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Rimjhim throws Malini and Avinashs wedding picture on the floor. Avinash and Malini both look at her in shock. The whole family is also present. Rimjhim retreats to her rightful bedroom and returns with Malini's sari's and throws them on the floor on top of the cracked picture. Rimjhims face is wet with tears. Avinash says ''whats the meaning of this''. Rimjhim starts her massive lecture, she starts shouting-talking:''I am the bahu of this house, this is my rightful position!!. Malini is a guest!! and guests should know their place is in the guestroom!!. Yashoda please take these things to the guestroom''. Rimjhim is looking furious. Yashoda is smiling in silent support. The rest of the family are very shocked. Iravati begins to interupt: ''eh ladki what is the meaning of all this, you wanted to marry Prem to cause trouble eventhough you knew he was a criminal-''. Rimjhim walks over to Iravati and shouts in her face ''enough, i'v lived in this house as a mear daughter, I AM THE DAUGHTER-IN-LAW, and you people tried to get me married off to Prem..and yes i knew Prem was a thief but i didnt want to break Babujis heart by telling him the truth and i hoped Vijay would come to the mandap in time!!!''. Iravati is gobsmacked by Rimjhims sudden courage of fire. Babuji feels the words of Rimjhim and he feels saddened. Rimjhim goes on ''I have helped this house countless times and still you believe Malini over me, Yashoda, the eldest daughter in law tried to tell you the truth but you didnt listen to her!!! Malini is a bad bad person''. Rimjhim keeps repeating ''sacrifices, so many times and still you believe Malini over me!!''. Rimjhim reminds everyone when she had cancer and she didnt tell anyone, ''I was trying to protect you people so you wouldnt get hurt, that was the biggest sacrifice and today YOU DONT BELIEVE MY WORDS!!''. Rimhim goes on ''Malini has countless times tried to evict me from this house, and Vijay has tried to kill me so many times and i survived''. Rimjhim goes on ''And what do i get from my respect!..not even called by my name..i get called "eh ladki!'' (Rimjhim points at Iravati). Rimjhim says that ''if anyone tries to say or do anything different then i wont stay quiet, YOU UNDERSTAND...i WILL SPEAKUP''. Rimjhim declares herself the bahu and that she and Avinash are not divorced..she leaves everyone speechless whilst she retreats her rightful bedroom. (Guys i'v tried to remember all of Rimjhims words here..she was quite powerful).

Avinash goes after her in the bedroom. Rimjhim sits on the bed. Avinash says ''what was that dramatic display!..this is not the Rimjhim i fell in love with-''. Rimjhim interupts ''FELL IN LOVE WITH!!! ...dont u mean the Rimjhim you still love''. Avinash just looks at her. Rimjhim goes on ''we are not divorced and i'v tolerated things so far but NO LONGER..just because i chose to speakup after so long, im all of a sudden not worthy''. Rimjhim tells him that Malini is a bad woman. Rimjhim says ''why would i want to break up you and Malini when i was the one who suggested that Malini take care of you and Megha when i had cancer....and i saw you two get married and didnt say anything..and now i want my husband and my daughter..i'v waited tolerated, sacrificed and waited long enough''. Avinash looks at her sympathetically and says ''i know Rimjhim but you must understand that me and Malini are married now-''. Rimjhim doesnt care. Avinash is left standing.

Prem, Peter and Ekta are in prison. Chotu is telling Prem that he cant believe Yashoda gave him in and he'll kill her if Prem wants that. Prem tells Chotu that he himself asked Yashoda to turn him in to the cops. Prems friends are shocked. Prem tells them there was no choice in the matter, considering Vijay had disappeared from the airport. Prem says that he has recieved alot of respect from the family and he doesnt want to lose that feeling. Chotu and Peter ask him what he will do then. Prem says that he wants to leave this life of crime and start afresh in business or something. Prem says that Father D-souza had always told him he had the brains to achieve anything. Peter says he'll leave the life of crime with him and they hug. Chotu gets a call from Yashoda and she asks to speak to Prem. Chotu gives the phone over and she apologizes to Prem for putting him in prison and she tells him that she'd come there but she cant right now. Prem tells her not to worry as the police are his friends and prison is like his second home so hes getting to know everyone after so long. Then Prem tells Chotu that he still has Vijays passport so Vijay will probably go to a passport maker..Peter tells Chotu about someone to go see about passport making and thus locate Vijay.

Rakesh tells Yashoda that he doesnt like what Rimjhim has done and he doesnt like Yashoda supporting her like this. Yashoda says that Malini is the dushman of this house and what Rimjhim is doing is completely correct. Bua comes along and tells Yashoda ''betiya..Malini is now the bahu of this house and Megha has known her as her mother''. Yashoda stands firm in support of Rimjhim. Rakesh doesnt agree.

