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Dk & Disha: SIRF TUM (Page 7)

*Guli* IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 15 March 2005
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Posted: 18 February 2006 at 11:30pm | IP Logged
Part 7

DK is happy that she is coming back!

Sum can see it in him!!!

He cant wait!!!

Ved is like whats going on?

Dk tells him!

Ved: Oh really.. is weeny coming too??

Dk: ved?

Ved: what??

Dk: She might! I don't know but Disha is coming back!

He walks off!!!

Dk is thinking

That he's thrilled

That she is coming back!

And he can tell her

How he has felt about her!!!!

He smiles!!!!

Ved: Oh man!! Wonder how Weeny is!! She's probably big and fat!! And looks like one too!!!

He laughs!!

He turns around

Sum is there

Ved: Ma!

Sum: Why do u trouble her?

Ved: Who!

Sum: Disha's sister!

Ved: Becuz!

Sum: U will never learn!!!

She walks off!!

Ved: I know!

He laughs!

Disha arrives back in town!!!!!!

She's happy

Everything has changed!

She has lots of good memories here!!…

The whole family is there!

They go to their old house

They never sold it

Only moved!

They see how dusty it is!!

They clean it all up!

And make it good as new!!!

Disha gets ready!

And she goes to Saigal House……

Rano goes to buy some things!!!!

Rano is walking…

Ved is coming her way!!!

And w/o realizing they bump into each other!

Ved: I am so sorry!!!!!

Rano: its okay!

They don't recognize each other at all!!!!

Ved finds her attractive!!

Rano is looking

And finds him cute!

Ved smiles

Ved: Look I am really sorry! I shouldve looked!

Rano: No I shouldve!!!

She walks off!

Ved smiles!!!!

Rano blushes!

Disha goes to Saigal House

She rings the bell…

Servant opens it

Disha comes in

Sum looks up

Disha smiles

Sum looks at her

And is like Disha??

Disha comes to her

And takes her blessing!!!!

Sum hugs her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*Guli* IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 15 March 2005
Posts: 29461

Posted: 18 February 2006 at 11:31pm | IP Logged
Part 8

Sum: U don't realize how happy I am to see you!

Disha is smiling!!!!!

Disha: where is Dk???

Sum: Sunny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dk: yes Ma!!!

Sum: come out!!!!

Dk; I am coming!!!!!

Dk comes out!!

He looks up!!

Sum smiles!!

Dk is looking at her!!!

She is smiling at him!!

Dk: Disha????

Disha smiles even more!!!

Dk: Disha??

He's like omg!!!!

He comes

And he hugs her!!!!!!!!!!!

Sum is looking on!!!!

Dk: Omg!!!! The little cute and adorable girl…. Is now.. all grown up!!

Disha: Look at u!!!

Dk: wat about me??

Disha: Suit??

Dk: of course!!! ….

Ved comes in

Disha sees him

Disha; Ved??

Dk: Yep!

Disha: Hi Ved!!!

Ved: who??

Dk: Ved… Disha!!!

Ved: No way!!! Omg!!

Disha hugs him too!!!!!

Both have a nice reunion

Ved: Hey is weeny here????

Disha; Ved!!

Ved: Sorry!! But is she!

Disha: Yes she is!!!

Ved: Oh man!! She's probably big and huge!!!

Disha: Stop it! Don't start again!!!! Only cuz she pushed u!

Ved: That push!!!!!

Both talk!!

Dk and Disha are talking away and what not!!

Disha comes to know

Dk's the big man around here!!!

Dk Saigal!!!!

Disha is like wow!!!

Sum is looking at both of them talk!!

And she is smiling

Dk: So where's my surprise?????

Disha: U will have to wait!!!….

Dk: Why???

Disha; Becuz!!!!…. On Saturday I will tell u!!!!!….

Dk: really?

Disha: Yes!!!

Dk: I will wait!!!!!

Dk is telling himself

That on Sat…

I will tell you how I feel about you too!!!

He smiles at her!!!

Sum is looking at Disha

And she is everything that she ever wanted!

And she's the only the one that can make Dk happy!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday comes!!

Both go out for dinner

Dk: So where is my surprise!!

Disha: its not here yet!!

Dk: Its not here!!!!

Disha; Yeah!!!……
*Guli* IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 15 March 2005
Posts: 29461

Posted: 18 February 2006 at 11:31pm | IP Logged
Part 9

Dk: How long do I have to wait!!

