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Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon
Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon

Sushpective: IT MATTERS DAMN IT!!!!

-Sush- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 20 November 2011 at 9:30am | IP Logged
Just watched the ME...!! The advantage of it airing on a Sunday ...when the time zones just work out, and I can watch sooner...
So...we all knew what was going to happen...we all know it is a story a plot where the villain has to do his thing has to get worse before it gets better...story needs a build needs bad guys...and so on...But when it is in front of our still breaks our heart!!Broken Heart I felt the emotions Khushi was experiencing and Arnav's frustration...anger...the feeling as if he has lost the ground underneath his feet...I felt like I heard his heart breaking into a thousand pieces when he heard the news...It was heart wrenching!! 
May be the directors were thinking about how intense and heart wrenching it was going to be thats why they kept the rest of the episode light (despite occasional...presence of Shyamu and Bua on the phone both constantly harrassing poor Khushi for losing the ring)Confused
The funniest moment was when Khushi finds out about the drama Nani-La and Anjali are putting up to fool her and keep her and she was leaving...JP comes there ...locks the door Arnav style and blocks her way spreading his ASR...that moment was hilariousROFL First OP and JP (forget about Shyam)...looks like Arnav has quite a lot of competition!!LOLLOLLOLLOL
So...nani comes up with the idea that all of them dance to manao Khushi...which they do...It was really nice to see...Nani, mami, La and Anjali all dancing to patao Khushi...which eventually works...and khushi agrees to come there until La's marraige...
Witnessing all this was out dear boy who was taken by the joyous moment of his family enjoying so much (specially Anjali)...and  a smile cracks his lips too!  Only to be reminded that that Khushi has become a part of his family...and while everyone is free to say that they hate to see her go away, and don't want to let her...he is the only one who does not consider himself free to express such an emotion...while he is the one who feels it most strongly...
The chase wround the house to find Khuhsi's ring filled a part of the epiosde...and I liked it when Anjali also scolded arnav for banging into her when she is trying to find the ring... It was a nice touch by the CvsThumbs Up Nice connectivity!
The momet of Arnav finding out didn't quite play out as in the promo...which was more condensed...I liked the full version a lot better...So when the first time she comes to take the ring from him and he demands that she apologizes before he will give her the ring...she actually leaves the room saying that he can keep the ring but she won't apologize because it wasn't her fault...I Loved that! It showed how much Khushi cared about the ring...and also that she could stand up for what she believed in...and she felt thistime it wasn't her fault..but than buaji harrasses her again...on the phohe so she comes back to the room and apologizes...breaks down in tears...Now the one feeling bad about his own demand...gets up to comfort her...tries to help her with the ring..when she can't put it on as a reaction to emotional turmoil she is going through...and thats when she tells him..
She is engaged! 
His reaction is all we expected it to be and more...FANTASTIC JOB BY BARUN and SANAYAClapClapClapClapClap
Anjali come sback into the room...and Khushi tells her...Anajli comments on why Khushi is crying she shoud be happy and joyous...(little does she know)...
When Anjali leaves the room...pesci bua calls Khushi again...just when Arnav is calling her name...Khushi replies to bua on the phone...and he completely erupts!! Absolutely amazing screen play by the CVS to show his emotions!!!
Any way he grabs the phone from her...screams ...gets hold of her and shakes her...(can't remember if it is here or a few moments before...he asks her...What are you doing Khushi? obviously referring to her engagement...can't fathom whats going on...Obvisouly he wasn't prepared for it..did not anticipate this twist!
Leaves the dialogue IT MATTERS DAMN IT because...unfinished before Anjali comes and grabs Khushi again after sharing the news with the rest of the clan...
Overall a 9.7/10 episode!!
As I said...even though our mind knows all the logic...the heart feels the pain to see them...!! And this episode was all about feeling not rationalizing!!  So we can say all we is a part of the story...needs to happen...and so on...but when it does I too feel like screaming...IT MATTERS DAMN IT!! 
Thats all folks!
Comments/ feed-back?

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mommy2000 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 20 November 2011 at 9:36am | IP Logged
Sushi----HugI haven't watched the episode yet and won't get to it probably until much laterUnhappy!! But you post is making  my wait even more excruciating!!! My score on Sushpective - 10000.../10


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DiyaS IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 20 November 2011 at 9:36am | IP Logged
Am I first today???!!! Will come back to edit with a longer comment ... but just had to say, inspite of knowing what was coming today ... even down to the scenes ... the ME rocked ... BARUN AND SANAYA ROCKED!!!

