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:)PSDadda#5 (C): pg101:2nd batch of reqs (Page 7)

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Posted: 19 November 2011 at 3:20pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by -Fatima-

okz so me ish here to edit this wasn't expecting to edit it today having so many guestz at home but as they went to visit Jeddah me ish free to use IF yayyy okz stop my bak bak aww i hate guest Stern SmileROFL LOL i think i had an overdose of them LOL
first so many congratz on 5th gallHug thankyou di Hug 
wish u make many many more *which i m sure u'll* sacchi ?LOL
all thingz r so gorgeous 
gosh hw u r so amazing with iconz i suck with them more thn i suck with siggiez or avi'z really all r so gorgeous spl these onez & i m lil biased thankyou di.. LOL this is the only batch where i am happt with the icons LOL but to be honest i was too lazy with them ROFL

all avi'z r amazing gosh u r so perfect hw hw hw? the coloringz r so fabulous i am not perfect di Stern Smile
each & every siggy is stunning 
this monaya one is like too good 
http://i.imgur.com/5HeIo.png thankyouu Big smile

only u can add these much picz in one siggy i can't use more thn 3 max 4 picz in siggy 
http://i.imgur.com/3isby.png LOL i am used to it now Embarrassed but if u want u shd try.. its not that hard Embarrassed

SR gosh they were so beautiful & this siggy seemz great
http://i.imgur.com/CwRTC.png thankyou. i liked the pics so made a siggy out of it :) 

aaahhh so many AG siggiez gosh love u even more for these i want to use all really i love each ^ everything in them my most fav in this whole update i knw i m like super biased but can't help it u see but really all 4 r like super duper stunning i m gonna use all one by one thankyou so much di Hug really happy that u loved them ! I started making 2 but then i found more nice pics of her n then went on n on LOL
virman onez r fab me using theirz
kash,arhi,gurti,kajen,jeevi & all otherz r also amazing
awesome work
keep rocking thankyou once again fati di Big smile
Originally posted by aishhh.

so this isn't exactly when i promised i'd edit BUT i am editing now cuz i have nothing better to do:) jk i was waiting for when i'd HAVE nothing to do so i could editEmbarrassed i know you understood..i didn'tROFLis it even possible ki tu kuch kahein and i wont understand ROFL

but but but since i have this siggy sitting in front of me right now can i talk about it <3 do you know how freaking adorable this is..i've said so many times to pooja you make something or i'll make something for us..but we never got around to it, and you made this for us without me or her even telling you or asking once alskd;lkfjh we love you, seriously we doEmbarrassed awww really ? Embarrassed then i am super happy that i made it for u both Embarrassed. when Pooji said u were jeevi and she was maanvi the 1st thing that came into my mind was to make a siggy for u both LOL and honestly saying i have been saving LOADS of their pics in my folder ONLY for u guys Embarrassed. and now when i read it the text seems perfect for u both too Big smile.. that line just came up in my mind as soon as i finished making the sigy and was staring at it >3 well i love you a bit more than her but yeah :) ROFL i got it  ! ROFL and i love you both too Hug LOVE the text, LOVE the way it's so colourful and i LOVE the pictures you chose and all. sid it's PERFECT. neither of us could have done it better, and it makes our dabbas look amazing <333 thankyou so so much!! thankyous aren't enough, because anything at all you make for me means the world Heart aww stop making me more emotional now samjhi Stern SmileROFL. it means everything to me coz u both found it special Embarrassed and more than this i want nth.. dont even mention that so-formal-word "thankyou" Stern Smile

