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ArSha FF-Destiny makes its moves PART 5

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Posted: 21 November 2011 at 5:09pm | IP Logged
Part 5: New readers please read: Part 1 Part 2 Part 3
Guys I have been so busy with exams, but finally managed to writes Part 5. Please do comment and/or LIKE...your feedback means A LOT...ENJOY!! I said there won't be a part 6, but I think I have more ideas for at least 2 more parts then I will write from a different perspective a different storyline.

Shakti and Amar toss and turn in there beds wondering what happened at the party...was it really just their anger coming or was it their feelings or both? Questions...questions...but no answers. Eventually both fall asleep. The next day is their day off from shooting. Shakti
decides to go visit Mukti on the sets of her new dance number. While on the other hand, Amar decides to sit back and relax at home for once. His phone beeps from a text from one of his students/buddies, Priyesh. He informs him that he got selected in DID3 Top 100 [Narrator note..this is real news and Amar's student] Amar decides to surprise
him on the sets of DID3 and hopes to run into familiar people whom he has missed so much. He arrives there to find that Priyesh just left before Amar had arrived. His phone rings as his mom is calling..he leans his back against his car to talk to her. Shakti, on the other
hand, is unfortunately not allowed in while the shooting was happening as the new movie wants no leaks. Shakti is irritated at the guard not allowing her in and not knowing that Mukti is her sister. She gives up decides to head to the DID set as she is missing those days when she was just Shakti the dancer...not Kriya or Kunwar's gf...she corrects
herself...ex gf. She walks down the street as Mukti's movie set was close by to it. She is unaware of Amar whose back is to her on his phone. She walks closer towards the door and stops in her tracks. As she hears that familiar voice speaking Bhojpuri...she turns to find Amar on the phone and who does not realize that she is there. His conversation ends and senses a pair eyes staring at him..he looks up to see Shakti standing there staring. Shakti and Amar both feel awkward and angry thinking of the night at the party. She moves
towards and says "What are you following me now?" She glares at him...he smirks sarcastically..."Did you walk all the way from your house to follow me here?" Shakti tries to think of a comeback, but is unsuccessful as her car is nowhere insight to prove herself right. She glares at him and throws her hair aside as she walks away into the set. 

Shakti enters the familiar setting as a smile appears as her mind floods with memories. She notices that no one she knew was in sight...only some cleaners. She heads to Terence rehearsal hall trying to find a familiar face. She is enters to find the room deserted...she decides to leave and go back to Mukti's set hoping Mukti would answer
her phone and let Shakti in. In the midst of her thoughts she realizes her phone, which she always has in her hands, is no where to be seen.She looks through her purse...but realizes she must've left it on the seat of her car. [Outside the rehearsal hall] the cleaners head
towards the doors and lock up for the day and lock the door from outside. They are unaware of Shakti's presence on the they were busy in their work and everyone had packed up for the day. [Back to the rehearsal hall] Shakti hears the dud of the doors closing...she gets confused and makes her way towards the main hall. Right then the
lights come down as the cleaners had shut down for the day...Shakti runs in the dark happy to know the familiarity of the room and yanks at the door handle but no luck. She heads to the offices to find a phone but they to were locked as well. She gets irritated and kicks
the door in disgust. She hears footsteps behind her...she tip toes and puts her back against the pillar in the main hall. 

The footsteps come closer and her heart starts beating so hard...she hears the sound of a
match being lit. Her mind starts racing as someone was here to light the set on fire..she wonders what to do...she thinks of Amar...but she heard the sound of a car leaving before so he must have left by now and looking outside a window for him will be useless as its pitch black out. Tears pour down her face as she sees the person holding the lit match in the darkness and walking closer. She runs from her hiding spot..which she did in fear and cursed herself for running. She is unaware where had run off to...she feels around the walls trying to figure out what room she was in... The person and the lit match come towards her. She walks backwards in panic and falls with a thud as he/she moves closer now and about 5 feet away. She was trapped...on her feet and hands she walks backwards as the attacker moves closer and closer. Her back finds the wall and covers her head with her hands. "Please don't hurt me...tumko jo chahiye tum lagao...but mujhe jaane do" she cries harder and her attacker says "Shakti?" Her head springs up to her name and the familiar voice of Amar's. He brings the match closer as he shines the light to his face for her to see. He
reaches above the wall where Shakti is sitting against and turns on the light. He blows out the match and looks at Shakti's horrified face of tears...and gets concerned. He leans down and places both hands on her upper arms and looks her in the eyes and says "Shakti...its me" her shocked eyes calm down as she gets back to her senses. Amar sits down and places his arm around her shoulder and guides her against him to give her comfort. She weeps against his chest and grips his shirt feeling secure in his arms. With his free hand he caresses her hair and let's her cry for a few minutes. He speaks "Shakti when I saw the
cleaners leaving in their cars I got worried as I did not see you and I entered the set trying to find you but the last set of cleaners had closed the doors as I was going towards Terence Sir's rehearsal hall...I am sorry if I scared you" she cries and moves her hands from his chest and wraps her arms around his neck and hugs him tight. Amar is surprised but smiles as he was missing her touch. She releases him from her hug and hits him on his arm.."I hate scared the life out of me" Shakti's anger of hate comes back now. 

