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Kriyansh- Racing track of love-NOTE on page 151 (Page 8)

nebu Goldie

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Posted: 27 November 2011 at 9:58am | IP Logged
It was really nice. Pls PM me when you update it.

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Hot.Pink.Heels IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 27 November 2011 at 10:15am | IP Logged
this is amazing...
cant wait to read further!
plz pm when u update :)

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The007Shivani IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 28 November 2011 at 9:36am | IP Logged
update plz and remember to pm me and I cant wait till next part

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NxtRockstar.. IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 29 November 2011 at 7:11am | IP Logged
Originally posted by cherrysood

it was awesome,  fantastic, mind blowing. in deed its a great job by youThumbs Up really loved your ff please continue soon and please pm me when you update next part pleaseSmile
Thanks dear...Hug
Surely I'll PM you  Embarrassed
NxtRockstar.. IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 29 November 2011 at 7:13am | IP Logged
Originally posted by crazysky

update plz
Dear...My xams are going may be I'll update by night...hopefully..Embarrassed  
NxtRockstar.. IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 29 November 2011 at 7:14am | IP Logged
Originally posted by nebu

It was really nice. Pls PM me when you update it.
ThanksBig smile
Surely I'll PM youEmbarrassed  
NxtRockstar.. IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 29 November 2011 at 7:17am | IP Logged
Originally posted by KriaReyansh

this is amazing...
cant wait to read further!
plz pm when u update :)
Oh Thanks a lot hon.Hug
Surely I'll PM you..Embarrassed  

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NxtRockstar.. IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 29 November 2011 at 11:35am | IP Logged
Kriyansh- Racing track of love 
Update -1

Uploaded with" border=""> Uploaded with" border="">

Race is starting…it starts as 3…2…1…Go...

Rey accelerated the car and take off with his bugatti…As first lane completed…he was on second position. Competition is intense. Rey didn't want to rush the things. He is calm and not at all worried about the positions. It's only a start. He knows every mind here is a lot determined.

Second lap just finished. Equation is same. Rahul is on first place and was smirking as he has some serious competition or we can say more than competition with Rey.

Rey knows what will be the results but making things obvious is not his style. Third lap, fourth lap…

In fifth lap, now it's time to show some real stuff. Rey just takes an edged cut from near Rahul's car. It made Rahul angry and gave him a realization that race has started now. He just wants to make some move so that he can take revenge for all the insults. Rey was now only focused to race.

A hard bump from behind devastated Rey and his car lost balance and moved at 180 degree. Rey somehow controlled it. But WTH, Rey just figured out that front tire is dead due to the immediate breaks. Now Rey is real angry. He cannot bear cheat.  Crowd is disheartened as their favorite is just lost the track. But this is not the time to lost temper, he rushed to the PIT STOP for new tires, his efficient team changed it within seconds.

Due to all this, Rey is now last in the race but 2 laps are still remaining. He accelerated his car and just kept making his way out of the other cars. He was driving like nobody ever did. Crowd has now raised their hopes; they still have faith that Rey can make it.

To the last lap, Rey was on 3rd position. On first position, Rahul is there and on second, it's Vicky.

Rey just took leap from Vicky's side. Vicky smiled and said, there you go bro.

Now only Rahul is there. Rey was real angry on him. Last few meters, and hard competition. Rey was driving now parallel to Rahul's car. Rey gave him a hard look, made a hand gesture and indicates "watch it"

He took off his Bugatti far away from Rahul and touched the finish line. He just left the accelerator, car was slowing down but cheers among the fans were making the environment heavenly. Rey just look at the sky and smiled.

His car stopped, his team was rushing at him. He kissed his girl friend (his car).

All his team members lift him and were cheering. The stadium was cheering in one voice. Vicky rushed at him. He ended third in the race. He hugged him tightly and said, congrats bro, you did it again.

Sharon and Neha also rushed at him. Neha hugged Rey and congrats him. Rey just thanked her by saying, "thanks little angel". Neha is the only girl who Rey loved but as a little sister.

Sharon hugged him too and slightly whispered in his ear, Congrats sweets. Rey just smiled as he knows Sharon's feeling towards him but he didn't want to give her any hope as he doesn't feel the same for her.