OKKK now no more emotionalnessErmm it's not a word :( i goes through the update pehle uske baad your love bhara speechROFL u are getting all my habits now ROFL 

and am i seriously meant to be commenting on everythingStern Smile it'll take me 2093847 years to describe the prettifulness of EVERY SINGLE THING you've made and yeah i'll keep this shortErmm nah ur choice LOL Coz i to personally think thats a lot to comment :| now as i scroll down it nonstop m like wth did i made so many siggies LOL

http://i.imgur.com/L95ti.png I LOVE the colouring. omfg and plus she is so prettyy
http://i.imgur.com/MdYCA.png idek why the hell i love this, maybe cuz of the way you cropped it <3 thankyou Embarrassed
http://i.imgur.com/VxqSG.png HOW MANY PICTURES can you fit in an icon as well? dudeee that is unfairly gorgeous! not sure i think i shd work on blending more pics i think LOL 
http://i.imgur.com/Qoy1G.png if i remembered the blush code thingy i'd use it. ishhh. the text <3
http://i.imgur.com/XUeN6.png that is so adorable, the colouring and text down the bottom espEmbarrassed

OMG I NEED TO BREATHE LOL.. thankyou so much Aish Embarrassed

THIS IS SO DAMN (yes you know the word) CUTEEE!!!!!!!!!!! i screamed when i saw this for the first time. i swear this is SO SO SO SO CUTE and btw the colouring and quality, i am going to stare at this the second im done commenting. a.l,skmjdf tujhe itni pasand aayi ?? actually i was gonna make a batch of MN aswell but then it became HUGE .. but that part was adorably adorable LOL so thought siggies nahi huwa toh kya one avi toh chalega nah LOL

http://i.imgur.com/UFbxS.gif hailaaa yeh kya hai :O i heart this avi like i heart dahi chaawal YAY LOL
http://k.minus.com/ibyjD6QbLeujoe.gif I NEED TO BLUSH DESPERATELY uff ufff don't you love the way he has his hand on her waist like 24*7 <3333 sorry the avi OMFG the quality and the parts you avi'ed super beautiful chhe <33 thankyouuu Hug and i know this seg was super hawt Blushing n their laugh hayeee Blushing

so much of that gurti seg is making me want to relearn this: Blushing OK done LOL.. i still dont know the code for it LOL

i am sleepyyy go to sleep then :O

the sigs. you have talent bhar bhar ke. stop saying i do and making me feel like W*F is this guy on about. no u have :O ask everyone if they dont agree with me :| if there is one single person i will .. i will.. i will .. ermm ... cut my head :| ROFL there is never EVER a single siggy of yours i have ever seen and gone shit, this is so crappyROFL for some reason i find this line a huge compliment ROFL HONEST!!! every siggy is so..amazingly beautifully gorgeousfully unfairly AMAZING. the end. thankuuu Embarrassed

not the end but yeahhh that should describe my love at first sight-ness
http://i.imgur.com/5HeIo.png best sig i've seen of this pic <33 definitely..cuz i hate b/w usually (don't know why) but you make even b/w look so damn good,the text and textures and EVERYTHING is ishhh thankyou aish Hug.. not used to b/w coz they never turn out nice but m glad u dont think so Embarrassed

http://i.imgur.com/QNgCg.png i love the colouring. i love the texture. i love the text. i love the pictures <3 i love the hearts. omg. in short i love the siggy. i could have just said the last sentenceROFL i was thinking the same ROFL. but oh well i like it moree coz u wrote all those things ROFL

http://i.imgur.com/3isby.png OMFGGGStern SmileDay Dreaming i am acting like such an MS fan (which i am not) but i can't help it. i could omggg nonstop :| that's the best MS sig i've ever seen, i almost want to use:| thankyouu thankyouu.. m seriously blushing hard Stern Smile 

http://i.imgur.com/qTswN.png this made pari happy so it made me happy tooLOL LOL aww LOL

sid you should call your front page the scroll-now-and-forever pageStern Smile i know right ROFL when i posted it and re checked it i was like dudee when is it gonna finish ROFL 

http://i.imgur.com/TN45e.png :OOO when was this, clearly i have missed out :/ BUT still the siggy is adorable and i love both their expressions..esp ASR..he's so on the verge of a what the_______ROFLits on 16th i think ROFL i havent watched it for some days so was researching it all yesterday ROFL.. but the expresions he has is HILARIOUS ROFL like u u said he really went what the ROFL
http://i.imgur.com/DLiWj.png best siggy i've seen of this pic. why is it so adorable and why does your sig look like i can hug it? <3  aww feel free to hug it LOL.. 

