Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain


Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain
Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain

VIRMAN SS 23/10/2011 Note page 28

mohseena Goldie

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Posted: 23 November 2011 at 10:36am | IP Logged
.Thiss SS is dedicated to my cousin Afshan =D 

.Virat was standing outside confused...he cudnt fig out ...in fact he was angry at manvi thinking it was because of her ...he took out his keys and of he drove not knowing his destination ...he just wanted to run away from all the pain the confusion ...not realizing that today for once he let himself free of everything and lived those few moments without having to pretend...it just came naturally effortlessly...at last he stopped by a park ...got out and went inside...
   (dont worry readers Virman interaction hoga laykin thora mehndi function wrap up kardoon ;) 
Meanwhile at the mehndi function...chachai somehow managed to cover up for...and the function continued ...the last performance was whr manvi  did a swamni buaji's parody ...which was not taken lightly ..as soon as the song went off ...she stood up and " shukriya itni izzat bakhshne ka ...aur maanvi tum koi bachi nahi ho jo tumko apni hudoon ka na pata ho ...kaash tum apni behn ki tarhan suljhi hui aur samhujdar hoti ..." manvi beeji jeevika and the guests ..all went quiet ...virens mom and chachi looked upset ...they were upset at swamni buajis behavior ...jeevika tried to apologize but before she cud say something ..beeji slapped manvi infront of evryone ...jeevika took her step back which she had taken to go towards swamni je...she right away went and held her mannu from both the shoulders and just starred at beeji...

"maanvi mang maafi swamni buaji se" ...inside it killed buaji ...but she had to do it for jeevika's future ...swamni buaji stood without feeling bad infact giving looks that manvi deserved it ...maanvi apologized right away without even thinking once where did she make a mistake..was it a mistake in the first place..but regardless she did it for her di ...
 "swa..swaamni..bu...buaji (saying while tryin to breath)...buaaji...i..im..sor.sorry ...mujhay maaf ..kardain...mee.mera..aai.aaisa koi iraada..na..naahi tha " it was not just the pain of creating another problem in her sisters life but that slap had caused a sharp killing pain inside her head ...it was unbearable ...

Swamni buaji " theekay humnay maaf kiya ...beeji stepped forward and said " swamni jee maaf kejiye ga bachi hai ...usko maaf kardain ...and aayen khana lug gaya hai .." ...things some how resumed to normal and they had thr dinner...jeevika's side carried on with their pretense of serving and entertaining guests ..and the hearts feeling the pain of what just happened ...the two hearts which were crying blood were that of jeevika and maanvi ...both seem to be helpless ...the guests leaved ...everyone changed and were sitting in beejis room ...maanvi and jeevika in thr room ...

jeevika "mannu ...meri taraf dekh " ...maanvi turned around to look at her di ...she cudnt stop herself ...after all this while she's been controlling all her emotions...she stepped and hugged jeevika .both the sisters cried thr heart out ...thr was no need to say anything ...thr hearts communicated the pain the support ...the broke thr hug when they heard a knock on the door ..
dabbu " maanvi didi jeevika didi beeji bula rai hain " ...both the sister at the same time wiped off each others tears...that was thr love...all that mattered to them was happiness and pain of the other..

they entered beeji's room ...
beeji was sitting ..eyes filled with tears...the family in the room was not of individuals but it was like they were all linked to one heart ...maanvi understood her beejis pain..she wudnt want her to apologize ..so she went and hugged beeji ..."beeji mujhay maaf kardo...pukka mera koi iraada nahi tha ...beeji ainda nai hoga ..mai pukka limita mai rahoon ge ...meri waja se appko aur di ko hamesha problems othaani parti hain ..maaf kardo.." ...cut of by beeji " maanvi ismai teri itni galti nai thee k mainay tujh pe haath uthaya ...beta mai mujboor thee mujhay maaf.." "nahi beeji plz aap sorry nahi bolain ..main sumhjti hoon ..." they both hugged and evryone came hugged manvi ...

a minute later ...Manvi "beeji mai kuch dair akele rehna chati hoon...main ek dou ghantay bahir ho k aajaoo?? ...plzz beeji ...(looking at jeevika ) ...did plz ijaazat dedo ...driver k saath jaarai hoon thori dair bahir rehna chati hoon ...plz.." beeji gave permission totally understanding her position...jeevika did not want to let her go ...but for her sake  she allowed her sister ...


"driver yahan koi park wagaira hai ..plz wha le chalo" ...the one up thr had already planned their destiny ...driver took her to a park that was not really close to her house but not far either...