Amar is confused whether they actually hate each other or not. He gets off the ground as she had turned her back away from him. He comes behind her and whispers in her ear..."If you hate me then you won't feel anything if I...I touch you" she shakes her head...he wraps his arm around her waist and gripping on to it he pulls her against him and she
flooded with passion again but shakes her head stubbornly not letting Amar win this game of theirs. He continues to hold her waist against him and with his free hand he places it on her shoulder blade and slides his hand slowly down her arm and places his fingers between
hers from the outside of her hand. Shakti closes her eyes and shivers from his caress. Shakti opens her eyes and shakes her head even though she was liking his touch every little bit. He breathes heavily against her neck making her shiver and Amar sees the goosebumps appear on her arm and smiles and is not going to let her win. She closes her eyes again and her breathing also increases. He speaks quietly against her neck still breathing down her neck.."Shakti I hate you even more" he kisses the side of her head then her temple and then her jaw line...Shakti turns her head slightly and with her free right hand she tips his chin up with her finger and their lips find each other and they melt into one another. Amar let's go and stares as Shakti opens her eyes. 

He releases her waist and fingers...she turns to face him and surprises Amar as she moves in and grabs his shirt with one hand and directs him backwards into the makeup room. She turns him around and pushes him backwards onto the bed she sits on top of him as he
waits for her next move and obeying her in every way. She leans down and their noses touch. She stares into his eyes searching for something she wasn't sure of..maybe the love in his eyes for her which was lost. Amar is confused as she was only staring into his eyes and not moving. He sees the sadness in her eyes like she was missing the old times. He caresses her face with his fingers...hoping to erase the sadness away. She is touched by his gesture as she knew he could never see her sad or upset. Her eyes begin to tear for staring so much and from sadness. He wipes her tears and slowly brings her down on him by her neck. She lays on top of him crying into his shoulder...he too gets teary eyed and they hold onto one another crying. Shakti is surprised by Amar's tears,but touched. His body rises from the bed and she wraps her arms around his neck as he holds her in his lap. He moves her head slowly to face him..her loose strands of hair stuck to her wet face. He pulls the strands back behind her ear and wipes away her tears. She raises her hands and wipes his tears as well and holds his face with her hands. He moves forward and kisses her lightly and moves back. She leans in and kisses him lightly back and moves back as well. She runs her fingers down his spine and their breathing increases as their closeness and her wrapped in his lap may be leading to something more. She helps him remove his shirt and he unbuttons the back of her dress. Running his hand down her bare back..she closes her eyes and breathes hard from his touch and moves in to kiss his neck as he slides her dress straps down her arms. He stops half way realizing that's they were moving too fast. He pulls the straps back up and buttons her dress..she stops kissing his neck and is wondering why he stopped. He says "I can't do this" she gets upset and pushes him back
and gets off of him and runs out of the room.

He realizes he used the wrong tone of voice and should not have made her feel stupid. He puts his shirt on and heads to find her. He finds her sitting on the DID stage holding her head in her lap. He is about to approach her but stops. He gets a better idea...he runs to Terence's rehearsal hall and rumbles through cds. Finally he finds what he is looking for...Khuda Jaane. He puts it in a cd player and presses play. Shakti looks up at Amar as the song plays. He lifts her off the ground and starts dancing. She dances in anger...the dance ends at the position of their backs turn and she weeps silently in her stance. He comes from behind and hugs her..she pushes his hands off...He hugs her tight again and
fights to get his arms off her but is unsuccessful as he is so strong. She continues to battle and he whispers "Shakti Mohan Sharma I..." She interrupts and finishes his sentence "Hate you!" She stops battling and cries harder and her body begins to crumble as she was tired from everything. He pulls her tighter in his hug to keep her upright and speaks again..."Shakti Mohan Sharma I...I love you!" Shakti's eyes widen hearing such  words for the first time. She turns to face him. He stares deeply into her eyes..he continues,"I love you with all my heart...this is being here on this plate form once again...Khuda Jaane." She smiles through her tears which were running down her face in happiness now. She speaks "I love you Kunwar...I have always loved are my destiny" she didn't care how weird she sounded as he knew what she ment. He pulls her against him and they
kiss the night away as he holds her in the bed of the makeup room.


PROMO: The game of hide and go seek

Guys if you want a PM update please LIKE this post because it just makes it easier on me than going through all the pages. THANKS!

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This was simply mindblowing!!! Gosh gosh im so dead at this...! Khuda jaanne hayeee!!! Really falling in love wid ur ff!! :D
desperately waiting for next part..! They finally told I LOVE YOU...!! Omg omg i really love the way u describ d passion in tem simply superb fantastic...!!

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Robin, I love you!! This was awesome! Waiting for the next part...

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Thanks guys!! Love you guys for the sweet comments. No update yet lol barely finished this one. 
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OMG RES !!!!!!!!!!SHIT!!!!!! Robin .U R A KILLER !!!!!


ROBIN !!!!!I I Cud say this a MILLION times n more That u r an AWESOME writer N I LOVE U 4 writing such Amazing FF"sDay Dreaming . Your words truly Reflect ArSha . Their Charm , their Beauty , their grace , Their passion , Their love , their intensity Heart... Hayyee !!!!! Whenever i get disheartened n feel that ArSha being together is not possible , I read Ur FF"S , n they enlighten the hope in me again , That yes !!!! ONE fortunate day , ArSha will eventually realise their feelings !!!! Robin , never stop writing Cause u r Just AMAZING , UR words posses LIFE  , a gifted writer !!!!   

i m sooo god damn happy ke they finally hooked up , loved the way rey was trying hard so that kria accepts his apology awww !!!!!! U have Created MEGIC wid ur passion n skills !!!
Ole the 4 ur exams !!!! Anxiously w8ting 4 ur upd8t !!! Love u , tc HugHugHug

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Great job 
that was amazing 
cant wait for the next one!!!!!!!!

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omg supeb, mindblowing, outstanding, awesome loved it.. cnt wait for nxt part.. plz yaar jaldi post karna plzzz

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