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ff naseeb part 23 pg 42 / 8 dec gohem become one (Page 3)

hana_y IF-Rockerz

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                                                            part 3

ahem  is driving but his heart was not willing to listen what the old man was said , he was hurt but as a hope also . suddenly he saw there car n the driver on the road . he stop n go to the driver n ask what happen . 

ahem ; ramu what happen to the car .ahem sir it get punched n ok repair it n then come home . you were alone or ,ramu was about to say , he heard help me please , oh sheet ahem run where he heard the voice , when he arrive there he Shocked shocked to gopi there . 

ahem ; you what r u doing here .

gopi ; im singing .

ahem ; ok then sing im leaving .

gopi ; oh hello cant you  see a girl has a problem it your duty to help .

ahem ;  a girl here hmm i dont see any girl here , oh you are talking about you so you r a girl , ok i will help you but for i want to heard you to say .

gopi ; to say what ok fine please help me out will you . 

then ahem search something then he saw a rope , he tied the rope in a tree n drop that to her . she hold the rope and start coming up until she can hold his hand . when she arrive ahem hold her hand n pull her , she arrive n suddenly the fall on the ground gopi was on the top of ahem . ahem hug her they look at each ever eyes , then ahem realize that she was on him ,n she also realize the same n she get up but her chain get trap in ahem button . she tries to take it out but not be able to do , ahem also help her too , there finger was touching there eyes did not stop to see in the other eyes . finally her chain was out from the button n gopi get up , oh hello give me your hand then i can also she held her hand to him . ahem say thx to her , n hen he say cant you say thx when some one  help you . oh thx for saving my life happy now . they walk to the car gopi was ahead ahem was behind her n he saw her cloth saw open , then he say your cloth , what happen to my cloth ,it open close it . she try but not able to do it then ahem come close to her n close her dress . 

they arrive to the car , ahem said to ramu that he will take gopi with him n he return home after repairing the car . 
there was listen in the car until ahem put the radio on . ashiqi song was playing [ tu maeri zindagi ho ] . 

ahem ; what was you doing here you suppose to be with kinjal na .

gopi ; yes i was but suddenly i was not feeling well so jigar told me to return at home . 

ahem ; oh sheet i must call jigar to know if i need to go here . he dial jigar num .

ahem ; jigar i will have to come there to take you all .

jigar ; no bhai i did the arrangement no need thx ok will met at home .
ahem ; ok then .

then they reach at home , ahem gopi what happen you was not together when you went na kokila ask . auntyji actually she said what happen ahem say mom im going in my room i want to be alone for some time . kokila saw ahem face how it was looking , n say go . gopi says i will also go to change aunty im already tied . ahem enter in his room he close the door n go to the bed he sit n take out all the letters what he wrote . n he take the photo also from his shirt pocket , n the big  envelope he open it n saw a beautiful shawl neck for man . there was f written on it , n a letter he open he letter n start reading . 

hi friend hope u r fine as me i want to tell u that im shifting from here were r going in another place when i will ge te address i will send you after receiving his letter dont send any one until i dont send to you . it will be two years now since we r writing to each ever n now i know you more even from the letter . i hope you still have the photo with you , do you remember how we met in the forest when i was hanging to the branch n how you save me  then we became friend . the one month we spend together was the most precious n lovely holiday which a have got . i still remember how we spend it do you . flash back start 

how they  play football , hide n seek , play as wife n husband . they always have there lunch together ,n feed each ever . one day ahem was seek n he could not be able to play with her n she was plying with another boys of the area . then ahem could not see her with others boys he was jealous then he come out to her .

