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The trash-bag episode of blf!

Rumi Goldie

Joined: 01 January 2005
Posts: 1704

Posted: 12 March 2005 at 7:09am | IP Logged

 Friends !!!!!although you have requested me to post  those portions which are coming next to armaan-raj break-up but i wanted to share a beautiful and funny episode with you! this is happening a few days back, before Armaan--raj break-up and before the re-entry of Purab in Mumbai!this is happening immediately after Jassi takes the charge of chair-person of Gulmohur!

                                THE TRASH-BAG EPISODE

Out in the hallway right outside the boardroom, Maithili asks Armaan to remove his things from Chairperson's office because Jassi wants to start using the office right way. Armaan tells him to get someone to remove them for him. Maithili tells Bindiya that Armaan's things must be removed from Jassi's office and to please tell someone from the technical department to remove Armaan's computer and bring a new one for Jassi. Bindiya leaves to do as she's bid.  

Bindiya and the technician  arrive at Jassi's cabin. Jassi asks Bindiya to remove everything single belonging of Armaan sir and she goes to sit on the couch while he starts the job. The technician advises her that he's also taking the computer away and will bring her a new one. Jassi tells him that fine and continues making notes on the sofa. Meanwhile, Bindiya has packed Armaan's pictures, his oversized jacks, and a few files in a box. She tells Jassi that she thinks she is done … or is there anything else she can think of? Jassi immediately rises from the couch and tells her that there is. She heads over to the file cabinet, opens the bottom drawer and takes out the black garbage bag. She hands it over to Bindiya and tells her to get rid of it –


Armaan and Raj are in Raj's office getting settled in. They are discussing Jassi and how she seems to have come in with a great deal of confidence. Mallika comes into the office to see if Armaan is leaving. He informs her that he and Raj have some errands to run. Just then, Bindiya comes in with a box that contains Armaan's belongings from his office and the infamous "black bag." Mallika sees the black bag and asks him why he still has it. Armaan informs her that she was the one who brought it to his office. After some more of Mallika's recriminations, Armaan instructs Bindiya to put the black bag in the trash! Mallika continues and tells Armaan that she wasn't pleased with his agreement regarding all of Jassi's propositions. Armaan tells Mallika that she herself knows that Jassi's ideas are good and they're just what they need.


ON A STREET IN MUMBAI Jassi and Nandu are walking and Jassi is explaining to Nandu why she returned the bag to Armaan. Nandu asks her why didn't she throw the bag away. She explains that those items were her life, she loved them and they were sacred to her. (Nandu puts his arm out to help Jassi down the curb and cross the street.) She tells him that it was a hard decision for her to make, that is why she decided to return them to him. Let him make the decision. (Nandu again puts his arm out to help her up the curb.) Nandu tells her that with Armaan being at the office it is going to be very hard on her. Jassi assures Nandu that she did not permit Armaan to stay at Gulmohur in order to have him close by. She had promised herself never to seek vengeance against him and not allowing him back into the office would kill him. Nandu tells her to that she needs to recognize that Armaan backed her new plan. She said that it benefits him to do so. She tells him that she doesn't want any of them to think that she is taking advantage of her position and that is why she wants to purchase the car with her own money. She wants to be able to move and escape Gulmohur whenever the need arises. They continue into the dealership's showroom and the salesman approaches them and Jassi asks to see a certain car that she had previously viewed.

(Armaan and Raj are going down the stairs.)

While Armaan is telling Raj how hurt he was to have to throw away his gifts to Jassi, Raj has turned around to look at a girl that has passed by him. Armaan continues by saying that he realizes that the gifts meant nothing but deceit to Jassi, but to him they were memories and had turned into honest things. Raj talks about how all his literature was thrown away. He gives Armaan compliments on the cards that he wrote. Armaan tells him to stop bothering him and that he can't stand the thought of having to give Jassi up for the rest of his life. He is starting to second guess the decision of having an office at Gulmohur. Raj says that they are poor and Armaan tells him that they need to spend the least possible time at the office. Armaan's telephone rings and he shows Armaan that it is Mallika. Mallika begins asking all types of questions, where are you, who are you with and where do you plan on going next. Armaan answers her questions, but wants to know why she wants this information. Mallika gets upset that he asks why. She says in order to organize her life. He tells her not to get angry. He tells her that if she has the right to ask him those questions, then he has the right to know why. He finally tells her that he is on his way to Eco Moda.


Jassi and Nandu exit the elevator ... Noticing that no one seems to be around, Jassi asks Pari where gang is and Pari is happy to oblige and tell her that they are in the bathroom and they have spent almost the entire day there in a meeting. Just then, a cleaning lady walks by carrying a black garbage bag ... Jassi notices it and asks her if she's taking that to the dumpster and the cleaning lady answers affirmatively. Jassi's face acquires a look of sadness ... Armaan getting rid of the 'cards and gifts' seems to be affecting her rather more than she thought it would.

When Jassi is about to enter her office, Nandu catches up to her and asks her if the black garbage bag was the one with the 'cards and gifts' (is that the only black garbage bag in Gulmohur???). Jassi assents and Nandu asks her if she expected Armaan not to get rid of it. Jassi responds that she expected him to get rid of it, but she still held out the slim hope that he'd want to keep it.


