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Update for TD - 9th March, 2005

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Posted: 09 March 2005 at 11:43am | IP Logged

First things first, my prediction that Sumitra will die has just gone with the wind…..she did not die, so I hope I have amply proved to you that my ''informant'' does not have any faith in me to provide me with any insider information on Tumhari Disha and that whatever I write is purely out of my own free thinking and just for fun…..but I am happy that poor DK babu (as Chets calls him!) was saved from becoming an Orphan….all in all, a decent episode with a spectacular and striking end….tomorrow's episode is going to be really good! The performances were superb, with DK and Gargi stealing the limelight from Dish baby……DK looks cuddlier and cuter day by day and Gargi looks eviler and devilish day by day….Disha just looks pretty and Vedant looks his usual cool self! Read on!

The episode begins with hottie giving milk to Mummyji and putting her to sleep while Bahurani Disha is standing watching her husband with coy glances (frankly that's all she can do!). DK then looks at Disha with a strange glance, a sort of, ''I do not have any expectations from you, my so called wife'' type of a look while Disha looks at him with a ''don't do this to me DK, please forgive me for one last time'' type of a sheepish look. Disha then speaks in a soft, low voice that she wants to talk and clarify something with DK for which he gives her an amazing look (it was a very dignified, ''listen, I don't want to end up in this mess'' type of an expression, haven't seen this look on DK before) and patiently tells her that can they go out of the room and talk. Disha looks relieved that atleast hubby agreed to listen to her and they both switch off Sumitra's bedroom lamp and walk down besides the pool. Amazing scene and DK looked absolutely smashing (wearing a pale blue formal shirt and navy blue trousers, and his sleeves rolled up, and a really smart watch adorning those, wow, strong wrists! Disha was looking strangely older, dunno why, I think her make-up was not good enough for this episode, she was dressed in an Indigo blue sari)

DK (Pours himself a drink, has no expression on his face, looks very calm and dignified and every inch the remarkable guy that he is!) – Haan bolo Disha, kya kehna hain tumhein?

Translation – Yes, Disha what did you want to talk about?

Disha (Looks at DK with a pleading glance as if she has to cheer him up somehow) DK, please mujhe maaf kardo, mujhe nahin pata tha ki mera Vedant se milna tumhare liye itni badi baat ho jaayegi. Mujhe pata hai ki mera usse milna tumhain pasand nahin hain, magar main usse ek bahut zaroori karan se milne gayi thi, main us bare mein tumse baat bhi karna chahati hoon.

Translation – Please forgive me DK, I did not know that my meeting with Vedant would hurt you so badly. But please given me one chance to explain why I went to meet him

DK (Outstanding dialogue delivery, superb facial expressions) Disha, tum itna bhi nahin samaj payi, ki mein tumsein kis baat se naaraz hua hoon (Speaks calmly and quietly and in an amazingly mature way) Baat yeh nahin thi ki tum Vedant se milne gayi thi, yeh tumhari zindagi hain, tum jisse chahe mil sakti ho, tumein mujhe ijazat lene ki koi zaroorat nahin hai, mujhe koi faraq nahin patdta ki tum kis se milti ho (when DK says that it does not  bother him who Disha meets, she gets a hurt look on her face and looks at DK with a ''You don't care for me'' type of a look)

That's not the point Disha, the whole point is that you lied to me. Tumnein Mujhse jhoot bola, mera vishwaas toda. Tum agar mujhe sach boldeti ki tum Vedant se milne gayi thi, toh mein tumsei us waqt naaraz zaroor hota, magar mere dil ko yun thes nahin pahuncti.

Translation – Disha, you have not even been able to understand that why I was so upset with you. The issue is not that you went to meet Vedant, you have your own life, you do not have to take permission from me to meet anyone, you can meet anyone you please, I do not care. But the whole point is that you lied to me, that's what has hurt me so badly. If you had just told me truthfully that you had gone to meet Vedant, I would have been angry with you for that moment, but I wouldn't have been so badly hurt.

