!" Nicki pleaded for the hundredth time. Seeing no other choice, Nicki began tickling her and that was enough to bring Riddhima out of her stupor. Sitting up, Riddhima began ticking Nicki as well. Later, both friends lay on her bed clutching their stomachs.
"You know Nicki this wasn't supposed to happen." Nicki turned her left and saw Riddhima's solemn face.
"What wasn't supposed to happen?"
"This." Riddhima waved her arms around.
"Well, I do love saying…I told you so!" Nicki said with triumph, clapping her hands. "Jab yeh ghatiya idea tere sir main aaya tha na tabhi samajh jana chahiye tha ki ye suicide hai. Abhi kyu ghabra rahi hai…Cheer up, the worst is yet to come!" Getting up Nicki made her way to the kitchen to grab a snack while Riddhima drifted back to that wretched day she had made that choice.
Rewind to a month ago—Sanjeevani Hospital
"I want to get pregnant." Riddhima announced to no one in particular as she finished up with her surgery. She had delivered her one hundred twentieth baby today after a year in her career as an OB/GYN. Riddhima loved her job. She had fell in love with it when she had accidently witnessed a birth at Harvard University. That same day she had changed her major and why not? It's a precious feeling that breaks through as you hold a tiny life in your own arms and watch the smile of a mother as you hand the baby into her arms where she makes a promise to love and protect that tiny bundle of joy for the rest of her life. The job was vigorous and required many personal sacrifices. No time for family or personal pursuits. Along with that comes the extreme liability of another life. That in itself was enough to scare off many pursuers of this career. These obstacles were no biggie to Riddhima as she had no family or personal pursuits. She was a complete workaholic which partially explained her need to want a baby. She wanted to be normal for once in her life and not be viewed as a freak all the time.
Riddhima started towards her cabin. Mentally, she began listing possible candidates. There was no way she was going to a sperm donor. That's just harsh and so not normal—which was the latest trend she was pursuing. Hmm…qualifications. Let's see. He should not know me, obviously. Clean medical history…no STDs/HIVs/AIDs etc. He should be handsome. Normal lifestyle. And last but definitely not least…he has to be dumb. How am I going to find the ONE? As she contemplated over that situation, two nurses were talking excitedly in the corner.
"Oh my God, did you see him last night on TV? I just wished I could reach into my television screen and pull him onto bed with me. Seriously, where is Willy Wonka when you need him?"(guys if you watched willy wonka as little kids remember the TV addicts scene…hopefully)
"I know right. When he came out the water all hot and steamy and gorgeous…I almost passed out. My husband is so totally going to divorce me when he finds out about my obsession with him. I just want to meet him once and maybe even touch him. Eee…I just can't get him out of my head." Both nurses were literally gushing with excitement as they talked about a certain man species. Riddhima couldn't help but overhear as they described this man in explicit detail with all the right sounds of a overly exert female hormone system. His eyes…his hair…his chest…his muscles…his legs…his butt…Ohh. Riddhima felt heat rush to her cheeks without even knowing why as she continued to listen attentively…unable to turn away. Not a huge fan of the opposite sex…Riddhima herself had never looked at a man's body that way. Sure, she had been in couple relationships here and there but she never felt the need to spend time ogling at a man's chest or butt, in this case.
The nurses, unaware of Riddhima's presence continued with their conversation. "Have you bought the tickets for the next season yet?" Riddhima squinted her eyes and read her name tag…Ashleah… "No, they haven't opened sales yet. But I'm gonna be the first to book them. I'll let you know when I do." The one named…Olive replied. "Thanks girl,"Ashleah said, "listen, I gotta make a move or that hitler Doctor Riddhima will have my hide."
"Yeah, I should go too. I already got in trouble for daydreaming while doing an ultrasound last week" Olivia said with a frown.
"Really? What were you daydreaming about?" Ashleah asked with a knowing smile. Olivia only laughed in response and bid goodbye to Ashleah. Still smiling she turned around to find Riddhima standing there menacingly with her hands on her hips. Olivia jumped visibly and surprise took over her as she realized that her senior doctor had probably overheard their outrageous conversation.
"Good Morning…no, uh, I mean afternoon, Good Afternoon Doctor,"Olivia said lamely, "Actually, we were…um…we were…just talking. We…we didn't really mean anything. I'm really sorry."
