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Update for March 8th

sree IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 08 March 2005 at 10:03am | IP Logged

SAurabh and Rashmi are waiting for Simran to come back. Saurabh is loitering in the hall impatiently. Rashmi tells him that Simran will come and not to get anxious. It will increase his BP. SAurabh says she has not gone to the hospital and there is no emergency in the hospital. Where is she then? Just then, Simran with Gudiya in her hand enters. Abhi is also there. SAurabh sees her and asks her where she had been. Simran then shows Gudiya and tells him that she has brought her Astha back. Shaguna who is there, is excited and asks her is this true? Simran says yes. Shaguna volunteers to take the baby with tears of joy. Simran gives it to her and asks her to handle her carefully. She asks Saurabh whether what she has done is correct. Are you happy, papa? Saurabh asks her whether she is happy. Simran nods her head. SAurabh is also overcome with joy. He says your happiness is my happiness. Rashmi hugs Simran. Simran tells Shaguna to give Gudiya water. Shaguna with tears says yes and goes inside. Simran says she will arrange the bed for the kid and goes in. Abhi who is there seeing all the happenings comes near Saurabh. Saurabh , for once, says with full gratitude- Thank you beta. Abhi is filled with tears and he in returntells him Thank you. Saurabh asks him you have done everything for Simran. Why do u thank me? Abhi says he thanked him bcos he called him his beta. Saurabh is touched and he puts his hand over Abhi's head, blesses him and again says Thank you beta. Abhi cannot believe what he is hearing and is in seventh heaven.

Manas and Sonu are sitting in bed. Sonu is reading a book when Manas says he has to talk. Manas tells him that he has decided not to stay here, they are moving to US and will be with Ria aunty. Sonu at once reacts negatively and says i won't come, if you want to go , you can go. Leave me with Mama or leave me with Simran aunty. Manas tries to convince him but Sonu gets very wild and throws the book and lies down. A worried Manas goes out of the room and starts to think. Sonu is also thinking in bed. He then gets up , goes to Manas and tells him that he will come bcos mama has told him not to trouble papa. Manas is happy. Sonu says before leaving, i have to meet mama and AStha. Manas says he will definitely take him to both places. Sonu says he will call Simran aunty and tell her. But Manas says it is too late and we will call tomorrow.

Simran is in bed holding Gudiya in her hand. Shaguna comes in with milk and makes a noise. Simran scolds her and tells her that just now Gudiya slept. Shaguna says sorry. Shaguna then tells Simran to give Gudiya to her, bcos she might disturb Simran in sleep. Simran says will a mother get disturbed by her kid? Shaguna is in tears. Shaguna says I will leave mother and kid peacefully and starts to go. Simran asks whether she is using olive oil for massagaing gudiya. Shaguna says she is following all the instructions that Simran gave her for Astha. She tells her not to worry. Shaguna is going out of the room when Saurabh stops her and asks her why Gudiya was crying. Shaguna says Gudiya is with her mother and is enjoying. Simran has accepted Gudiya as Astha. SAurabh is in tears. Shaguna goes away. Saurabh stands putside Simran's room and watches her. Simran is lying near Gudiya who is fast asleep. She is just caressing her. She then takes a photo from under the pillow. It is Astha's. She kisses the photo. SAurabh sees this and cries.

Next day, Brian is talking to SAurabh over the phone. He is congratulating Saurabh on bringing Gudiya home. Just then, Simran comes there, so Saurabh hands over the phone to her. Brian says he is very much hounoured as she kept up what he had told her. He says i am touched. He asks for celebreation. Simran says come over, but Brian says this time it will be in his place. Simran then reminds him that he has to attend to hospital work. Brian says from the day he joined, he has not taken leave. Even the clerk demands for 3-4 days off. Please sanction leave today. Simran says ok and says she will come over there. Brian agrees.

At Brian's place, Janet is decorating flowers in the vase when she asks Brian which is Simran's favourite flower? Brian says it is yellow roses. She asks him how does he know? Brian says hospital staff had told him. It seems when Abhi and Simran were in love, Abhi had once decorated the whole hospital with yellow roses. Janet is surprised and says they both had an interesting romance. Brian says not as much interesting as ours. Just then, the bell rings and it is Simran, Gudiya and Shaguna. They come in. Janet takes Gudiya in her hand. Simran is watching it. Brian then gives Gudiya a toy. Gudiya keeps seeing the toy and starts to laugh. Janet sees her laughing and says it is very nice to hold a kid in your lap. Simran says she too will experience this very soon. Shaguna then says i will take gudiya to the garden. She picks her up and tries to place her on her shoulder , when Simran screams at Shaguna and tells her to be careful and not to be over confident. Shaguna feels awkward but does not mind and says sorry i will take care and leaves. Simran gives a plain look. Janet and Brian also remain silent.

At the same time, Sonu and Manas are at Simran's place, but nobody is there at home. Sonu is disappointed. Manas says they are getting late and they have to go meet Urmila. Manas says while coming back, he will try to bring him again.

Simran who is at Brian's place, is quite uncomfortable that Gudiya is outside and she tells them that she will go look what Gudiya is doing. After she goes, Brian says he is seeing lots of positive changes in Simran and it is good. Janet says Simran is becoming very possessive about  Gudiya. Brian says it will help her.