Disha: Til I say so!!!

Dk: okay!

Both talk!!!!!!..!!!


Ved is in his car…

He's going home!!!!

He's looking out the window

And Rano is walking!!!

He tells the driver to stop the car

He gets down

Ved: Excuse me!!!

Rano turns around

Ved: do u need a ride??

Rano: I am okay!!

Ved: are you sure??

Rano: Yes!!!!!….

Ved: Where are you going?

Rano: Home!!!

Ved: Here then I will take u!

Rano: Its okay really!

Ved: I insist!!!

Rano smiles

Ved smiles too!!!

He takes her home

They are in the car

Neither of them are saying anything!!

Rano is blushing like crazy!!!!!

Rano: So u live around here?

Rano: Yeah! I had moved.. but I came back!

Ved: really?

Rano: yes!!

Ved: Where do u like it more?

Rano: Here!

Ved: Me too!!!!!

Both have a nice convo!!!

Ved: Hey listen….. I was wondering.. u want to get something to eat..???

Rano: What??

Ved: I mean if u don't mind!!!

Rano: No I don't mind!!!!

Ved: great!!!

They also go out together

Both have a nice time!!!!!

Neither of them realize

Who the other one is!!!!!

Theirs end short

And he drops her off!!!

Ved waves bye

She says bye too

And he leaves!


Dk: So.. now where is it??

Disha; I am sorry!!!…..!! I don't know whats keeping so long!!

Dk: Its okay!

He keeps looking at her

And he wants to tell her

How he feels about her!!!!

He wants to say

He loves her

But it isnt coming out!!!

Disha: Finally!!

DK: What??

Disha stands up!!!

She smiles

And she hugs someone!!!!

Its none other than Inder!!

Dk sees

Disha: Dk.. this is my surprise!!!!…..

Dk sees Inder

And he's shocked!!!!
*Guli* IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 15 March 2005
Posts: 29461

Posted: 18 February 2006 at 11:31pm | IP Logged
Part 10

Disha loves someone else!

Dk's heart is broken!!!!!!!

Disha: Dk.. this is Inder!!!!! My fiance!!!!!!

Dk: Fiancee?????

Disha says yes!!!!!!!

Dk: Since when??

Disha: Its been 2 months!!!!!

Dk: Congrats!!

But he is completely shattered!!!

She was the only girl for him!!!

And now she is someone else's!!!!

Inder: I have heard so much about you!!!!!

They all sit

And talk

Dk feels uncomfy!!!

He closes his eyes

And he's sad!

After the night

Dk leaves

Disha goes w/ Inder

Dk comes home

He doenst say anything!!

And he avoids Sum!

Cuz he knows

That she cant see him sad!

He goes into his room

Has flashbacks…

Of their childhood!!!

And how much fun they had!!

And how they were best friends!

Which they still are!!

Dk is thinking

That she is really happy w/ him!!!

No matter what

He will always love her

And that will never change!!!!

Disha keeps coming at Saigal House

Dk acts differently now!!!!

Disha doesn't notice!!!!

He's not that close to her

As he was before!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ved comes in

Ved: I am in love!!!!!

Disha: with who??

Ved: Omg! She is amazing!! Never met anyone like her!!!

Disha: Well anyways… My sister is coming over right now!!!

Ved: Weeny???

Disha: Ved!!!

Ved: okay!! Okay!!.. I will try to be nice!!!!

Then Rano comes in

Disha: Rano!!!

Ved turns around

And boy o boy

He is shocked!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rano sees Ved!!!!

She is shocked!!!

Rano: Ur here!!!!

Ved: Uhh.. yeah!! I live here!!!! Weeny!!!????

Rano: Baby??????

They are shocked!

Disha: U mean to say.. she's the one!!!!

Ved and Rano are speechless!!!!

They don't know what to say!!!

Dk isnt paying attention too much

He's lost in Disha!!

Ved and Rano stare at each other

Disha is trying to make peace w/ Rano and Ved!!!

Disha; Come on!!

Ved: well I guess….

They shake on it!!!

*Guli* IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 15 March 2005
Posts: 29461

Posted: 18 February 2006 at 11:32pm | IP Logged
Rano: No more name calling!

Ved: Yes no more!!!

Disha: good!!! Thank god too!!!.. hey Rano he likes u!!

