Jassi Jaissi Koi Nahin - Daily Update


Jassi Jaissi Koi Nahin - Daily Update
Jassi Jaissi Koi Nahin - Daily Update

Jassi Jaissi Koi Nahin 14/03/05 Update

Daisy Senior Member

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Posted: 14 March 2005 at 6:23pm | IP Logged
I am really very sorry. My internet collapsed at 11.00 pm last night. I kept trying till very late, but it restored only in the morning. I apologize to all the members for the inconvenience.

Today's episode sees a start of a new friendship between Jassi and Purab. Armaan was so miserable: he is sure to pull your heart out. Cry


Jassi stops in her steps. Looking disturbed, she leaves the dance. Divya and Nandini look puzzled and Purab looks worried. Nandini goes and asks Jassi why she walked out abruptly. Jassi tells her that she felt as if Armaan Sir was calling out to her. Nandini looks frustrated. Purab comes and asks Jassi if she is o.k. Jassi wishes them a good night & excuses herself to her room. Purab looks really worried.


Armaan is by now, totally drunk. He dopily asks the bartender to stop the music. The barman tells him that the music is already stopped. Armaan asks for another drink. The barman says he's sorry, the bar is going to close now and it is time he went home. Armaan looks totally distraught and out of his senses. Ouch


Jassi is standing on the beach, taking in the ocean. She turns around to find Purab. (He's dressed in a beige suit for a change .) She looks uncomfortable.
Purab asks her, "Aye, are you ok? (I was just wondering where his "aye" had gone! Wink ) I was worried for you the entire night, do you know? Jassi, if you cannot share your joys with me, at least you can share your sorrows!"

Jassi answers, "There's a storm raging inside me...which refuses to cease!"

"There is a storm inside me too Jassi! ...And it will cease only after I tell you what's in my heart!" Purab says. Jassi looks awkwardly, as if anticipating his words.

"Jassi, I have always loved you....(he swallows a lump) before, now and in the future...always...and I will never leave you.....Please Jassi.....come back to me, will you? !" he says softly, his voice cracking with emotion. (Did I see his eyes glisten?)

Jassi starts to go, but Purab stops her.
"Jassi! I know you have not answered my question because.... you love Armaan....have in your past, do in your present and will always in your future..! Am I right Jassi?? Aren't you holding on to the hope that one day, Armaan will realize what he did, repent and come running to you so that the two of you can................."
Jassi runs away.
Purab looks at her sadly. He says to himself, "I wish you would love me how much you love Armaan, Jassi!"


Jassi enters her room to find a letter from Divya. It says that Divya hopes that soon Jassi will fully bring out the beautiful woman in her. And like that woman, she also hopes Jassi nourishes her dreams and aspirations. She hopes that the next time they meet, she will not recognize Jassi, so much she would have changed. Chak de phate kudi!
Jassi smiles to remember the lovely time Divya had given her.


