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Tumhari Disha
Tumhari Disha

Update for Tumhari Disha - 10 March, 200

disha77 Groupbie

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Posted: 10 March 2005 at 9:30pm | IP Logged

Ordinary episode but for our dear, dear DKji…..my dictionary is up to the brim now, I don't think I can praise Mr. Ashish Nayyar anymore!!! This guy just breaks all typical notions of acting and brings such structure and method to it,  that its such a pleasure watching him enact DK, and impossible to imagine anyone else in this role and even more impossible imagining TD without DK……just like a body without soul, eyes without sight, breathing without air (lousy metaphors, but its quite late here and I am feeling so sleepy, my brain can only function this much!) Applause to him and also a very special mention for Sachin (who plays Vedant) who had such an awesome scene in today's episode and his confrontation with DK was just spectacular. If anyone can match DK's histrionics in TD, then it is either Gargi or now Vedant, everyone else pales completely in comparison!

 The episode begins with Vedant and Gargi hugging and Disha looking at Vedant in complete shock, but her expression does not show disgust or hatred, it just shows immense surprise and amazement. Vedant passes a ''you know what I am upto'' look at Disha who is just standing open-jawed. Just then Greek God comes in, looking like, just as I said, a Greek God (wearing a mid-night blue shirt and black trousers) and is furious at seeing Vedant. He immediately lashes out at Vedant and tells him why the hell has he come to his house and does he think that this house is a Dharamshala, that anyone can walk in anytime? Vedant does not offer any reaction and just gives a cold look at DK while Gargi tells DK sharply that who the hell is he to tell her son to leave this house, has he forgotten that he has signed off all his property, wealth and this house in Gargi's name? Amazing performance by Gargi and the expressions on DK's face were just priceless, the way his face changes color, from anger to helplessness, yet maintaining his stateliness and calm, his eyes are filled with tears but he does not allow them to spill, just too good! Gargi tells DK very acidly that he should remember that this house is in her name and she can throw out DK, his mother and his wife out anytime she wants to. Disha is disgusted at Gargi and looks at DK with commiseration and compassion. The scene was really good with Vedant and Gargi standing side by side and DK and Disha standing opposite to them, it was an indication to the viewers that Disha is with DK not only as his wife but also because she truly cares for him now. DK just takes a deep breath and walks out of the room, while Disha throws a hateful look at Gargi and goes behind DK.

In the next scene, Disha goes to DK and gets all emotional about him and tells him that she felt very bad when Gargi insulted DK like this in his own house and that she cannot bear to see him humiliated anymore by anyone especially by a woman like Gargi. Disha tells DK in a soft, loving way that she really admires DK for putting up with so much crap from a woman like Gargi for his Mother's welfare and that she will always support DK and always be on his side. DK is just listening to her without any expression, as soon as she finishes what she had to say, he speaks to her in a cold, cutting way that she should just stop acting and be honest for a change. Disha is shocked out her wits at DK's reaction and asks him what is he talking about. DK looks at Disha with abhorrence and tells her that he knows Disha is the one who has brought Vedant to this house and that she should just stop pretending to support DK. Disha is shell-shocked and tries to offer an explanation by saying that why does DK always suspect her and why can't he trust her for once. Disha is immensely hurt and tells DK that she has truly forgotten her past and that she has no grudge against DK in her heart and that she cares and respects him enormously, and it hurts her to no extent that DK thinks in such lines for her. DK just gives her a cold look and walks out leaving a shattered and heart-broken Disha alone in her room. Just then Vedant pops in from behind and asks Disha what is wrong, to which she replies that he shouldn't have come to Kanaka house, for which Vedant says that he has come only to help out DK and Disha from Gargi and that at least Disha should be aware of the fact even if DK is not. Disha tells Vedant that Gargi has made life miserable for DK and that she keeps finding ways and means of putting pressure on DK and always insulting him and that she cannot bear to see DK anymore humiliated or hurt. Vedant is surprised at seeing Disha's reaction and the pained expression on her face as she speaks for her husband. Vedant smiles at Disha and asks her since when has she started feeling so strongly for DK, for which Disha says that she is his wife, and no wife can see her husband go through what DK is currently going through. Vedant tells her this is exactly why he has come to Kanaka house, to help out Disha for which she replies that she can fight her own battles and that Vedant can truly do a favor for Disha by not adding to DK's woes!

