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Kabhi Na Kabhi- Ch. 5-6 Page 15-16 (Page 6)

night girl IF-Dazzler
night girl
night girl

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Posted: 12 February 2006 at 7:39pm | IP Logged
realy good continue soon
too good keep up the good work

chocz Senior Member

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Posted: 12 February 2006 at 10:14pm | IP Logged
the story sounds great... i'm glad u're keeping this short... its too sweet and nice to make it too flowery like ur other fanfics... continue soon...

neha9 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 13 February 2006 at 12:01pm | IP Logged

Originally posted by simplyconfused

Neha hey read your summary and all and can't wait to read it! Short story thing not really my idea so I cant take credit for it! I am really busy but I will start to read the actual thing soon!

Hey Nats,

Nice to here from you again.  Missed you loads.  Smile  Lol ok.  I won't give you the credit. 


neha9 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 13 February 2006 at 1:09pm | IP Logged

Kabhi Na Kabhi-Chapter 2

Kripa sat with Anjali sipping on her coffee while, Anjali worked on her report she was given to do over her vacation. She threw her pencil down and groaned. "I hate teachers, they even give homework over winter break." Kripa giggled seeing her like this.

"I'm sorry they make you, love."

Anjali looked at her mother, "Can I leave now?"

"No! You have to work on this report. You have two weeks to goof around, come on now work on it."

"Tomorrow promise."


"Thanks Mom." She kissed Kripa's cheek and ran out.

Kripa just smiled. If it weren't for Anjali she would have given up hope the day he left her, it would have been hard to live life, and she was glad that she was there with her when he left her after their marriage.

Angad was in his hotel room, thinking about Kripa, thinking about her daughter, Anjali. About her marriage with Prithvi. Everyone knew Prithvi had liked Kripa from the time Angad and Kripa were dating. And, him marrying Kripa never bothered Angad then because he knew Prithvi would keep her happy. He was wrong, he had left her after she conceived his daughter.

Anjali was Kripa's everything. She was much older to her age. At 9 she acted like fifteen, sometimes older. Things like Santa, Reindeer, elves, unexpected Christmas gifts were meaningless. She had seen her mother cry into late nights. She had seen her mother pull her hair out when the bills arrived, yet giving her everything she needed. And, because of that Anjali never asked for too much. She was glad she had his mother.

Anjali didn't know about Prithvi, who he was, she doesn't know he even exists, she doesn't know who her mom was married to. She was Anjali Sharma, not Anjali Bose. She never complained to Kripa about not having a father around. But they both knew that she wanted one. Anjali felt wired when every year at the Winter Choir everyone parents came, their mom and dad. But for her, only her Mom appeared. She wished that both her parents would be there to kiss her, and hug. She wished like everyone else she had a mom and a dad, so when one disagreed she could go to the other. She wished that when she was scared she could sleep between both her mom and dad. It was never going to happen. Like every little child she needed both her parents, and she was never going to get that, because her father was never going to come back.

Anjali had heard around the small town in London about Kripa and her marriage with Prithvi, and how he left her after she was born, and being as wise as she was, she was disgusted by her father. She somewhere hated him before her mother was in this condition only because he left her. Maybe if he had never left her Kripa wouldn't have the wrinkles around her eyes at the age. She wouldn't have cried late into the night without anyone being there to hold her.

But what surprised Anjali more was that Kripa was never mad at her, and that she never dated anyone in the past years. It was shocking. Most of her friends, whose parents had divorced, had remarried with a new man, or women. Settled with more kids. But Kripa never dated anyone after Prithvi left.

Anjali didn't know that every night she wished for Angad to come back. Kripa loved him very much, despite of marrying Prithvi, and having Anjali she loved him very much. Kripa was glad Prithvi left because he had a right to live with someone who loved him back, more than Kripa. Kripa loved him, but like a friend, she never really loved him, she had tried, Anjali was obviously a part of it, but it never really happened.

In the past ten years so much happened in her life, but her mind still focused on Angad. But where did Angad's mind focus? Was he still in love with her just as deeply she loved him? As much as Kripa wanted to know these things she didn't. Even if he did love her, she couldn't go back to him. She had many responsibilities, and with Anjali around, she couldn't get back with Angad. Her life had no place for him, is what she told herself. Reality was that she didn't have a life without him.

