Jassi Jaissi Koi Nahin - Daily Update


Jassi Jaissi Koi Nahin - Daily Update
Jassi Jaissi Koi Nahin - Daily Update

Jassi Jaissi Koi Nahin 10/03/05 Update

Daisy Senior Member

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Posted: 10 March 2005 at 11:12am | IP Logged

All right, cool episode. Jassi was looking great and Armaan was adorably miserable (if there is anything like that!) Smile


Purab can't take his eyes off the new Jassi. She is looking really nice. The bangs are gone and her hair falls over her shoulders, smooth and shine. The huge soda glass frame is still there however,Geek and so are the braces, but it doesn't matter so much now. She is wearing a lovely turquoise salwar, full sleeves but with a sleek fit and a nice design near the neck, She is really looking chic. Smile
Jassi stops near the steps and looks cautiously. Purab has become a complete deewana. He just keeps staring in awe Wacko and Nandini smiles victoriously. Jassi is repeatedly touching her forehead. (Missing those bangs, I guess). She looks conscious, yet confident.
She approaches the two and walks past a lost Purab to go and stand near Nandini. Jassi and Nandini smile at the gazing Purab.
"Jassi, you??" asks Purab in surprise. Jassi nods her head, shyly. Nandini teases Purab to stop staring and say something more. Purab (almost blushing too Embarrassed ) compliments that she is looking really good. Jassi tells him that the credit goes to Nandini Madam. (Ok, so they are talking quite casually now, forgive and forget policy, I guess.).Nandini says that a lot needs to be done still. Jassi is alarmed and asks what more. Nandini says she needs to throw those glasses in the ocean first. Purab grins and Jassi says that she will not do away with them. Nandini smiles at her stubborn look.
She then enquires about Karan Oberoi. Jassi says she will look for him. Purab and Nandini leave.

Jassi is walking in the hotel premises when some foreigners compliment her that she is beautiful. Jassi looks astonished and thanks them.

She hears the song, "Har Ghadi Badal Rahi Hai Roop Zindagi........" from Kal Ho Na Ho. She walks towards the music to see someone (Karan Oberoi) sitting and playing the guitar. She runs and asks the person if 'he' is 'he'. Karan smiles and says that 'he' is 'he' but asks her whom she meant. Jassi laughs at herself and says she means Karan Oberoi. Karan (he looks sweet too) is surprised and asks her how she knows. Jassi says she recognized him from his voice. She says she has heard several of his songs. Karan says that's a nice coincidence as he has heard several of his songs too. They laugh together. She introduces herself as Jasmeet Walia, Nandini's assistant. Karan comments that this name does not suit her; it should be something like "Jassi". Jassi laughs happily. She tells him that Nandini is waiting for him, but he asks her if he can finish his drink. Jassi sits beside him and they order orange juice for her. She then starts singing the same song softly. ( I must say, T & D always have the right choice of songs.) Karan starts tapping his fingers on the table and looks at Jassi in admiration. Jassi gets conscious and stops singing. He tells her that she sings well and Jassi says she can't. He then suggests they sing together. They sing a verse together. He then says that he wonders if her singing is more beautiful or she herself. Jassi is stunned. He asks her why she's surprised, as many people might have told her this. Jassi laughs happily and says that she is getting this compliment for the first time in her life.


Jassi is walking in the lawns when she comes across Purab, who stops her. He gazes at her dreamily and says that he wants to tell her something her ahs never told her before: that her hair is looking lovely and so is her dress. She gives a little smile. He then says that he wants to also tell her something he has always told her: that she is looking beautiful. Jassi looks uncomfortable, but thanks him. She says that she has to go and see to Divya's party and escapes.


Jassi enters her room. She sees herself in the mirror and playfully apologizes to it, saying she has come into the wrong room. She looks at herself happily. She tells herself hi and good morning. She tells her image that she is talking to it and that it is looking beautiful. She chirps that she cannot believe that someone can change so radically. Just then the phone rings. Jassi is pleased to hear Bebe and chatters away that she had a lovely day and the photo shoot with Gauri etc. Bebe however is worried and tells her that there is a lot happening behind her back. She hands the phone to Nandu. Nandu tells her that Gulmohur is in a mess and the matter is quite serious. Jassi asks him what has happened. He tells her about the lawyers and their threats and that she needs to come and sign in person, the POA is not enough. Jassi says obstinately that she cannot come now. She says that this is surely Armaan Sir's new game. Nandu says that Armaan has become totally helpless and he had even come home begging for her, and the matter is really serious. Jassi is adamant that she will not return till the work here is done. Nandu worriedly tells her that what will they do if the court summons reach home. He asks her to imagine her father's reaction. Jassi looks momentarily worried but is however hell bent that she will come home only when she feels like. Disapprove She hangs up.


It looks like a really festive party with folk dancers, music, lights and a lot of celebration.
The chief guest of the evening is none but Vandana Luthra herself. She arrives with her daughter, amidst much cheer. She is talking to Nandini & Divya. Jassi is standing alone, visibly upset by the phone call. Nandini goes and asks her why she's standing alone and looking so upset. Jassi tells her about the phone and GM. She says that she will not leave till the work here is done. Nandini tells her that she feels that if Jassi is really needed in GM, then she must go. (Listen to her Jassi!)/ But Jassi tells her that all her life she has slaved for GM, now she will do just as she wants. Nandini smiles and asks her to come with her. Jassi asks her to go ahead, she'll follow. Jassi says to herself, "Do all you like Armaan Sir, I am not coming!"