Riddhima only smiled tightly in response. "Hitler…That's quite extreme. Don't you think? I mean he killed thousands of people and I haven't killed anyone…yet. I want to see you in my office after you finish up with your work."
With one last hard glare Riddhima receded to her office leaving a panicked Olivia in her trail. Riddhima sat down in the chair behind her desk. Her office was just like her…plain and exclusively boring. The desk was organized perfectly with no stray papers, pencils or any other material. There were no pictures to be seen; instead rows after rows of medical books were stashed along the wall. The walls were painted a gull grey color which managed to crush any source of glee in case Riddhima was not able to.
It wasn't a shock to Riddhima that the nurses and doctors absolutely resented her. But she could care less. Work was work and people need to suck up and stop complaining. Riddhima didn't believe in complaining because it wasted precious time which could be used more productively. All she cared about was her patients who loved her due to her dedication and determination. However, there was still a part of her hidden deep in layer after layer of indifference and bitterness which longed for someone to like her…to love her…even if only for a moment. But Riddhima knew better than expectations. There was no love or comfort in her life which ran solely on survival in a cruel demanding world. And this time she was prepared for it unlike the last time.
The knock at the door brought Riddhima back to the world. Olivia opened the door hesitantly and sat down after a shaky greeting. Riddhima was partially amused as she was four years younger than Olivia and had managed to send the poor lady into a minor heart attack. Olivia folded her hands and closed her eyes before letting out a heavy sigh. Riddhima suppressed the urge to smile as she saw Olivia praying silently because she herself had done it countless times. But not anymore because there is no God.
Riddhima came straight to the point, "Okay Olivia we both know there is no way you'll pass the test this year judging by your performance; in this case, the lack of it. Since there is no Doctor Chad here anymore, you literally have no chances." (Alright peoples Im going to make up crap here so don't mind please)Sanjeevani gave a test annually to make sure their nurses and doctors were still eligible for working in the hospital. Being an extremely respected and well-known hospital, any type of cheating or shady work was absolutely prohibited as it reflects poorly on the hospital's image.
Olivia's mouth hung open in surprise which she tried to mask unsuccessfully. "Why so surprised? You really didn't think that I wouldn't notice that you have slept your way through medical school and it was expected that you continue your habit here. Of course that bas***d was a sex obsessed beast and let you pass but now he's gone for good. Your fate it seems has hit rock bottom."
Olivia shifted uncomfortably in her seat, "You don't have any evidence so you can't prove anything." Riddhima pursed her lips and folded her arms, "Don't I? Well, I believe the security cameras in the elevator of you sucking each other's faces should hint enough at your relationship. And I believe the test you take this year shall prove to others how a 'capable' nurse managed to fail a regulatory test. I'm surprised no one has noticed that you've haven't assisted in a single surgery. I'm sure if I put you in an operating theater your talents will surface to blind us all with their glory. Am I right or am I right?"
Olivia's otherwise pale face was flushed as she worked hard on not hyperventilating. "Miss Olivia you have bought and cheated your way into this position that another person might have deserved much more. Your father contributes heavily into Sanjeevani and he is a well respected and eminent figure. Finding about his daughters philandering will break not only his reputation but his heart as well."
At that point, Olivia broke down completely. She sobbed silently into her hands. Riddhima got up and leaned on the table beside her. She put her hand on her shoulder and spoke softly, "Look, I know that you are capable of being a better person than this. You were a good student. You were even voted to be the most successful in your class." Her tear stricken face now hung open in surprise. Sniffling, she asked, "How did you know that?"
"Well, okay…so you went to Westfield High right?" Olivia nodded in agreement while wiping her nose. Riddhima handed her a box of tissues. "Do you remember a girl who was kind of nerdy…she was way too young to be a senior in high school?" Olivia's uncertain face dissolved into realization and she sat up straighter, "Oh my God, yeah how can I forget her? She fell down the stairs on graduation. She was such a freak."
Riddhima glanced at her amused face and asked, "Do you remember her name?"
Olivia replied excitedly, "Yeah of course. It was Riddhima…Riddhima Gupta. Hey I just realized you have the same name…Oh!"