*edit* ... back with my take ...
A very well crafted episode ... first of all, hats off to the IPKKND team, that in spite of knowing what was going to happen ... down to many of the scenes ... they still managed to keep us glued to the screen. Boy, were they confident or what ... and with reason as it turned out!
I say well crafted because of the way they built it up ... we all knew what the climax was going to be ... well duh, climax had to come at the end ... definition of climax ... but the build up was great ... starting with simple ordinary everyday scenes of the RM ladies starting to plan for a wedding even though they have no idea when it's going to happen, because of Arnav's obstinacy ... the Arshi squabble at the start, one of their many usual ones ... but the repurcussions at the end were anything but usual ...

Khushi finds out about La, Anjali Nani deception ... Oooh lala was cute, all happy family ... Nani's thumkas ClapClapClap ... she can give the rest a run for their money all right! Khushi relents, of course she does ... and icing on cake was Arnav watching the show with a smile to see his Khushi so khush! Awww Embarrassed ... and the women in his life equally khush Embarrassed

The ringa ringa roses for the ring was cute ... how did Anjali and Khushi think they would get the ring back if Lakshmi had really swallowed it? LOL Yuckkk ... the mind boggles ... glad that Lakshmi had more sense! LOL And she dropped it where it would do most good LOL Smart goatwa!
I also liked the touch of Anjali banging into Arnav and repeating Khushi's words of the morning Tongue

I am glad that I didn't watch the SBB segment before the episode aired ... loved the way Khushi refused to apologise ... Arnav was toying with her at the start ... he enjoys pushing her buttons and seeing her get riled ... but the moment she gets too close to home, he doesn't like it and he pulls rank ... he looked as though he was looking forward to another spat when he challenged her about the ring ... only to be taken aback when she walked out on him! They are going to have one fiery relationship because she does NOT like giving in, especially when she thinks she's right!

And poor Khushi, as Bua pulled an emotional atyachaar on her ... unfair, bringing in her real parents and pulling forth Khushi's feeling of indebtedness to her babuji again ... leaving her with no choice but to eat her words ...

and loved the way Arnav can take her fighting and has no compunction in fighting back dirty, but her tears he can't take ...the way he melted and was so taken aback at her repeated apologies ... the soft shhh, and the way he pressed the ring into her palm ... she fumbles and he tries to help her put the ring back on ... he thinks of her as his and doesn't even realise it ... well, he will, very soon ...
And he does ... when she shows him she isn't  ... she withdraws her hand ... he has no right to put that ring on her ...

She's engaged???

How can she be engaged???

For a few moments, I thought they edited the rest with the 'farak padta hai' ... with the Anjali interruption ... fortunately Anjali leaves again, after putting the ring on Khushi's finger ... watched by Arnav ... the ring that makes Khushi another's ... not his ...

And when Anjali leaves, he erupts ... snatches her phone, bua and the rest of the world can go to hell, because he is talking to her ... he needs to talk to her ...

'Kya kar rahi ho tum?'
I liked this dialogue even better than the 'farak padta hai' ... maybe because we hadn't heard it before ... but also because it was so typically Arnav ... it showed his feelings more than clearly ... that he thinks of her as his ... how can she even think of belonging to anyone else? ...

Arnav bitwa, more than time for you to get off your high horse and start fighting for your girl ... she has the odds stacked against her, including the fact that La has now officially declared her her best friend ... but of course, we know he's not going to do that ... yet.

The way I see it is ... the only way Arnav will claim Khushi is because of Shyam ... either knowing who Shyam is, or maybe Shyam making a mistake and hurting Khushi ... protectiveness either for Anjali or Khushi ... or both. Love will not be the push factor.

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--Sari-- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 20 November 2011 at 9:38am | IP Logged
Power packed episode, pura paisa wasoolClap There was something for everyone! Entertainment, emotions, Khushi being KKG and then ASR's heartbreak followed by the sad rabba ve. Probably one of the best ME's I have seenThumbs Up

First few mins were a drag, mami at her best or is it worst. Nani & company with their fake fightDead Just when I was about to dismiss it as a filler ME, ooh la, la... ooh la, la...It really was ooh la la...LOL

Full on entertaining, got a stamp of approval from the might ASRWink Wow, a smile! Priceless! Forget the rest of us, the lesser mortals! We will have signed off much before thenLOL Noteworthy aspect - ASR smiled when Khushi couldn't resist & joined inEmbarrassed ASR , ab denial kiss baath ki?Pinch


Naniji proved that she still is an item girlThumbs UpShe outshined the younger breed, hands down! Of course, HP wasn't far behind...ROFL Lakshmi can act too! Few mins of Buaji & Shyam, not worth mentioning. Anjali deserves better, I hope she files for a divorce, show us some spine!