Armaan is sitting at his desk, drinking hopelessly. Cry Mallika storms into his cabin. She looks at him in disgust and asks her if he is waiting for his ugly lover. Armaan gives her an angry look and continues drinking. Mallika asks him what he plans to do if she does not come. Armaan says that he will find some solution to save Gulmohur....Mallika barges that she is not referring to Gulmohur, but to him Armaan. She asks him if he still hopes she will come back. She asks him what he will do to himself if she does not. Armaan gets up suddenly and says that he has never thought of this. He looks pale and drunk. She asks him if this means he is still holding on to a hope that she will come back and bring him out of this. Armaan is silent. Mallika is in full form today. She asks him what is his definition of love. What did he find in a woman like Jassi to fall hopelessly in love with her? She says bitterly that neither did she have any looks, nor any principles. How could he fall for a weak and hopeless woman like her, who was capable of romancing her boss, a man who was getting married to someone else? Armaan closes his eyes, as her words strike him mercilessly.


Meanwhile, Divya is all praise for Jassi. She asks her where she was hiding this beautiful face from the world. Purab keeps drooling over Jassi from a distance. Divya asks Jassi to turn around and show. Jassi turns around consciously. Divya tells her that as if a magic wand has transformed her from an ordinary girl to an angel. She says that her confidence too has perked up. Jassi is thrilled. Divya invites her for a bhangra dance.


Mallika continues to oblige poor Armaan with her harsh accusations. Ouch She says that she ahs heard that love is blind, but in his case it's not only blind, but also deaf and irrational. Armaan's eyes well with tears. She continues that he is pining for a woman without scruples, who turned him in the board meeting, left him all dismantled and escaped. Armaan can take it no more. He shouts at Mallika that if she thinks that he will take all that she is saying about Jassi dumbly, she is wrong. Mallika is furious. She shouts back that there Jassi might be happily planning her next move to destroy him and here he may sit and drink and break his heart. (We see Jassi swaying and clapping to the music) Mallika shoves the glass in his hand and walks off. Armaan looks disarrayed and teary eyed. "Don't do this to me Jassi! Don't!" he says miserably. Cry


Purab is staring at Jassi and remembering the old times: he falling off his bicycle and the famous titanic pose. Confused
Vandana Luthra meets Jassi and compliments her. She tells her that she looks like a true VLCC woman and that her beauty is natural. She also advertises her products, which Jassi readily agrees to try.

Nandini smiles at Purab and asks him if he is already in a daze. She says that this is just the beginning and that there is more to come. She says that however, Jassi is very difficult, especially because of all that she has gone through. She requests Purab to be with her tonight and take care of her. Purab says that not only tonight, if he gets another chance, he will be with her all her life. He looks at Jassi and says that this is the very Jassi he had imagined always. (Perfect woman mil gayi, Purab? Wink )


Armaan enters a bar, looking disturbed. Music is going on and people are dancing. He shouts at everyone to stop dancing. He then goes and settles himself near the bar. The bartender asks him why he's looking so upset today. Armaan says (he's drunk) sadly that today he cannot share anybody's happiness, as his life is full of misery and sorrow. He takes out Jassi's photo and looks at it with big sad eyes. He asks the bartender if he knows who it is. "This is Jasmeet Walia......this is my Jassi!!" he tells him sadly.


Divya and Jassi are doing bhangra dance. Jassi though uncomfortable, looks happy. Nandini pulls Purab. Purab looks at Jassi happily. He obviously looks too shy to dance, but tries to.


Armaan is drinking pathetically. He says that he has lost everything, everything. He drinks more. He shouts helplessly,
"I LOVE YOU JASSI!! I LOVE YOU JASSI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Jassi's steps stop suddenly........She looks disturbed...as if she heard him shout...worriedly she asks herself, "Armaan Sir???"

The end.

MONDAY: Raj is shouting hysterically to Armaan (who is looking absolutely disconcerted) that he stop thinking of Jassi and her love and think of Gulmohur instead, their company which they are losing. He shouts at Armaan to wake up an stop pining for Jassi and think of Gulmohur instead. Armaan yells back that neither Raj nor he himself can do anything of his situation.

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rouble Senior Member

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Posted: 10 March 2005 at 11:19am | IP Logged
thanks for the wonderful update daisy!
bas02 Goldie

Joined: 06 November 2004
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Posted: 10 March 2005 at 11:19am | IP Logged
thnx sooo much! wow finally makeover done!
cutereems IF-Dazzler

Joined: 19 October 2004
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Posted: 10 March 2005 at 11:29am | IP Logged

Wonderful update daisy!!!!!!!!

Jassi was awesome...she was fully different today..she was very happySmile

jprasad IF-Rockerz

Joined: 27 October 2004
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Posted: 10 March 2005 at 11:33am | IP Logged
thanks Daisy!
anitha.b IF-Dazzler

Joined: 06 September 2004
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Posted: 10 March 2005 at 11:36am | IP Logged
Thanks Daisy. Wonderful update as always. Can' t wait to watch tonight's episode.
kdokka Senior Member

Joined: 09 February 2005
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Posted: 10 March 2005 at 12:13pm | IP Logged
Armaan    Cry
loveneha_r Goldie

Joined: 19 August 2004
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Posted: 10 March 2005 at 12:18pm | IP Logged
thanks so much daisy!!!!!!!!!!!!!! poor armaan! damn we have to wait for 3 days again!Confused

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