A totally drunk and unstable Armaan arrives in Gulmohur. He looks unshaven and unhealthy and can't even walk straight. All the employees look at him strangely. But Armaan is unbothered. Raj calls him (from the boardroom) on his cell and impatiently asks him to hurry up as everyone is waiting. Armaan struggles to the boardroom.
He makes his 'grand' entry and wishes every one a 'good' morning. All are shocked to see him in this state. He tries to make it to a chair, and falls on the way. Puru looks shocked and Ila looks at her son in disbelief. Mallika's disgust is beyond words, so is Raj's embarrassment. "Beta Armaan? " Ila asks.
Just then Nandu arrives. Puru welcomes "Mr. Verma" and asks him to take a seat. Nandu politely refuses. Puru asks him why Jassi is not with him. Nandu tells him that she cannot make it before next week. Armaan closes his eyes in despair. ( I couldn't help noticing his long, lovely eyelashes! Embarrassed ) Aryan asks Nandu bitterly what is their next plan. Nandu questions what he means. Mallika shouts that he not act as if he's unaware. She asks him how much money Jassi wants for signing the papers. (All this while, Armaan is just sitting like a rock, silently and Raj looks frustrated.) Puru says with agitation that today is the last day and if Jassi fails to turn up, the lawyers may take any decision. Nandu says that he has told them what he had to and that he is going. Mallika sneers that he is running away just like his friend Jassi. Nandu just turns and exits.
Mallika says that they really need to do something now. Aryan says that they need to take legal action. Armaan shouts that they will do no such thing. He gets up with a jolt and goes and catches Aryan's collar. He screams that they will NOT take legal action against Jassi. Aryan shouts back and clutches Armaan too. They start fighting like cats and dogs again. Armaan even falls and is saved by his mother. Ouch Aryan yells that he stinks. Mallika shouts with disgust that he does stink as he is drunk and has not even changed his clothes since the last two days. (So much humiliation! Dead ). Puru shouts that the meeting is OVER. Armaan begs his dad that he wants to talk to him. Puru looks thoroughly ashamed of his son. He tells him that he has already proved himself and that he does not want to listen to him. He shouts at Armaan to just go away. Mallika is looking absolutely disgusted. Angry Armaan starts to leave and Mallika gives him a stare full of hate and venom. Armaan staggers to the door. Puru is putting his head down. Ila tells him that she is worried for Armaan and that they must take care of him.


Jassi & Nandini are sitting in an open-air cafe. Jassi tells her that she has got the police permission and that they will not face any problem for the VLCC finale. Nandini looks at her and says that she needs more changes. Jassi laughs and says that her family will fail to recognize her and not take her inside the house. Nandini tells her that for her family, who loves her truly, she will remain the same Jassi and they will recognize her, no matter how much she changes. Purab comes and Jassi at once gets uncomfortable. Nandini tells Purab about Jassi's efficiency and her hard work and how she takes care of the tiniest details. Purab says he knows this from the beginning. Nandini tells Jassi that she wants to reward her. She asks Purab to show her around Mauritius. Jassi is both surprised and unwilling, but Nandini insists and leaves for her nap.
Purab tells Jassi that he understands what she feels for Armaan. He says that he has no expectations from her. If she does not want to come with him, she can assume he is a tourist guide, he smiles. Jassi smiles at him and says that she will change and come.


Nandu comes back from the boardroom. Amrit and Bebe ask him in hushes what happened. Nandu tells them it was all worse than they had expected and that everyone in Gulmohur is waiting to suck Jassi's blood. Amrit and Bebe look shocked. Just then the phone rings. Billu picks up and is happy to hear his daughter. He asks her how she is. He says that many things are beyond his understanding, such as her going to Mauritius after quitting GM suddenly, Armaan's coming repeatedly to their house, these lawyers etc. He hands the phone to Nandu. Nandu tells her in whispers that the situation here has worsened and that these fools think she is after Gulmohur. Jassi asks looking offended, if Armaan Sir also thinks the same. She asks him to find a lawyer too. Nandu says that this will only mess up things further. Jassi says that she doesn't care, as at least this will teach these people to think twice before blaming. They hang up. Nandu tells himself that Jassi has really changed after going to Mauritius.
Amrit comments that she doesn't understand why they are going against such big people.

Bebe then walks up to Jassi's room. She says to herself that she is finding Jassi's reaction towards Armaan quite weird. Before, Armaan used to always care for Jassi and Jassi was always so full of praise for him, but lately why has this changed? She says that probably Jassi's diary may give her all the answers. She says that she does not feel good reading it, but what Nandu said implies something bad befalling Jassi and so she must get hold of the diary. Bebe searches her room but fails to find it. She walks away, dejected and the camera focuses on the great diary fallen in between two tables.