Ved: No I don't!!

Rano blushes!!!!

Rano likes him too!!!

But she doesn't say anything!!

Ved looks at her

She looks at him!!!!!


Disha goes to Dk

Disha: Why are you so quiet???

Dk: Why?? I cant be!!

Disha: Well I mean u were talking soo much!!.. and now ur quiet!

Dk: just lots of things on my mind!

Disha: okay!! Well come on… lets go out!

DK: Where/?

Disha; Shopping!

Dk: Me! Are you crazy??

Disha: yes!!!…

Dk is like okay fine!!

They both go

Ved and Rano are alone

Neither of them say anything!

They don't know what to say!!

But slowly

Their convo starts

Rano: So what Di said was true???

Ved: About??

Rano: U know!! About liking me!

He scratches his head!!!

He doesn't say anything

But she knows it

And she smiles!

Ved: I guess so!

Rano: So will tell everyone.. but the one that wants to hear it… u don't tell….

Ved looks at her!

Rano: so!!!

And he finally tells her

She is happy

And she confesses too!!!

Both of them hug!!!!!

Couple of weeks later

Disha and Inder are together!

He's over at Bhonsale House

Rano is w/ Ved

And both are at Saigal House

She's in his room

She's looking around

She finds a video camera

She is looking at in

And there are some things from childhood

That's in it

When he was younger and what not!!!

Rano is like aww how cute!

Ved: Hey no touching!

Rano: not even me!!!

Ved: Well..

Rano: I promise I wont break it!!!

Ved is like okay!


She puts it down!

Both spend time together!!!

One day

Sum isnt feeling well!!!

She has been really sick!!!

And has been really quick!!

Sum senses that its time for her to go

She tells Dk that

Dk is like no way!!

*Guli* IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 15 March 2005
Posts: 29461

Posted: 18 February 2006 at 11:32pm | IP Logged
Becuz u know his relationship w/ Sum!!!!

She keeps saying that

But Dk is like no!!!

Then Sum is coughing

And she's getting worst!!!!

Dk is like no!!

Ved's in his room

He's playing w/ his camera

And looking at some thing on it!!

Dk calls ved!!!!

Ved runs in the room

Puts the camera down

And it presses the record button

And everything that's going on

Its recording!

Sum is getting worst!

Dk and Ved are like no!

Nothing can happen

Sum is trying to tell Dk something

Sum: Sunny

Dk: ma..

Sum: Listen… I want u to fulfill my last wish

Dk: Ma..

Sum: Sunny no! U and I both know…. Nothing can be done now

Ved and Dk are sad!

Dk is like no!..

Dk says go and call the doc

Sum is like no!!…..

Dk says go!!

Ved goes

Sum is telling Dk

That he wants him to stay happy!!!!

She knows that Ved is happy w/ Rano!!!

But she wants him to be happy

And what she wants

Is for him to marry Disha!!

Dk is shocked!

Cuz Sum doesn't know!

Sum is like please do this

And I will always be happy!!

Shes having trouble breathing!!!!!

Dk is holding her hand!!

Ved comes back in

Sum: Will you do this????

Dk is quiet!

He doesn't say anything

Sum: I know u love her very very very much!!…. And I always wanted her to be my bahu!…..

DK is even more sad!!

Ved is holding one hand

So is Dk!

And then slowly

She closes her eyes

And she passes away!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dk and Ved close their eyes

And they are crying like anything else!!!

Then afterwards…

Dk confesses everything…

And he's just talking to her

Saying that he has always loved her!

But she is now someone else's! And he cant break that!… but the love that he has for her.. will always be there!!! And wants to see her happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ved is shocked! Cuz he didn't know!!!

Dk: I am sorry Ma! But I wont be able to fulfill ur last wish!!!….. Disha cant be mine!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Both are crying!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Its so sad!!!!!!

And that was all being recorded!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Inder is at Bhonsale House

They set the wedding date….. for Inder and Disha!!

2 weeks from today!!!!!!!!!!!

The End!
nsa4657 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 18 February 2006 at 11:39pm | IP Logged
Cry Cry aww poor dk and ved!
great parts!! the ones before were funny!!
good job! Clap Clap
bina4u Senior Member

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Posted: 19 February 2006 at 3:48am | IP Logged
inder.. fiancee i knew aisa he kuch hone walla he
anyways wonderful parts

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