Babuji and Iravati discuss whats happened. Iravati tells him that ''Malini is correct and Rimjhim wanted to marry that dont tell me that the cloud hasnt lifted off your eyes already!''. Babuji tells her that hes in a dilemma as Rimjhim has a point that she has done so many good things for this house and proved herself often. However theres also the other point of whats good for the house. Iravati tells him ''i know you, you'll never come to decision-''. Theres a loud knock at the door and Rimjhim comes walking in, she tells everyone that dinner is served and everyones waiting. Rimjhim has a smirk on her face..Iravati looks disgusted and Babuji looks alittle embarressed.

Rimjhim taunts Malini at the dinner table..that guests are treated like gods
Prem is out of prison and is talking to Yashoda
Bua tries to make Rimjhim see whats right

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Thanks Rani for the wonderful updates.ClapClap bravo to youClap
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Welcome rani


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Thanks a lot rani24.............its very much appreciated! Great Job!Clap

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Rani, are you chets of bollyteens?


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Hi guys, First of all, I haven't written the updates, I got them from another website. May the writer excuse me


Update (those of you who havent read the update before this one where Rimjhim goes berserk..then do so..otherwise you'l be lost in this update)

The family are sitting at the dinnertable but they are all looking miserable as hell. Malini starts serving food but Rimjhim comes into the dining room and says ''Malini, your a guest in this house, remember?..and guests are supposed to be treated like gods'' (Rimjhim uses Babujis words). Babuji winces. Rimjhim tells Malini to sit down at the table. Malini begins to sit next to Avinash but Rimjhim says ''no not there..your place is right over there'' (Rimjhim points elsewhere). Malini runs off. The family all feel awkward. Avinash is less then pleased and he begins to get up when Rimjhim pushes him down and says ''stay and eat, i'll go feed Malini''.

Malini is standing in the dark feeling furious. Rimjhim knocks on the door and comes into the guest room, she turns the lights on and taunts Malini. She says ''here i'v brought food for you, we cant leave guests with empty stomachs''. Malini is visibly upset. alini tells her that she cant get away with all this as the family dont even believe her word over Malinis. Rimjhim tells Malini that she made a mistake kicking her out of the bedroom and she should have kicked her out on her ass out this house instead. Malini tells her that she has made a big mistake in challenging her. Rimjhim tells her that shes so bad that she should just commit suicide (sorry i was just laughing when Rimjhim made this joke..still am). Malini tells her that she got rid of her from this house for afew years and she can do it again. They argue abit more and thats that.

Yashoda goes to the police station with a lawyer and arranges bail for Prem, Peter and Ekta. They are all released. Prem comes out and Yashoda gets up to greet him. Prem tells her they need to locate Vijay because this is of utmost priority..thus they can get Malini exposed and evicted from sukh sandi sadan.

Rimjhim is in her room cleaning and arranging her sari's into her cupboard when Bua slowly comes inside the room. Bua is looking flustered and politely asks Rimjhim if what shes doing is right. Rimjhim politely replies back that it is right and thats all she really needs to know for now. Bua is not entirely convinced so Rimjhim tries to explain it in her language by telling about how Lord Krishna had told the pandavas to fight when it was necesary and thats what im doing. Bua feels flustered (lol Buas so sweet).

Its nighttime and Avinash is sleeping in his bed but he looks agitated, then we see Rimjhim sleeping next him (oooOOOooo). Though Rimjhim has her back to him in bed. Avinash just lies there looking into space but then he gets up and walks out the room. Rimjhim gets up and watches him go. Avinash comes out of the room and walks out and sees Malini sitting there on the couch. He goes and sits down beside her (out of sympathy i guess). Before he begins to speak she says ''dont say anything and dont remind me of anything..dont remind me of the time i met you, or of the time my dad put my hand in yours or the time we got married and the priest said you had to protect my not hurt by these things (yea right of course she is)...just promise me you wont feel disgraced that im kicked out my room and also dont stop loving me'' (LOL...and she says shes not asking for much hahhahaha). Malini leaves. Avinash sits there and ponders about things.

Megha is on the bed in Rimjhim and Avinashs room...shes reading and writing. Avinash comes into the room and she asks him to help her with her homework. Avinash says he cant right now but she should ask mama. Megha says she doesnt know where mama went last night. Avinash looks concerned. Malini comes into the room and says ''Meghaaaa''. Malini hugs her (all fakeness). Rimjhim comes into the room and says ''Megha, your grandmas calling you'', Megha runs off. Rimjhim tells Malini not to enter her and Avinashs bedroom ever again. Avinash says ''Rimjhim, she came to see Megha''. Rimjhim doesnt care and then says ''oh..i know..Avinash cares about Malinis welfare...well dont worry Malini..we can you remarried''.Rimjhim goes to the drawer and gets out a photograph book and gives it to Malini and tells her that theres pictures of boys in here so choose one as they probably good boys considering its the same book that Malini once gave Rimjhim. Avinash and Malini both stamp off in different directions leaving Rimjhim standing truimphantly.

Rimhim and Malini are both giving Babuji chai...when Rimjhim tells Malini that she doesnt have to
Rakesh doesnt like Yashoda supporting Rimjhim

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hey Rani That was great !

i just love how rimjhim react , that how she should do it !

she cant leave and daughter like that

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hey that was great keepem coming


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