the two MG sigs are way too much pretty-ness for me to handle when i am so sleepy. ufff the texts girl u are damn sleepy and u are still commenting LOL 

http://i.imgur.com/z6gXf.png OMG OMG this is when i actually used to watch DMG..well sort of and the text is so damn cute, i loveee the blending and style of this oneEmbarrassed thankyou Embarrassed 
http://i.imgur.com/oXW7z.png the text and the way it sits around the sig is making me forget my sleepLOL hahaha LOL..thats a huge compliment LOL

http://i.imgur.com/Lb9Zi.png skdjf OKKK THIS is the karan jenny sig which is making me SERIOUSLY awake..i was just telling ravs how i was gonna go sleep but what the eff with that, iss sig ki blueness and cuteness made me awake NO JOKE :| those pictures are actually LOVE. aww thankyouu Embarrassed.. and arent those pics the most adorable thing ?Embarrassed
http://i.imgur.com/HbTPn.png i dil this style
http://i.imgur.com/CwRTC.png i don't think i've ever told you :| there was this time when i actually liked SR but yeah anyway away from the point I LOVE THE SIG esp cuz of the blending <3 u did :O yeah its a new thing for me but those two are adorable together >3

BOTH virika sigs are like this kind of material: Day Dreaming i swear i need to like make a list of the things i said i was gonna go back and stare at LOL (can you make me one?ROFL) jk LOL u want me to make on ?ROFL
and BOTH virman ones. i LOVE LOVE LOVE the colouring on both of them. what don't i loveee?

i don't love scrolling endlesslyStern SmileROFL i thought so ROFL but thats the only thing i hate the most aswell Stern SmileLOL

http://i.imgur.com/EXaQj.png THESE PICTURES ARE SO PRETTYYY!!!!! and i LOVE the way you've used them, the siggy, its colours and everythinggg is beautifulness thankyouu !

the shilpa ones are GORGEOUS esp this one http://i.imgur.com/zqfCu.png because i'm obsessively in loveee with this pic and you made it look a gazillion times better <33333 its mine fav too Embarrassed She looks super gawjus and cute in this piccy ^^

the kritika one. that girl is a doll <3 LOVE the sig, it's colouring and the textures you used Day Dreaming thankyou once again munni ! and yup i never found her pretty but as i kept on watching KMH she IS really pretty :)
http://i.imgur.com/wMAS5.png the most adorable photoshoot in the world. and you just made it 10000 times more prettier. how the hell is that even possibleee thankyouu yaar Hug ab itna bhi mat udao mujhe LOL

ANDDD lasttt this is the besttt AG sig http://i.imgur.com/JAhDf.png

kkk now i get to your intro :| dude i feel sleepy againROFL does that mean my intro is boring :O ROFL i won't tell you the time cuz you'll judge me..actually nvm it's 12:09am and im listening to pehla nasha, thought you should know OMGG guess what ?? i think u already guessed it ROFL.. day before yesterday too around 12 ish or 1am-ish i was bg listening to old songs LOL.. and pehla nasha was one of them LOL.. i watched pyaar kiya toh darna kya once again and mann i fell in love with that movie again Embarrassed

in short: you're the best too. i love you too. the end. hayeee LOL

in long: i want to kill you so badly for sticking my name in your inspirations because i don't have to use the blush emo BECAUSEEE you made me blush for real and yeahLOL you started re avi'ing for my birthday <3 that makes me feel special cuz i love your avisStern Smile and baar baar padhne se bhi ab samajh nahi aa raha what the hell im reading so i finish hereee but i understood is clearly Embarrassed.. and ur name is there coz u deserve it aish Embarrassed 

omg i forgot to say congratulationsStern Smile and i remembered that i forgot too (i scrolled down AGAIN and saw reenz ka congrats and then rememberedROFL) i know it happenss ROFL well it does to me ALWAYS ROFL then i go and edit the post LOL

PS. have i told you how cute i find this line (don't ask me why, figure it out for your own goodROFL) u know how slow i am dont ya ROFL... but is it the blushing emo ?? or .. i dont know ROFL

Inspired by Aish Embarrassed

i go neenee nowLOL thankyou once again Aish Hug
Originally posted by -Durgavnii-

Heyyy Sid,,Big smile  First time im visiting your shop..

