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Saath Nibhaana Saathiya
Saath Nibhaana Saathiya

ff naseeb part 23 pg 42 / 8 dec gohem become one (Page 39)

hana_y IF-Rockerz

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here i am again for next part too . a big thx to all of you for supporting me to cont it with your lovely comments im so glad for it . i think you will like this part too  Smile .

                                                                 part 22

prev  part ; some one hear anita and anil talk .
evening wed time

it was already the time for the wed of the ritual of doing saath perey every one was already in the hall waiting for kinjal arrive with the girls . when the girls bring kinjal every one was looking at them hwo they were looking so gorgeous in their outfit . ELASH was in golden cherwani pagri on his head , KINJAL was in a red shararah with golden pearl and broaderie too she was looking so beautiful  the three guy were in shewani also and the girls in saree in different color they were looking beautiful too   . the wed start with all the ritual and then saath perey and apply sindoor too the pandit declare them husband and wife too . they take blessing from all of them then the pandit says tonight is a special date as foe all the person who want to get married will be able to know their life partner and the good time will be sharp at  eight o' clock if we are in love then if we saw him at that time then assure he or she is written to be your future life partner and he take permission to leave too .

then kinjal was hugging all of them as she will be leave too she was in tears  Cry but gopi tell her they will be meet for the reception and keep the tears for that bedahi than here and they laugh  she leave . kokila was happy that her daughter wed has finally happen . the trio couples was all together anil some time   look at anita , she  feel uncomfortable but she stay there . hetal and kokila come there and said hmm you all look so beautiful  at the same times .

koki ; i hope you dont get any bad eyes  .

hetal ; our children has become so dig that son they will be get married too and that to with their choice na .

koki; haan mota bhabhi you are right and see what the pandit has said too i hope you will see your life partner and your love too .

koki and hetal leave them . anita excuse her to go in her room and then anil also do and excuse to and rest as his head is paining and he leave too .

anil follow anita and call her she cont walking but he hold her wrist

anit; what are you doing how dare you to touch me han .

anil; what im doing is that you who is asking me this you know every well i cant see you with another guy na .

anit ; this guy  will be my future husband got it dam it  and you were too with your future wife then why you dont want to see with mine haan .

anil ; you know every well i was liek this i never bear you with another guys earlier too then how could i  now .

anita; leave my hand other wise i will shout .

anil ; shout then im not going to leave you until you dont say you still have a feeling for me .

anita ; no i dont and i will not have because i love ahem not you any more how can you say feeling .
she take off his hold .

anil ; you still believe in naseeb and see the pandit too said about it im sure you will saw me not ahem if we saw each ever then i will understand we are make for each ever and you will have to accept it .
  he go .

in the hall the both brothers was happy that kinjal wed was happen with out any problem and now even the pandit had said what they said to nail and kinjal too .

jigar ; wah bhai you are to good you make pandidt say it too wow .

ahem ; arey it not my idea jigar i did not say to pandit to say it and i though it you .

jigar  . no it not me if it not you nor me then or i got it the girls im sure it their idea .

ahem ; may be let ask them they are coming here .

the both girls arrive to them with smile .

gopi , rashi ; why both of you are looking at us like this haan .

jigar ahem ; to see how you both did a good thing .

gopi ; which thing ahem .

ahem ; arey  im sure it must be your idea to make the pandit to say about the naseeb at night .

gopi ; what i say to pandit how can you think of it i never meet the pandit before the wed .

jigar look at rashi .

jigar ; hmm that means it you haan you are so great rashi .

rashi ; wait even i did not  make him to say it believe me and why i will say it .

ahem ; if it not us then who did that and why .

jigar ; may be it anil if he love anita he may do it right .

gopi ; no he cant do it he will never do this i know him very well .

rashi ; then if it not us then it could be really to have such a destiny night to know about your life partner in a confuse Confused  look .

ahem ; no there is nothing of destiny night there must be another person who is doing it im sure but who can it be .

gopi ; what ever it is for me i dont want to be at that time infront o fhim nor i want you ahem to be seen anita too please .

ahem ; dont worry even i dont want to see her or to be near her at that time i will meet her in the venue as the time will be at nine ok for me it only you nobody else is written in my destiny i know it .
gopi ; even me ahem we are made fro each ever now let go to rest ok .

they all leave the hall .

we hear the pandit talk to some one .

the person ; thank you pandidji you have i know you must not but you did it thx a lots .

pandit ; no dont say it you said why it is important that why i say it it for their sake  .

person ; what a bout their horoscope did they all match .

pandit ; yes but in one there is a little problem but if you want the problem to not happen you will have to make the engagement in five days it should happen others wise in their life will have only sadness and problem too .

person ; dont worry i will make the engagement happen in this five days by .

how to do it happen so soon the person think and and got it how will it happen .

it was night time which the pandidt said anita was thinking to see ahem at that time as it will be soon and he said that after i will be ready i will have to see him first im sure i will se him not anil but if i saw anil then what will happen .

anita im sure we will see each ever my heart is telling me this and i have full trust in my heart if i saw you then i will make all the possibility to make you realize that we will for each ever anil was talking to him self .