In the jail, Urmila and Sonu meet. They both hug each other and start to cry when Manas tells  Urmila about their migration. Manas gets up and goes away leaving them alone. Sonu says he does not want to go and prefers to stay with Astha. Urmila is crying uncontrollably , but for Sonu's sake, hides her sorrow and tells him that papa must have thought good for him, so he has taken this step. Every father will want his son to grow up well and be educated. So if Papa has some ambitions in store for him, he should not feel bad. They cry hugging each other. Sonu says i will miss you mama. Urmila says he has to accept the situation as she cannot stay with him and papa cannot leave him alone. Sonu asks Urmila when they will meet next. Manas who is standing hears this , comes in and tells Sonu that we will meet and he has arranged with jail authorities so that he can keep talking to mama. Urmila then tells Manas best of luck. Manas also tells Urmila to take care. The police official says time is over. So Manas asks Sonu to come. They both hug each other and cry. Manas takes Sonu . After they go, Urmila bursts into uncontrollable tears.

At Simran's place, Abhi is holding Gudiya in his lap and is playing with her.Simran keeps looking at Abhi when her Phone rings. Its Sonu. He tells her that he had come there this morning and nobody was there. He tells her that they are leaving for US at the 12 o clock flight. He requests her to bring Astha to the airport as he wants to see her. He says he will be waiting for them. Simran hangs up the phone saying yes. She tells Abhi about Manas migrating. Abhi is shocked. She tells Abhi that Sonu wants to see Astha and has asked her to bring her to the airport. Abhi tells her not to go. Simran says Sonu will feel bad if she does not go. Abhi then asks her what she is going to do.

Simran goes to Manas's place . They are actually starting. Sonu hugs Simran and says he does not want to go but bcos of papa he is going. Simran wishes him good luck. Sonu asks why she did not bring AStha? Simran says she has gone out of station with her papa. Simran then gives Sonu a photo in which both Sonu and AStha are there. She tells him to keep the photo with him. Sonu says he will keep it to himself. Manas comes there. Simran says Best of luck to Manas. Manas also wishes her the same. They sit in the taxi and leave. Sonu bids her goodbyr from the car. Simran is standing thinking of the good times she had with Manas and how Manas used to be her strenght in her difficult times. The screen freezes on a thoughtful Simran.

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principessa Senior Member

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Posted: 08 March 2005 at 10:32am | IP Logged

I'm really surprised.. how come Manas thinks of his girlfriend and how to support her, while he takes his son away from Urmila!!! Confusing!! I thought that kids are the most important thing in parents' lives!! Anyway..

Thanks Sree for the great updates..

queenbee Goldie

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Posted: 08 March 2005 at 10:36am | IP Logged
Awww... the last scene where Simran is remembering all the good times with Manas was really touchingOuch ... the Astitva title tune was playing with the words which went something like, "I cannot expect you to need me and think of me the way I need you..." and Manas talking to Simran in an impersonal tone and a closed expression...  while Simran looks as if she'd give anything to get her ol' friend backUnhappy

Why does Simran have to accept Gudiya "as Aastha"!? ConfusedConfused It can't be very good for Gudiya's confidence to grow up and realize she is a substitute for Simran's own daughter (probably one that her mother is still pining for, so that the real Aastha's reappearance will probably throw her into the deep endOuch).. and Aastha is gonna be SO MAD with Simran mummy for filling up her rightful place with someone else... she is going to have 1000 questions as to why her mommy didn't make 1000% sure she was dead before giving up hope and 'replacing' her in her affections... How will Simran answer THOSE!?!?!?ConfusedConfusedConfused I can imagine this replacement theory going down well with my dadi or nani and other people from the old school, but somehow in today's day and age...Dead

Excellent update as usual, Sree!!! Clap It's so sweet of you to stay up nights and do this for usEmbarrassedEmbarrassed We really appreciate the time and effort you put into your words!!!!

lakshmi_maruthi Goldie

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Posted: 08 March 2005 at 10:43am | IP Logged
awesome update Sree... I see that Simran is going to spoil Gudiya big time... LOL
queenbee Goldie

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Posted: 08 March 2005 at 10:57am | IP Logged
Originally posted by principessa

I'm really surprised.. how come Manas thinks of his girlfriend and how to support her, while he takes his son away from Urmila!!! Confusing!! I thought that kids are the most important thing in parents' lives!! Anyway..

Thanks Sree for the great updates..

I agree, Principessa. Such a callous thing to do. A child that age, specially one like Sonu who's been forced to grow up too fast, should have a say in this decision. At the very least, Manas should have tried to convince him of how it's in his own best interest to make these changes.... if you can't even make your own child feel secure about your love, what else is there reallyConfused

My guess is, Sonu's gonna come back to India when he's 21+ and fall in love with Aastha only to realize she's not the original Aastha he played train-train with..... Enter Aastha#1 who falls for Sonu and boom! we have the formula for TNTNuke
chweetweety Goldie

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Posted: 08 March 2005 at 11:00am | IP Logged
Thanks for the update Sree...It was excellent. I am starting to hate Manas now. He has changed so much. How can a person who was so caring and sensible become so mean all for Riya....Wonder when he gets back to his senses...i pity urmila...Cry
Minnie IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 08 March 2005 at 11:29am | IP Logged

 Thanks sree!!!! Beautiful update!!!!

      How did Manas become like this?

Ritambhara Groupbie

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Posted: 08 March 2005 at 12:21pm | IP Logged

First of all Excellent update as usual, Sree, thanks a lot Clap.

Queenbee you are right; I too think they are now going to show "Mujhse Dosti Karogi's TV version in leap, Sonu will come back love Asatha#2, then Asatha#1 is found.

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