In the next scene, Anupam comes to meet Suhas and tells her that Inder and Ranu are facing a major problem in their marriage and that since the day Ranu has come back from their honeymoon, she appears to be very upset with Inder and wants to speak to Disha on the issue. Suhas is very worried on hearing this and Anupam tells her that if Disha comes in the picture once again, then the relationship between Ranu and Inder is only going to worsen. Suhas assures Anupam that she will meet up with Ranu and speak to her on this. Anupam and Suhas go to meet Inder and Ranu, where she pretends to be very happy and tells Aai that she had a fight on some small issue with Inder and that all is solved now. Suhas is very relieved and assumes that everything is fine between Inder and Ranu and that they are just having some minor adjustment problems and goes to Anupam and tells him that he was worrying needlessly and that all problems are sorted out between the kids. As soon as Aai goes out of Ranu's room, she picks up a fight with Inder and tells him that she did not want to create any hassle in front of her Mother, but she will not forget this issue so easily and tell Disha about it. Inder loses his temper and tells Ranu that why is she so hell bent on getting Disha involved in their internal matter, both of them have a verbal duel and coincidentally, Suhas again comes in Ranu's room for something and overhears their fight and is devastated as she realizes that indeed Inder and Ranu's relationship in indeed in a soup. (Inder was pathetic in this scene, he should stick to easy scenes and just avoid doing dramatic ones and leave them to the likes of DK and Gargi)

Meanwhile in the best scene of this episode, DK is shown sitting besides Sumitra and talking to her. DK tells Sumitra that she should just get well very soon and that he will take her away somewhere far and leave everything and everyone (I guess that includes Disha also!) behind and that he just wants to be with her forever (again amazing look and expression in his eyes….. restrained and sober acting in a scene which could have been over dramatized) Just then Vedant comes in much to the aggravation and chagrin of DK who asks him frigidly what is doing in his Mother's room. Vedant looks at DK with a placid look and tells him that if Badi Maa is DK's mother then she is also someone to him. DK gets up and tells in a grim and controlled voice that Vedant has no relation with his Mother and that he should not try to build any and just leave this house right now. Vedant looks back frostily at DK and tells him that he will surely leave this house if it bothers ''Brother'' so much but not before answering Disha's question about why the relationship between DK and Vedant is strained so much. Vedant tells DK that he must surely be remembering Parineeta, and does he want Disha to know what DK had done to her. In a heart-rendering scene, Vedant looks at DK with a twinge in his voice and an ache in his eyes and tells him that DK destroyed his entire life in one go. DK gives a cynical smile and tells him that Vedant was, is and will always remain DK's younger brother and not only by age but also by thinking. DK tells Vedant that Parineeta was nothing more than a selfish, gold-digger who was manipulating Vedant into a false relationship only for his money and what DK did was save Vedant from a possible ruined future by showing Parineeta's real face to him. Vedant stops himself from bursting out and tells DK to not dig the graves of past and  that he does not believe a word that he says. Vedant says that if DK wants him to keep quite to Disha about Parineeta then he should stop telling Vedant to leave this house. Before leaving the room, in a lovely scene, for which I adored Vedant, he bends forward to touch Sumitra's feet, but DK catches hold of his hands and just shakes his head indicating not to touch his Mother. Awesome chemistry between Vedant and DK and both of them had such powerful expression on their face, just marvelous! Vedant just throws an incredible look at DK and folds his hands in respect at Sumitra and walks out of the room while DK looks at him in defiance and anger.

In the next scene, Disha is sitting in her room and brooding on DK's rebut to her, when Vedant comes and sits besides her and she is shocked at seeing him in her room. Disha tells him to go out of here before DK sees both of them together, Vedant tells her why is she always so scared of what DK will think, for which Disha replies that she does not want to hurt DK's feelings anymore and that he does not like her interacting with Vedant and hence she won't. Vedant just keeps pulling her leg and teases her with DK, Disha blushes and gets all coy and then begins laughing and Vedant looks at her lovingly and holds her hand and tells her that she should not worry about anything or about any harm happening to either Sumitra or DK as long as Vedant is there. Disha is grateful and in a friendly way holds back Vedant's hands, Gargi who is passing by stops and is surprised and is elated when she sees DK coming into Disha's room who is stopped dead in his track when he sees Vedant and Disha laughing and holding hands…..

