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Kabhi Na Kabhi- Ch. 5-6 Page 15-16 (Page 2)

Pachu.P IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 11 February 2006 at 1:21am | IP Logged
Whoa!!...Finally you started!

Was waiting for it!!...Phew!!... LOL

Can't wait for you to get started!!!!! Embarrassed

pakigal34 Goldie

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Posted: 11 February 2006 at 7:10am | IP Logged
cool!!!! cant wait for it!!
sgokli IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 11 February 2006 at 9:56am | IP Logged
sounds good
goldi2 Goldie

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Posted: 11 February 2006 at 1:07pm | IP Logged
SONDs good to me!!!
cant wait till ur first part soo continue soon!!!!!
insia12 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 11 February 2006 at 1:19pm | IP Logged
Story line luks perfect!! continue wen u get time Neha!!

neha9 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 11 February 2006 at 1:47pm | IP Logged

Kabhi Na Kabhi-Chapter 1

He loved her from the day they met, they had clicked at the senior Sweetheart Dance, ten years ago. She was eighteen and he was nineteen. It had clicked right away, everything was right but one. She had different dreams, he had different goals. Now, she was married with kids, and he walked down the streets of London alone.

Now ten years later, Angad Khanna, walked down the busy streets of London, now as a 29 year old man he was going to meet his sweetheart, for him she still was his sweetheart, but for her she was someone else's. She was married, had kids, how would he be able to see her in the arms of another man, how would he be able to see her share anyone's but his last name? How would he be able to accept the fact that the girl he loved is now married to someone else, she is now a women. The same girl who turned into a women, with whom he wanted to spend his entire life. She was today the mother of another man's children. How would he face her?

It was cold, and there were twelve days till Christmas. His hands were numb due to the cold, but stubbornly he didn't tuck them into his pockets. He walked down the lane, and saw many people recognize him.

Angad Khanna had been traveling for the past ten years, his base was New York City. He had reached his goal by becoming the most successful journalist, the most popular by going on to many war fronts, interviewing every man or women in the spot light. He had everything yet nothing. He was rich but at the same time poor. He had the love of everyone but hers. She didn't love him, and it was obvious.

He kept walking down the lanes, passing stores, coffee shops, and much more. He had his car parked in the end of the lane, but he wanted to walk. So much had changed in London from the time he had left ten years ago. The place was bigger, cleaner, buildings were everywhere, different people, different everything. He was different, and perhaps so was she.

He finally reached his car, looking around the place he fished into his pocket for the car keys. When he finally found them he opened his car and sat behind the wheel. Pulled his car into the traffic and then turned at the last curb into the neighborhood where he once lived, where his father died almost five years ago.

The house was now bought by another couple, it was repainted; looked different. Apparently, no one was inside as of now, the door was locked and the curtains were closed. He stopped his car in front of the house and got out . He looked at the window of the bedroom that once was his, the same bedroom that they both had spend hours talking in, they had spent hours in that place discussing there futures, and in the last days together they fought in there.

Angad, never had the opportunity to see his father, he was stubborn, scared to come back and face her again. But now he would be in the same city has her until January 10, 2006. Wow, almost an entire month, he thought. How would he deal with her?

Taking one final look at the house he turned around and went back into his car. He drove around the place for a longer time, just evaluating things. Things that had changed, things that had stayed the same, people who were the same, most families had grown, most people had changed.

She had changed, she was a mother, she had a full family now. He stopped his car in front of her house and stepped out. She wasn't at home, and he was glad. She was living somewhere else, he supposed. With her family, with her husband, with another man. He exhaled, and saw his breath puff in front of him. He sighed, again and walked closer to the house. It was the same, just as beautiful.

He stood there for almost thirty minutes until he turned around and walked into his car again. He decided to stop by a coffee shop and get himself something to eat. He got out into the streets and then parked his car in front of a small coffee house, which seemed like a mini bakery as well.