Awkward, was the word. Anagd sat in his grandmothers small log house three days later. He hadn't seen Kripa in the last three days, and he wasn't happy about it. He wanted to see her more, but he knew that she wished either he, or she, become invisible. She was almost scared of him.

But after finding out that Kripa wasn't married to Prithvi Bose any longer, he knew this was his only chance to get her back. It was this Christmas time or never. This Christmas he would have to fix the mistake he had made ten years back. He was going to accept Kripa and give her daughter his name.


Angad was walking past Kripa's coffee shop when a snowball hit him. He smiled; turned. A sorry Anjali stood in front of him. "Sorry!"

"Ha ha got you again!" Yelled a young boy from behind. Anjali's eyes narrowed as she bend down to make another snow ball. She stood up, and aimed for the blue eyed boy again, missing again. She groaned as the little boy made faces at her.

Angad looked at her and then the boy. Be got on his knees beside the little girl and made a snow ball, gave it to her, and then made another one for himself. "Shoot!" He whispered in her ear. She smiled, at him. The little boy was looking off into space and both Angad and Anjali hit the snowball. One landed on his head and the other on his shoulder.

He looked at the two in shock. Anjali and Angad exchanged hi-fives. Anjali giggled, then straightened up as Kripa walked out.

"Anjali. Why are you bothering Kris?"

"Because she is your daughter." Angad told her standing up.

"What does that mean."

Angad brushed the snow from her coat and looked at her, as she did the same for Kris. "I guess you don't remember our snow fights." He was disappointed, and turned.

A couple of reporters came rushing to him, and started throwing questions at him. With a lousy "No Comments" comment, he left the place.

Kripa watched him leave, and turn at the corner of the street. The reporters slowly also went away. Some cursing him for his attitude and some totally understanding. He was here for a vacation not to work.

Kripa bent down to Kris and Anjali who were arguing. She watched them argue and smiled, it was too much like her and Angad. She pulled both of them in her arms and kissed them both. They both were happy, and kissed her back.

From the corner of the street Angad watched Kripa. For a second she was the same Kripa he knew ten years ago. After another second she was someone totally different. Why?


Nine days before Christmas, Anagd walked into a antique jewelry shop, trying to find his Mum something. Of course he didn't have to give her anything, a kiss would have been more than enough but he wanted to. Honestly, he was here for Kripa more than anyone else. He was actually looking for something to buy Kripa. Yet, a part of him wasn't sure if that was right. He knew she still loved him, but another part of him knew she loved Prithvi. If she didn't Anjali wouldn't be here.

Now, as he walked out another shop, empty handed, he saw Anjali across the street entering a library. He quickly caught up to her. "Hi Anjali."

"Hi Angad." she said smiling at him.

"What are you doing here?"
"I'm trying to cross the road."

"Why, where's your mother?"

"She had to leave suddenly."

Gosh Kripa, Angad thought. "Come on dear, I'll help you." He sighed. Anjali tugged at his hand, when a car dashed by them. Angad looked at the little girl. Her hold, tight. She remind him of Kripa every second. He picked her up in his arms and they crossed the road.


"Kripa what are you doing here?"

She looked at Anagd, his hair like always unkempt. "I should ask you that, what are you doing here?"

"Following you."


"Joking, the report that due or Mr. James class, I was here to work on that."

Her brow cocked. "So you're actually going to do that?"

He nodded, and sighed. "That's the only class I don't do my work for. But I need to."

She looped her arm around his. "I'm proud of you Khanna."

"And, I love you, Sharma." He kissed her cheek as she held him, when a car dashed from in front of them. "You're a chicken."

"Next time push me when a car come by, okay?"

"I really don't mind." He picked her up, "I'll just go with you."

"Angad leave me."

"I love you sweetheart, and the entire world needs to know."

"I love you too."


Angad opened his eyes as the door opened and Kripa stood in front of him. She looked older as he remembered her ten years back. Her eyes were now slightly wrinkled. The only problem was, she just looked more beautiful to him.

"Angad? Anjali?"

"You left her alone, I met her, and brought her. Problems?"

"No!" She looked at him for a second. He was angry, and it was obvious. "Come in."

"No thanks. I'll leave."