Disha is so stupid, you do feel like thwacking the woman real hard. She talks about not hurting DK's feelings and then ends up holding her brother-in-law's hands in her bedroom, well aware that her dear hubby is right there in the house. She should get it real good from DK on Monday….she deserves it! The writers should add more warmth and dynamism to the character of Disha, she does pale in comparison to DK and Vedant badly and you feel bad for her because she does have an author backed role! But seriously, forget about DK-Disha, just look at DK-Vedant interfacing, they were simply outstanding in today's episode!


anitha.b IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 10 March 2005 at 9:45pm | IP Logged

Thanks Disha.

Wonderful update...

Who is this parineeta... I am getting real inquisitive about this character. It is so much of emotions that flows into the actors as you describe disha…

Wonder when they will reveal this truth…


Bhavi Groupbie

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Posted: 10 March 2005 at 9:50pm | IP Logged
Hey Disha.. good to hear from you again.
i completely agree about the last point you made regarding Disha being totally oblivious to the fact that she stays in Dk' house and anybody passing by her room can hear her if she is laughing so loud and having fun.  i have read your past updates and now i am seeing those episodes on TV.. sometimes i feel that the writers shouldn't be making the lead character of Disha so ignorant... but i guess that is part of the package so that they can  provide enough drama.
again thanks for the wonderful update.. your juicy updates really make me watch this serial (and ofcourse how can i forget DK).

Edited by Bhavi - 10 March 2005 at 9:50pm
bluejalpari Goldie

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Posted: 10 March 2005 at 9:56pm | IP Logged



  dont like the way things are going...Vedant is harming disha more than helping her...as far DK is concerned..shak ka koi ilaj nahi hota..there is no solution for suspicion...if he is hell bent on beliveing that disha has something going with Vedant then nothing can change his mind about that...i think this time if DK blames disha and chargees her of having relationship with Vedant..then she should leave him and go till he regains his senses...he has to realize that she is supporting him at a time when he has lost all his money and property and his mother needs assistance..and Disha is the only person on his side.


dkaddict Senior Member

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Posted: 10 March 2005 at 9:56pm | IP Logged

Oh, man! I just knew Vedant would inadvertently become a major source of misunderstanding between the Ds! Damn, damn, damn! And boy, Disha sure isn't very clever sometimes! Angry Why didn't she just drag Vedant out of the room right off??? Why the hell he even went there?!?!? Ugh, these writers sure do make the characters look stupid sometimes........

Today in the U.S., they showed the one where Sukanya takes a gold necklace away from Suhas, and all Suhas does is tell her to give it back. She was sitting right next to her, why the hell didn't she just grab the damn thing right out of her hands?? Why bother being polite to such a witch as Sukanya?? I woulda got into a cat-fight, I tell ya! Don't nobody walk all over ME like that!! Angry Angry Angry 


P.S. Disha, perhaps you were meant for marketing.... you do a real good job of selling Ashish portraying DK.........LOL

Edited by dkaddict - 10 March 2005 at 9:59pm
bluejalpari Goldie

Joined: 01 March 2005
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Posted: 10 March 2005 at 9:58pm | IP Logged


 By the way thanks a lot of another entertaining episode Disha!!!..now i can goto sleep:LOL

disha77 Groupbie

Joined: 08 December 2004
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Posted: 10 March 2005 at 10:04pm | IP Logged

Originally posted by dkaddict

P.S. Disha, perhaps you were meant for marketing.... you do a real good job of selling Ashish portraying DK.........LOL

LOL That's why I was saying earlier, that I am the unofficial PRO for Ashish....and not even being paid for my time & effort! But he does make it up to me in his own cute ways.......Wink



PriyaS Goldie

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Posted: 10 March 2005 at 10:09pm | IP Logged

Thanks for the great update Disha,

I am sorry but I disagree with you on the Disha-DK business.  I think she has every right to be upset with him for lashing out at her - after all Vedant is his brother and he is there to help them!!

DK really needs to get over his insecurities and jealousy of Vedant and realise that Disha is being sincere. 

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