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NL ArHilicious Droolers#6: Lehron mein beh gaye

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^^Thankew so much Khushi for wonderful new bannerHug
ArHiliciousDroolers #6:  Lehron Mein Beh Gaye

Shine: Today I am totally in dancing mood as Fairy is inactiveDancing But in a way I am missing her now whom should I make balli ka bkra and whom should I torture.Ouch
A ghost eneters
Ghost: Tu jaha jaha chalega mera saya saath hoga. I told u that I will never leave u. Huahahaha.
Shine: Ghost ji do u really think that u r scarySleepy Chalo I got bakra now I will torture u Big smile
Ghost: I will eat u Dead
Shine: No I am bitter cz these days I am getting extreeme Shayam dose
Ghost: U r not scared of meAngry
Shine: Yeah I am scared that what will happen if I Laksmi sees u I  am sure she will eat u like she ate ringLOL
Ghost: No one can make u scareCryOuch Chalo lemme pull of my mask
Shine: aaah aaah.  Now I am scaredCry
Fairy: I will kill you
Shine runs to minu
Shine: Mummy bachao yeh mujhe darra rahi haiTongueLOL

A BIG THANKYOU and3 BIG CLAPS to ALL membersof the IPKKND NL teamClap

Well done to you all for your hardwork and getting your assigned tasks in to Sanju
(--sunshine--) and Neethi (PurpleFairy) by the assigned day. And we are  late in posting the  newsletter cz  we decided to include Mahaepisode at the end of the day.

Dialogue of the week: adits7
Song of the week: --sunshine--
Poem of the week: Cute.Sadaf
Summary of the week: Tanthya
Funny scene of the week: the_rain

Picture of the Week: DaShIng_GiRl
Blooper of the Week: mazkachazka
Filler of the Week: cindrella255
Rating of the Week: -AdiYalicious-
Videomix of the week : khushix
Joota Scene of the Week: Miss-Pakiie_KMH
Rakshabhandan Scene of the Week:aquablue17
Achari Scene of the Week: Mahi0809
Most Irritating Character of the Week: ShinningStar18
 Funny Character of the Week: -Ammie-
Video avi of the week: Miss-Pakiie_KMH
Icon of the week: Miss-Pakiie-KMH
Best FF of the Week, Best OS of the Week:Suvi7884
Message to CVs, Siggy of the week, Video siggy of the week: minuu
Most Active Thread of the week, Most Active Member of the Week: -Fatz-

Winner animated avis: --sunshine--
Newsletter Banner/logos/animations: khushix
Getting everything together & working on the final posts and layout:--sunshine-- & PurpleFairy

Much love,
Newsletter Heads: Neethi (PurpleFairy) & Sanjana (--sunshine--)
and offcourse Minu (minuu) CoolROFL

Sanju(--sunshine--) Neetz(PurpleFairy) and Minu(minuu)

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Arnav comes into the house  wanting to get a file, ARHI  sense each other ..Arnav is unable to find his file, he goes into the kitchen seeking to find his sister ..there he finds Khushi ... both begin to argue  ..Anjali intervenes , scolds Arnav for misjudging Khushi , tells him Khushi has come as a friend and is no longer an employee... A guilty  Arnav and a angry Khushi decide not to speak to each other ...

Shyam is angry that Khushi is back in the RM again , he tries to get Anjali to send Khushi away but is unsuccessful, he tries to order Khushi to stay away from Rm but he fails here too..

Shyam misplaces his engagement ring and begins to search for it frantically, Meanwhile Anjali has taken the pant containing the ring.. A horrified Shaym somehow manages to get the ring back without Anjali noticing ... Arnav continues to run his business from home as his office is being renovated..La and Nani pretend to have a fight so that they can get khushi to come to RM again..

