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Jassi Jaissi Koi Nahin - Daily Update
Jassi Jaissi Koi Nahin - Daily Update

Jassi Jaissi Koi Nahin 15/03/05 Update

Daisy Senior Member

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Posted: 15 March 2005 at 11:53am | IP Logged

SPECIAL NOTICE : Armaan fans with a weak heart should refrain from watching this episode. Cry


Jassi and Purab are having a nice day off in Mauritius. They enjoy the lakeside and stroll together on the wide roads happily.


Raj is desperately trying to tell a lifeless Armaan to open his eyes and face the truth: the truth that Jassi has changed, our Jassi has changed. Armaan refuses to believe. He argues that this is not true. He tells Raj that she has only done to them what they did to her. Raj however is adamant that Jassi has cheated them and that they cannot trust her anymore. He urges Armaan to call her home and ask her family about her coming back.


Jassi and Purab are having a picnic by the lakeside. Purab is peacefully sitting on the grass and looks dreamily at Jassi. Jassi gets up and walks towards the lake. She looks at Purab for a long time and then says that she wants to tell him something. Purab looks at her with apprehension. Jassi comes and sits next to him. She smiles and says that she wants to thank him. Purab looks relieved and says that she is welcome.


Jassi's lawyer Mr.Sachdev calls Nandu. He tells Nandu that he has good news for them: the court has decided to hand over Gulmohur to its rightful owner. Nandu sighs with relief that finally Armaan will leave Jassi alone. Mr.Sachdev tells him that he's getting him wrong, by the real owner he means Ms. Jasmeet Walia. Nandu looks terrified. He panics that they DONOT want Gulmohur and that Jassi had already signed the papers. Bebe & Amrit hear him panic and rush out. The lawyer is surprised and asks Nandu why he's so upset. Nandu says that Jassi will come back and return GM to the Suris. The lawyer laughs that GM is a company, not a toy that can be handed over by one person to another. He tells Nandu that they should be happy to become the owners of a company worth crores of rupees. Nandu looks like he'll cry. Mr. Sachdev congratulates him and hangs up.
Bebe joins her hands and prays for Jassi. Nandu joins his hands in fear too. He tells a fearful Bebe and Amrit what has happened.


Jassi and Purab return from their holiday. Jassi tells Nandini how nice her day was. (They are sitting in the open-air cafe). Nandini asks her to go and rest now. She says that they have to go somewhere after that as there is a lot of work still to be done. Jassi reluctantly goes and Nandini laughs and says that she is sorry to behave like her teacher.


Amrit is really worried and asks Nandu how all this happened. Just then the phone rings. It is Armaan.
Armaan is most irritated to find Nandu back on the line. He shouts at him and asks him why he's loitering all day at Jassi's place. (Sara din yahin pe pada rehta hai kya? He says that with irritation and also a tinge of jealousy) He rudely asks him about Jassi. Nandu asks him sharply NOT to shout and stop pestering Jassi's family. Armaan tries to cool down and asks him patiently if he informed Jassi about the board meeting. Nandu says he did but Jassi said that she does not want to talk to him and that her lawyer will carry on the proceedings. Armaan is shocked to hear this and asks Nandu what this means. Nandu tells him that the legal decision is out and that Gulmohur now belongs to Jassi. Armaan looks like a bus has knocked him out. He is utterly shocked (an understatement) and keeps mumbling that this is not possible. He accuses Nandu bitterly that he always wanted this. Nandu retorts indignantly that they never wanted this to happen. Armaan spits venom on Nandu. He tells him that it was he who lured Jassi into doing this. Nandu yells at him to stop talking crap. Armaan warns him that he will never let go of Gulmohur, he asks him to wait and watch what he does to get it back.


Gauri Pradhan is complimenting Jassi on her new look. She says that she cannot believe it is the same shy and meek Jassi that she had met at the photo shoot. She says that the make over has added a new confidence to her personality. Jassi agrees that she can feel the confidence too. Gauri tells her that she believes that a woman's external beauty goes hand in hand with her internal temperament. Jassi smiles and says that it reminds her of her Bebe: her inner beauty radiates on her face, making her look warm and loving.