friend i will play with you stop plying with them , but friend you r seek go n rest tomorow will ply together , no i dont want you to play with them . ok i will come with you but we will not play out side ok ,we will play in side lets go in .  
what we will play lets play ludo ok , they play ludo . friend y you did not let me play with them , i dont know i was angry when i saw them hold your hand n touch you , nobody have the right to touch you i dont like it . but if you want go n lay with them i will not stop you , friend you get angry with me but when you will go i will have to play with them . yes you can play with them but not when im here . ok as you say  but you are not angry at me , no why should i , ok take your medecine n then sleep a while you need a rest . you r not leaving me when i will sleep na . no i will stay here until you wake p i promise . 
next day friend y u are so sad , what happen you know in two days im leaving n i dont know when we will meet .that why you r sad , but dont worry we  can talk from the phone or we can write letter . yes you r right we will do it ok but for now i want to leave this two days with lots of fun so lets go .  hey friend i forget to tell you that im participate on a drama of ram n sita . i can also do join you in it , yes y not ok let go n say that i will be with you in his show as ram ok . 
they play the drama n they win also her father has click a photo of them , when they were doing the drama all the people was saying how they look so cute they are made for each ever just like ram sita jori . 

they day has come to  leave he take her in the mandil ,  do promise that i will come to take you with me one day . n i promise i will never forget you . even we will be far from each ever will keep in touch when they were doing the promise to each ever way holding each ever hand . then suddenly she bend down to take something n ahem hand was cut n blood was dropping on her fore head . she saw it n was about to weep it , the prist who was looking at them say it kanaji blessing that his blood is on your fore head may be he has shoose both of you to be one you have made for each ever . n then ahem hold her hand until the car she give him the photo  say from this we will know when we will be young . what about you  how you will reconise me , kanaji will tell me ahem kiss her n leave . 

end of flash back  .

i stop here hope you will like it Smile 

i will be back soon

part 4 down .

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Veni-Vidi-Vici IF-Sizzlerz

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Plz continueSmile

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hana_y IF-Rockerz

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thx fevier i will 

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--HANISA-- IF-Sizzlerz

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wow i love it  hana so ahem n that girl was married please cont 

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Very nice! Smile 

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Lovely Update

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                                       part 4 

 friend if is written in our naseeb we will met even if it will take more years but will met . i believe in naseeb , im sending you this gift as i know very soon will be your birth day . may be on wearing this on a day i can recognise you if i will be near to you . i want a promise to you friend if it happen in life that we could not met n one of us get married or death the other one will continue the life as we never know what is written in our life . i dont know y i feel like it coud be my last letter to you from me n there was drop of tear on the paper . bye your truly friend .

ahem could not be able get control how will he live with out the person he love so much , since he knew her he did no think of another girl n now no it cant be true . then ahem remember the old man say that happen . the old man had said that on 24 sep 2000 when the family of her friend went to visit another town by bus . n the bus got burn n all the people who was there was died no body was left . that was the last time he saw them . y my heart is not willy to accept that you are no more if my heart is beating that means you are alive also we are made for each ever . kanaji cant do this to us he will have to brought you to me or i will stop pray to him . i cant never imagine my life with out you no i cant do that promise to you . i will search you even all around the world , but how will i know you i dont have any of your photo , the photo i have will not do any thing as you were kid . kanaji please if she is alive please give me a hint at list he hug the shawl n close his eyes .he saw gopi face n how he help her when she was on the branch n when he saw her yesterday in her pink dress how he was seeing her friend . no  that cant be possible y i saw her face im searching my friend on her . i know my friend will never be like her she is so arrogant  she dont have a manner how to talk ,n when im near to her i got angry i just dont like do be near her . my friend is naive innocent she dont talk so much n she dont have attitude . he get up n goes near his wardrobe n keep the shawl in n he keep all the letters in his night draw , he was lying on the bed . when he heard the knock of his door he said come in n he sat . kokila come in n saw how he was sad . 

kokila ; ahem dikra r u ok . 

ahem ;yes mom im ok .

kokila ; what happen did you meet her what she said yes to you n you have invite her . she ask twice ahem dont reply dikra im asking .  