Armaan and Raj get off the elevator as Gang comes out of the bathroom and they immediately start whispering to each other. Armaan notices their whispering and when he asks if anything is wrong, they smile and say that there isn't and start to head toward their respective desks. But Pari stops them and tells them that Jassi awaits them in Chairperson's office. As gang heads off in that direction, a surprised Armaan asks Pari whether Jassi is back and Pari confirms that she came back a while ago with Nandu. Mallika, who has just come out of her office to hear this last question made by Armaan, cynically says, "As if you didn't know that already," and gives him a killer look. Armaan, a little perturbed, answers, "No, I didn't know that. Raj, let's get to work in your office." Armaan and Raj walk away in the direction of their office.


In Raj's office, Raj tells Armaan that he's going to have to start taking Mallika everywhere with him ... didn't he notice that she was acting angrily because she thought he was with Jassi? Armaan firmly answers that he will do no such thing, it's bad enough that he has to put up with her in the first place. He then looks down at the waste paper basket and notices that ... the black garbage bag is gone! He remarks to Raj that they took it and Raj responds that of course they did, that's what he gets for putting up such a valiant show in front of Mallika about throwing the bag away! Did he want to keep it? Isn't it better that it's finally in the trash? Armaan gets up out of his chair and heads over to a corkboard on the wall and tells Raj that yes, it's better that they took it away, he didn't want to keep it (liar!!). Immediately after he says that, he nonchalantly asks Raj if he knows when the garbage truck comes by to pick up the garbage. Raj answers, "I don't know ... it never comes to pick me up. Why???"


Naaz walks in with a bright smile. She is carrying Jassi's agendas, and Naaz notifies Jassi that she has finished transferring all the information to her computer, therefore she is ready to make any telephone call that Jassi may need. Jassi thanks her and as Naaz turns around getting ready to leave Jassi stops her. She asks her whether she knows at what time the garbage truck comes to pick up the garbage at Gulmohur. Naaz says, I don't know, why? Jassi says, no its nothing. Naaz (full of enthusiasm) runs to Jassi's desk and picks up the phone as she tells Jassi she is going to find out. In her flirtatious manner Naaz asks at what time the garbage truck will come. At 7:00p.m. the person replies. Naaz tells Jassi who says, "that means they are about to get here". Naaz asks her, "do you need anything?" "No no", Jassi shakes her head, and Naaz says bye and leaves.


HALLWAY (RECEPTION AREA 2ND FLOOR) AT GULMOHUR Armaan walks out of his new office and approaches the cleaning lady who is dusting the area behind Naaz's desk. (quietly and looking over his shoulder to make sure neither pari nor Bindiya over hear him) he too asks at what time is the garbage truck is coming, to which she replies, it is coming at any minute now, or maybe it's already come. Armaan leaves in a hurry as the cleaning lady stares him. As Armaan leaves the phone at Bindiya's desk rings; it is the call for  Armaan .Bindiya calls after Armaan to tell him, but he ignores her and continues rushing towards the stairs. Raj overhears Bindiya calling Armaan several times, and he asks her (as he comes out of his office), what is the matter?. Bindiya explains, and asks Raj if he can receive the call. No, Raj replies, because Armaan is the one who is dealing with them and knows all the details. Bindiya leaves to find out Armaan.



Armaan digging through the garbage.

Armaan: Damn it!!!!! My God where did they hide the bag?

Two employees approach him.

Employee 1: Who is that?

Employee 2: It looks like Armaan Suri.

Employee 2. Excuse me sir, we've come for the garbage.

Armaan: You two don't touch this garbage!!!!!!

Employee 2: It's just that the garbage truck won't return again for two days.

Armaan (loosing his patience and kind of yelling a little: HEY! didn't you understand me? I am going to have to send you a memo with a warning if you touch this garbage. Good-bye, I don't want to see you here. Good- bye!!!!

The two employees leave.

Armaan continues squeezing bags and now it is Bindiya who approaches him.

Bindiya: Sir? Sir don't tell me that you have reached such a bad economical situation now that you are having to dig through garbage! Are you getting involved with Pari?

Armaan: Bindiya!!!!! Don't be idiotic!!!!!!!

Bindiya: As you command, sir! from this moment on, I shall cease being an idiot!. The thing is, that you have a phone call!

Armaan (who by now has climbed on top of the garbage looks up at Bindiya) phone-call! , Why now? (He shakes his head and adds) This is more urgent (as he points to the trash).

Bindiya: Each person has his priorities, right? Excuse me. She turns to leave.

Armaan: No no no no, Bindiya, it's not that... what has happened is that I have some important papers that were thrown away accidentally by the cleaning lady, so I am having to find them. That's all!

Bindiya: Please Sir, don't soil your aristocratic hands, let me do it

Armaan: (screaming in a hurry) No, don't touch my garbage!!!!!!!!

Bindiya leaves both her hands in the air in shock!!!!!!!