Disha (Her eyes well up when DK speaks like this and she gets very emotional) DK, please mujhe is baar maaf kardo, mein aayinda tumse kabhi koi baat nahin chupaungi.

Translation – Please forgive me DK, I will never hide any truth from you in future.

DK (Gives her a short smile and speaks in a cynical tone) Vishwaas ek baar toot gaya, toh phir dobara judta nahin hain Disha. Tum mere saat pichle itne dino se reh rahin ho, mujhe tum par kitna vishwaas hain, is baat ka andaaza toh tumhain isi se aagya hoga ke hamare beech itna kuch hone ke bawajood bhi maine apni power of attorney tumhare naam kar di, yeh jaan kar bhi ke tum apne badle ki aag mein, mujhe poori tarah barbad kar sakti ho. Tumhari imaandari aur sacchai tumhari sabse badi pehchaan hai Disha, aur tumnein is baat se mera tum par se vishwaas hamesha ke liye mita diya.

Translation – Trust once broken can never be replaced Disha. You have been staying with me for the past so many days now, and you can imagine how much trust I put in you, by the fact that I signed my Power of Attorney in your name even though I was aware of the fact that you can destroy me in your quest for revenge. Your identity is your honesty and truth and by lying to me, you have broken that very trust that I placed in you so implicitly.

Disha (Now literally on the verge of crying, stops herself though) Magar, aisi kya baat hai DK, jo tum mujhe Vedant se milne ko rokte ho, who tumhara chota bhai hai aakhir. Kya hua tum dono ke beech, jo itni dooriyan bad gayi?

Translation – But what is it between you and Vedant that you stop me from meeting him. He is your younger brother, why is there so much differences between you two?

DK (Gets a cold, blank look on his face) Is bare mein baat na hi karne toh aacha hai, I don't want to discuss this topic Disha.

Translation – It would be better if we do not discuss this issue, I do not want to discuss this topic Disha.

Simultaneously with this scene (DK and Disha are sitting near the swimming pool outside) Sumitra is shown to getting violent as the poison starts taking effect, in desperation the poor lady switches on the table lamp and Disha notices that Sumitra's room is lit, and she is taken by surprise.

DK meanwhile has got pretty agitated and kind of loses temper and keeps telling Disha that she lied to him and broke his trust, while Disha appears to lose all track of their conversation and keeps staring at the window's of Sumitra's room and tries to tell DK that she thinks something is wrong with Mummyji. DK meanwhile gets irritated and tells Disha that she was the one who wanted to talk to him on the Vedant issue and now that he is not just listening to what she had to say but also telling her what he feels, she is avoiding the situation, only because she realizes that she has nothing more to add and that she is guilty. Disha then notices that the room lights gets off and she panics, gets up and tells DK that she has to go to Mummyji's room, DK loses his temper and tries to stop Disha, but she rushes off, leaving DK staggered and angry. He goes behind her inside the house (He is amazingly agile considering the fact that one of his legs is paralyzed!) As soon as Disha enters Sumitra's room, she notices her frothing and unconscious. Disha immediately shouts out DK's and Meera's name and both of them come rushing inside the room. DK is thunder-stuck at seeing Sumitra's condition and gets completely hyper and calls up the Doctor, only to be informed that she is out of station. As a helpless DK looks on, Disha rushes to him and tells him to stay with Mummyji and that there is a doctor in their neighborhood and that she will call him. The next scene shows the Doctor coming and saving Sumitra's life (here goes my so called prediction!) and injects a tranquilizer. The doctor tells DK that Sumitra has been given some wrong medicines, probably something which has some poisonous substance in it and that thanks to Mrs. Seghal's presence of mind (yeah, she is the heroine, she has to come into the limelight somehow!), Sumitra's life was saved in the nick of time. The doctor tells a much relieved DK that they have to pump out the remaining poison from Sumitra's body and that she will be alright in sometime. While leaving the doctor looks at DK and tells him that he is indeed lucky to have a wife like Disha and that every house should have a daughter-in-law like her, as the doctor leaves Disha who is standing in the doorway gets all coy and blushes furiously, while DK who is standing inside the room is looking at her and a faint smile spreads his face (another amazing expression, it was not a smile exactly, but the hint of a smile….awesome!) and just bats his eyelids in a manner as to call Disha inside the room (superb use of body language), Disha smiles slightly and goes near DK (hmmm, the lady spurns him in his bedroom, but keeps finding way's and means of cozying up to hottie!) who just says, ''Thanks Disha'' and both of them kind of share a sweet moment! Disha tells DK in a quite, wifely way that he should go to his room and take some rest and that she will stay with Mummyji and take care of her, for which DK smiles indulgently at Disha and tells her that when he was young, his Mother used to create a huge fuss even if he sneezed and now that it is his turn to take care of his Mother, he feels indebted to God that he has been given such an opportunity and that he will stay with Sumitra and take care of her. Disha leaves the room but not before giving DK a very affectionate, loving look (This lady is melting like an ice-cream!)

