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Update for March 14th

sree IF-Rockerz

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The episode begins with Simran and Abhi in each other's arms, sharing a very intimate moment. Simran tries to move saying she is getting late as Astha will be at home. Abhi then in a very romantic mood, asks Simran what she will do if Astha tells her not to go to the hospital. Simran , too very romantically tells him that she will not go to the hospital and will stay with her daughter. Abhi who is now caressing Simran very romantically asks her what will happen to her hospital then? Simran who is enjoying this moment says she will employ other doctors who will take care of her hospital.  He then asks her what will happen to her patients? Simran then says she will call them home.Amidst all these talks, they both are still sharing intimate moments and then Abhi asks her what if he tells her not to go to the hospital? She smiles and then tries to move away from him. Just then, the door bell rings. Simran and Abhi, quickly move away from each other. They both give a very embarrasing look, Abhi says he will open the door. Simran is just sitting and is feeling very shy. Its Abhi's parents , they have come home after doing loads of shopping. They are very happy to see Simran at home. Simran says she is just leaving when Abhi's mother says she can't go so soon. So Simran sits for a while. Abhi's mother says she is very happy. Abhi's father says let her go, as she has to prepare for tomorrow's marriage. Simran smiles. Abhi's mother says after marriage, it will be her choice to stay whereever she wants. If she wants to be with her father, they have no objection and Abhi will shift there. Abhi too smiles at this. Simran too nods. She thanks Abhi's mother and leaves.

At Simran's place, Simran is combing her hair sitting in front of the mirror. She is dreaming and seems very happy. She has a very pleasant smile on her face. At Abhi's place, Abhi is lying in bed, he too is dreaming, laughing to himself. He is thinking of Simran and calls her. Simran who is dreaming about Abhi, sitting before the mirror, picks up the phone. But Abhi, due to hesitation, does not speak and cuts the phone. He then tries again and when he is about to speak, Saurabh comes to Simran's room. So Simran at once, disconnects the call. Saurabh sits, and asks her whether she did not sleep. Simran says she is not getting sleep. Saurabh says its the same with me. When we have too  much of sorrow, pain does not bring sleep. Now  when they have so much of happiness around, excitement does not bring sleep. Simran agrees to this.All the while when Saurabh is talking to Simran, Simran's phone keeps ringing and she keeps disconnecting, just to get another call, this goes on  and on. Abhi is very disturbed that Simran is not responding. SAurabh asks Simran whether she is happy. Simran nods and says thanks to her father for forgiving Abhi. Saurabh laughs and says he had to do it. The call keeps coming, Saurabh then tells Simran to attend the phone as Abhi is trying very desperatley. Simran blushes and he smiles at her and goes away. Simran then answers the call and tells Abhi that papa was there , so she could not pick up. Abhi says how do i know, can i see from here. Simran says he sohuld have understood that when she kept disconnecting. Abhi agrees and says he should have understood. Then, Abhi asks her what he has to wear tomorrow? Simran tells him to wear the suit which she had got him. The same suit which Abhi had worn for Poonam's case conference. Simran reminds him that he had told her that he would be wearing the suit on his happiest occassion. Abhi smiles at that and asks her what she is going to wear. Simran says she will be wearing the sari that Abhi got her when they had a fight one day when they were together. She sasy she did not find an occassion to wear that till now. Abhi is happy. He wants to talk more when Shaguna comes there and gives Astha to Simran saying she is troubling her a lot and that she is not able to finish work. Simran disconnects the phone, leaving a romantic Abhi wondering and he smiles saying its Gudiya....

At Simran's place, Puaji and Harsh arrive for the marriage. All are excited. Rashmi and Simran along with ASurabh greet them. SAurabh asks where didi and Kath are. Puaji says it is a long flight and that doctors had advised rest. All are worried and ask what the matter is. Puaji says he is going to become a grandfather. All are happy and they congratulate Harsh who is very excited. Saurabh tells Puaji that he has reached his range now as he is going to have a kid at home. Puaji jokingly says he has not grown old, but his son has come of age. They both share a very jolly note.

At Abhi's place, Abhi's mother is a bit tensed about all the arrangements and keeps asking her husband is everything alright? Abhi's father says everything is ok and not to get tensed. Abhi is  going out when they both stop him and tell him that they have bought a Sherwani for him for the occassion. Abhi says he will look like a typical dulha and he wants to wear something else, so he is going to his place to get it. Abhi's parents say they are getting late to go to the temple. Abhi asks them to move , he will come from there. They agree.

At Simran's place, all are seated and are having a pleasant talk. Puaji tells Saurabh that after Simran's marriage, as he will be alone, he is going to take Saurabh with him to London. Simran says it is papa's wish but says she is going to stay here even after marriage. She has spoken to Abhi about it, he has no objections and Abhi's parents also agree to this. Saurabh is happy. Puaji says good that Abhi thinks of all this. He then asks Saurabh whether he will feel ok if Abhi stays here. SAurabh , at once, says he has no problem at all and will do anything for their happiness. All are happy. Rashmi comes there and announces that its already time and Simran has to get ready. Simran goes in with Rashmi.