As Armaan adds: Armaan: This garbage is.……… mine!!!!!!!!

Bindiya: Sir, I understand that everything in the company is yours, including the trash. Continue sir!

Armaan: Could you leave me alone, Bindiya? I want you to disappear, to leave, to go away!!!!!!!

Bindiya: Of course sir, I understand that we all need times of thoughts, and of solitude.

Armaan: [Iron (flat) face]: LEAVE!!!!!!!!!!

Bindiya waves good-bye as Armaan once again keeps digging.

 He takes out of bag, which when he squeezes it, he all the gifts that he gave Jassi)!!!


In the office, Armaan arrives from the stairway, holding the trash bag. He stops suddenly, as he sees Aryan.

Aryan: Armaan!

Armaan: Aryan! (hiding the bag behind his back)

Aryan... You finally found a position here that suits you! Garbage recycler!

Armaan: What do you think?

Aryan: Congratulations!

Armaan: Thank-You!

Naaz: Sir (talking to Armaan) there was a phone call for you, do you want me to get the person on the phone?

Armaan: No, Naaz, later! (and he walks away).


Armaan and Raj as they talk in the conference room, whisper to each other the following conversation:

Raj: Where have you been?, There was a phone call for you!

Armaan: I was at the garbage dumpsite.

Raj: I already smelled it!

Armaan: Man, I found the bag, I found the bag!!!!!!!!

Raj: That's Jassi's bag? Man, you are crazy! how can you walk around with the evidence in hand, please what will happen if she catches you! Put it in the office!

Armaan: Raj, if I put it in the office, everybody is going to notice, and they are going to tell Mallika that I got it from the dumpster!

Raj: So, then, what are you going to do?

Armaan: (after a small pause) Hand it to it's owner!

Armaan turns to leave, and Raj grabs him as he says (still whispering) Are you crazy?

Armaan: No, I'm not crazy!, I'm going to hand it to Jassi!

Raj: Over my dead body!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!






*Anjali* IF-Dazzler

Joined: 13 August 2004
Posts: 4673

Posted: 12 March 2005 at 7:29am | IP Logged
Thanks soooo much, Rumi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Sounds like a funny episode!! Big smile
nishi IF-Dazzler

Joined: 16 June 2004
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Posted: 12 March 2005 at 8:44am | IP Logged

lol !!!!!!!!  LOLLOL

Armaan: (screaming in a hurry) No, don't touch my garbage!!!!!!!!

As Armaan adds: Armaan: This garbage is.……… mine!!!!!!!!


masoom Groupbie

Joined: 11 February 2005
Posts: 179

Posted: 12 March 2005 at 10:14am | IP Logged
Originally posted by nishi

lol !!!!!!!!  LOLLOL

Armaan: (screaming in a hurry) No, don't touch my garbage!!!!!!!!

As Armaan adds: Armaan: This garbage is.……… mine!!!!!!!!





I wish Jassi would have seen her when he was looking for the bag in garbage... thanks a lot Rumi I just loved it THank you so much.....!!!!!

plz post some other parts too and what happens after that? plz post!!

queenbee Goldie

Joined: 04 January 2005
Posts: 1418

Posted: 12 March 2005 at 10:42am | IP Logged
OMG.. Rumi.. this one had me in splits!!!!! You are such a honey for finding us the BESTEST and funniest excerpts!!!!!LOL

Now how wud it sound if Armaan said this in Hindi: This garbage is.……… mine!!!!!!!!

"YEH KOODA..... MERA HAI !!!"LOL!!!!!!

Remember, fairytale and minnie, how guilty we were feeling about rhyming Armaan with koodedaan and thookdaanWink ... now I don't feel one bit guiltyTongue
rouble Senior Member

Joined: 16 August 2004
Posts: 870

Posted: 12 March 2005 at 11:47am | IP Logged

thanks a lot rumi. Smile

can't wait  to see this episode in JJKN...it would be so funny.


KiRaN_K Goldie

Joined: 03 March 2005
Posts: 1356

Posted: 12 March 2005 at 11:51am | IP Logged


Armaan: (screaming in a hurry) No, don't touch my garbage!!!!!!!!

As Armaan adds: Armaan: This garbage is.……… mine!!!!!!!!

Bindiya: Sir, I understand that everything in the company is yours, including the trash. Continue sir!

Armaan: I was at the garbage dumpsite.

Raj: I already smelled it!


LOLLOLOMG!!! That was sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo funny.LOL I can't wait for armaan to say" yeh kooda mera hai..mera hai!!!"LOL hahahahahahahahahaah that line was funny when raj says how I already smelled it!!! LOL

By the way both Jassi and Armaan are asking for the garbage truck?? So does that mean jassi is also goin to look for the bag in the garbage??? LOLI can't wait to see wut jassi says when armaan gives her the bag!!!! EmbarrassedOmg !!Big smile

Thanks sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much!!!!Big smileClap

vishakha Goldie

Joined: 30 November 2004
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Posted: 12 March 2005 at 12:05pm | IP Logged
Thanks Rumi. This is going to be so funny. Armu dear, pyar ke khatir kya kya karna pad raha hai !

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