Dekha Ek Khwaab


Dekha Ek Khwaab
Dekha Ek Khwaab

~DEK Charachter Sketch & Story So Far~

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      ~llWelcome to Charachter Sketch & Story So Far Threadll~

All of us have a large dream. A dream we visit now and then secretly, a dream which we ourselves believe is out of our reach. Few of us see life throw these dream at us. However, when dreams come true overnight they bring with them a set of challenges, complexities and difficult decisions.  Muniya's dream of turning into a princess has come true.

What will be the new challenges? Can Muniya live up to the challenges? Will hers be a happily-ever-after Story? Come witness the story unfold: Dekha Ek Khwaab.

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Muniya  is a happy, spunky girl. She has been brought up by her father, Murari Lal. Being a watchman, Murari cant really give her luxuries but he has given her the thought, that she can get anything she wants. He has conditioned her to believe that she is better than her current situation. That she is more beautiful more intelligent, more graceful and more deserving . This has made Muniya a confident person, she is not arrogant or rude, but she does have a slightly superior view and it makes her a natural leader. She is friendly, with a skill of making friends quickly, since all her life she has moved to new places and has learnt to adapt.
Aruna Irani- Dadima
A born princess, a natural queen and a regal queen mother- Rajmata Mrinalini Devi is the kind of mix of elegance and severity that comes from years and years of practice.  
For the Rajmata, the world that they live in has a certain balance of power, and she does not like it being questioned. Yet, she has never demanded that power and authority always commanded it. She never raises her voice, in fact she speaks in low dulcet tones, which make a person automatically listen to her, as if what she is saying is too important to miss. Her authority over her kingdom, her family and her children and grandchildren is absolute. She is controlling but not cruel or malicious in any way.     
Shabaaz khan ' Brijraj (Father)
His Highness Maharaj Brijraj Singh is extremely impressive at first meeting. He is well spoken, beautifully dressed and with impeccable manners. He is all that you would imagine a royal to be. He comes from a very ancient Chandravanshi lineage.
An Oxford alumnus, Brijraj has been given the kind of upbringing that every Royal can imagine, He also has a sense of entitlement, the sense that he is, a king and that the rest are his subjects.
Born to an illustrious mother, he understands the meaning of being in limelight, he too, is extremely aware of his social skills.
Anita Kulkarni ' Komal Devi (Mother)
An only child, a princess, and later a queen, her royal duties define Komal. Brought up by a large number of nannies and servants, Komal wanted to raise her own child as a hands-on mother.
Her marriage to Brijraj was a strategic alliance, and really she felt lucky, he was handsome, well spoken and a good match for someone like her. She just blended completely into his lifestyle, and his family.
 Her mother-in-law was a formidable person, with so much personality, that it did not allow for other personalities to stand out around her' and Komal was happy to do so.
The trauma of losing her child sent Komal into shock she became emotionless, like a dead person walking. She has just existed ever since.

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.::DEK Story So Far::.
Aakash and Monia in the crowded bus for the first time, Monia is trying to open a window but it seems bit stuck. Than Aakash is standing next to her, they connect very nicely.In the chawl introduced Monia's father, and there relationship. For the first time they show Rajmahal, photo shoot is heppening for magazine,all three ladies of the family is present in the photoshoot. On the other hand Monia is trying to convince her dad to join the job and he is againts this thought. But still she joined the job very next morning. And we Monia and Jaynandini face to face in the mall.