Abhi is searching all wardrobes in his house for the suit. He takes out a shirt, places it on the bed. Simran takes out the yellow sari. Rashmi asks her when she got it , its so beautiful. Simran says Abhi got it for her. Abhi is washing his face when he gets a call. It is Simran and he says he is getting ready. Simran is ready and she is wearing a very gorgeious yellow sari. She gets a call and it is Brian. Simran tells him to come on time and she will be there. Rashmi brings a case full of  jewellery and picks out one and gives it to Simran. Simran fusses that its very heavy, but Rashmi insists her.So she takes it. Abhi is still searching his wardrobe and takes out a tie. Along with the tie, a diary comes along and it fall to the ground. Abhi looks at it and picks it up. He opens it and gets to know that it is Neha's diary. Simran is completely ready. She is looking amazing in the yellow sari with jewellery and a fantastic hair-do , her hair in a knot. RAshmi tells her she is looking very beautiful. Simran is looking at herself in the mirror. SAurabh is standing before his wife's photo. Simran comes there. Saurabh tells to his wife's photo that their daughter is beginning a new life and she needs her blessings. Simran is very emotional too. SAurabh sees his daughter and tells she is looking very beautiful. He blesses her , he is crying and is very emotional. Simran then touches her mother's phoho and kisses her hand and goes. Saurabh is very happy.

Abhi is sitting on the bed and is reading Neha's diary. These are the things written in the diary by Neha.

I am very happy today that i got my life partner. I had never imagines that i will ever get a person whom I love. I have got all happiness. After marriage, I have got a full family and i am happy to be with them. I am getting to know what a family looks like.

All have arrived at the temple. Simran also comes there. Abhi's mother blesses Simran and tells her that she is looking very beautiful. Abhi's father says Abhi has not yet come.

We again move to Neha's diary readings.
With Abhi in my life, i am very happy. I never ever imagines that i will go to my honey moon. I am very happy with Abhi and i am in my honeymoon. My life got shattered when Abhi got Simran's call . He at once wanted to get back. This changed my life entirely. With one shot, my life cam to a standstill. This incident pushed Abhi away from me. Abhi then starts to recollect the whole incident where he fought with Neha when he decided to go back after Simran's call.

Again, into Neha's diary.
It was not accepatable for me that Abhi is very close with Simran. He is always following Simran like her shadow. I am always living with this pain and fear that i would lose Abhi. Today, i put up a full list of things to be bought for my kid. But Abhi came home with all the things and told me that Simran helped him to buy them. Why Abhi? Why don't you give me the right to buy things on my own for my own kid if not for you? Why are you doing this to me?What relationship do we have between each other? I can't even feel bad at what is happening in our life. Simran lives in my life along with you. I cannot tolerate this. I cannot even tell you about this. If i tell you, i become wrong. When you said i had forgotten what you had done for me and mama, i was shocked. I know that only bcos of you, myself and mama are in this world and are happy. I will never forget that. Abhi keeps remembering all that happened. But it pains when you asked me that. In life,  you never ever state all the things you did and take account of it. You could not understand the pin  i am going thro'. Its hurting. Simran is now not in talking terms with you. You are very hurt over it and you seem to be lost in your own world. But did you ever think that if you behaved in a siilar way with me, i would also be like that, always thinking of you. Why don't you understand me? I love you very much. If i have to describe my life in one word , i will say just this: Mrigatrishna(I think this refers to a lady whose life is caught in air ,in betwen two things).
Abhi is completely shattered after reading this. He is in tears and thinks of all the nice time he had with Neha. He is feeling very guilty. A very emotional song plays in the background(sorry, i was not that fast to get its meaning).

In the temple, all are desperate. Prany is trying to callAbhi  but Abhi is not picking up the phone. Saurabh is unhappy. Brian says he will go to Abhi's house. Simran says Abhi might be caught in traffic, so can't hear the phone. She asks Brian not to go as Abhi will be on his way. She says she will try once. She calls.

Abhi is in tears and is shocked. His phone rings. He turns and sees it, picks it up. It is simran's as her name is flashing on it. Abhi looks at the name appearing in the mobile and continues to cry.

bystander IF-Addictz

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Posted: 14 March 2005 at 9:53am | IP Logged
thanks for the update
Joshana458 Senior Member

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Posted: 14 March 2005 at 10:05am | IP Logged


Minnie IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 14 March 2005 at 10:10am | IP Logged

 Thanks sree.lovely.

       Now what?????

 I'm getting a little fed up.Does Ajay Sinha thinks keeping sum1 on a perpetual high on pain is the way to achieve nirvana????AngryAngry

 It's just too much!!!!!

 Height of immaturity!!

sukh IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 14 March 2005 at 10:21am | IP Logged
thanks  a lotWink
jas Goldie

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Posted: 14 March 2005 at 10:30am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Minnie

 Thanks sree.lovely.

       Now what?????

 I'm getting a little fed up.Does Ajay Sinha thinks keeping sum1 on a perpetual high on pain is the way to achieve nirvana????AngryAngry

 It's just too much!!!!!

 Height of immaturity!!

FaRaHnAz Senior Member

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i bet that Abhi is not gonna marry simran coz he will think that simran is behind neha's death
and will say Simran i will not forgive you for killing my neha (he will continue to think that simran has a Motive)
When simran finds out she will go and cry so much and she will be like why did u do this to me Abhi?
and saurabh will start hating abhi agin and will phone abhi's parent and say tell ur son not to come close to me daughter sanymore and FINISH
I hpoe that whats gonna happen

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hey sree... thnks for the lovely update!

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