Khushi answers a phone call, the caller Aman requests Khushi to deliver a urgent message to Arnav , A hesitant Khushi  way lays Arnav, signs to him that his meeting has been preponed but a confused Arnav does not understand her sign language , walks away after giving her a glare

Meanwhile La and Anjali are thinking of ways to get Khushi for the next day too and they hit  upon serving  spicy, over salted food to Nani , wherein Nani can blame and scold La , forcing Khushi to come again ...but their plan almost flops when Mami praises  La's cooking.. fortunately for La and Nani, Mami tastes a dal bowl which has been spiked by red chilli powder ..Mami blows a fuse , sharply tells La that she will never pass in the cooking contest.. Nani uses this opportunity to scold La further .. Khushi intervenes and promises to teach La everything, she also promises to cook  second dal, serves it to them.. Anjali and Nani praise Khushi's cooking ...Mami comes to know of Nani, Anjali's plan of getting Khushi through tricks , she plans to tell Khushi all this, so that Khushi stops coming ..but her intention backfires as Nani  comes to know about Mami's plans an scolds her ...

Arnav comes to have his lunch, Khushi signs to him not to eat the spiked dal but on coming to know that Khushi has prepared the tasty dal, Arnav stubbornly eats the hot dal on a dare ... He walks away from the dining table watched in utter amazement by Khushi..

Nani and Anjali are  checking the jewels for La n Arnav's engagement ..Nani reminds Anjali about  Anjali's mom's bangles ..

A furious Arnav is demanding to know why he was not informed about the pre-poned of the meeting .. Aman informs him that he did pass on  the message to a girl..Arnav immediately recollects Khushi telling him about the change in time..he curtly orders Aman to call him next time, turns angrily to be confronted by Khushi who has got him Milk to soothe his burning mouth.. A simmering Arnav just throws the milk into the swimming pool, moves threateningly towards Khushi, Khushi slips and is about to fall into the pool but is saved by Arnav .

Khushi realizes that Arnav is strictly following the policy of not talking to her, A mischievous Khushi decides to take advantage of this and begins to annoy  Arnav, A frustrated Arnav is almost on the verge of losing his temper and giving Khushi a full blast of his anger but controls himself and walks away but not before throwing a fulminating glance at a grinning Khushi..

Akash  has decided to take his relationship further and proposes to Payal, Payal points out the difference between them and rejects his suit ... Anjali and  Arnav are reminiscing about their past and their Mother .Anjali takes out the treasure box which has their Mother's bangles, a gift from  her to Arnav's Wife.. Anjali reads Their Mother's letter.. Arnav gets emotional , gets up abruptly and walks to the poolside, he stands there gazing at the stars ..His reverie is disturbed by Khushi , who has come to get the chillies ..Arnav quietly asks her whether  their parents have really become stars ... Khushi replies that it is all a matter of faith..the two orphaned souls bond again.. Arnav is comforted by Khushi's words and presence..

Khushi leaves to her home after confirming that she will com the next day .. Arnav finds the engagement ring of Khushi, He picks it up, enquires the owner of  the ring..La thinks that it might be a surprise gift of Shyam's Anjali is very happy .. she thinks of teasing Shyam..

Khushi reaches  her home, Buaji discovers  that Khushi has lost her engagement ring ..Bua is shocked and both Khushi and Buaji begin to search for the ring but are unable to find it.. Khushi thinks that the ring might be lost in RM and promises that she will get it back first thing in the morning ..

Next Morning , Anjali shows Shyam the ring and asks whether he bought it, but a flustered Shyam denies buying it .. The ring falls into the milk, which is taken to Nani by Hariprasad ..

Khushi comes to RM , dashes against Arnav .. both have a heated verbal exchange .with Khushi stating with particular emphasis that she will never apologize to him ..while Arnav looks  as if accepting her challenge and getting her to apologize .


Khushi comes to know that Nani and La were actually play acting  and were not at loggerheads as presumed , disheartened  at being taken for a ride..Khushi picks up her bag and prepares  to leave ..but   the RM ladies will not have it, They put up  a song and dance  managing to mollify Khushi ..

Shyam Calls up and prompts Khushi to query the household members .. Khushi seems quite tensed up and worried ..Seeing he worried face Anjali comes in and seeks to know the reason for it..  Anjali instantly relives Khushi's mind by saying the ring  is with her..Anjali goes to her room, takes out the ring box , but the box is empty... They retrace the path of the ring with Anjali discovering that the ring is with Arnav..