He started walking towards it, the place was quite empty at the moment, very few people were around. Next to the coffee house was a phone booth, with a flower stand. As he halted and picked up a beautiful red rose in his hands it started to snow. At first lightly, but soon it got heavier. It was still gentle, and soft, white and pure, and Angad loved the way it looked.

The old lady standing behind the flower stand looked at him with a pleased smile. "Someone is in love," she offered as she handed him a flower. "Keep this darling." Angad smiled at the lady. She knew him, but he didn't know her. He walked to the old lady and kissed her cheeks.

"Thank you." He smiled, warmly. She smiled back and Angad headed towards the coffee shop. He got closer when he heard a immature voice behind him.

"Hey, you get back here!" The voice yelled. Angad smiled at himself without turning back to see. It sounded like her, just much younger. In front of him stood a young boy now, he had golden hair and blue eyes, his tongue was sticking out and he made funny faces at someone behind Angad. Angad smiled, and then shocked when a snow ball hit the little guys face. He was disappointed and ran from there, into the coffee shop. Angad wanted to know who was behind him. When he turned, no one was there. He smiled, the girl must have left. When he turned again he saw a small girl chasing the same guy.

She turned with a whoop and threw the snowball at the boy but he ran away, the snow ball hit Angad's face. He stood there smiling. This was a cold welcome. He brushed the snow off his face and looked at the little girl who stood before her, her tongue between her teeth. Then she smiled and walked to him.

"I'm sorry," she offered.

Angad smiled at the little angle, "it's ok." He bend down in front of her, "why were you chasing him?"

She smirked, "for fun!" Angad laughed at her. "Do I know you?" she asked.

Angad smiled, "No you don't know me." He looked at her for a few more seconds. But I know you, he thought. I know you.

"Are you new here?"

He nodded his head. "I was about to go into that coffee shop and get myself something to eat."

The little girl smiled again, "who is that rose for?"

He looked at the rose in his hand, "that lady gifted it to me." Then he held it before her. "Would you like it?"

She took it from him, "thanks. Come with me." She took his hand and dragged him over, he followed her sweetly. "It's cold outside, and it wasn't nice of me to throw that snow ball at you. I'm sorry, but I have to rush now. Bye."

"Bye!" She rushed away out the shop, but seconds later she was back, and she walked behind the counter and disappeared. Angad walked to the counter, and rung the little bell and waited for someone to assist him.

He turned and looked outside again, seconds later he heard a sweet voice greet him, "Morning sir, what can I get you today?" Angad turned around, the lady standing before her, her smile vanished. "Angad." She said out of breath. Angad continued to look at her. She was more beautiful than he remembered her to be, she had changed in the last ten years, but for the better. She looked more mature, more grown, but the magic in her eyes was still there. Her sweet voice, coated with honey was still there, she hadn't changed.

The coffee house was empty. She took her apron off and walked to Angad away from the counter. To her he looked awesome, like always. Just more manly now, just as to Angad she had looked more like a women that the girl he had fallen in love with ten years ago.

"Hello Kripa." he finally spoke. He heard her breath uneven. He stepped closer to her, but before he could touch her face she moved back.

"What brings you back Angad, after ten years?"

"Can I get a coffee please."

Kripa smiled at him, "still the same ego in you, Angad?"

He lifted a brow, "Coffee." She got him a cup. "How much?"

She titled her head slightly, "we used to share, now you're asking me, how much?"

"Things have changed, Kripa. I have changed, so have you. How much?" he asked again. Kripa nodded her head disappointed, and she didn't speak. Angad placed the coffee in front of her. "I don't want it." Before he could take his hand back Kripa had it. He looked up at her, in surprise.

"Why are you behaving with me like this, Angad?"

"Because you are not my lover anymore, you are married to Prithvi Bose. You are now Kripa Bose. Mrs. Kripa Prithvi Bose"

She smiled weakly, "yes, right. I'm married now. Three pounds, sir."

He smirked, and placed three pounds on the counter. Grabbing his coffee he turned, "I must say, your daughter looks exactly like you." And, he walked away.

An hour later he sat in front of a old lady, his grandmother. "It's great to have you back, Angad."