Loved the way KKG stood up to ASR! Yes, this proved to ASR that the ring doesn't mean a thing to her but I doubt he will take it that way. A self destructive Arnav who dwells only on the negative, will try to blame her for not informing him. Well, why should she? Hasn't he moved on? So doesn't she reserve the right to decide her future? Well, in ASR's world it doesn't work that way. KKG is his property or is it an asset?LOL He gets to decideWink

Kya kar rahi ho tum? like she was on the path of self destruction.'s you Mr Arnav Singh RaizadaLOL You are the one forcing her to go down this pathCry


Is there any symbolism to this, Anjali making Khushi wear the ring on the correct finger? Oh well, what is going through ASR's mind now? Hope it's not a rash, me too! Anything to win this sagai/shadi raceOuch


Hope Khushi finally confides in him the real reason & he bails her out with an on the spot, spur of the moment phera which he regrets right after & the hate track blaming her for trapping the most eligible bachelorLOL But we know ASR's little secretWink

Anjali should have found out about Snakua by then & buy him his freedom out of the farce called marriage. I want Anjali to handle Shyam not ASR! Daljeet can act, so let her!

I can't wait to see KKG doing a ooh la, la... ooh la, la... to manao ASRWink A long wait & lots of fillers, the way things are shaping up!

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-CoolChick- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 20 November 2011 at 9:43am | IP Logged

excellent write up sush dii...Clap...barun totally choked me wid his acting today...hats off to the director also for bringing out the best of barun n sanaya.. Barun showed us today tht acting only comes 17 re-takes for a scene is not an easy task...n just look at him...with each re-take he just got nearer to much tht the scene looked REAL even though he was acting ! 

tht is what BARUN is...a totally class apart actor...Heart...the emotions came out so real...the pain left a lump in my throat...those tears which were abt to come down Pierced my heart. ! Broken Heart

PS: i think u cut out 0.3 marks for creepwa n monster bua Angry ?!!

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smileyhug7679 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 20 November 2011 at 9:57am | IP Logged
Originally posted by garima_IPKKND

excellent write up sush dii...Clap...barun totally choked me wid his acting today...hats off to the director also for bringing out the best of barun n sanaya.. Barun showed us today tht acting only comes 17 re-takes for a scene is not an easy task...n just look at him...with each re-take he just got nearer to much tht the scene looked REAL even though he was acting ! 

tht is what BARUN is...a totally class apart actor...Heart...the emotions came out so real...the pain left a lump in my throat...those tears which were abt to come down Pierced my heart. ! Broken Heart

PS: i think u cut out 0.3 marks for creepwa n monster bua Angry ?!!

i thought it was 17 angles of the same scene may be i am wrong
anyway i dont think anyone can do more perfect than this
AWESOME JOB by sobti
great joob by sanaya the way she felt bad and helpless for arnav
wah wah

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anjs IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 20 November 2011 at 10:02am | IP Logged

it does matter Sush..the same way it mattered during diwali when khushi's heart broke...

and though we were so angry with ASR for hurting Khushi...we could see his inner turmoil...and the pain he has gone through in the past...and again today, he lost someone he loved matters a lot...

as someone mentioned in one of the post, that he might become worse then the previous ASR...and after watching the precap...i can totally understand the reason he wants his engagement to LA to happen within a week...cause he is totally broken...

just feel more angry with Anjali, that she claims to know him so well but actually doesn't know him at all

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premparbat IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 20 November 2011 at 10:03am | IP Logged
Morning Sush,
Oh What an episode !! I know I'm going to be watching a rerun throughout the day Smile
The start with the dance was very enjoyable including our new help HP.  Lavanya as a charecter has really improved and if I did not have a soft corner for Khushi I myself may have given Arnav the permission to marry her. I think she will be there for the long haul and a necessity to ensure Khushi's visits to RM . Nani is the best dancer of all , no one could match her jhatkas. This family has become so important to Khushi and vice versa. Will be interesting to see how they react when hell breaks loose.
The ring confrontation with Arnie boy. He was sooo pissed at her. She does not care about the ring , never did. That  bua rant was so not needed.  Arnie could see her humiliation when she came back for the ring.  I loved the tender "Shhh.."  reaction.
And then the heartbreak. FANTATIC acting by MY dynamic duo.  I had seen the precap and the SBB segement so many times, prepared for the scene yet was imapcted by it.  Arnav's line "Tum kya kar rahi ho ?"  his tone ... "Muhjey farak padat hai ..."  To me it says it ALL.  Both actors were wonderful.  I guess anger will take over now and Arnav will press the Self desctruction button.
I will not question logic here..but will wait to see how the Shyam truth will be out. They seem to be dragging it.  The Cvs have been coming up with good tracks hence will leave it to them. Maybe I am hoping for a miracle but what if Arnav or  Anjali stand up with Khushi in her upcoming trails. That is for later Sush..
Meantime ..let me go back and replay todays episode again.  Your rating is accurate as 9.7 ..and .3 is reserved for any future dhamakedaar episodes we may be surprised with.

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