ahem ; no mom she will not come , i did not invite her n he has tears in his eyes . kokila are you crying ahem tell me you want me to go to her n ask her . no mom where you will go when she is no more mom he cryCry n hug his mom like a child . mom she left me alone , without her i will not be able to live , my happiness is lik to her , her smile her eyes all that will stay in my heart . i will never be able to forget her , why kanaji did his to me y mom y he did anfair to me i was living on a hope to meet her n when the time come she is no more . did i hurt any one that y he punish me he take my precious love to me answer me mom . no ahem it all about naseeb what ever happen in life it all ready written we cant deny it ,may be it till here was written for both of you , ahem you should remember her as a past now you think she will be happy to see you like this ,where ever she is . ahem remember in life there are happiness , sadness , up n down , there are dead , there are new born that life . we all have to pass from that , if we loss some one we love it hurt a lot beta but that doesn't means we must stop living or be happy any more . you will also have to live your life now thing your present n future not your past may be she will be happy to see you happy , im sure kanaji have written a beautiful life partner , now please stop crying be brave beta n start a new life from today think about good thing for you i want to see you like you were always . she wipe his tears n say promise me you will not cry any more n you will thing about your future with a smile . mom i dont know if  can promise you that but i will try , kokila live but before ahem say mom please dont let any body know , ok beta . 

at night ahem was not feeling to sleep he went on the roof  while he arrive he saw a falling star he make a wish . kanaji where ever my friend is please make her happy if i just can see her face today .when he open his eyes he dont believe she was sitting in front of him on the swing it was gopi . you what r you doing here so late he ask . why i cant be here if i want n you what if i ask you the same question . oh  hello it my house did you forget i can be any where at any time when i want understand . so what im a guest here n you can't stop me to go whee i want at any time also did you get that . i just dont believe y im arguing with y he said , i just have pity o the guy whom you will get marry how he be after marry with you . i also think the same for you im sure the girl whom you will get married will get  bore with you . 

they both point finger at each ever n say how dare you to judge me at the same time , n they look at each ever like this at five mins they were thinking as it happen already with them earlier .  then the phone of gopi ring n it bring them at there sense . she pick the phone hello hi ,hi how r you both say at the same time . fine n you , im ok you call me at this hour is every thing ok anil . actually no im in the hospital , what you in the hospital n now you r saying me what happen to you , i will see if i can return tomorow . she can feel ahem gaze on her . then she look at him n say you know if some thing happen to you how i will get worry . gopi let me tell you it not me it mom who has admit in the hospital . oh it mummy then take care of her do you want me to return . no stay there kinjal need you n yes i hope you did not tell her about me . actually rashi told about our angegement , n she was angry at me first then she is alright now . do you miss me gopi , she dont say any thing he ask again ,gopi are u there . yes im here what you said , forget it i know i will never get the answer he reply  . ahem was still there looking but why he dont want to leave that place . later he think it her privacy it better he leave from there . you know me anil how i im then then suddenly she shout n cut the phone because the light was cut n she is afraid of darkness . ahem going n return  then he heard her shout he go to her n say what happen , she hug him n say dont ever leave me please you know i cant in the darkness . im afraid of it , then ahem hug her too he did not understand what was happening to him  but he know that time she need to be with her not let her alone . shsh im here na i did not leave you n i will never do it you know that i promise i will be always with you . open your eyes now see the light has come back , no anil i will not its ahem not anil  .then she open her eyes n she saw hugging him , she go a away n say sorry to him , its ok im not so cruel to let you alone in this dark .n i did not know girl like you can be afraid of the dark . yes im afraid with the dark are you happy to know that . her phone ring again his time ahem stood in front of her to see , if she can look at hi when him when she will talk .hello gopi what happen i heard you shouting n  you cut the phone . woh anil actually the light was cut that y i shout , where r u gopi , on the roof . what on the roof in the dark n alone r you ok . yes im ok now i already tell you .goi r you alone ro ,she look at  ahem n say no im not alone .ahem was thinking what  is she doing has she gone mad . gopi say im with you anil you r talking to me right so that means you r with me .oh for a moments i felt that you r with a man there , oh what if i am with a man what you will do anil . gopi you know i can go mad i cant see you with another man . so you r so possecive for me .but i know you will never be unfaith ful to me gopi since i know you . ok anil i will go to sleep now its already late bye ok bye gopi n love you she dont say any thing n cut the phone . why u were looking at me when i was talking .i just wanted to know how type of girl you r . you r different  he says , n now  its better i leave from here if i stay more time here i can go mad . it better for you she reply . bye the way if you want stay here but if the light cut dont shout know body will heard you . wait im coming down .

i stop here hope you will like it Smile i will come soon

part 5 pg 4

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Liked it..plz continue

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