"No!" Anjali gave her books to Kripa and tugged at his hand. "Come in, I need to talk to you." Both Kripa's and Angad's eye brows cocked at this. She continued to drag Angad into the house.

About ten minutes later, Anjali and Angad sat on the sofa, while Kripa made tea. "So Miss. Anjali Sharma what do you need?" He pulled her hat down, covering her eyes.

"I need you to help me with me report."

"Ah! Is that why you were at the library?" She sighed, and nodded. "Awe, stupid teachers they give you homework over break." She sighed, as she nodded disappointed again. Angad watched the little thing and smiled. She couldn't be that jerks daughter. But she was, and he couldn't change that.

"Will you help me?'

"What's the report on?"

"I choose Italy."

"Interesting! Why do you think I can help you again?"

"Because I know you have traveled, I read about you in the news paper!"

He wrinkled his nose. "I'll help you."

She held her hand out, "Promise?"

He smiled and took her tiny hand in his dinosaur hand, "Promise."

She smile happily, "Thank you! You should stay over for dinner, what say?"

"No Anjali I-"

"You should." Her voice was soft. Angad looked at Kripa holding the two cups. She lowered her eyes and walked to him. He took his tea, his eyes never looking at her.

"Thanks." he whispered.

"Anjali!" They heard a little girl scream.

Anjali jumped, "I got to go Mom." She kissed his cheek and ran out.

Kripa watched her run outside, toppling on her own feet. "Monster."

Angad looked at Kripa. For the first time since they had met he saw such a wide, happy, grin on her face. "You love her a lot, huh?"

She looked into her cup and smiled. "I love her more than my life. If it wasn't for Anjali I would have given up a long time back. A long, long, time back."

She wiped Angad with guilt. He felt the word 'guilt' run thought his veins instead of blood. He was responsible for all this. He was responsible for everything that had happened to Kripa. "I'm sorry Kripa."

She looked up at him. "For what Angad?"

"For everything I've done to you."

She sighed, place her cup on the table and stood up. Astonished Angad when she sat down beside him and held his hand. "Everything?"

"Only be sorry for the moment you left me Angad. That was the only moment you should be sorry for. That's the only thing I hold you responsible for, that's the only thing I want you to be sorry for. I never want you to be sorry for anything that was ever between us. Our love, and specially our friendship."

He placed his hand on top if hers and sipped his tea again.

Angad, Kripa, and Anjali had dinner, and then Angad helped Anjali with her report. Kripa told them she was in her room, if they needed her.

Angad worked with Anjali, and they finished her first draft. By the time they were done, Anjali was starting to fall asleep. She asked Angad to tuck her in bed, and he did. For a second he wished, he was married to Kripa, and Anjali was his daughter. His own blood. But then again, that couldn't be true. He would, properly, never have kids of his own, never.

Angad walked into Kripa's room. She was wrapped in a towel and he quickly turned around upon seeing that.

"I'm sorry Kripa. I'll leave."

She reached for a robe and draped it around her body and then asked Angad to come in. He smiled, sorry and uncomfortable. They both sat down on the bed, in silence for a few seconds.

"Why didn't you wait for me, Kripa?"

Kripa's eyes filled with tears right away, and she stood up. A heated argument was on its way.

Hey guys,

No previews for this one... LOL 

Now for the bad news, I don't think I will be able to update any of my fan-fics expect on the weekends and days I have off.  Why?  Because this week, I have court hearing on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  I have Wednesdays off but I really don't think I'll have time due to make-up work, and homework.  I think this will carry on for atleast two months.  I'm really sorry guys.  So I will update only on Fridays, + weekends.  Or anydays I don't have school.  Which is next Monday! Wink  If I update other than that It will be a mircal.  This will carry on till,  atleast March 19.  If we Make it to Nationals then till like April.  Lets see to what we make it too.  I need you wishes guys.  Cry


Hope you enjoyed this part,

Neha Smile

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maanuEscapist IF-Dazzler

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continue soon that was fab
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awesum job as usaual! Smile
pakigal34 Goldie

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nehaaaa that was sooo cute - and i understand about the updating thing, dont worry, just cont wen u have time
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it really awosome i luv it
bt i feel so sad tht u wil nt cont tht often Cry
bt best of luck
cont soon

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