"ring ring " ...his phone ringing brought him back to reality ...he's been sitting next to the fountain and staring at the sky ...he did not want to pick up the call..it was chachi calling ...he cut it...thn he read his msgs ...chcchi text said its important ...so he called her up ..."bolo chachi...""viraat tou kahan hai ..plz ghar aaja ...aaj teray jaanay k baad...kaafi upset hogaya tha mahol ...aur sub tera ghar pe wait kar rahay hain..plz juldi aajana "...he put down his phone without saying anything further...virat cudnt believe his ears...all he was concerned was about maanvi...why did buaji react so irrationally...why...and thn a sudden realization dawned upon him...why was HE blaming maanvi...is mai maanvi ka kiya qasoor hai ...why did she  have to suffer...he knew it was his presence that ticked off buaji in the first place spoiling her mood...but WHAT ON EARTH WAS MAANVI's fault !!!!! 
he got furious ...  recalling all the moments of him encouraging her into something and maanvi getting in trouble because of him ...he was hating himself more...no matter how long they've known eachother but deep down he knew he cared and HELL YA it MATTERED to him!!!. he got up and took his keys and clenching his fist starting walking towards the exit when suddenly he happened to see someone near another fountain right under the moon light..a girl sitting with her head between her knees...he didnt need another second to know who she was ...he statred moving towards her but stopped...what will he say ..apologize...apologize for all the insult for all the pain he's responsible for causing ??...but he gathered the courage he was ready for anything to set thing right for the girl...he owed it...it was her who broke through his walls of pretense and set him free ...he did not want to live like a hypocrite anymore... he went and sat right next to her ...

Maanvi raised up her head ...her eyes swollen from all the crying tear strains on her face ...and what was that a scar ...like if u get scratched by somebody's nail... 
as soon she saw him she turned to leave when he caught her hand  ..."maanvi plz baith jaoo "
Mannvi " virat plz abhi nahi ..." she started crying again ...

it killed him to see the girl who was as if made only to smile and spread happiness crying so badly completely broken ...he immediately stood up and hugged her ...maanvi kept on crying in his embrace and thn slowly wrapped her arms around his neck...she cried her heart out ...Virat let her cry as much as she wanted to ..to the point whr manvi realized k ther were no more tears left only hicups ...she broke the hug and starred at virat ..a little tear drop escaped his eye...he gave a little smile which said hes thr and all will be welll..."aao betho .." 
maanvi" nahi virat late horaha hai plz..."
virat " maanvi plz aaj behs nai karoo ..betho "...not even once did this thought cross her mind that virat could have been blamed partially for what she had to go through..
virat" maanvi im sorry..." she smiled " tum kyun sorry bol rahay ho chep ...tumnay thori na thappar mara tha ya swamni buaji ka mazak uraaya tha ...wo thou  (she looke ddown again ) ...mujhse ..galti hogaee thee ..." ..
virat "nahi maanvi ye sub meri waja se howa hai .swamni bua tou ..."
maanvi" rehnay dou viraat wo hamaray baray hain ..wo nahi dantay ge tou kon daante ga..mujhay tou bura apni di k liey lug raha hai...hamaisha kaam begaarti rehti hoon...ye yaadain unkay saath bhaijoon ge k unki mannu ne unko mehndi ruin kardi thee "...she said whil wiping of her tear ..suddenly wincing ...the tears hurt her skin ...virat attention went back to what chahchi said ...beeji slapped her...leaving behind this mark ...
Virat " maanvi ...pata hai tum bahut achi ho..."
maanvi " makhan laga rahay ho chep?? " she winked at him ..as usual trying to hide her pain ...she had already let her guard down twice ...she did not want ppl to know abt her feelings ..her pain ...
Virat" nahi ...bilkul sach leh raha hoon " ... he cudnt resist ...raised his hand and his fingers ever so lightly touched the mark ..."its hurting ?? "
maanvi for a second got completely lost in the touch but coming back to senses..." koi nai...itni kamzor bhi nahi hoon na wo faltou nazuk larkiyon ki tarhan hoon...isse bari chootain khai hain maiany.." at the same time realizing how she just told the biggest the most bitter truth of her life ...