Mean while Vicky got busy with Neha. Rey just sits in his car. He waved to all his fans and accelerated car for taking a winning lap. He took it and then unpredictably left the place. Sharon just disappoints and said, "Where is Rey going??? Vicky smiled and told her, "I know where he is going".

Shron replied him back, "tell me where" Instead of celebrating or partying, he has just left the Place.

Vicky told her, "He's different Sharon.

Sharon smiled and thinking when will Rey even look at her??? Understanding her feelings is another issue.

Rey left the stadium and now on the roads with his Bugatti. That shiny night on road can bring real joy to victory.

Rey is happy but his happiness is not completed until he shares it with someone very special in his life.

Rey is all excited to go that person's place. But these traffic…arghhh…He's stuck in it because something is happening on the road which just jammed the traffic.

A girl wearing a military trouser and white T-shirt with her side bag is fighting with an auto driver. Her luggage is all over the road. Rey just asked a man on bike what's going on. He answered that Auto just almost hit that girl and now she's fighting with him as all her luggage is unpacked on road.

Rey just looked at her. It was not a usual scene on the roads. This girl must be silly he self talked. I am getting late jeez; she'll be waiting for me.

He pressed the horn despite of the fact there's no use of it.

Somehow a policeman sort out the matter and cleared the way. Traffic is opened now. That girl is packing and arranging her luggage on the side of the road and talking to herself in anger. She was saying to God," universe ji aisa mera sath hi kyun hota hai". Rey was not intended to hear self talk of her but his car was stopped there as he was purchasing white lilies from flower shop there. Rey forget about it all after having his flowers and left

He's arrived at that someone's special place in the outskirts of the city. This place is always soothing for Rey. He gets out of the car and can smell the aroma of his favorite dish.

Rey knocked the door, she opened it and Rey just show her his trophy like a little kid. She is all surprised and hugged him," oh my child is here". It's his "amma". The only one who knows the actual Rey.

He is so happy to show his trophy to her," look Amma I won again". His Amma hugged him again and said, I am proud of you my son. She said," you better get freshen up as your favorite pulao is waiting for you.

After having a wonderful time with her Amma, Now Rey reached to his apartment.

In morning, Vicky called Rey…

Vicky- what's up dude?

Rey- nothing bro just had some fantastic pulao last night with Amma. You know she was missing you.

Vicky- PULAO!!!! Cheater!!! Why didn't you call me?

Rey- laughed out loud

Vicky- anyways what about my party dude? I don't know I need my party

Rey- you know bro, I don't like to party. You and Neha go...

Vicky- Kanjoos, I am not gonna hear any excuse. You are coming. This is not some fancy party dude. I know you hate this show Shaw. So only three of us will be there, let's have a meal together. Some issues are also to be discussed.

Rey- Issues???

Vicky- Dude you come first then I'll tell you. At sharp 1:30 you must be at Aroma.

He hung up the phone.

Vicky called Neha too.

Neha- Hey Diwaana, how r u??

Vicky-  meri Diwaani,  All mast in your dreams.

Neha-  Awww…my diwaane.

Vicky- meri diwaani

Oh I called you to tell that be at AROMA at sharp 1:30. We are gonna celebrate Rey's victory there with Rey…only three of us.

Neha- Diwaane, I can't come. My childhood friend is here with me. She has arrived in city last night. I can't leave her all alone at home as she already had a tough experience last night.

Vicky- Diwaani, no you have to come. Bring your friend along.

Neha- I can't…she'll not agree. And Rey… what'll he think.

Vicky- I don't know you just make her agree and Rey… don't worry about him I'll manage.

Neha- okay diwaane…but don't forget to tell Rey about my friend prior.

Vicky- Alright my diwaani…I won't. Love you...

Place – AROMA (Restaurant)

Rey is here at sharp 1:30. He asked about the table and manager escort him to his table as Reyansh Singhania is always a special guest here.

It's 2:00 pm...And no one is still there. Rey is just frustrated and thinks what does Vicky mean when he says sharp.

On the immediate moment Vicky is here...oh sorry dude sorry. I had to pick up girls and you know girls take so much time in makeup and all.