Armaan is absolutely shaken. Raj tells him that they need to tell the board the truth. Armaan catches Raj's shoulder and repeats that Jassi CANNOT do this to them. He says that he is leaving. Raj asks him coldly if he is going to drink again. Armaan indignantly asks him if he needs to answer his questions as well now. Armaan walks out and Raj stops him. He desperately asks Armaan what he's going to get by drinking and turning into a Devdas. He says that people will talk crap about him. Armaan shouts that he does not need any body's sympathy or opinions. Ila and Mallika arrive and are shocked to hear this. Ila asks Raj what's happening. Raj says that he feels the need to tell them the truth. He tells them that Gulmohur now legally belongs to Kohinoor. Ila and Mallika cannot believe their ears. Ila casts a questioning look at Armaan whose eyes fill up with tears. He leaves. Raj says that "Madam" (Jassi) wants to send her lawyer to talk to their lawyer; and "Madam's Sir" (Armaan) is going to drown himself in his sorrow by drinking all night through. Mallika shouts that she knew that that ill-fated woman always wanted Armaan to drink to his death.


Meanwhile, Bebe's decision to read Jassi's diary resolves. She searches frantically for it in her room and finally gets hold of it. Bebe starts reading the diary.

(Now the scenes are superimposed: Bebe reading and Armaan in the bar. The words in red indicate Bebe's diary.)

Jassi's diary: "I had vowed to live and die for Armaan Sir and lately I have started feeling that he too has started feeling some love for me! "


Armaan is drowning himself in his sorrow. He says that his love for Jassi was not false....but what Jassi has done today proves that she has betrayed him...he looks miserable and tearful.

Jassi's diary: "Armaan Sir's love has started showing my life a new direction....a new hope...a new dream......." We see a page where Jassi has written in bright red: "I LOVE YOU ARMAAN SIR!"

Armaan pines,"The world may think that I will kill himself by drinking...but I can die for your love Jassi.....I can die!"

Jassi's diary: "I kept doing what Armaan Sir told me to..blindly. I just followed his words...so lost was I in his love...!"

At the bar, a birthday party is going on. A man (I'll refer to him as Denim jacket as he was wearing one) with his girlfriend and 2 other male friends (Blue shirt and Leather jacket) are sitting at a table and singing. It is the girl's birthday.
Armaan is by now totally drunk...he looks as if he has drunk the whole bar. He walks up to the table and joins in the clapping and cheering. They ignore him. Armaan laughs and sneers that there goes......one more man's destruction in love! He goes and cups his hands to Denim's ears, "My friend! See that girl sitting next to you? Don't you make the folly of falling in her love! I assure you! One day she will ditch you and go! She'll leave you all alone...!" (He looks totally out of his senses)
Denim tells him patiently to leave them alone.
Armaan laughs like a mad man. His gait staggering, he asks them to chill and relax..he falls down and lifts himself up. He starts repeating his "advice".
Blue shirt says, "Brother! Why are you spoiling our party? Just go and leave us alone!"
Armaan insists that they listen to him.
Leather jacket asks him to listen to them, and leave them in peace.
Armaan goes back to Denim and starts advising him to beware of that girl again. Leather can stand him no more and he gets up, furious. He says that this man will not listen like this and grants Armaan a powerful blow on his face. Armaan falls back. He says that you people seem to understand the language of fight, and returns Leather a blow. The other two come to Leather's aid. They are all fuming and seize Armaan. They start bashing him up, giving him fierce blows in his stomach. Armaan crouches in pain. Armaan foolishly keeps challenging them and they are more than happy to give him a sound thrashing.

Bebe is by now crying. "I cannot understand Armaan Sir lately..he seems to be going away from me...as if he has removed me from his heart!"

Exactly at this time, Armaan is thrown out of the bar. He lands on the street, clutching his stomach. Blood oozes from his face and he looks nearly dead. He struggles on his knees and yells, gathering every remaining bit of his heart,"JASSSSSSSSIIIIIIIIIII!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

(That shout was agonizing, heart wrenching and the most powerful I have seen on screen.)