Ila and Mallika enter Armaan's cabin to find him lying on his couch, all disarrayed.
Armaan tells her not to tell him anything more. He says that they have already lashed out at him for the mistakes he has not committed. And the mistake of refusing to marry Mallika. Mallika looks away with pain and anger. Ila tells him that she has not come here to tell him anything, but at least she has the right to worry about her son's health. She asks him for whom he is doing all this, for whom he is killing himself? For that woman, who turned him in, who has abandoned him? She tells him that Jassi probably hates him by now and is all set to take revenge. Armaan looks painfully exhausted to listen to all this. Ila continues that he has become so blind for that girl that he refuses to see the girl by his side, who loves him so much, who is willing to accept him, after knowing everything. Mallika looks at him with anguish. Ila asks him again why he is refusing Mallika for the woman who has betrayed him.
Armaan looks as if the remaining piece of his heart is breaking to bits. Broken HeartHe argues that he believes that Jassi will come back. Mallika shouts that Jassi may be busy celebrating her victory and his defeat somewhere. She says that probably she even must have caught someone else's hand by now.
(Exactly at this time, we see Purab standing near a helicopter, holding out his hand to Jassi who is standing away.)
Armaan looks aghast. "NO!!!!" he screams, as Ila and Mallika look hopelessly, "NO!! Jassi will not do this to me!! "
Cry Cry


Jassi and Purab are enjoying Mauritius. They shop, eat ice cream and Jassi is laughing cheerfully. Purab looks at her happily.


Raj is standing against a chair, looking worried and upset. Armaan struggles inside. Raj just gives him a defeated look. Armaan tells him, "I am all alone in this world Raj...at least you don't leave me and go!!!" (He looked soooooo sad when he said this...it was unbearableBroken Heart)." You know what Mallika said Raj? She said that Jassi may have found someone....say it isn't true Raj...say it isn't true!!" Armaan says with fear and anguish.
Raj: "Armaan!!! She had found you...that itself was more than enough! Now what do you think? A blind prince, taller than you, more charming than you has fallen for that ugly woman and she might be flying in the air??"
(Exactly at this moment, Jassi is really flying in the air(helicopter) with Purab and looks really happy. Jassi signals him to see some thing and touches his shoulder, and Purab looks ecstatic at that touch! Confused )

Armaan is looking very insecure.
Raj continues,"You assume he is showing her the beautiful sights of this world and she is flashing her iron smile high up in the clouds?"
(Well, that's what Jassi is doing exactly, smiling at the beauty of the clouds.)
Raj:"That's IMPOSSIBLE Armaan! Jassi may go to any corner of this world...but NO Prince will fall for her, NOONE" he assures his friend.

Back in Mauritius, Jassi is happily enjoying the flight with Purab, who looking at her with eyes full of love tells himself again and again how much he loves her.

The end.

TOMORROW: The famous bar scene in BLF when Armaan gets beaten up.
Well, Armaan is back to his bar where in a drunken state, he misbehaves with some men and their girlfriends and gets bashed up almost out of his life for that.

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Posted: 14 March 2005 at 6:26pm | IP Logged
No need to apologizie, Daisy--it happens yaar.  The update was well worth the wait.  Thanks for waking up early to post it for us! Hug
mango Goldie

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Posted: 14 March 2005 at 6:34pm | IP Logged

thanks for the update di

i still have to wait to watch itCry

bhangra rulez Goldie
bhangra rulez
bhangra rulez

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Posted: 14 March 2005 at 6:35pm | IP Logged
Hey don't apologizie! I always have computer troubles! Your the best! Thanks!Wink
anitha.b IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 14 March 2005 at 6:39pm | IP Logged

Thanks once again Daisy..


Daisy...it is totally OK...you don'y have to say sorry for that. we know how much  of efforts you put in for us...TV FREAKS(LOLLOLLOL)
Actually even IF was down for sometime and it was on and off...so I guess it was not a good day for Internet and IF....
Thanks a lot for all the efforts you put in. We really really really appreciate it and love you.

shivani4u Groupbie

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Posted: 14 March 2005 at 6:48pm | IP Logged
friends don't say sorry, thank you so much for the update
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Posted: 14 March 2005 at 6:49pm | IP Logged
hey thanks for the updates. i still read before i m going to watch the show. Clap
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Posted: 14 March 2005 at 6:56pm | IP Logged
Godamn what u sayin sorry for, one day ur computer messed up its all good, i mean look it all that u updated for us man, if u have a problem we don't mind because if u can type all that for us , we can wait till ur porblem is solved. right guys

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