anil and anita open their door and they saw each ever they look at each ever then anita realize she was looking at anil she again enter in her room and close the door . no i cant look at him and even i saw him i dont believe in all the talk of the pandit she open the door again he was still there and wait to see her again  she go in the direction of ahem room to look at him but ahem was not there .

anil did not wanted to find gopi as he got to know anita has made for him now not for ahem . he went to her .

anil ; stop there anita why are hiding to me haan you will not be able now you are made for me anita not for ahem .

anita ; will you please shut up now since a long time you are after me cant you see im not interest with you haan .

anil ; no i will not let you run away from me now by the way you look very beautiful in this dress really im sure the person whom you are searching i snot here .

anita ; look anil stop doing all this you know i love ahem now so please the way im not coming in your way with gopi dont come in mine too please .

anil ; anu you really dont love me or have feeling for me .

anita ; yes i dont have any thing for you and you dont call me anu any more  . she got a call it ahem .

ahem where are you im searching you and you not in your room .

woh anita actually im already in the venue im dropping mom and the others here so i could not be able to told you sorry wait for me i will come ok .

ahem you know what is the  time right now it all eight fifteen now and you are not here .

so what anita we have still time for the reception to start and yes be sure it me who saw you first in your dress ok .

but what about the pandit said .

anita i dont believe in it just image you saw an old man does that will means you will get married to him dont trust it ok just chill im sure you must be looking very beautiful in your outfit haina .

i dont know you are not here to say it how will i know ho wi look please come soon na before it came eight thirty .

im doing my level best to be there if you want me to be before the pandit time get over ok meet you soon .

so he i snot here haan see it not written to be with him .

you know he is right if i saw an old man at this time will that means he is made for me no so forget about me to be yours ok and she leave .

anil now was thinking may be ahem is right too what if even i would saw an old lady before her no my heart cant cheat me she is made for me i know  it never mind i wlll find a way how to make her mine let m ego to find on gopi she must be waiting for me too now .

ahem was out the house waiting the time pass to enter he was with gopi from mob.

anil knock at gopi door to make her open but nothing happen then he decided to  call on her mob but there also it was engage he cont try until he got her .

gopi where are you why you are not opening your door im out side your room .

im so sorry baby im already in the venue with kokila aunty she wanted me to come along with her , i could not be able to call you that why im trying to call you and it was engage with whom you were talking .

i was trying yours too gopi you wanted me to see you after you will be ready right and now you are not .

dont worry you will see me when you come may be it was not written to you to saw me now you come along with anita and ahem as they will be come alone right baby see you .

may be you are fight ahem did not saw anita and me gopi and now i will have to go along with them now im sure anita has been made for me ..

later ahem come they leave them ahem praise anita beauty in front of anil which make him uncomfortable . they enter in the car ahem made anil to drive then he can sit at the back with anita . anil was looking at them from the mirror how ahem was touching anita shoulder .

anil and jaan you both will have to enter together when kinjal will be and i will be with gopi .

what are you saying ahem me and anil and you and gopi why .

woh it was already said it will be like this before you both come so it will be nothing change just until they arrive till the stage and then we both will be together then is that ok with you anil .

yeah it ok for me may be it all and indication of our destiny right .

i dont know what you are saying but ok fine i will be come with him ok but then i will stay you ok .

ok jaan .

they arrive they were waiting for the groom and bride to come and when they arrive wow how  beauty they were in her white bride outfit and black suit .then the three couples was wearing .
the girls red long slim outfit with a long heel hair loos and the man with black and black suit they too was so looking adorable .

the entry of the groom and bride then behind them rashi with jigar her hand was around jigar arm , then we have for anita and anil every body was shocked Shocked  to see both of them together after them the last one couple  the most charming and gorgeous couple was gohem their entry was like they too was the new wed couple their look was so awesome  they were Star every body was praising gohem couple how they look nice for each ever and tehy said to kokila your son has find such a pretty girl they both are made just for each ever .

koki was about to say some thing but she remain quite as from her heart she was also happy  Smile when the peoples was praising gohem as a couple she want it to happen in real too but anit will be her dil not gopi . when they arrive at they arrive at the stage the change their partner the way it was decided . 

i stop here i hope you will like this part too and will hit like button too  Smile .

i will wait for you feed back how you saw it Smile

i will come soon for next Smile

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Hai hana very nice part i loved it
their belive in the density were amasing
Anil belive in the  density that he is made for Anita was superb
over all very nice update plz continue soon

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thx delsi for love it as use well you are the first one im so glad

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Wow i wanna believe in destiny as well. Really nice one dear.

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hana_y IF-Rockerz

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thx vib for love it im glad too
Justlikethat1 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 21 November 2012 at 4:07am | IP Logged
Very nice update HanaTongue
So everyone believes in destiny and they say otherwiseLOL Good plan.. Koki also wants GoHemBig smile Wonder who the person who asked panditji about the engagement is!! Anil is getting progressively jealous. He may get his Anu back stillWink

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hana_y IF-Rockerz

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thx hirani for love it im so happy  yes they all believe in naseeb
Xarina Coolbie

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Nice update.  So glad you are consistent with your updates.

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