He smiled, "I'm not glad to be back, Mum." He called her Mum, always had since her mother passed away.

"You met Kripa, didn't you?" His head shot up, she knew him well. He nodded. She smile. "Prithvi left her two years after their marriage, when their daughter was very young. He left her behind with a daughter, the house, and no money. It's not her fault, Angad."

Angad's fingers tightened around the handle of his mug. Then he relaxed his fingers and sat back in his chair. "How could I be so insensitive?" He asked himself, out loud.

She smiled and held his hand. "Go back to her and say sorry."

Angad smiled, "I must! Her daughter looks a lot like her, doesn't she?"

She nodded, "I think she looked more like her father."

"Prithvi," he said under his breath, Angry. How could he be such a jerk? He sipped his coffee and walked away.

When he entered her shop again, it was busy. He waited in the corner until the place was completely empty. It was lunch time and she closed the shop for a few hours like everyday. She didn't talk to Angad, nor did she look at him. Walked to the window and flashed the closed sign. "Why are you here, Angad?"

He sat up and walked to her. He ran the back of his hand against her cheek, softly, she stepped closer to him, holding his hand now. "I'm sorry," he managed to mumble.

"For what?" She asked, still standing close.

"This morning. I didn't know that…" he stopped.

"Prithvi left me." She completed for him. He opened his eyes and looked at her ashamed. "It's ok." She stepped back. "Would you like to have lunch with me today?"

"Like old times?" he asked her. She nodded her head. Taking her coat, she tugged at his arm and they both left.


"And, your daughter?"

Kripa glanced at him, "She doesn't even know about Prithvi, she has no idea who he was, why he was, who her father was. Nothing." She continued to toy with her food.

"And, the coffee shop?"

She looked up at him now, and smiled. "It's mine. After he left I opened it. Gives me enough to give my daughter a good living."

"What did you name her, Kripa?" He asked.

"Anjali." She answered. He finished his last bit, as Kripa pushed her plate aside as well. Then standing up, he hung his coat over his arm.

"I'll see you around, Kripa." She smiled at him. Unexpectedly, he leaned down and kissed her cheek. His warm lips lingered on her cheeks, and she could still smell his strong cologne.


Kripa entered her home with Anjali sneaking a cookie in her mouth. "Anjali!" She said out loud. She quickly ate it, brushed the crumbs from her mouth and turned to face her mother.

"Evening Mum." Kripa smiled, at her, she didn't want to but did.

"You ready for bed?" She nodded. "Lets go."

Anjali laid in front of her as she softly stroked her hair. "Mum you should go take a walk. You look stressed."

She smiled, and kissed her. "I will do that." She closed the lights and left the room. She walked down stairs with a shawl wrapped around her.

She walked under the moonlight, looking into the sky, thinking about Angad Khanna. He had seen her after ten years, but their love, passion, every emotion, was there like it was both of them ten years ago.

She pulled her shawl closer to her, when she heard his voice. "Still fond of walks at night?" She turned around and saw Angad Khanna standing before her.

Had she known he would find her? Perhaps she did. Perhaps she wanted him to, she as counting on it. Maybe that was the only reason she had agreed with Anjali and came for this walk.

"Something's, Angad, never change," she simply said as Angad stepped to her side.

He smiled warmly. "Agreed, I have found that out just today!" Her eyes met his, before anything could happen she looked away. "Where's your daughter?" he asked looking at the house. And then they both stated to walk.

"Sleeping." she replied.

He felt calmer than he had that after noon, and he was going to stay that way. "How many children do you have?"

She laughed, "Just one daughter, Angad. Just Anjali and I. Prithvi didn't give me enough time to have more."

He heard the sorry, sad, tone of her voice. "How did you pick the name?"

Only he could come up with such questions. "I don't know. I had liked the name, so I picked it!" It fell silent. She realized they were two old friends taking a walk down the road, on this beautiful night. "So," she asked him.