A reluctant Khushi goes into Arnav's room , requests her ring back.. A mischievous Arnav is intent on extracting his pound of flesh, retorts that he will handover the ring only after  Khushi apologizes ..A  righteous Khushi refuses to apologize  and stalks out  without the ring ... Khushi  gets call from Buaji  who emotionally blackmails Khushi..A teary eyed Khushi walks back into Arnav's room , Apologizes melting Arnav's heart..who instantly springs up, quite moved by her gesture ..He hands her the rig..Khushi immediately begins to put it on her  finger, but is unable to push it ..Arnav  takes hold of her hand..Tries to put the ring , Khushi abruptly  pulls off her hand, slowly  replies that it is her engagement ring...A shocked Arnav drops the ring ..

The ring rolls towards Anjali's feet, who picks it up  puts it on Khushi's finger..and conveys her wishes when she comes to know that Khushi is engaged... She rushes out to attend Shyam's call leaving Arnav and Khushi alone again..Arnav has an emotional outburst where he almost confesses his feelings   but checks himself in time and watches her leave in anger, regret and anguish ..

Another week! This week we had quite a number of funny moments as everyone seemed to be up for some comedy in the serial. With Anjali-Nani-Lavanya trio planning and plotting to make Khushi come to Shantivan, Mami's detective mood and Arnav-Khushi's stupid yet adorable mime acts - this week was full of it. 

The funny scene of the week is the mortar & pestle scene. Khushi was rightfully annoyed at Akdoo Singh Raizada when he refused to drink the milk she got him but asked for milk from Hariprasad instead. So when she found him talking to some business client at the very moment, her eyes fell on the mortar & pestle and as she's Khushi Kumari Gupta, mischief flashed in her mind. She started to make a lot of noise using the pestle which annoyed ASR to the core and she was timing it appropriately also, whenever he was about to ask "so do you like my proposal?" she makes more sound. Finally irritated ASR storms in the kitchen to admonish her. 

She ignores him at first, and then gives him a very understanding look and then what does she do? She continues making the sound more! A ArHi traditional hide and seek game follows where ASR corners her once again but she gets the upper hand due to their agreement. What makes this scene is Khushi's expressions. The way she was gleefully making the noise and then the triumphant grin when she understood that she's defeated Mr. Angry Raizada using his own set rules, it was hilarious.

Another two scenes that need mentioning are their other two mime acts, one where Khushi tries to tell Arnav about his pre-poned meeting and the other where Arnav eats the spicy Daal only to let his ego win. Overall a week full of harmless (& quite useless!) fun. Have a nice weekend & stay tuned to IPKKND.

i guess there's no need to
guess it naaa LOL? i mean no ArHI Scene caan be Joota scene !! no doubt !! but haan therte's obviously one person i cannot stand AngryLOL and i know thaat you must thinking thaat maria lost her mind ROFL hoow caan she even thinking twice oops once while saaying his naameLOL okaay no more suspense !! :D Haan haan i'm talking about oour Lovable Shyaam Jha DeadDead yeep this time its agaain one of his scene which is oour Jootable SceneROFL
I Hope you've all Send theem a loots & loots of Joote ??LOLLOLI didAngryAngryLOL he deserved it !! and after seeing thaat you'll Saay the same thing !! READY TO THROW Lots of joote noow ?ROFL

HADD Fuun everyone ???LOL Loolz :: who won't ?ROFLTought I Haate shyam to the core !! Oour Abhhas sir is ab awesome actor !! Priceless actorLOLClapSuperblyyy acted byy our princess Sanaya Abhhas as saaid before !! LOL

thaat' was it for noow !! Don't forget to tuune here agaain !! same time , same forum but with  your old Journalist .Big smileLOL



Hi to all you wonderful people out thereHug,
This week's Achari scene is the star gazing moment our delectably delicious ArHi shared by the poolside Day Dreaming. It had to be among the sweetest scene ArHi have ever shared. Arnav was emotional after listening to his mother's letter to his future wife about himDisapprove. He was standing facing the window sill and his back was towards Khushi. He sensed her presence behind him when she came to collect the Chilli platter, and he innocently asked her whether their parents really became stars?. He seemed like an adorable, inquisitive kid in the moment Cool. While Khushi replied that its not about truth or false but rather about beliefStar.