I have always seen your stuff in the forums.. but never commented in your gall..
Finally Im doing that todayyyLOL...YAYY ! LOL thankyou so much and welcome Big smile
I always loved your creationss.. esp seeing stuff on my favs <3
your creavity is totally different from other makers...which I LOVEEE that :D
Your style, colouring.. just everything is SUPERRR marvellouss! thankyou.. means alot to me Embarrassed 
woow.. you have already your 5th shoppiee.. CONGRATS on thatt...Hug
Hope you will open 1000 more .. just keep it up with the marvellous wrkkk :D AWW thankyou so much Hug 
Coming to your updateee
I LOVEEE all the creationsss! Ohh myGoshhh seeing CHOOO many favs of mine tooo >3 looks like many ppl ki favs i covered them all LOL
Icons are DAMNNN amazinggg.. Love the way how you put the text .. also texture nd colouring is just FABULOUS!  Lovinggg the JeeVi, SaRun, MS, BS nd SR one the most Day Dreaming thankyouu Embarrassed.
ahwww the MohitSanaya, SG nd MN avis are chooo cuteee!!!
esp the MS ones are beyonddd adorableee <333 thankyouuu !!! 
Im fidaaa seeing all the sggs.. each nd every sggy is just TOOO awesomeee >333 yaar.. thanx alot.. truly means alott to me Embarrassed
MoNaya ones are superbbb duperrrbbb fantasticcc... loving all of them..
first one is chooo amazinggg.. they are seriously looking like a married coupleee Day Dreaming i know right Embarrassed Especially the bangles Blushing Sorry m in loveee with her bangles more ROFL 
nd the SaJan one is chooo beautiful.. seeing stuff on them.. I remember their old.gold moments.. missing them choo mch :( we all miss them too alot :( 
Mohit one is choo awesome.. lovee this new pic of him yup he look gr8 in it :)
ArHi ones are chooo fabbieee.. I love the first one... its chooo cuteee.. Khushi was just hilarious as alwaysROFL  i know ROFL She never fails to make me laugh ROFL and more than her ASR's expressions were priceless ROFL
nd SaRun ones.. ahwww me ADOREEE these twooo choo muchh.. they are seriously adorableee <3333 loving both of the sggyyy.. HeartDay Dreaming hayee tell me abt it yaar Day Dreaming thats piccy is the most adorable thing in the world Day Dreaming
ahww the Kash ones are sooo lovelyyy,, was recently watching their old scns <3
all the 3 sggs are chooo brillianttt... fabbb wrk on themmm thankyouu :) glad u loved them all :)
Not a fan of Kajen but those sggs ... woow can it be more cutee .. 
the first is def my favooo.. loving their expressionnn.. thankyou.. they were too cute to handle so had to make a siggy on it LOL
SRRR.. hayyyeee me LOVEDDD the sggyyy... Day DreamingDay Dreaming this is one of my fav SR scene .. Loving the text also... very beautifullly madeee <333 i love those pics Embarrassed
JeeViii stufff .. haillaaaDay DreamingDay Dreaming these twooo are getting day by day more nd moreee adorablee... sooo loving this jodiii <3333  IEKSS those sggs are WONDERFULLL, Sid!!!
me lOVINGG them like HELL HeartDay Dreaming thankyou !! and these two are hghaugugugetue.. always making me go aww Stern Smile
ahww..lOng time seeing a KK sggyy.. me LOVEE it totallyyy! <3
also the aditti, SA sggs are trulyyy BEAUTIFULLL!!  smashing wrk on them :D thanx once again Big smile
Other stuff are OUTSTANDING as well!! mindblowinggg jobbb on everythingg..
Keep rockingg..Hug
nd I will keep visiting your shop from now.. Can't wait to see your nxt updateeBig smile thankyou so much !! 
Originally posted by -Mausam-

