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To Lakshmi_maruthi... plz read..

apoorva_preet Senior Member

Joined: 04 March 2005
Posts: 500

Posted: 09 March 2005 at 11:27pm | IP Logged

Hi Lakshmi,

I couldn't understand how to PM you.. that's why I m writing this as new topic..

Few days back you edited one of my post and asked me to PM you.. but since I m new here I still don't know much about how to use I F.

I wrote one message for Queenbee.. where she said that she is leaving this forum due to some personal attacks on her..

I replied to her.. and You edited my post.. Where I wrote, " that somehow I think that Armaan fans always get insulted here.. "

Ok .. let me explain...

I have been a silent reader of this forum for last few weeks... but never really joined ... for the reason that I found this forum little bit difficult to navigate..

Finally I joined and the only reason is to enjoy Queenbee and Jprasad's post.. I just like their style of writing.. and wanted to reply them.. that's all.. but within 4/5 days after joining I got the bad news that Queenbee is leaving.. and my view about site being harsh on Armaan fans got strengthen..

I have this feeling that .. I F is pro-purab and Anti-armaan and very harsh on Armaan fans... cause I found that Moderators are keen to edit, delete Armaan fan's posts as early as possible..
 (Is this site owned by Mr. Samir Soni???)Angry

It was just my feeling but now I m sure as you proved my doubt to be right and deleted my above line from my post.. which was not abusive and not personal attack on anyone.. but still you deleted it...

If you call this as Forum then don't stop people from expressing their true feelings.. or else just add 'dictatorial' before Forum.

What else can I write about this???

I just find this site Anti-armaan or may be Moderators are Anti-armaan.. don't know how to write about it... but this is my honest opnion.

waiting for your reply...



jprasad IF-Rockerz

Joined: 27 October 2004
Posts: 6974

Posted: 10 March 2005 at 12:11am | IP Logged
apoorva_preet -

I read your post to Lakshmi. I don't want you to feel that moderators of
this section are pro Purab or pro Armaan. The poor guys are so busy
trying to break up our fights that they get caught in between. Lakshmi,
Minnie, Mystica really try hard to keep the peace in the JJKN section of I-F.
Sometimes I forget that this is just a show and I make remarks that are
intended for fun, however, I end up insulting someone, thus I get

We are allowed to express our opinions as long as they are not towards
anyone here or any of the real people who play our favorite characters
(not sure if this makes sense). We are all friends at the end of the day.
Apurva and Samir go home not realizing how much we fight for
them.     LOL

Take care and please don't leave us. Big smile
queenbee Goldie

Joined: 04 January 2005
Posts: 1418

Posted: 10 March 2005 at 2:00am | IP Logged
Hi apoorva_preet!

You just have to believe this - I understand exactly how you feel. A few days ago I might even have agreed with you, because of certain things some mods/other people said. At the time, I found the comments too harsh and the tactics high-handed.

Afterwards, though, I realized two things:

1) I hate school and if someone ever told me to go back to school, I would likely develop paranoia and typhoid and foot-in-mouth disease all at once. But being, and staying, as part of a forum - which is a kind of online community with often-strong ties and equally-strong personal opinions - requires a kind of 're-schooling' of the mind. I don't think the world would really be a better place if I could express my opinions without any restraint.

2) I think the moderators are doing a good job. It's as good as it can get when so many collective mentalities are at stake, both of mods and of us fans. I believe Vijay (who owns this forum) is very strict about maintaining propreity and decency and the moderators are doing their best to set up and reach a certain standard. For that, they sometimes single out certain comments or people which they think have the potential to cause flaming, or personal attacks, or certain vested interests spewing vitriol all over our discussion sections.

Coming to your specific comment, " that somehow I think that Armaan fans always get insulted here.. ", only the moderator concerned can explain why she acted in a certain way, as even between moderators, sensibilities vary. She may have thought that this would have the double disadvantage of Armaan fans agreeing with you and leading to a heated protest, and Purab fans pointing out that THEY are the victimized bunch... God, I can just imagine what a one-liner can spark off (my post which earned disapproval was a mere 2-liner), specially becos those days everyone was indulging in a slanging match and the moderators actually said they felt they were not doing enough to curb our caustic commentsOuch

Judging from what I have read, I think for every Armaan fan here there is a Purab fan who feels the same way. Imagine how tough it must be for the moderators to keep all of us pacified and in line, AND believing in their impartialityConfused ...