Cry Cry
Armaan manages to lift his body up and staggers back to the bar. The watchman stops him. Armaan says that he needs to pay his bill and pushes himself inside.
He is welcomed by strange and hostile looks. Monica, Mallika's friend happens to be there (wonder how her friends 'happen' to be there everytime! Wink ) and is shocked to see Armaan's state.
The barman tells Armaan that he should not have come inside as the men will not leave him alive. Armaan painfully asks him how they can kill a dead man. (Ouch!)
Armaan goes back to that ill-fated table and greets them with a smile and a hi. He tells them that it seems they did not listen to his "advice" and hence he has come back to explain to them. Blue shirt gets up, annoyed and asks him if he does not understand. He asks Armaan what he will take for leaving them alone. Leather says that they will have to "make him understand". The girl is also very annoyed by now (obviously, her bday) and asks Armaan to shut up and just get out. Armaan again starts preaching Denim to leave the girl. The men are by now too angry for words. They catch hold of Armaan and start beating him mercilessly. They punch him relentlessly with their knees and Armaan howls in pain. (It was unbearable) They kick him with their shoes on his face and body. Armaan looks like a corpse. Dead

Monica has the brains to call Mallika. Mallika asks her what gossip she has for her. Monica says that the latest gossip is about Armaan who is sure to die in a bar if she does not save him. Mallika looks shocked.
The men throw the half dead Armaan back on the street where he lands on a motorbike.

Diary: "I cannot believe that Armaan Sir has betrayed me. He whom I considered my own has abandoned me. So many times in my past have I gone through this, but now my life seems to be swallowed by grief and despair. It is like I am going through a thousand deaths." Tears stream down Bebe's face.

Armaan is lying on the street, looking deathly. Blood flows from his entire face. He looks unidentifiable and miserable.
He struggles up to make his third entry inside. The watchman says he's really sorry but he can't let him in. He asks Armaan why is he doing this to himself on purpose. Armaan manages to smile and says that he himself has lost the power to understand what and why he is doing this.
He enters the bar, falling on the way. (Girls, take out your hankies Cry )
He goes and hugs Denim, telling him that same sorry story. The men are totally fed up by now. The girl asks him what exactly is his problem. She gives him a tight slap. Denim says that they now need to teach him a hard lesson. They ask him what enmity he has with them. Armaan mutters that he does not have any enmity with them , only with love and with those who are in love.

Denim then says that he has a way to teach this man a lesson .They drag Armaan to the bar counter. The man picks up a beer bottle and smashes it forcefully on Armaan's head, yes.....his head.....the bottle breaks to pieces and it looked like Armaan's head will too....

The "remains" of Armaan collapse to the floor.......his face is covered with blood and only blood......he falls slowly to the floor.....his hand up to the sky.....his lips a silent smile.......as if he is now satisfied by punishing himself......and......faints.


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loveneha_r Goldie

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Posted: 15 March 2005 at 11:56am | IP Logged
thanks so much daisy!!!!!!!!!!Big smile......poor armaaan!!!!Cry....jassi go back to ur armaan asap!!!!Cry

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cutereems IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 15 March 2005 at 11:58am | IP Logged
Armaan CryCryCry......becharaCry....I am feeling like slapping JassiAngry. She was enjoying with Purab and Armu was getting bashed upCry
punjabiprincess Senior Member

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Posted: 15 March 2005 at 12:01pm | IP Logged
Thanks Daisy so much for the update. Big smile You are doing a great job.Clap
surnita Goldie

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Posted: 15 March 2005 at 12:13pm | IP Logged
God its going to be so hard to watch tonights episode!  Poor Armu! 
sowmyaa IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 15 March 2005 at 12:15pm | IP Logged
what a sad episode.. Cry poor armaan he is paying too much for cheating Jassi the first time. dont worry Armaan Jassi will come back to you, but don't drink this much yaar!!! Thanks Daisy! you are best ...
sukh IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 15 March 2005 at 12:16pm | IP Logged

Crythanks daisy for a wonderful ( Cry )update,Cry

 feel sorry for armaan. .Cry

Jyoti_2006 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 15 March 2005 at 12:16pm | IP Logged

Thanks for the wonderful update!! I started crying while reading it I dont know how am I going to watch it tonight...I think Armaan has punished himself enough... I hate Jassi .. Thanks again.

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