o h  D a m n 
i am late in congratulating you sorry sorry sorry sid but i've seen the whole update in a CC all the aditi ones dont wory Faru u are not late Shocked are absolutely amazing i just ran here to see if you updated or no after seeing people using your new stuff Just too Good for words. thankyouu Hugi just don't know how you soften the pics this amazingly like it seriously never happens with me it's brilliant the way you use the airbrushing tool Faru what are u saying ? u are amazing yaar Stern Smile and its truly means alot coming from u .. thanx alot Big smile

& sorry once again for being late*kaan pakdoes* told u u are not late Embarrassed

other than the AG,EHM stuff this is my fav

love the way you added text (actual main Cute)) Embarrassed haina ?Embarrassed thankyouu once again! 
Originally posted by Sanugr8fan

thnkgod you posted this in MJHT CG...warna i wud hav neva got to know :| chhal RES (: lemme read first Approve yayy sanu is here ! 
Originally posted by jenny1000

Gosh, Sid, the update on page 1 is fab fab!! Thank you for the little note about me.:) It's so sweet of you! u totally deserve it Jenny !! Thanx once again for inspiring me to make siggies Embarrassed

Love love the update. As I said in the PM, please make some Sanaya avi's for us crazy fans of hers.. and I love the way your sigs turn out. They are unique in it's self and that's what makes them so special. aww thankyou so much Jenny Hug and sure will make loads on her Embarrassed

Love how each and every sig turned out.. The showstealers were def the SA ones ( THANK YOU. You made her look amazing<3), MoNaya ones and the SaRun ones ( AHHH.. THEY are TOOO HOT and perfect for each other) dont say thankyou to me Jenny Embarrassed i am really happy that  u loved it coz i was making them thinking how much u love her.. and i hope i have done justice to her pics Embarrassed

Amazing work and I love your xx essays in my shop. THEY truly make my dayyy! thankyou !
Originally posted by oishi_ksg

All the creations are soo beautiful <3
I specially loved KaJen & KaSh creations thanx alot :) 
Originally posted by AASUS

Hey Sid Big smile  Hey !! Big smile

How are you? m fine thanx.. u ?
Saw your creations & link for shop in KDMHMD gallery as  Fatima  shared them.
This is only my 3rd visit & loved it each time bec. you always make huge update LOL LOL.. i shd thank fati di for bringing more ppl in my shop Embarrassed and thankyou u to u for loving them !

C o n g r a u l a t i o n s  
o n 
5th creation shop Party

I loved how you made thank you message so colourful. and i loved that colourful congrats Big smile

icons both animated & non animated are very nice. 
sigs are so colourful and loved the texts that match the pics Thumbs Up thanx alot !
KaSh, KaJen, Shilpa Anand, DD, Gurmeet, Mohit Sanaya, Kritz, Karan Kritz creations are fab. The way pics merged make them so cute. thankyou Wink
Kritz, I like the pic choice, her smile is so lovely Tongue i too loved the piccy so HAD to make a siggy on it Embarrassed
Karan Kritz sig have cute pics too, very nice.
AG sigs & icon are so awesome Day Dreaming I just couldn't pick one. The texts are awesome on the sigs WOW
I love the sig with believe in angel text more thankyou so much ! they are especially for u guys so m happy u all loved it !
The red dress sig is amazing. I liked how you have her eyes at the bottom , it makes it more sophisticated.
So happy & thanks so much for the awesome update & beautiful creations Hug it was a random style coz it looked empty but i do think it made it look more beautiful Embarrassed and u are welcome Big smile
As I said before you're really v. creative and keep amazing us with your wonder creations! 
All the best for next update & looking  forward to it. thankyou once again !

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Originally posted by ..-Jia-..