Riddhima grinned as horror struck Olivia again and she looked like she was about to bawl, "OH MY GOD IT'S YOU. And…(sniff)…I just…(sniff)…called you…(sniff)…a freak!!" Handing her more tissues, Riddhima spoke with a smile, "Yeah, that was me. And you're right I was a freak. I mean who graduates high school at fifteen. It's just not done." There was momentary silence between them which was broken by Riddhima's laughter.
"Gosh, that was one of the most embarrassing moments of my whole freaking life. I don't know how it happened…I think it was because I had never worn heels before then I just did a face plant." She grinned at Olivia who was smiling now at the memory, "Did you see the principle's face? I think he was more embarrassed than you were. Jesus, he was nutcase too." And there was that silence again. Olivia sat fumbling with her snot covered tissue pondering over their conversation. Riddhima on the other hand had sunk into her own painful memories that were all too vivid and agonizing. She was glad to find an escape when Olivia spoke.
"I just want to say that I'm really sorry for all the things I might have ever said to you….high school or here. Just know that I didn't really mean them. I mean you're like every girl's dream…you're smart, confident, elegant, and hecka pretty. Just know that everyone here is jealous of you including me. The fact that a twenty-five year old lady is their boss…well that kinda irks them a little. By the way, you're kinda mean too." Olivia finished meekly.
"Huh…I'm not 'mean'. I'm just strict and if I wasn't who'd think of listening to a twenty-five year old girl. See now that I've talked to you, I know that you're never gonna listen to me again."
"Noo…well, actually, yeah you're right. Now that I know who you really are I doubt you can do much more damage than give hollow threats." Olivia smiled while Riddhima shook her head and heads back to her chair.
Fumbling with her words, Olivia spoke, "So…um…about the test—" Riddhima cut her off, "Don't worry about it. I'll tutor you myself. Just drop by my house whenever you have time."
Olivia smiled gratefully, "Thanks a lot Riddhima. I can't believe you're doing this for me."
"Hey no need for thanks. Like I said you're not a bad person and you just needed a little shove in the right direction."
Wiping off her tears Olivia got up to depart, "Okay so since I'm free tonight I'll meet you at your house. Okay then see you. Bye." She exited Riddhima's office and went back to work while Riddhima sat amid her own thoughts.
Present time—Later in the afternoon after Nicki leaves
"Coming, coming!!" Riddhima yelled furiously as the bell rang continuously. "What an idiot! Can't even take a shower in peace." Tying the knot to her robe, she made her way to the door preparing to flay the person alive. She threw the door open prepared to deliver an ear popping lecture. But seeing the person in front of her nothing moved past her throat except a short scream. Quickly she grabbed the door handle and slammed the door shut…almost. Something blocked the way. Something that was yowling and cursing in pain right now as Riddhima stood with all her weight against the door.
"Go away!!" Riddhima yelled, trying to force the door shut with all her might…which wasn't all that mighty.
"You little idiot! Open the door right now!" The person yelled from outside, pushing back against the door. Riddhima felt her bare feet slipping on the ceramic floor. Trying to regain her balance, she looked around for a weapon. Her eyes fell on a hardy vase on a shelf.
"I'm warning you. You're gonna regret it!" The threats kept coming but Riddhima was intent on reaching the vase as she stretched her fingers…almost…almost. Aha, she had it now. Right then she felt a hard push against her back and she stumbled forward as the door fell open and the vase slipped from her hand into the air. The person walked inside with a killer scowl on his otherwise adorable face.
"Told you didn't I—" Riddhima's eyes widened and her hands flew to her mouth as she witnessed the metal vase crash down on his head. After banging his head, the vase lay innocently between the two. Riddhima looked back at his face which was scrunched into anger right now. She yelped as he pointed a finger at her and took a threatening step forward.
He hissed out, "You!!" Riddhima closed her eyes and covered them with her hands. When nothing happened for a few seconds, she peeked out from her hands and to her surprise, the hall was empty. "Huh, chala gaya?" Riddhima looked here and there. Upon seeing no sign of him, she thanked her stars for saving her.
Then she bent down to pick the vase off the ground and came face to face with an unconscious figure. She jumped up in surprise and the vase slipped from her hands…hitting him squarely on his forehead again…where an ugly bump was already making its place.