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We sees aakash and monia in the crowded bus for the first time, monia is trying to open a window but it seems bit stuck. Than we sees aakash is standing next to her, they connect very nicely. We enter the chawl and introduced monia's father, and there relationship. For the first time we sees Rajmahal, photo shoot is heppening for magazine,all three ladies of the family is present in the photoshoot. On the other hand we see monia is trying to convince her dad to join the job and he is againts this thought. But still she joined the job very next morning. And we sees monia and jaynandini face to face in the mall.
We discovers in the mall that Aakash is try to control the situation. But J is in very bad mood because of the monia's move, at the same time monia's temper is rages again. Aakash escorts J out with the supervisor, and monia is dragged away by a guard. Monia comes back home but still very angry. And here we sees Udaybeer teases jaynandini, and make fun of her.
Next morning again we see monia in the mall. She had a heated chat with store head. We see murari in the market and buying machchardani. And we freeze this episode at shoe movement, monia looks very happy.
Aakash is getting ready for work, thinking about monia n suddenly his thoughts interrupted by landlady. And monia enters her room she sees machardani in the middle of the room. Than we sees murari at his work place with his ''Maalkin'' talking about his loving daughter. Now we enter in rajmahal. In the morning Rajmata discovers that Jaynandini is not in the bed'its just a pillow, A loud music track and we sees J & her frnds in the party dresses'On the other hand we sees monia with her frnds, they all are watching aakash from the binocular, A silent movement between aakash and monia, and Aakash takes her for mumbai darshan. And we discover somebody is following murari in the market. We end this episode at aakash and monia lovely romantic scene(victoria ride).
Murari at the market and very nervous. Murari gets very suspicious and frightened at the casual conversation with the vendor. Akaash and Moniya are eating together at an Udipi. We sees rajmata with the guests in the rajmahal. Uday, J and jagat are talking in the party. Monia and aakash at elephaanta caves, having good time with each other. Now we see doctor uncle with the same man who had spotted murari. Murari is upset because of monia, that she came home late and was with aakash, it shows his insecurity about monia. And try to convince her that '' kisi ko jyada apna mat bana jisse tujhe ye jagah chodne main laqleef ho.
Murari wakes up and sees that monia is not in the room, and nashta & his cloths is ready. Monia is sitting out with Taai and she is very upset with her father because of his behaviour. In the Rajmahal we sees brijraj, rajmata & J talking about party. Komal asked J's feelings about jagat, is she happy or not? Man again tells doctor that he is very sure about murari. Brijraj and Giriraj are playing chess. We sees strange interaction between udaybeer and monia . And man trying his level best to trace murari. He asked someone about murari and she says ''haan iski ek pyari si bachi bhi hain''. We freeze our episode on this confirmation.
Murari comes looking for monia, ask amma about her if she is still here. Amma says she was with aakash, but that was in afternoon. Murari stops aakash and says stay away from my daughter, aakash is confused why he saying this. Meanwhile doctor uncle is very much sure about murari and that he has girl with him too. Aakash drops monia at her house, sees murari is very worried about his daughter. Murari asked aakash to leaves, without saying anything he left. We sees J talking to jagat with bored expression over the phone. Here we sees Uday tells unnatti that he just want to become king, but unnatti try to ask uday what he wants from life? J and frnds is busy in jagat's makeover. And monia is upset, telling sohni chikki ki kahan phansa diya tum dono ne mujhe'mujhe pyar vyar ke chkker main padna hi nahi chahiye tha'.we see aakash with his frnds, he didn't notice her. Monia is very stunned at the rayal ignore.
Monia has just admitted to being in love with aakash'she is slightly confused about the things.Here we discover monia  having food with sohni and chikki, they all  are having fun'.but suddenly they noticed aakash with his pretty colleague. Monia is hurt and jealous by this, and aakash is very normal with his co worker. On the other hand brijraj takes J out for a drive and talks about shadi, and tell her that beta you deserve better husband not jagat, but J is more clever than anybody. She knows when and what to do. Monia is very worried about the new girl in aakash's life. She is feeling like that aakash is very big thing to get'.she is loosing her hopes for aakash and at the same time, Chikki and sohni is pulling her legs'ke wo jaan bhujkar tujhe avoid kar raha hain. And in the palace J and Jagat is going out for date for the first time. Than suddenly Udai and Unnati comes  and meet everybody and they all go togather to uday's new chinese restaurant'.J is doughtful about uday's this move, she is thinking why he is doing this'what is his interest in my date'.? And at last she ask him 'ke ab ye kon si  nayi chaal hain tumhari? I hope you are not planning anything. And at the same time everybody can sense the tension between Unnati and J. Because both are so different from each other. But still Unnati is more mature and smart, she starts the talk, but J is very mean to her. And here we sees Monia is waiting for aakash at the bus stop, but he walks with his few friends towards the bus stop and leaves without saying HI to monia.. Monia is badly hurt and confused because of this strange move of aakash.