OMFG! Why am I not on the first page? Where was my PM? Shocked Broken HeartCry MUhahahaha Shocked Stop crying coz for me ur presence is enough Hug
Originally posted by -nautankidollz-

aaahhh man !!!
aquaman congos for a new and gorgeous place baby!!!
thanxx yaar Cool 

sanya's baby!!
or is sanaya your baby???Ermm well whatever!!ROFL can i says its both way BlushingROFL 
all i wanted to say is i just adore adore adore n really adore ur work !!!
specially the icons of this update !!! man just fida on them !!
 u know seeing ur creations from past feww days is making me want to make siggs soo much . have some time this weekend so me n simi are gonna make loads!!!ROFL that means alot !! if i can make u make LAODSS of siggies toh each week i will post updates like this ROFL and i saw u guys update.. which was called revenge update right ErmmROFL u both are crazy LOL but thats y i love u two even more :P they were simplyy amazingg ! u both are like my chota bacha LOL
simi is just making them to torture meUnhappy awww LOL
anyway sidni answer me sth?? how do u end up making so new stuff!! new stuff ? Shocked u mean avis and icons ?? love the way u experiment .. ur each sigg is soo diffrent from the rest n yet their is something about all of them that makes them instantly recoganizable as ur creations!!! thankyouu Hug.. i dont really experiment much .. i just add effect which might be kinda perfect for those pics n then apply some random style that i have in my head for that siggy Embarrassed its just my luck that it comes to gr8 Embarrassed
ok abhi mein jaa rahi hun!! was thinking of making a fun filled reply , but my head is too much crammed up with computer graphica right now to thing anything funnyStern Smile who says this is not a fun fileld reply huh Stern Smile ur post always make me smile :) thats why i love this crazy dollu more Wink

so sionara for now sidni !!!
 but plsss update soon .. man ur siggs calm me down .. just like pari's doo!!
they will be soo great help during examsEmbarrassed aww thankyouu Embarrassed and good luck :)

loads of love

so sionara!!!
Originally posted by -Faiza-

congratulations for ur new gallery
OMG such huge stuff..Gosh all of them super duper gorgeous
all the icons and avis are soo awsome thankyou so much :)
OMG such beautiful additi siggies..i just changed my siggy dabba yesterday but now i can resist my self to use one means alot.. thanx :):):):)
other than this i loved monaya,mohit and kartika ones too
Originally posted by -.Aisha.-

wooow gallery 5,, woowClap

liked the way u made, amazing coloring
aww avi is shoo shoo shoo cute. thankyou so much Aisho Big smile

liked each sig, 
aamazing way to use pictures and textures woow
liked text and colorings also..
wooowww thankyou thankyou thankyou ! 

Originally posted by ~*Mehwish*~

hfgsjkfgsukshag! i will be backkk!Stern Smile Mehwi :O:O:O:O 
Originally posted by -Dharu-

Siddd Congratulations on your new shopHug Aww thanks for mentioning my name so sweet of you to do thatEmbarrassed how would i miss u all Big smilemay you have many more shops in future. Lovee your work you're so creative. everything looks so gorgeous. All the tellywood stuff looks awesome especially KaJen/JW ones love the icons & sigs<3 thankyou so much Dharu :) 
Originally posted by -Noorii-

OMG GORGEOUS!!! ... Please pm me whenever u update xxx and open soon looll I stopped sending pms LOL but i shall to u .. thankyou Big smile
Originally posted by MaaneetLuverr

Congo shongo on the new shopDancing
may you hav many many more in the future
Breathtaking creations  thanx yaar Big smile
I luv luv luv ur work I don't know anyone who hasn't heard of you :P aww really :O thats ra huge compliment.. but i do think there are someone who doesnt know me yaar LOL
Maaneet ones are absolutely gawjuss...luving the kurbaan hua soo make some more on old scenes...miss em terribly xx sure :)
Avis and icons are sooo cutee...luv the colouring and the text you use on em Big smile
Monaya and Sarun/Arhi siggies are super cutee EmbarrassedTongue
Wow kash/kajen ones are mind blowing...I luv all the different colours you've used Day Dreaming thankyou so much for ur lovely comments Embarrassed
Oooft DD ones are the killer...*dead* they are sooo amazing,,I can just stare at em all day ;) LOL haha i expected this from saru n u LOL
Awww the maanvi jeevika sig is adorable...luv ther bonding Smile
AG/SA/JW stuff is super stunningClap
Amazing work marn :P thanx alot yaar :)