Nothing major happened afterwards, and since is already 11.30 Pm in India, I wish to doze off, hence a quicky! Disha and DK are shown to be in the living area where they are both wondering who can poison Sumitra (how dumb can the writers be, isn't it obvious to both DK and Disha by now, who can do such a thing!), the nurse Meera too joins in and DK in a fit of anger blames Meera and tells her that she is the one who is responsible for Sumitra's food and medicines and how did she get poisioned. Disha tries to intervene and comes to the defence of Meera (but is amazingly soft while countering DK and with a remarkable departure from her earlier aggressive stance) and tells DK that just because Meera is from an economically lower background, does not mean that she will do such an underhand thing for the sake of some money and that Meera takes utmost care of Mummyji and treats her with deference and care. DK seems to agree to Disha's explanation and wonders aloud that this could only be the work of an insider and who else can it be. Disha gets a ''Oh, that bitch at work again'' type of a look on her face and tells DK that they should do a check of Gargi's room and that she is positive it is her job. DK gets a frustrated look on his face and tells Disha that whenever there is some problem in the house, she immediately assumes that it is the handiwork of Gargi and that he will not listen to her now. Disha pleads infront of DK and tells him that atleast they should check her room once, DK is left thinking and then its shown that both of them are in Gargi's room and ransacking her Almirah's and cupboards. Just then Gargi enters and pretends to be shocked and hurt, while Disha looks back at Gargi in anger and hatred, DK gets a worried expression on his face and stops his search. Gargi pretends to be mortally offended and tells DK that after all that she has done for Sumitra and him, is this  the way he is repaying her, by suspecting Gargi of trying to poison Sumitra, who is like her own sister. Gargi then opens her cupboards and throws out all her stuff and asks DK (who looks like little Bo Peep's lost sheep!) and Disha that where is the bottle of poison that they are trying to locate. DK just shakes his head in regret and apologizes to Gargi, much to the dismay of Disha, but Gargi tells DK that the only way to avenge this insult is by doing a check of both Disha and Meera's room, DK gets a confused and hassled look on his face when Gargi says this, but he has no other option but to agree.

The next scene shows DK, Disha and Gargi searching Meera's room and Gargi plants the bottle of poison in Meera's dressing table drawer and DK chances upon it. Disha immediately understands that Gargi must have planted it there, but before she is able to react, Gargi creates a furor and calls Meera and tells DK to get her arrested. Poor Meera tries to explain, but Gargi does not let her speak, but when she notices that DK is just standing and not reacting, she taunts DK by saying that is it because of his wife that he is not able to take any action against Meera, because he knows that Disha places implicit trust on Meera and that he does not want to hurt Disha's sentiments. Gargi further taunts DK by saying that today for his wife, he has sacrificed his own Mother's welfare, DK just closes his eyes in frustration while Disha looks at DK in helplessness and then gives a hateful look at Gargi. Meera then buts in and tries to tell DK that there was something that she wanted to tell DK for a long time but she could not due to circumstances. DK asks her what is it, Meera turns her head and looks at Disha as if seeking an approval, and Disha nods her head quietly, DK and Gargi both notice this, and as soon as Meera is about to open her mouth, Gargi immediately pounces on Meera and tells her that she knows she is going to take Disha's name and put the entire blame on her. Gargi pretends to get all agitated and shouts on Meera that she cannot bear to see any insult to Sehgal Khandaan's eldest bahu, as a shocked Disha and DK look on, Gargi pushes Meera out of the house and closes the door, and smiles falsely at DK and Disha and tells them that such a woman can never be trusted and that sometime earlier she had tried to poison Sumitra and now she is putting that blame on poor Disha.

