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Tumhari Disha
Tumhari Disha

TD Update for 14th March'2005

.....Lata..... IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 14 March 2005 at 11:29pm | IP Logged


Tumhari Disha Update for Episode dated 14.03.2005

 Now for all of us who are still facing the withdrawal symptoms and having the hangover after Saturday's rocking rendezvous , as dkaddict advised us its time for us to take a deep breath and move on…..sigh .. if it was as easy as that……

 Anyways yesterday's episode was a total fiasco. More so cause our Indy Devdas kept trying his level best to bring some tears in his eyes….grrrrrr…the only saving grace was the last scene which was the only scene which had our hero in it.

Vedant is in his room, when Gargi as usual drops in.She questions him as to what he was talking to Disha in her room clinging to her and holding her hands, She again tells him that hope he is not fallen in love with her. Vedant in his usual style tells comeon mom gimme a break. Gargi again pesters him to tell her frankly if he had any such feelings for Disha and clear it to her once and for all. And what for was he sympathizing with her. Vedant tells his mom that she knows damn well that why he came here and that it is only  help his mom to take revenge with Brother. Immediately he tells her forget Brother, tell me mom how do you control Badi Mom. Gargi smiles wickedly and tells him that she does not have to do anything, she just has to show her something in red and the lady automatically starts getting violent. Vedant the smart guy that he is again asks him mom why is it so, why does Badi Mom have allergy to red colour. Gargi is much more shrewder  than her son and with an expression of don't try to get smarter with me (which must be seen expression ) tells her son that why does he want to know all this, I have already told you a lot and its better that the cards are opened one by one and not at once , saying the lady walks off. Vedant tells to himself Mere Mom ka bhi jawaab nahin, kahan se laati hain itni demaag ( My Mom is also great, from where does she get such ideas). Vedant then thinks about his badi Mom and wonders what can be done to save her.

 Now here this Indy is looking at the snaps. …of Disha and himself when they were going steady……oh gosh……again for the nth time keeps telling to himself, why Disha why did you do this and force me to get married to rano. Why did you purposely push me into a relation which I did not want to, in the bargain you have spoilt 4 lives, neither me, rano, you and dk are happy in their respective relations. They show a lady is getting down from the car ( they focus on the legs)  and entering khosla residence. This Devdas is again telling to himself, here I am restless and so are you there….and brings tears in his eyes……..yuck…..

Di lady enters ( she was the one who was coming to their house) in a huff and questions Inder as to where is Rano…….why are you making life hell for her and why do you want to torture her this way. Inder tells Disha you know very well. Disha tells Inder again I am married, please leave me alone and forget about me. Inder tells her as to why has she to pretend to be happy, you very well none of us are happy neither I and Rano , nor you and DK. Disha tells him that she and her husband are very happy with each other..Inder tells her that you told me to marry Rano, but you cannot stop myself from loving you. Disha looks at Inder's face and herself can't stop her tears…

She goes away and on the way meets Inder's Dad. He is surprised to see Disha. Disha poor thing cannot stop her tears and tells Uncle that when she heard about Rano from Aai she had to come and meet Inder to solve this matter. Khosla tells Disha how much more pains will she take to bring Rano and Inder together. He tells her that his heart goes out to poor Disha who has all along been thinking of making others happy and in the bargain hurting herself. Disha cries again and tells her that she wanted to take care of Rano but I myself am unable to face it, when Aai told me about it I felt so guilty. Inder's dad tells her don't worry beta..Disha tells him how can I uncle , when Rano comes to know that the other women in Inder's life is none other that her Di what will she go through, what am I supposed to do?  Inder's dad tells her that you cannot run away from circumstances and don't worry time is a big healer and with time all the matters will get solved and all of you'll will be happy.

 Disha meanwhile goes to meet Aai's house. Seeing Rano both of them hug each other and cry their heart out. Aai is overwhelmed watching both her daughters.Inder's dad goes to Inder'r room and blasts at him. Inder tells his dad that he is trying his best but just does not seem to get over the past. He tells him to forget the past and now that he is married to Rano its his moral responsibility to accept her as his wife completely.

 Gargi and Vedant are in Badi Mom's room. Gargi pours some medicine from a bottle and tells Vedant that this is the best way to torture DK, saying this she hands over the glass of medicines to Vedant. She tells him to be quick and give the medicine and go away. Vedant tells his mom to go ahead and he will come later. Gargi goes away from the room and Vedant pours the medicines slowly in the flower vase. He looks at Badi mom who has got this painful expression on her face. He feels very sorry for her and tells her that whatever relations I may have with Brother , the fact is that I am here to save you and Dish. You may not recognize me but now I am here for you'll. Badi Mom keeps looking at him with an expressionless face.

 Disha is in her room crying and thinking about Inder and Rano. She tells to herself that come what may, it is her duty to bring both of them closer. Just then Vedant enters her room and looking at her says My My My…..What happened Dish. Why are you upset again. Disha gets wild at him and tells him that she has told him so many times to knock the door and come to her room, Vedant tells her and Dish I have told you so many times not to cry. Disha again tells him what is this Dish, Dish you keep calling me always, I am your Bhabhi and better call him that. Vedant again smiles and tells ok Bhaa..Bhi…comeon we are friends first and comeone now give me a smile..saying this he winks at her. The dame melts and smiles as usual gets carried away by Vedant's flirtatious behaviour.