Rey asked him," Girls????

Vicky replied him," oh sorry I forget to tell you. Neha's friend is also here. They are just coming. And dude please don't create drama by saying or reacting to her friend as Neha'll kill me if she'd know that I didn't informed you.

Rey just nodded his head with hopeless expression.

Neha is here with HER FRIEND.

Hey guys, I want to introduce my best friend to you. She is Kria. Rey looked at the girl. No fancy dress, no Overdone make up. With a little smile but bit uncomfortable one, a familiar looking girl is wishing him, "hello".

(Rey found her familiar.Rey was just trying to figure out where did he saw this girl?)

Rey wished her back," hello".

Her trousers were familiar, very recently seen. Rey got it," oh she is that silly auto girl". A weird and ignorant expression floats down on his face.

Neha was trying to make environment comfortable as she can notice silence all over. She hit Vicky's foot under the table and asked him to talk something.

Vicky out of pain just said," kuch khate hai na"…." waiter"

Neha just covered her face with her hand.

Neha asked Rey," Rey where did you disappeared last night?

Rey answered her back," where else angel, at my Amma's place."

Rey asked Vicky, "What were the issues you were talking about on phone?

Vicky answered him,""oh yeah dude this is urgent.  Jack has resigned last night from team and we don't have an engineer now in our team."

Rey- What?? Resigned? How can he do that without even a notice? And forget about notice, I think we all have a good rapport so he could inform us prior.

Vicky- I know Dude. It's not usual. Now we have only one engineer. And that's not good news. Hilton Grand prix is here in about 2 months.

Rey- Forget about it Bro. Hire another. There's no negotiation in my team. Once he's out. He is out for forever.

Neha was entertaining Kria on the other side by showing her new phone. But Kria's ears were popping around this conversation.

Vicky answered Rey," dude, it's impossible to hire a new engineer at this time. We are short of time and we can't trust a new person with the cars.

Neha just intervened the conversation," hey boys why did you call us? We are getting bored.

Vicky answered her," Diwaani this is important. We are short of crew.

Neha with a deep thinking expression said," Oh you mean you need a person with auto mechanic skills"

Vicky answered her," yup Neha"

Neha just smiled and said," then what's the problem? We have got Kria.

Rey is shocked, What????

Vicky said," No diwaani we don't need a PIT BABE. We need a crew member for PIT.

Neha replied him back," so same is me saying. Kria is a student of Auto mechanics and she needs a part time job too.

Rey intervened her," No Neha this is not some joke. We can't take a job seeker for this. We need skills, excellence not some girl who'll start crying even she cut her hand while handling my car. He ignorantly saw Kria.

Kria was not happy with his gesture.

Kria just spoke now first time in this whole conversation," I think Mr. Rey, You gotta check the skills first and then speak about who seeks whom.

Rey answered her back," Rey nahi Reyansh!!!!!

Kria- Okay Reyansh, you have some doubt regarding my skills. Let's clear this. I am not some PIT BABE of your team who'll start crying if your car will roar loud.

Rey- whooh...Wait a second, here I'll decide who is what and how much capable.

Kria- Kyun darr gaye!!!!  Without giving me a chance, you can't declare your Hitler FARMAN!!!

Rey- Reyansh Singhaniya is not afraid of anyone in this whole world. You want a chance na okay, You got it. I'll see you tomorrow at sharp 7:00 in my workshop. And yeah when I say sharp, it means sharp not half an hour late.

Kria- I am not interested to work for you Mr. Reyansh. She was about to leave. But this time Rey Taunt her," kyun Darr gyi Ms. Kria!!!

Kria turned around and challenged him by pointing him," Kria Ghai kisi se nahi darti!!!

She moved ahead but then came back again and said, "Sharp 7:00"

Vicky- Neha was looking the whole sequence like a movie. Neha came back in her senses when Kria left and she had to look after her. And Rey left too and Vicky hold his head and said," What a party".

In next part: Will Kria be able to prove her skills???

This story of Kria and Reyansh which started off with a fight will lead to which extent.

Keep reading...Smile

Dear Friends if you want to get PMs, please hit LIKE or leave a comment...Embarrassed



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