He looked back at her, and they both stopped. She stepped a step closer to him, last time she had seen him this close he was a boy, now he was a man. His hair had darkened, and they were no longer unkempt, instead neatly combed back, yet they looked somewhat messy, with a few strands falling over his forehead. Cut in a carelessly attractive style, his hair made him look more sexy, if she could say. She took another step into him. "Did you make all you ever wanted to?"

"Much, much more than that, Kripa." He looked into her eyes.

"Are you happy, Angad?"

"I don't know," he stepped closer and buried his hand into her hair. "But right now, I wish this moments could stop, and I could stay this way forever." He wore no gloves, like always. He hated gloves.

His palm was against her cheek, Kripa titled her head to rest her face on his hand, her eyes closed. This couldn't be happening, she thought. "You haven't changed Kripa." His hand warmed against her cheek, and soon both his hands held her face. "And, you look just the way I have imagined you in my dreams, close to me, in the moonlight. Just like it was."

"I've changed, Angad." But her voice was breathless, "So have you." But she again took a step closer to where she could feel his warm breath.

"Some things never change," he reminded her. And, they both gave in.

When his lips met hers for the first time in ten years, everything felt the same, everything felt right. Angad Khanna was finally home. He had got what he had wanted. They both were willing, once again he held her close, kissing her. In the past ten years, Anagd had dated many women, but he never felt right. But today, she was real, wrapped in his arms, giving him everything he had thought he could never have.

Just once more, she told herself. One last time. She melted against him. There could be no other man but him. In the past ten years, she had tried to close all doors that lead to her past with Angad, but it never happened. She always held him close, in her memories. But today, he held her close, she held him close and it wasn't her memory. It was true.

Everything felt the same, the taste of his lips on hers, the way he smelled, the way his hair felt as her fingers raked through it. It was just as passionate as it was ten years ago. She loved him even today. With this thought she broke the kiss.

When Angad slowly opened his eyes, her hands were still in his hair and her eyes were still closed, her head slightly tiled. She was breathless, and looked as beautiful as he remembered her to be. He leaned in and kissed her cheek softly. Kripa now opened her eyes.

"We're over, Angad." But she held him a moment longer. She turned, but Angad had her again.

"That's what I've been telling myself, but it never happened. We can never be over." She continued to look into his eyes. They were no longer kids. She was a women with a child to raise, a home to make. He was a gypsy. "You've ate me half my life, Kripa. It's never going to be over with us."

"You left me, Angad."

"You could have waited for me, Kripa."

"I did wait, for three months but-"

He held her arms and pulled her closer. "Three months? That's it? I missed you damn it!"

"I had to stop missing you, Angad. I thought we were friends-"

"We always were."

"Always, is gone." But she drew her hands out and held Angad's. "You are my best friend Angad."

"We need more time Kripa, to talk."

"I'm certainly not allowing you to enter my house anytime soon. You scare the hell out of me."

"Can I walk you back home?"

"No," calmer, she smiled. "Not this time."

Angad forced a smile, then he pulled her loser, quickly kissed, and left.

Well here it is the first part of this fan-fiction.  I hope you guys enjoyed it.  Now lets make a few things clear about the fan-fiction.

    Kripa is still married to Prithvi.  He leaves her without divorceing her.
  • Anjali is Kripa's and Prithvi's daughter, and Anjali doesn't know this.

For now that's all I think I need to clear up, as you guys were confused about the little over-look I posted. 

Coming up: Angad and Anjali click right away.  But Angad is not able to digest the fact that Prithvi and Kripa were married, and Anjali is their daughter.  He felt betrayed.  But at the same time he was deternimed to get his love back.  But will he able to accept Anjali with Kripa?

I will post the next part most likely Monday.

And, now for those of you guys who used to read Kritika's Fan-Fiction Dil Ne Jisa Aapna Kaha it's now back.  Here is the link: N=1&TPN=1

Hugs and Kisses,

Neha Tongue


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hey neha ..kooll....i wont say continue soon cuz iam writing my own fan fic and i know it gets hard to post ...really early hehe ..ok so read my fan fic ..its pal..hehe bbye tc
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wow great fan fic
continue soon

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