 Now here DK is sitting in his study drinking, goes without saying looking smashing in a maroon coloured shirt.  Gargi comes with some documents. DK tells her now what papers has to brought for him to be signed. Gargi tells him Sonny besides documents to be signed there are other papers too in my room. These are Disha's papers which were in my file along with other papers by mistake. Now since its late in the night it is not right on my part to go to her room, since you are her husband you have every right to do so, go and give it to her. The gentleman that Dk is , tells her that he will go in the morning, Gargi again forces him and tells that Disha may require these important papers, go and give it to her now. DK gets up to go to Disha's room. Gargoyle gives a wicked smile.

 Here Disha mam is getting cosy with Vedant…..grrrrrrr……She asks him to first of all tell her what he wanted to tell. Vedant tells her that he knows the reason why Badi mom gets violent and that's on seeing red colour . Disha remembers the time she took the red juice, the red saree etc etc.. Meanwhile DK is shown walking towards her room…….that DK music in the background…our heart beats increasing…..he is casually just browsing thru the papers…….he enters the room and sees Disha and Vedant talking and he is again holding her hands and making her smile…….DK screams………DISHA………Disha gets up at once and tells what is the matter DK.  Dk tells her that he should be the one asking her that what is she doing with Vedant in her room at night. Disha tells him that Vedant had come there to tell about Badi Mom….Gargi is passing by…..Vedant sees her and stops Disha from telling……Disha also realizes that if she told about all this in front of Choti mom then Choti mom will stop trusting Vedant..thinking this she stays mum……..Dk again tells Disha now what happened , why are you quite, afterall what excuse will you give me now….Disha gets disgusted and tells Dk its useless talking to you now when your mind is filled with suspicion. DK tells her now that you have no words , what more can I say….Vedant tells Brother…….Dk tells him to just shut up and tells that he is talking to his wife( wow) and when husband and wife are talking I don't want an outsider to interrupt. Vedant tells that but the discussion is about the outsider , DK tells him that what will you tell me afterall, I have not seen a cheap person like you , Vedant looks surprised and asks him cheap person, DK tells him to take revenge on me you are using Disha as a weapon… Vedant asks him what revenge are you talking about.. Dk tells him don't try to act innocent ,  have you forgotten, are you not using Disha to take revenge about  Porineeta???????? Disha looks surprised at both of them. Episode ends on DK's face.

Only the last scene was worth watching yesterday in which DK undoubtedly stole the show.




memsaab IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 14 March 2005 at 11:58pm | IP Logged

thanks lata.. since I'm in US.. I am up and it is 11 p.m. and was about to go to sleep (busy day tomorrow... ) and when I logged on to India-Forum, you really made it worth for me... have a great day..

memsaab (sleeeeepy now... Sleepy)


PriyaS Goldie

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Posted: 15 March 2005 at 12:04am | IP Logged

Thanks Lata for the fab update! Smile

.....Lata..... IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 15 March 2005 at 12:09am | IP Logged

Ur welcome friends. Actually we are 1-1/2 hrs behind from India . I am in UAE. So by the time I come to office and complete my urgent morning work first thing in the morning its already 9-9.30 and then i start typing the updates. So it always becomes late. I really feel bad that most of you'll keep awake and some have to go to sleep without reading the updates. Really sorry for that. Our Disha77 is really gr8. She sometimes even sits late in the night for updating. If I do that there will be Mahayudh( War) in my house daily..not that there are no fights now.ha haConfused.

Anyways this was a boring episode only the last scene of Ashish's was worth watching.

Good Night

Love Lata

PS. BTW memsaab you always seem to get the best pics of Ashish somehow. This one is a real cool one.

Edited by Lata - 15 March 2005 at 12:12am
AALIYAH786 Goldie

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Posted: 15 March 2005 at 2:17am | IP Logged

Thanks for another great updateHug


lilly Senior Member

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Posted: 15 March 2005 at 3:33am | IP Logged

Lata as usual great update. Indy dude wake up , still drooling in the past, well poor Indy his role now has really been reduced to an extra, remember the begining episode, where the Boston boy had much footage, now his role had been reduced to a modern Devdas . And when will we see a cup of tea in DK'S hand instead of alcohol ( well I am enjoying my morning tea)

Thanks again Lata ( you really should be one of the moderator's with Disha  and I really mean it)

Jaadu Ki Jaapi




dkaddict Senior Member

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Posted: 15 March 2005 at 4:39am | IP Logged

I really wish they'd stop dragging this Indy-Devdas bit on and on and on! No one cares anymore! Its all old and moldy now, they should put it out with the garbage, where it belongs! Poor Disha- I'd cry too if I had to keep dealing with that sap! It's ok, Disha! Just go home and cry on DK's shoulder- its wide enough, after all, now isn't it? LOL 


Edited by dkaddict - 15 March 2005 at 4:40am
nikkitherealist Goldie

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Posted: 15 March 2005 at 5:55am | IP Logged
I wish they would give DK another pastime. All he seems to be doing is drinking.

At this rate his makeover will include another crutch so he can stand up, never mind about squaring up to Gargi !!

PS. didn't Gargi say he was a strong person (mind not brawn Smile )- it's not showing.

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