Fact is, a lot of people are friends with lots of others behind the scenes (using PMs and chat) and it dosn't half-matter if it's a Purab fan or an Armaan fan you're PMing. I've met some really nice Purab fans here and some not-so-nice Armaan fans too... just goes to show there's no accounting for taste!!Wink But sometimes things do get out of hand, and I don't envy the moderators their jobTongue

Just in case you're considering it, please don't even think about leaving this forum, at least not before I've had a chance to know you better!!! (and by that time I hope you'll be addicted anywayWink)

To send a PM, scroll to the top of this page and click on PM. There you can view your Inbox, Outbox, Buddy List and compose a New Msg. Just use it like you use your regular email and don't change any of the default settings in your Settings (located to the right of the PM button on this screen). This way, the next time you receive a PM, you will be notified the moment you refresh your screen or log in.

I have another suggestion - may be a crappy suggestion but I can't resistWink... Vijay, why don't you find out the names of the most dissatisfied people on this forum (specially those who have been around a relatively long time) and make them moderators for a week? Just as an experimentSmile ... and then they can post their experiences and to-do-or-not-to-do decisions for us to read. Won't that result in greater enlightenment for everyone concerned?Embarrassed

I'm sorry about the long lecture Apoorva_preetTongue ... may God give you the patience to read through it all.. Our-men!

spike Senior Member

Joined: 12 November 2004
Posts: 531

Posted: 10 March 2005 at 2:08am | IP Logged


i haven't been around to see what had actually happened to some of the dear people at IF (bee, MR etc) so i won't take the pain of explaining that part.

But trust me and anyone here, IF is not a battleground for purab and armaan fans, and it is by no means a pro-purab anti-armaan or vice versa alley. Both armaan and purab get slashed here (I won't go to explain which side is heavier cuz it's still a debate) but like jprasad said, we're all friends here by default. we have the right to express our opinions and that's what we do. And everything that we say and do blends into some really interesting and great rapport, sometimes a bit on the edge but never over it.

 (Is this site owned by Mr. Samir Soni???)Angry

What a joke! If that's what u wanna call vijay then...LOL

We all reflect our differences and our words are not meant to slash a real person, just characters.

And about the mods, take this from someone who was in a 'battle' (LOL) with a mod over this arman-purab issue, I believe NONE of the mods are partial toward anyone or anything. They have the right to side with their personal preferences and at the end of the day, they just do their job.

Rumi Goldie

Joined: 01 January 2005
Posts: 1704

Posted: 10 March 2005 at 6:00am | IP Logged

 Dear preet!

                      although your letter is meant for lakshmi_maruthi, but you have posted it openly so i want to say some words to you! i don't know how you developed the idea that I-F is a pro-purab and anti-armaan forum! no dear! i request you to stay here for some days more and you will come to know that this is an extremely balanced forum!i am a die-hard armaan fan and i am here for quite a long time ! i have posted a number of opinions in support of armaan here but i have not received a single pm from any moderator ! like me there are a number of armaan fans here and also a number of purab fans! we are peacefully staying here for a long time! this is the most balanced and decent forum i have ever found!moderators do a great job here!othewise it would have been like some other forum where people constantly use abusive languages against jassi or armaan! ( i think you know which site i am talking about)

the case of queenbee was an accident , she is an extremely balanced person and all of us, both armaan and purab fans love her very much! somehow she  had been emotional and upset but we didn't let her go ! LOLLOL!! she has not left and she is very much with us now!LOLLOL!!!

                      sorry for wasting you time! what i want to say that don't have any misconception about the forum ! we all are very happy here and living peacefully here like a family! don't develop any wrong idea about I-F and don't go away !

vijay Admin Group

Site Admin
Joined: 09 December 2003
Posts: 7192

Posted: 10 March 2005 at 8:19am | IP Logged

I do not agree with apoorva_preet that its a Pro-Purab and Anti-Armaan forum.