We sees monia and her frnds with pink doorbeen, trying to see aakash. They manage to see aakash after a long time, but he comes and shuts his window. Monia is shocked. We sees aakash's flashy and demanding parents. They all are discussing aakash's rishta, we will get good bahu'who will get everything. Aakash taken a back and said that please hold off your search for a bit for bahu. I have something in my mind. Komal devi walks into rajmata's room, she feels her presence and she starts talking that you given me the best gift in my life'that is my grand daughter'and now people are saying I should forget her'how can they expect me to forget . komal has tears in her eyes. Monia is about to loose her every hopes on aakask's matter, she walks into amma's house but amma is busy and not responding. Monia gets upset that please amma you don't ignore me'she discovers aakash in amma's house, and reading a letter to amma, and we sees amma in peaceful smile. They are looking each other. Then he leaves from there, and tells her see you later. In the rajmahal we sees bua and phoopha meeting everybody and asking about J and Udaybeer's rishta. Here people are searching for murari and asking his landlady about him. Murari is hiding behind a tree, and watching everything. And in the chawl monia telling her frnds about letter wali story'.and we see aakash on the bike'and ask monia ''mere sath ghumne chalogi?'' monia is shocked and very happy'and said oh you went for this yesterday. I thought you were'and she stops'aakash smile at monia and said sorry for the wait. And you get ready will go out'.monia is thrilled!!
We sees monia that she is trying her best to talk to him but aakash is not giving any attenstion to her. Aakash's parents is talking about his shadi and all and he replied to them that firstly m not ready and secondly I have somebody in my mind. His mother is upset about this,he tells his mother that without your opinion I will never do anything. And in the rajmahal bua and phoopha has arrived for the rokka, rajmata is very shocked. We sees brijraj and rajmata's different opinions on J and Udaybeer's shadi, brijraj thinks like this rishta can give us strong family front in the mahasabha. We sees few people are asking about murari'monia is still very upset because of aakash's behavior, she find aakash at amma's place and he is reading letter for amma but it sounds like he is saying his feeling to monia..and aakash after that reading he left the place in hurry and said see you later'I have some work. Monia again get upset about that he is not giving so much of importance. In rajmahal rajmata and komal devi is sitting sadly and its seems like she has probably for the first time, feeling  helpless. Komal ask rajmata why you doing this'.still your words is last word for us. Why did you give up? Komal is very sad and hopeles at this point. And here we sees sohni and chikki is teasing her for aakash, and suddenly aakash arrive on bike. And ask her for so called date. Monia is too happy, and its just a dream come true moment for monia.
J and her frnds are very happy about J is marrying Udaybeer. And in the chawl sohni, chikki and monia is happy about aakash and monia's first date. They full on doing madnees, to give best look to monia for her big date. Doctor uncle is worried about murari'this time he should not go anywhere, we have to arrest him, hunting is going on for murari. Uday walks into rajmata's room and she is fully into old memories. Uday sees that scar in picture, and trys to recall something. Murari is on run'doctor uncle's people are following him, and monia is going out with aakash on his new bike. This is the full romantic day for both. At the entrance of the club'.boncers said no to give her entry because of the cloths, but aakash again cover up everything, and says'we have passes you can not stop us' and she is so pretty gal'you can not stop her. Monia is very happy, she holds aakash's hand and walk inside the club. And Unnati toasts her brother and J, and to their new relation. And hereJ noticed monia'and tell uday that she is that safaai wali. Udaybeer is amussed by monia and her move in the club'he come towards her start talking and asking who the hell are you'what are you doing here? And he teases monia, tells her that you are with wrong boy. You need someone better, and he touches her intimately. And while he is teasing her he noticed the scar on her neck, for a movement he is still. And says rajkumari manyata !!!