In the next scene, Disha is shown to prepare the breakfast tray (for DK and not Sumitra, btw! The lady is sure learning the tricks of the trade!) and looking pretty in a sunny yellow colored sari, while Gargi comes in (and thankfully does not have those hideous chandelier drops on) and taunts Disha that is she trying to lick up to DK by giving him breakfast for which Disha answers tartly that she is just doing what any normal wife would do, and obviously Gargi wouldn't know about such a thing, as she was not able to become either a good wife or a good Mother. Gargi grimaces badly and tells Disha that Sumitra was indeed lucky to have Disha save her yesterday else Gargi had made all plans to get rid of her. Disha is shocked at Gargi's direct admission and bangs the breakfast tray down (there goes DK's Parantha's and juice!) and in the only good scene that Disha had yesterday tells Gargi in no uncertain terms that, nothing will ever happen to Sumitra, because her son is there with her and she is there with DK, while Gargi is all alone.

As soon as Disha says this, a voice booms from behind that who says Gargi is alone and that if Badi Maa has Brother and Disha with her, then Gargi has Vedant. As a stunned and shell-shocked Disha looks on, Vedant is seen entering dressed entirely in black holding a guitar in his hand (looking very dishy, btw….but nothing in front of our DK!) as he smiles at Gargi who is elated and rushes to hug him. As Gargi and Vedant hug each other lovingly, the episode ends on Disha's frozen expression!

Guys, get ready for some fireworks…..both the Mothers, both the Brothers and the bone of contention in the same house!!! Should be fun to watch DK's reaction to Vedant and also Disha's reaction to Vedant's betrayal! Though my guess is that Vedant is just pretending to join hands with Gargi so as to help DK and Disha from her evil, evil clutches!

sukh IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 09 March 2005 at 12:01pm | IP Logged
ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh haaaaaaaaa ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww aeeeeeeeeeeeeee.Embarrassed  Embarrassedthanks thanks thanks dihsa77. for a super update.....................Clap
eran Goldie

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thanks Disha77!

gr8 update! I agree i think this is some sort of plan by Vedant to help Dish and Dk!

love Eran!!

sangeeta Goldie

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Posted: 09 March 2005 at 12:28pm | IP Logged
Thanks for the early update Disha. I too think that this is a plan that Vedant is joining hands with Gargi, else why would he have asked Aai if he could be her son.I think he is trying to fulfil the responsibility of Aai's son to protect DK & Disha from Gargi.
anitha.b IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 09 March 2005 at 12:34pm | IP Logged
Thanks Disha. Wonderful update with all the expression ...

Disha...you are simply great...Wink
SALESHNI Senior Member

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Posted: 09 March 2005 at 12:50pm | IP Logged

nThanks for the Update Dish. What a lovely update. really appreciate u. You do a gr8 job and so does Lata.




fingirl Senior Member

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Posted: 09 March 2005 at 1:10pm | IP Logged
Thanks for the update Disha..yeah i think so too..i think vedant is only joing hands with gargi to help Dish..lets see what happens next..its gettin really interesting..
samy74 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 09 March 2005 at 1:37pm | IP Logged



Thanks for updating early as i want eager to know what happened. Your updates are brilliant as usual and so much detail. Whenever i read our updates as if it is an emotional scence my eyes always fill up as there is so much details and again written with great command.

I can't wait to see waht happens now as all of them under one roof. I just hope Disha and DK come closer though.

Thanks once again.


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