And she further shared by pointing to a particular twinkling star that she thought that one was her mother, and the one next to it was her fatherClap. Both had a smile on their faces and tears in there eyes... a hypnotizing combination for the audience. Arnav then questioned her whether she thought they were happy seeing them they way they were?... Khushi had no answer to this so she collected the Chillies and turned to leave. When she reached the foot of the stairs, she then glanced back at Arnav and asked him if he was alright?.. To which he nodded in affirmation. This scene was vital in the respect that Arnav who had previously vowed never to speak to Khushi again, had to eat his words and break that vow because he needed to talk to Khushi in that momentApprove. That is the extent of closeness between Arnav and Khushi now Heart... that Arnav's even started sharing his feelings with her. Its not only physical attraction between them anymore but a dil ka rishta Blushing. He has started to show her glimpses of her vulnerable, emotional self too, and she has showing care for himDancing. All inhibitions forgotten... they seemed truly close to each other in that momentParty. It made me wish that I could freeze that moment for ArHiDay Dreaming.
        ....Thats all for this week,
                                                                 Take care guys,

Best Rakshabandhan Scene

This week's best rakshabandhan scene was definitely the kangan scene. It was splendid! Everything in that scene was executed beautifully with precision. You wanted to cry with Anjali as she talked about her passed away mother. While you wanted to cry for Arnav as you saw his pained expression. We finally saw the ASR mask come off and a peek at our lovely Arnav. The poor guy was so baffled. He wanted to know what his mother of think of him. He wanted her to be there. Oh it was such an amazing scene, I don't even know what to say!I agree with the people on the forum though, Daljeet should ask to do scenes ONLY with Barun. Her character looks so much more mature and developed when she playing an older sister.

So that's it for this week guys! Signing off


This week had a quite lot of fillers...Especially Monday n Tuesday episodes...The drama by Anjali,Nani, Lavanya to bring back Khushi, as much as it is required for Arhi track acts as speed breaker...But they were indeed entertaining.
The most irritating filler was Ring-in-pocket...Anjali checking each pocket of his trousers slowly n carefully but remiss when it comes to the ring and it lands up in Shyam's hand  in
no time and once again he slithers away...
Yay! yay! less of Shyam this week...
Hope next week is an eventful one with less fillers  and lots of Arhi Embarrassed



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Hmm.. This week's most irritating character goes to Anjali. Though I love her but her being so blind about everything has seriously become irritating. It's such a long time since Shyam is swapping places and making dumb excuses of being away from home. I don't believe how she even lets him go without interrogating further? Where the hell does he go to his so called 'work'?

Otherwise, I love Anjali but she really needs to divert her attention from her pooja ki thaali and notice the game her husband is playing with her. Btw I chose Anjali this week because I couldn't find anyone else irritating this week. Tongue

Hiya and welcome to the funniest character of the week section. So Mami Ji has been getting this award from the last two weeks...m i'm afraid she got it this week as kidding don't throw chappals at me i was only just joking man...!!

The funniest character for this week is none other than Hari PrakashROFLROFLROFL
That guy is so talented i tell u, he's smart, active and extra imformative...maybe that's the reason he gets half the screen space these daysROFLROFL
Scenes like Mirchi daal and pass the letter made me give this award to him...all we can say is Hari Prakash ji u are doing a great job...but be a little less informative...Arnav does not need to know every little detail eg. who made the daal or why Arnav doesn't drink milk!
So that's it for now..i'll see u guys next week with another winner...till then stay tuned keep drolling...ROFL
P.S the funny word of the week is..."Patloon" coming out of our very own winner's vocabulary!!ROFL
Love Ammie

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Just imagine this song with the poem of the week and u will seriously feel emotional. Poem and song was too much touching and so was the mahaepisode and ASR's emotionsOuch

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Guys was it just me or Khushi actually mistook the meeting for 12..Aman calls and her clearly  says  that Arnav's teleconference has been postponed from 12 to 1..but then they showed Khushi freaking out realizing the meeting is to commence in about 10 minutes..well I think either there was a mistake with Aman's dialogue or they probably shot the scene first and then recorded the call..hmmm

Check out this video @ 0:55 onwards  

Oh well the logic behind Khushi not being able to convey the message to Arnav is itself is a big blooper, there were so many ways she could've informed him about the meeting without actually conversing with Arnav in person..