In the last episode Udaybeer's sees scar. Uday gets flashback of his childhood in the dream, and he is bit uneasy. Monia wakes up and looks around and her father still hasn't come'she is bit worried about her father. Aakash comes there and sees the worry on her face, aakash mother's notice this, and don't like it, ask him to come up'aakash ask monia to come with him, will call your dad from my phone,she says ok and they leave. On the other hand Doctor Sahab is very worried, and scolding Dayal, that you are still not able to capture that man (murari),agar who nahi mila to anarth ho jaaega. We sees Uday is still thinking about that scar, unnati is very worried about her brother, she ask him dada please tell what is troubling you? And Udaybeer very smartly changed the topic. Aakash bring monia home, she is bit tense about her father, and aakash's parents look her up and down, and his mother insulted her badly. But aakash saved monia from his own mother, who is not at all good to her. Finally murari comes back to house after running whole night, starts his stuff putting in a sandook. Monia is unhappy about the fact that again they are going somewhere else, she trys to manaao his father but failed in that. He went out to buy a ticket and locked her inside. Than we have a sweet emotional movement between monia and aakash'.aakash says I just want to tell you that, you belong somewhere'. In my heart' wherever you go, you will always live in my heart' about to express his emotions towards monia'. A sweet moment!!
Murari sees aakash holding his daughter's hand'and he asked aakash to leave very rudely. Monia felt bad about this, she trys to tell his father about aakash'but murari is not ready for any kind of arguement with monia'.murari again trys to tell the truth of her life that we can not stay longer at any place. This is the sachchaai of our life. Monia pleads her father'that she don't want to go anywhere from this place. Murari is confused, he finally tells monia if I am the person who is againts your happines than its ok you can stay here'.but I have to go, he makes her feel guilty. In the palace only brijraj is very happy about Uday and J's rishta, but komal devi is really trying very hard to give every khushi to jaynandini. Rokka taiyari is going on'everybody is in traditional wears. Uday enters the rajmahal with his family and relatives. Brijraj is busy with purohits'they are dicussing the patris'. On the other hand murari is surrounded by the cops'.aakash and monia is shocked. At this point murari cant not trust anyone accept aakash'.he tells aakash'please take my daughter'they are bad people'run with her'please take care of my monia'she needs to be safe' and please tell her that I am his father'.this is the truth of her life' That's it.
At the police station brijraaj ask murari about his daughter, where is she? But murari tell brijraaj that she is my daughter not yours. Monia is very upset with aakash, because he doubted his father on this situation. He tries to calm down monia but she is not ready to listen anything. And she left aakash behind, he is completely stunned. And in the police station udaybeer took the situation in his hand, and ask every papers related to this case. Udaybeer is shocked to see aakash's photo on the file, and he tells everybody that I know this boy and girl too. I have seen her mark also on her shoulder. Surely rajkumari manyata is with him only. Komal walks into jaynandini's room, she is stiil in a very bad mood. Jaynandini insulted her mother and her love towards manyata, and returned the kangan. Aakash gets a call from his mother, she asked where are you my son.why people are looking for you? This is something to do with that girl? He just say one thing to his mother. She left me in the cracking voice. Meanwhile udaybeer is very sure about monia that she will come to save his dear father from us, just make her believe that no one is following her. Rajmata is sitting in her room with all the old memories. In the end she walks straight in and demands to see her father. And tells constable to leave her father. And udaybeer says to monia that your behaviour is totally like a rajkumari.
Monia enters the police station and she is shocked to see udaybeer. And udaybeer says murari is not your real father. He is criminal, and his crime is kidnapping. Monia tries to explain everything, that her father is a watchman. He can not kidnapp anyone. His job is to protect people. Udaybeer tells the truth finally that it is you who your father kidnapped in your childhood. She is standing there in disbelief. Monia tells udaybeer not to say a single word now, otherwise I will see everybody. He is emused on her emotion and asked her what she will do. And in a while she looked around and pulls out the gun from cops holster. He just smartly take the gun in his hand from her, and tells now its time to go home princess. Udaybeer is keeping her in his control, he says now princess calm down. She says shut up no one can calls me rajkumari, only my father can say this. Udaybeer is too emused by this whole thing and monia is dragged out with a battalion of cops surroundind them. Udaybeer puts her in a car. Aakash watches monia is taken away in front of his eyes. Monia is still struggling with udaybeer. Doctor uncle try to handle monia in his own way and she is not ready to listen anybody. In the palace we can feel the excitement of the rajkumari coming after 16 years. And outside the palace press is there to cover this movement. Entire family is waiting for the monia at the main gate of palace. And family looked shocked when she gets out of the car.

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