If you ask my personal opinion on the whole Purab and Armaan issue. I would like Jassi to end up with Armaan. (Does this statement coming from Site Admin makes our forum Pro-Armaan and Anti-Purab???). NO!!!. Its the most balanced Forum you will ever come across.

I guess I have mentioned this in my earlier posts also that I like Armaan character more then Purab cause his role has all the shades. His role has both negative side as well as positive sides and it really looks so real and believable (except few things).

On the other hand Purab role has always been single track. He is a millionaire, sensible person, drives in a Limo (btw where is it these days may be he upgraded it to a Private Jet) but he still loves Jassi and behaves as if he never came across any other girl in his life.

Moreover he is such a selfless person that he left the person (Jassi) whom he loves so much without notice cause he felt Jassi loved Armaan.

If I tell my girlfriend that I love Ashwirya Rai do you know would be her reaction. She would first turn my face Ouch and would say "So what were you saying?" and not be like Purab. Do you think its so easy to leave a person whom you love so dearly.

Sorry for my insensibilities to the matters of love and I know many like Purab character cause it has been portrayed like a person who is so good that even being a Millionaire who often travels in a Limo always have time to drop Jassi to her office (which happens to be his rival company).

"Yeh baat kuch hazam nahin hui." And personally it all looks so superficial and non-practical.

I mentioned about Armaan/Purab just to show that we do welcome discussions but it should be in the right tone and must be a healthy one and one must put strong arguments to support their opinion instead of making careless remarks on either about the character or any member of the forum.

And as others said at the end of the day we all our friends and we should not take our discussion to the personal level.

Thanks to jprasad, queenbee, spike and rumi for showing their support and appreciating the hard work of our moderators.

I salute to all the moderators & coolbies for their unrelentless effort and good work which makes India forums the best indian discussion forum.Clap

I have taken your suggestion and would give it a thought. But before that we would need to ask those members who are dissatisfied.


Edited by vijay - 10 March 2005 at 12:18pm
jprasad IF-Rockerz

Joined: 27 October 2004
Posts: 6974

Posted: 10 March 2005 at 9:59am | IP Logged
whoa, I think I have fallen in love with Vijay, too!   Embarrassed
pj04 Goldie

Joined: 02 September 2004
Posts: 1623

Posted: 10 March 2005 at 10:22am | IP Logged

apoorve_preet , though your post is addressed to lakshmi, i could not resist answering it, but first things first......i would like to thank jprasad, queenbee, rumi, spike and all others for your support of mods . i feel overwhelmed since this is the first time that members have stood up for mods who end up doing a very thankless job.once again thankyou guys for your confidence in us.

       now for issue at hand......

1) mods normally try to put thier prejudices aside and then read posts and edit them, normally before editing we try to confer with each other and then decide what should be posted and what should be edited. you may not realise this but there are a numberof infuriating pro-purab posts that have been edited or deleted(just because you don't see them does not mean they were never there).

2) the forum is not a fan-club but a discussion forum which means there are discussions on every aspect of the a show and we try to encourage more and more discussions and diverse views.some are along our beliefs , others opposing them. i hope that this gives us something to think about and learn, and see life from new perspectives. if you are interested in only posting and reading fan-mail or people seconding your belief system then you might find this forum somewhat unappealing.

3)now for freedom of speech....i am all for it but people have a way of overstepping thier bounds unknowingly. there is a law system even in most open democracies, they are not there to curb anyone's right or freedom but make sure that all can enjoy thier rights and coexist.if posting trash about a certain actor or trying to humiliate your fellow members for thier unconventional/conventional idealogy is your idea of free speech, i have to disagree with it.

4)i do agree that sometimes the mods are more harsh than required but experience has taught us that sometimes even a small comment unwittingly made launches a fullfledged missile system from both the sides of jjkn groups and the result is very unpleasant...hence we are very careful (maybe too careful at times), so bear with us on that account.once again let me remind you purab vs armaan is one of the most sensitive issues on this forum and it takes very little to offend people on both the sides.

                    in the end i can assure you i have no relations to samir soni nor does any of the other moderators , also we have no fights with apoorve agnihotri or any dushmanis from last birth.we try to be as impartial as is humanely possible.i am sure if you stick around for a few days and look and everything with slightly more open mind and tolerance, you will find the same .

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