Secondly I think the new boy on the block was Hari Prakash ,I think I heard anjali the day before calling him HP,but then in this scene Khushi calls him OP instead of HP and then later addresses the same boy HP!!hmmphh!! ek hi din mein naam badal gaya??LOL..aur yeh betuki hawa ka toh pucho hi math!!all of a sudden the gust of wind blows right on that chit of paper Ouch!!hmmm..


Acha u all must be wondering why I posted this pic..arrey yaaar plzzz koi toh mujhe is ghar ka ,infact is pool ki mystery solve karwado!!someone please explain me the orientation of this pool!!Confused This pool faces the interiors of the mansion right??esp. the side where Arnav and Khushi are shown to have the star talk!! Wasn't that side opening into the inside of house ??then where and how did it become facing the sky??Though I just loved the deep scene/convo Arnav-Khushi share..but it was disturbing me a lot coz of the false sky they were talking about..!!i deeply wished they shot the scene under clear sky,if would've been great..sigh!!Day Dreaming


though i loved the soothing beam of light falling upon them ,but the set up looked so artificial Confused

Hint::check out the placement of the pool and staircase in this pic,you'l get it..hope I haven't confused you guys.. LOL


Maha Episode

 Khushi encounters ASR in the main hall of the RM and after that they showed her going upstairs to meet nani and other's, but they're all seated in the same main hall (on the ground level) with the dining table behind as a hint.dont know why Khushi goes up to meet maybe they wanted to show nani and gang don't see about Arnav-khushi clash..but itna bada blooper..hmmConfused

 Also when Khushi leaves the kitchen while making the kadha she doesn't have her bag with her,but when she nani and gang red handed and turns to leave them the bag appears to be with her..hmm I see had she decided earlier itself that she's gonna be tricked and that she'll be quitting ..Ouch

 And I dint know why nani and others were standing at one place and continuously chanting  "hume Khushi ji ko rokna hi hoga"Sleepy and doing nothing about it spontaneously, bechare HP ko bhaga diya,jo badmein faint bhi hojata haiROFL..

Well apart from this there were some editing problem I the part where Arnav calls Khushi,it looked like a picked and pasted from old scene thing..may be they dubbed it later..hoped it was done better ..


arnav n khushi ( 17th nov 11)

Arnav " toh kya woh sachmein  taarein ban jaatein hai???..."

khushi " baat sach ki nahi hai..baat yakin ki hai..." dialogue

khushi (14th nov 11)

khushi ' devi maiyya hi jaanti hai iss duniya mein ek laad governor kaafi hai..."...ROTFL...

Pride And Glory
" Conflicting Silence With Devastated Feelings "

Sound of words that engulfed the place always,
Is now replaced with a strange Silence between them
Thousands Words, Million Clashes, melted in Silence,
Ambling on the same path, nearby sight yet Solitude hanged everywhere
The feeling kept in their Hearts are standstill in the moonlit,
Along the miles away, they are still close with their fondness
Though now, a thunderous silence some unforeseen one,
comes from nowhereand tries to break through their thoughts
 this silence speaks with them; In a language that their heart interprets,
Eyes moves, Action speaks, Heart Beats, Fury Enrages
Both are Lonely within their Hearts, the agony which is so profound
The pain is beyond tears and words; Which No-one can release them from
The torment that remains pouring; what is there left but an empty world?
A Moonlit Nightno color, no life, just so still,
Gazing to the Glittering Shooting Stars, painfully
With the Disturbing thoughts of Losing everything which is left Behind,
I don't know what to do or where to go?
All I know that I am feeling very low.
Sometimes in this lonely and unreasonable journey,
They stopped for the moment to think,
WHY? Why people always abhor him ?
Why in his life joys and sorrows never equate
Why his Heart always get covered with rage ?
Both are a Lonely Souls with shattered sentiments like a glass
At Nights, with weeping tears and holding a Pillow of gloominess
Recalling the memories Of Lost relations tear them apart,
It breaks their heart that you can stand there and not say a word
No explanations, No reason left, Nothing,
All carried away forever; As if by thin air
With bitter accusations
; deluded perceptions,
Smothered with the memories everywhere they go,
 Still they can't seem to let it go,
It hurts to remember but they're terrified I'll forget,
But when unable to find answers, To their unending Questions,
They start to walk again, In that lonely and never ending lane.