Virat just starred at her lost of words...
maanvi realizing its late suddenly stood up ..."virat late hogaya ..maina chalti hoon..." before she cud complete her head started spinning ..and she almost fell if it was not for virat who qucikly held her hands making her sit down again...
Virat" waisay i was avoiding this topic taakay tumko annoy na karon ...but aisa bilkul na smahujna ka main itna bhulakr hoon k bhool jaaon k tumhari tabiyat kharab hai na itna insensitive hoon physically k ye na mehsoos karon tumko kitna bukhaar hora hai abhi " he smiled giving his i know evrything look ...mannvi returned her sarcasting tight lipped smile ..."bool liya ...plz abhi shorou mut hojana !! "...virat stil holding her both palms tightly in his ..."acha baba nothing ...but tumko pata hai bhai kehtay hain world mai subse acha head massage mujhay aata hai " ...
maanvi" tou chep mai kiya karoon...dukhan khulwaakay doon kiya ...chep se sir ki maalish karao" and laughed...howhe loved her smile !!!
virat" nahi...filhal tum bus itna karo k ...(thinking how to say it )...mai tumhara sir dabadon thori dair ...(maanvi started to speak but he cut her off) ...plz maaanvi...main waisay he bahut guilty feel kar raha hoon..plz.." manvi cudnt resist the child like innocence with which he confessed ..she slightly nodded her sir in a yes...virat gave his million dollar smile ..

he made manvi keep her head on his lap and slowly started giving her a massage ...the second his fingers touched her scalp and started moving in circular motions ..maanvi felt her pain decreasing...virat started humming a song ...maanvi opened her eyes with astonishment  and was about to say something but virat kept his hand on her eyes..just like covering a baby's ...so that shes not distracted...he dint care how many promises he was breaking that he made to himself...evrything he did now was just making him feel good ...the rest cud be dealt later...maanvis heart felt all content and she dozed off quickly ...she felt the peace ...no more restlessness ...like she's been travelling for long and now was tired and wanted to sleep ...a peacful sleep...as virat realized she dozed off into deep sleep he carried her into his arms and took her to his car ...very carefully making her sit in the front seat without waking her ...he went back to manvi's driver ... "tum jaoo aur ghar k bahir kharay rehna jub tuk maina na aaoon .." ..he paid the driver some money to make sure he keeps the secret to himself... "jee sahib ..samhuj gaya "
Virat went back to his car ...on his way he stopped at a medical store..got an ointment to heal the nail mark and a few chocolates ...all along the way maanvis head was on his shoulder ... =D

They reached the guest house..as per the deal the driver was waiting outside ...virat switched off the engine ...he kept staring at her ...moving the strands that were covering his face...so many thought crossing his mind ...but the most important for now were two ...fixing maanvi's image ...and consulting the doctor about maanvis health ...
ring ring ...it was maanvi's cell...blinking jeevikas name ...as much as he hated to but he carefully woke up maanvi ...maanvi opened here eyes ..and realized when virat showed her cell ringing ..before she said something in her high tone voice he covered her mouth .."shhh.buk buk baad main karna ...abhi phone uthaoo bolo ur reachin in two mins...just do as i say " he accepted the call...maanvi still confused said exactly what virat had said ...

Maanvi" virat mai tumhari gari main..mera driver ...mai kiya bolongi .
viraat" uffoo shoro hogae tumhari non stop train...kitni achi or khoobsoo...mera mutlab hai khaamoosh he better lugtee hoo"  ..."now dont worry ive taken care of evrything..driver saamnay khara hai...hum tumharay guest house k neechay hain ...happy " =D
maanvi" acha mai chalti hoon " she opened her door ...virat held her back by her hand " ek mint ruko"  he handed her a bag  
Virat" ointment for that scratch mark and chocolates..tumharay liey " 
maanvi was taken back ...he had ended the most awful day with a such a beautiful end ...no longer was her heart complaing...she just smiled at him ...lipsing thanku ...virat fixing his collar said " ur welcome banderiya ..ab tum jaoo sub wait kar rahay hain " ...manvi left after saying thank u  again
to be continued ... 

next part lots of VIRMAN =D

guyz plz ignore the spelling or grammatical error i haven't rechecked it =D

hope u like it 
Love Ana  (afshan i hope u like it  =D ]

Part 2 pg 7
Part 3 pg 10
Part 4 pg 16
Part 5 pg 21

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awesome loved it loved the virman convo yaar too gooddd...

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mohseena Goldie

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and do comment ..it means alot to writers =D ...its okay im open to criticism =D
mohseena Goldie

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Posted: 23 November 2011 at 10:54am | IP Logged
Originally posted by lakshm

awesome loved it loved the virman convo yaar too gooddd...
thanku ..i'll pm u when i wirte the next part =D
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superb...pls pm me wen u update... :)
coolfire Goldie

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This is just great! You write so well! ... please do continue, and will you PM me when you have the next part up? thnks!
mohseena Goldie

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Posted: 23 November 2011 at 11:30am | IP Logged
Originally posted by coolfire

This is just great! You write so well! ... please do continue, and will you PM me when you have the next part up? thnks!
sure =D
Chiraiyya... Goldie

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I really like how VirMan were serious with eachother for once. I really hate Swamin. Great Work. If you can could you write some OS's on VirMan after their marriage Smile

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