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Right just returned from Nandos n b4 i disappear again im gna quickly run n edit my spot ;)


Edited here: http://india-forums.com/forum_posts.asp?TID=1987100&PID=49053086&#49053086

Edited by Xxcoolchick1xX - 19 November 2011 at 4:02pm

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Congtats on your new shop Sid. I used to be a regular here last year but dont know why I stopped coming.. I honestly dont know cuz I have always LOVED your work. Ill try to be a regular from now on :)

To be very honest LOL I saw your KaJen/JW sigs so the main reason Im here is because I absolutely loved those sigs. 
Awww oh em gee.. these icons are just too adorable! 
OMMMGGG... I LOVE this sig! This scene is one of their most cutest/romantic/funniest scenes in DMG. I love the text! Im sooo saving this for later use! Embarrassed
OMFGGG.. I need to breathe cuz this sig just took my breath away! Im currently obsessed with this pic so Im so glad you made something on it. Im definately using this right away! Picture perfect indeed Embarrassed You have the best texts!!!

The last sig is sooo adorable. Gosh that pic cracks me up.. they are such goofs! <3
And the JW sigs are absolutely stunning! Saved them all! Saved everything you made on KaJen and JW <3 Please please continue making more on them. Ill be more than happy to provide you with their pics Wink

The Monaya stuff are best. I always see your work on them in peoples dabbas.. they always turn out beautiful because I can just tell you make them with LOVE Embarrassed

Everything else is fab too <33 The update is just too big for me to comment on them individually LOL Update soon!!!

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Siddd...Hug...Congoz on opening ur new gallery...wohooo success...u soo deserve thz man...I wish u best of luck for ur new shop...and thank you soo much for mentioning my name in ur thank list...I loved that sig u made...May u open many many manyyy more shopz...Wink...
The update is gorgeous as usual...GOD i lovee those large sized aviz...sajan onez r super adorable...text and font luk really good on the aviz...Sigz r fantastic...and the update is suer hugeee which is a treat...awsmlicious work !!!

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Sid Sid Sid . . . what do you mean ur avis are not good?! Confused r u being serious right now? because if thats a joke its a good one haha!LOL and if its not . . .  clearly theres something wrong with ur eyesConfusedLOL no offence yaarEmbarrassed :P - ur avis are FABULOUS! don't think otherwise! hence I'm still usingBig smileand I refuse to take out of my siggy boxLOL

Yea it was a gr8 observation right? I'm quite proudApprove usually I'm not good with these things lol but I think you should deffo try other styles because that sig is amazing!Big smile u've proven u can do it :)

Ok so I have a random question lol u like DD, u like Sanaya and i'm sure theres many more on ur list lol but who's ur absolute fav girl on tv and couple - I'm quite intrigued

Another question - hopefully more easy to answer lol - whens ur next update!Embarrassed

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Congooo on ur 5th gall Hug

This is the 1st time i'm commenting here . Ur creations r gorgeous <3

Update on pg1 is awesome :)

I love love love the icons & avis <333 colouring is gorgeous <3

^^ My favs Embarrassed

MoNaya stuff is amazing !!! KaSh stuff is great esp the 2nd sig :D

Virika &  Virmaan stuff is fab !! love the style & colouring a lot <3

SA sigs r stunning just like her :) Jen sigs r beautiful . i esp like the 2nd one :)

Karnika & AG stuff r awesome :)

But my fav has to b the Siddhima sig Day Dreaming

Its sooo pretty <3 One of my fav SR scene  Day Dreaming Day Dreaming

SR were beautiful Embarrassed i LOVE them & i love the sig <333 Blending is amazing !!!!

Others r great too :D

Keep rocking !!!

PS - Plzz add me to ur PM list if u hav any :)

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