"Jesus, Jesus, Jesus!! What the…?" Placing her hand on her racing heart she looked at the victim of her stupidity. She kneeled down next to him and shook him softly, "Armaan? Armaan, can you hear me?" She asked while nudging him. "Kahin mar to nahi gaya?" She put her hand under his nose and felt his soft breath caress her hand. As she pulled her hand back, it collided with his lips. Clutching her hand to her chest she looked down at his face which was pulled into an adorable frown. She smiled and ran her fingers through his hair. It was soo lush and soft. When she had first seen him in person that was the second thing she had wanted to do—run her hand through his hair knowing it would be like velvet. Riddhima snapped back to reality remembering the first thing she had wanted to do. She blushed and pulled her hand back and shook herself mentally. "Focus Riddhima. Whats gonna happen when he wakes up? Yeh toh mujhe kacha chaba jayga. Acha hai behosh hai varna pata nahi kya hota. Lekin yeh yahan kar kya raha hai?"
Biting her lower lip, she took a look around. She got up and shut the door. After setting the vase in its rightful place, she tapped her foot looking down at Armaan. What to do? What to do? There was no way she could carry him.
"Idea!" Riddhima clapped excitedly, "I'll drag him. I've always wanted to do that. I guess some dreams do come true!" Kneeling down next to him again, she put her hands on his arms and pushed with all her strength. Riddhima plopped down with a groan and assessed her progress…not even two inches. With a sigh, she got up and stood over him with one leg on either side of him. As much as she wanted to, she couldn't bring herself to hurt his pretty face but she could do other things. Her otherwise innocent mind was hyperactive as a devilish idea crossed her mind. Then taking his left arm, she flipped him so that he was facing up. Then she walked back so that she was standing at his feet. Taking hold of his ankles, she began to drag him across the floor. After many groans and curses she had reached her destination—the balcony. The balcony was bathed in sunlight but there was some shade. Since it was summer, Riddhima thought he might need some fresh air…not. She grabbed a comforter from inside and placed it half in the shade and half in the scorching sunlight. Then she rolled him until he was on the comforter. Half of him was in the sun while the other half was exposed to the mercy of the sun. Grinning, she stood up. She tapped her finger on her chin…something was still missing. Aha…again she kneeled down next to him but this time giggling like a little girl. Slowly, she started unbuttoning his shirt exposing his well built chest. "Don't look…Don't look…Don't look!" She muttered to herself as she finished with half of the buttons. Her hands were shaking and her heart was hammering against her chest as memories flooded her once again. She stopped and gawked at him. He was so damned hot!! "No, no Riddhima…you have to focus…remember what he did…he's…he's a bad boy…Oh, yes he is…no, no not that. He's a bad boy. Yes, bad very bad." Muttering this mantra to herself she finished unbuttoning his shirt with trembling hands. After taking his shirt off she stood up to leave. As she was closing the screen door she looked back at him once again before walking back to her bathroom with a sigh.

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sweetnandu IF-Dazzler

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what an update !!!!

the AR scene was dam good LOL..
pls cont soon..
thanks for the pm :)

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heyy... :) 
wowww this is seriously unique n quite catchy..:)
i'm loving it already.. omg.. cant believe Ridz actually wanted to get
awww poor Armaan baby..haha
cont soon..:)

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amazing update !!! thanks for the pm and pl continue soon !!

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awesum ff ... just read it ... plzz add me 2 ur pm list ...


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Hey Simran Hug

I just stumbled upon this fic and gal, do i love it? Heck yeah! :D It's one of the most fascinating story I've read lately ... I was completely glued to it.. The way you write, and are describing and moving on with the characters is commendable. I'm already in so much love with it!

I really wanna know which story inspired you to write it coz am really glad you started off with it. It was a treat to read :)

M looking forward to read more, cnt soon!


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amazing part!
just loved it!
waiting eagerly 4 next part...
plz cont asap
thnx 4 pm

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Wow you updated really after a long time ... Don't do this .. Loved the part. The flash back was nice. so ridhima wanted to be a mother coz she is a gynac.
I really want to know how she had met Arman and how all this happened.
Poor Arman... Hope he wakes up soon

Continue soon

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