----MahaEpisode Special Poem---
How come you had to do it? Why'd you go away?
You could've talked to me, Why couldn't you awaited a day?
He can't concentrate on anything else,
Heart became pale as a dry leaves In Autumn
When he come to realise he has Lost her now,
Ocean of distress touched him through the spirit,

The light that he once held for her is fading and so dim
Inside, He's screaming yet his tongue is frozen in fear,
Far too scared to speak aloud these words anymore,

Heart was sliced with a knife in a moment, constantly asking
Is it just me? Or is this your game? A game where I'm being played ?
Unspoken Wishes, Unspoken Words Left behind somewhere
Broken heart from broken promises, Bitter tears are shed,
As everything collapsed by his side irrevocably,
His heart is in pain, He could not even breath, No, no this cannot be?
In all but one second she slammed the door on all his love for thee
His Image was just rotated like a wingless bird alone, forgotten
She have killed his mind and made him insane

It Feels like he's battling in a war
As he walks down the road, He feels the weakness inside,
  His heart bleeds, the snow becomes red
Has life mocked him in a acidic way ?
Were she ever here again? Memories gone, dead,

She gave him a reason to exist again joyfully somewhere
She knows the reason how to speak with him even in the stillness,
Two Soulmates lost in the middle of nowhere
Controversial opposites, could that be their downfall?
Their conflicting worlds are crashing
struggling, yet they continue to hold on,
Perhaps i have become invisible?
or have i become just an figment of imagination?

I just Can't Let you Go, I want to Grab You Forever near my Heart
Don't Leave me Isolated in the middle of dark Nights,
Come Back to Me, Or Else My Breath will be no longer With Me.

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first of all !! welcome back to thaaat awesome PS user who actually doesn't consider herself as oneROFL We all love her creations and ofcourse her Big smile <3 The award goes to ...
guess WHO ? Okaay im' telling itLOL none other thaaan ...
Jojo Hug!! Myy love !! this one for yeww !! for making these awesome avi's !! sorry couldn't get them allROFL


Beautiful avis, Preet! Here's a small token to appreciate your hardwork

so the winner is
Dangelz ^^ for making these stunning IconsBig smileClap
gorgeeeous one honeey !! your simplyy Greaat ClapEmbarrassedBig smile

Here's a small gift for you to use during the week (:

Made by ..Jojo..

Here is a little gift for you to use as Siggy maker of the week:

Made by -.Preet.-

Here's a littlegift for you to use for the week:

Here is u guys gifts yup yup u have to shareStar

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Here is ur gift

So Rating of this week... hmmm Can the rating be in minusSleepy cuz for me it was BAKWAAS week in IPKKND historySleepy ArHi back to square 1... DUMB drama by raizada's to get Kushi bk Sleepy stupid shyam awready takin khushi as his wifeSleepy inshort 1 hell BORING ! BAKWAAS WeekSleepy
I think from number of ...>Sleepy u understoood my pheelingsSleepy LOL

BUT BUT the show really picked so well in ME and the story moved in the ME. I guess they were filling the weekdays for ME. Now waititng for that  ME where Shayam will get revealed

What a great week of entertainment, we had it all this week from the laughter, to the smiles, to the tears. The Maha episode was truely Maha and rockedThumbs Up

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FF- It's not right!, by nayika

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